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Why don't y'all give it a rest (Scorpio 2, Scorpio 2) Niggas steady tryna test (Scorpio 2, Scorpio 2) Talking shit under they breath (Scorpio 2,
insane, all in my brain Not sure of the price that I'm willing to pay Promise today, and after today Won't let little sad bitches get in the way Scorpio
Never trust a Scorpio This is something that you should already know They will sting you where it hurts the most They will eat your children and in
Oh oh oh oh oh She is Scorpio oh oh oh oh She is Scorpio oh oh oh oh She is Scorpio She Rolls with the Thunder She Glides when she's under She Moves
Unsolvable mystery is her code Eyes behind chanel scan head to toe Always on the hunt for a new prey Making you the good kind of afraid cuz she's a Scorpio
Yeah my shawty she a scorpio Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu a scorpio Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu a scorpio Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu a scorpio Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu
He had me in a bind Manipulated my mind I lost precious time Cause of a Scorpio I wanted him to be mine Cause he was oh so fine I prayed the stars
You're a scorpio First seems bad but you are really sweet inside You're a scorpio Making me go totally crazy, being wild You're a scorpio Can be
and your energy I treat you right like royalty I gotta have you next to me The real deal not a fantasy Ill give you the world if it was up to me Scorpio
Scorpio Too many times I've stung myself Go Scorpio In my brain is a scorpio web And I'm lost in a Scorpio head Get out my mind and just leave me alone Go
time Do it baby It's a bad day to be sniffing the flowers What's a Scorpio without willpower? Don't waste your time Do it baby We go climb up this
me? Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, oh (yeah) Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, I love all y'all (yeah)
young an honorary Just a baby havin' nasty dreams I heard it was a Zodiac thing they say Scorpio's are known to be freaks I see somethin' lookin'
see the sun no more You're my lost cause You're my last thought You're my stained gauze You are all I've got Scorpio rising Like Scorpio
Shame me Better back up off Me can't nobody Tame me Scorpio's my sign Scorpio's my sign Scorpio's my sign Scorpio's my sign Scorpio's my sign Taste
let her know This 4 ever love I will never let you go There's one thing You should know I'm in love with a Scorpio I'm in love with a Scorpio My moon in
come Kingdom come Yeah Yeah 憂鬱にまみれた反逆者たちよ 共に目指そう魂の理想郷 ついて来たい奴だけついて来い 最高の夢を見せてやるぜ SCORPIO RISING 自由が欲しけりゃ SCORPIO RISING 迷わず FOLLOE ME SCORPIO RISING
Do you still think about me Cause I still think about you From time to time, admit it And that's how it's meant to be My Scorpio, my Aries My
Maybe you're the Scorpio that I need I saw you smile so cheerfully My eyes were gazing at you, so amazing Tell me all your insecurities Trust you in
I'm a Scorpio Woman You should get used to the stinging There's honey gold up in the pain I bring Go 'head, hurt ya feelings There's many lessons in
are But you claim it's all Written in the stars He told me it's Scorpio season Baby that's the reason Suns out claws out But don't be retreating

8 Songs That Scorpios Will Just Get

As I'm sure everyone who can call themselves a Scorpio knows, Scorpios are generally referred to as the most intense and powerful people in the Zodiac. Born between October 24 and November 22, they might be born into cold weather — but they are definitely not cold people. Scorpios are embodied by the Scorpion, which suggests a kind of danger and mystery — and when it comes to dating, Scorpios are turned on by subtle sexiness, which can be reflected in music as well. In fact, there are quite a few songs that Scorpios may basically find to be their anthems. Ranging from songs with slow, sexy beats to songs with upbeat, confident, fiery lyrics, these tracks are perfect for every Scorpio looking to build the ultimate playlist — trust me, as a Scorpio myself, I should know.

From Katy Perry to The Police to Taylor Swift, here is music that matches the mood and personality profile of the Scorpio. The titles might just describe them, the lyrics might fit them perfectly, and the beats might vibe with their personal energy. What can I say? The stars say Scorpios will probably enjoy these songs. Can't fight fate, guys!

"Firework" - Katy Perry

Performed by a Scorpio and about embracing big personalities and letting your colors burst, this song is a no-brainer. Scorpios themselves are moody and prone to feeling like plastic bags, but sexy and magnetic (See: Katy Perry herself).

"You Don't Know Me" - Ray Charles

Scorpios are notoriously hard to get to know, and have a reputation for being very secretive. LoveToKnow jokes, "Scorpio women guard their secrets as closely as Tauruses guard their 401k portfolios; it's that important!" For their secret nature, they can be described by this Ray Charles song.

"Poker Face" - Lady Gaga

Scorpios are said to have the best poker faces, and not to break under pressure. And even though Lady Gaga may be an Aries, she is an honorary Scorpio thanks to her intense and mysterious nature. This song is a Scorpio anthem.

"Every Breath You Take" - The Police

According to astrology, Scorpios are super obsessive when it comes to relationships — and nothing says obsessive like "Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you." Man, Sting, calm down.

"Here I Go Again" - Whitesnake

Determined and independent, Scorpios "know what it means to walk the lonely street of dreams."

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell

Consistent with their determined nature, Scorpios are also very loyal, and are caring and compassionate. Just call their name, they'll be there in a hurry. You don't have to worry.

"Problem" - Ariana Grande Ft. Iggy Azalea

Sassy and spiteful, this song is very Scorpio. It is consistent with the sign to show how good you're doing after a breakup.

"Blank Space" - Taylor Swift

This is the ultimate Scorpio song: Intense. Obsessive. Sexy. Determined. Persistant. Uninhibited.

Now, after you build this into the ultimate playlist, go out and be your best self like the badass Scorpio you are.

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Scorpio season is coming to an end, and speaking as a Scorpio—what a rough one it was. This sign is known for transformation and rebirth, which was amplified this year by the notorious mercury retrograde. So, if you felt a cleansing of sorts—whether that be cutting off your toxic relationships or starting a new chapter in your life—then Scorpio season has served you well.

During Scorpio, we’re encouraged to indulge in the intensity of our feelings, dig deeply (no pun intended) into ourselves, and examine the privacy of our relationships. A Scorpio’s beauty is alluring and secretive. They’re known for their loyalty, resilience and sexuality, and are stereotypically associated with darkness and mystery. But Scorpios are still a water sign, meaning they seek to be understood and are very deeply connected to their emotions. This also means they seek to understand the innermost thoughts of others. Forget the small talk; tell us your darkest secret! Unfortunately, this also means Scorpios can be manipulative, possessive, and obsessive because of their desire to have an all-consuming connection with someone. They also, ironically, are hesitant to show vulnerability; a Scorpio can learn everything about you on first meeting but won’t share anything about themselves. But if you do manage to pry through the layers of the Scorpio in your life, you will have a ride-or-die who is fiercely devoted to you.

This season encouraged everyone to follow their passions and to purge themselves of any dead weight—metaphorically and physically. It’s key to focus on your passions (regardless of season) and tap into your most authentic self. To my fellow Scorpios going into Sagittarius season, know it’s important to keep your big heart safe. However, it is equally important to release the intensity you were confronted with and reward yourself for the transformation you endured.

As you can see, there was a wide selection of Scorpios to choose from. Lorde, SZA, and Frank are here to soothe your soul while Tove, Carly, and Drake are demonstrating their magnetic appeal. I hope you survived the season, and if you’re exhausted by what it brought, now you know what it’s like to be a Scorpio all the time!


Songs for Scorpios

Brace yourselves, it’s almost Scorpio Season. October 23rd to November 21st means deep emotions and causes one to search for deeper meaning in almost everything. Scorpio is one of the most emotional and intense zodiac signs to exist, so a playlist of soothing songs to satisfy this sign is essential.

As a Water Sign, Scorpios are usually sensitive, despite putting up a stoic front. They are intuitive and mysterious individuals who often associate with love and intimacy. They are supportive typically and speak their mind. They typically alternate between living in reality and their imaginations and are constantly wavering.

Scorpios tend to be rather intuitive and never show their cards, concealing emotions with a serious game face more often than not. They love debates and making statements, often refusing to back down as honest and positively confrontational people. They are typically authentic individuals and love genuine people. They may seem intimidating at first but are really loyal, loving, dedicated people. They are tough on the exterior and strong emotionally but are empathetic individuals. A playlist for our strong Scorpios would consist of some celebrated songs that mirror the values and traits of this zodiac sign.

Jesse– Frankie Cosmos 

The first single from Vessel, singer Greta Kline sings about disillusionment associated with the early 20s age period. She sings of fantasizing about flying and stripping her world of metaphorical scorpions. The rhythmic guitar, overedited vocal melodies, and whimsical, toy piano all make this song essential for Scorpios, who tend to get caught up in their feelings and are rather intuitive.

Going Gets Tough– The Growlers

This Growlers’ track, written about a fire that took the band’s studio, embodies Scorpio’s desire to remain supportive, despite being faced with challenges. An intense, personal account that contrasts the dreamy perception of being in a famous band versus the weary reality of the road, this song’s relaxing reggae style reinforces ideas of positivity and highlights the strength of a Scorpio’s support.

Interstate Vision– Lomelda

This calming song also emphasizes the importance of remaining positive, especially when love seems unpromising, which supportive Scorpios can relate to. Singer Hannah Read connects small findings to greater significant ideas and sings each line with a quaking voice that illuminates a yearning desire. These lyrics of uncertainty combined with a mixture of gentle guitars make for an emotional track that resonates with Scorpio’s loving, genuine tendencies.

Shark Smile– Big Thief

This song by Brooklyn band Big Thief paints a picture of singer and guitarist Adrianne Lenker’s narrator seeing a woman in a car on the highway and catastrophically chasing this car before ending up in a guard rail. Scorpios can identify with the mysterious subject, who has the shark smile and is worth being chased to the point of danger, of this song. With steady percussion and a folk-rock instrumental sound, this song is suitable for Scorpios to rock to on the road.

Scorpio Rising– Soccer Mommy

This song is quite essential for Scorpios for obvious reasons. Singer Sophie Allison shares some of her best songwriting so far with this track. This song is disguised as a basic song and its lyrics describe a personal account of simply meeting a crush in the dark but the song suddenly unfolds and becomes a story about releasing a desired love that cannot be maintained. This song shares many youthfully nostalgic references that are relatable to all listeners and the emotional maturity that gracefully shines through the lyrics can especially resonate with loving, intuitive Scorpios.

Feelings Locked Up Tight– Hala

This song has an indie rock feel that is refreshing and relaxing. Hala mastermind Ian Ruhala sings lyrics that describe a desire to remain closed off emotionally yet still supportive, an act that Scorpios are accustomed to. The rhythmic guitar and steady beat that accompany Hala’s easily relatable lyrics about concealing care make this song essential for Scorpios.

Fear of Intimacy– zack villere

Although Scorpios adore intimacy, they can often be afraid to unveil emotions and share their personal side. This track incorporates muffled drum beats, electronic synthesizers, effects that distort the singer’s voice, and raw, emotional lyrics in order to convey a fear of commitment that especially Scorpios can relate to.

@chl03k– Modern Baseball

The Philadelphia emo band howls about wasted time on this track that emphasizes the annoyance of and reliance on technology. The vocals on this track are somewhat whiny yet passionate and the song has an acoustic feel with soft guitars and percussion that continues to build up as the song becomes more passionate. The lyrics tell the story of Chloe, a girl from Twitter who the narrator would much rather talk to instead of spending time with his phony friend whose high school mentality is draining. Scorpios can relate to this as they enjoy genuine people and tend to stray from those who are not real.

Best Tears– The Happy Fits

This high energy single, with its peppy percussion and catchy guitar riffs, exudes sincerity and positivity that genuine Scorpios are often drawn to. With a fresh yet fierce sound, this song describes the worst aspects of high school and addresses the difficulties of school but provides a positive message that reinforces the supportiveness that Scorpios are so fond of.

Mystery of Love– Sufjan Stevens

This acoustic track, written by singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, is purely emotional and captures a sense of intimacy that Scorpios can identify with. The track consistently features a delicate, steady guitar and the lyrics describe a comfortable yet painful nostalgia that illuminates the power of touch in an effort to communicate. Scorpios can relate to the mysterious yet intimate tone of this peaceful song.

I Won’t Back Down– Tom Petty

Scorpios, known for their ability to speak their mind and openly debate, can sometimes be stubborn in standing their ground, which is why this Tom Petty track is so perfect. Written for the person who set fire to Petty’s L.A. home, Petty began to rebuild his home and refused to give in to the destruction of the fire. Like Petty, Scorpios are persistent in standing for their beliefs and not easily swayed. This anthem for people struggling against challenges preaches the importance of remaining resilient and constantly offering support.



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