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Cowboy Bebop And Other Anime Tracks Hit Spotify And Apple Music

Considered to have one of the greatest anime soundtracks within the medium, the series of Cowboy Bebop has hit the music services of Spotify and Apple Music, and it's brought some friends along for the ride with the likes of Code Geass and Escaflowne to name a few. With the adventures of Spike Spiegel and his galactic bounty hunters becoming a favorite among anime fans thanks in part to the character work, animation, and unique soundtrack, there are definitely going to be a number of fans that are looking to add these beats to their collection via these two music services!

Cowboy Bebophas been making the news lately not only thanks to its soundtrack, but also due to the live action adaptation that is currently being produced by Netflix. Though the production of the series has gone through a number of problems, such as star John Cho who will be bringing Spike Spiegel to life suffering an on-set injury, fans are still looking forward to seeing how this adaptation stacks up to the original source material. The upcoming series will certainly have a lot to live up to and we're crossing our fingers that the soundtrack is able to stand toe to toe with the legendary tunes of the anime series from which it is based!

Funimation shared the news via their Official Twitter Account, letting fans know that the studio behind the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, and Code Geass to name a few have added the soundtracks to the music providers at Spotify and Apple Music:

The Cowboy Bebopsoundtrack was produced by musician Yoko Kanno and the band known as the Seatbelts, with the opening theme of the series, Tank!, long being considered to be one of the greatest theme songs in the history of anime as a whole! Needless to say, fans now have the opportunity to revisit the soundtrack of the Bebop whenever they want.


What anime soundtrack are you most excited to pick up from this collection? What is your favorite anime soundtrack to ever be created? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of anime music!

    • Absolute Power / Kalinka (feat. Jaxx & Vega & R3SPAWN) [Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Edit] [Mixed]
    • Tomorrowland Around The World 2020: Timmy Trumpet · 2020
    • Absolute Power
    • Aftermath · 2019
    • In the End Explicit
    • Insane · 2018
    • Fine Night
    • Aftermath · 2019
    • Come Get Some Explicit
    • Come Get Some - Single · 2019
    • Ama Shishi Explicit
    • Ama Shishi (Traxtorm 0154) Single · 2015
    • So Strong
    • Aftermath · 2019
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Hello all!  Sorry if it seems like I have been scarce over the last couple weeks.  I have been really busy at work, and I had a personal tragedy to deal with.  I will try and be more active as I realize the year is two months from being over!

Today’s blog is about Anime theme music.  For the longest time, anime music was hard to come by.  You might find a single or two to buy for a dollar on iTunes, otherwise you had very limited resources to get them.  Yours truly had to find Anime themes through either CD’s I bought at astronomical prices from Anime conventions; or going the illegal route by downloading less than perfect MP3 files from sources like Bit Torrent or Win Zip.

Now, since Anime has gained a good following in the last 15 or so years, you can find at least some of the more popular themes on iTunes or Apple Music.  Here is a list of the ones I could find that are on my current playlists.

Attack on Titan:

So when you first search “Attack on Titan” on either iTunes or Apple Music, the first choices you get are the OST’s for Season 1 part 1 and Season 2.



This is all instrumental music with a couple songs that were used inside the show.  My personal preference is the first one rather than from season two.

To get any of the opening and ending themes by the main artist, Linked Horizon, you have to dig a little deeper.  You have to search by the artist name and here is what you’ll find.  The first single, “Jiyuu E No Shingeki,” does contain both openings to season one, “Guren No Yumiya” and “Jiyuu No Tsubasa.”


For season two, you can find the TV size version of “Shinzo wo Sasageyo!” on it’s own single, or the full version can be found on Linked Horizon’s collected Titan songs album, Shingeki no Kiseki.


The last Linked Horizon single you can find is the end theme from season three, which is currently airing on Crunchyroll.  It is the end theme, “Akatsuki no Requiem.”  The album single is called “Rakuen e no Shingeki,” and it also contains two more songs that have played at some point during the season.


The last set of Attack on Titan music is the opening themes for this current season.  Linked Horizon did not do the openings this season.  Instead, it was written by X Japan’s Yoshiki, and sung by artist Hyde.  There are two singles for this, the first on the left being the TV size theme, and then the second with full versions of the song.



Yuri on Ice:

Yuri on Ice was an unexpected hit, and what was one of my favorite things about the show was its music.  Apple Music and iTunes has plenty of music for the series that we can sate ourselves with until the movie comes out next year.

First, the opening theme can only be found as a single.  You can find it under the artist, Dean Fujioka, or it’s title “History Maker.”


The ending theme, “You Only live Once,” can be found on two different albums.  The first being the single, which has the long version of the song plus an instrumental version.  If you are looking for the artist, you’ll find it under Hatano.


The short version can be found the Yuri on Ice soundtrack, Yutra, which also includes some of the background music from the show.


The last set of Yuri music is all the classical music or themes that the skaters dance to throughout the series.  The album is called Oh! Suketora!!! and can be found on both iTunes and the Apple Music streaming service.


My favorite piece from this OST is the performance music from episode 1 where Yuri performs Victor’s last routine from championships.  It’s a lovely scene, as it goes back and forth between both protagonists.

The Ancient Magus Bride:

The opening theme, Here from the series The Ancient Magus Bride is one of my favorite opening songs from the more recent slew of shows that I have been watching. Unfortunately, you can only find it as a single, and it’s not on Apple Music.  It’s only $0.99, and worth the price.  How I found it was through the artist’s name, which is Junna.


Sailor Moon:

While I already have a bunch of Sailor Moon music downloaded to my phone by way of burning a Memorial collection CD to my computer, I was really excited to find the OST for the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal on iTunes.


This soundtrack covers all music from season 1 and 2, with all openings and endings and background orchestrated pieces.  But like with the single from Magus Bride, this album is not available on Apple music.  But if all you want are just opening and end themes, the J-Pop group Momoiro Clover Z released a single with all those songs on Apple Music if you have an account.


What’s sad is there is no music from season three on any streaming platform.  You could buy the CD from Amazon, but be expected to pay almost $45 for it.  Best you can probably do is find the CD cheap or find the MP3’s online.  I wish it was on iTunes, because I loved Uranus and Neptunes end song from the first part of the season.


When I first started to get into Anime, I tried to gobble up whatever themes I could get my hands on, even if they were re-mixes of stuff I heard.  One such CD was called Animetoonz presents Kikuko Inoue.


Kinkuko Inoue is the voice actress of Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess, and she sings all the remixes.  I have long since lost the CD, but was happy to find it on iTunes. Some of my personal favorites are “Moonlight Densetsu” (Sailor Moon), “Cruel Angel Thesis” (Evangelion), “Virtual Star Hassei-Geku” (Utena), and “Yakusuko Wa Inoue” (Escaflowne).


Buck-Tick is one of my favorite J-Rock bands and they are no strangers to having their songs used in various anime shows.

You can find their single from the anime Trinity Blood on two different albums, Darker than Darkness (left), or Catalogue: 1987 – 1995(right).  The title of the song is Dress.


Their other single from the Anime xxxHolic cannot be found on iTunes.  I unfortunaly had to find the single Kagerou by other means.

X Japan:

Another J-rock band I have immense love for is X Japan, and just like with Buck-Tick, are no strangers to having their songs used for Anime.  As mentioned with the first set of singles, the drummer and co-founder of X Japan, Yoshiki lent his skills in creating the opening theme for season three of Attack on Titan.

The two most notable singles to be used in anime are Forever Love and X.

Forever Love was used in the end credits from the movie version of CLAMP’s end of world masterpiece, X/1999.  X was also used to advertise X/1999 in the form of a two minute music video.

Both singles can be found on the soundtrack of their documentary, We Are X.


There are many other singles that I am sure I have missed that are available on iTunes.  This list are my current favorites and I’m sure I will have another blog with another slew of singles that I will download.

Was there any singles that you liked that I missed?  If so, mention them in the comment box below.  Maybe you’ll help me find my next favorite to add to my iPhone.




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