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kaludovSet of 6 Vector Shooting Targets



VIPDesignUSA of targets shoot gun aim animals people man isolated. Sport Practice Training. Sight, bullet holes. Targets for shooting. Darts board, archery. vector illustration. targets for animal shooting. Training hunting. vector

ira_begSniper scope and shooting target icon set


aarrowsSet targets for practical pistol shooting


enterlinedesignShooting Range Gun Target with Bullet Holes


SonulkasterHunting animals targets icons for hunt shooting training


k3studijaShooting range wild boar, deer and bear hunting targets silhouet


lacodkSet of color targets for different sports darts, archery, shooting a gun on a white background. Icons sporting targets

lacodk of targets shoot gun aim people man isolated. Sport Practice Training. Sight, bullet holes. Targets for shooting. Darts board, archery. vector illustration.

VIPDesignUSASet of targets


steinar14Shooting Range. Vector Flat style colorful Cartoon illustration.


ivan.baranovSet of vintage clay target and gun club labels, emblems and design elements

ivan.baranov set of targets isolated animals people cowboy man. Targets for shooting. Archery. Darts board. vector

PPVectorTarget icon illustration


solovevalexPractical shooting man and rifle targets illustration


aarrowsSet targets for practical pistol shooting






PPVectorTargets for shooting icon


PPVectorTargets for shooting in gray color isolated on white background.

PPVector targets of the outline of a man shooting for animal shooting. Training shoot hunting. vector set

MicroOneGun shooting targets and aiming target silhouettes vector collection


art-sonikShooting target vector set.


SonulkasterAim for shooting icon


siiixthGun shooting paper targets vector with white background

siiixth large set of different targets, vector

siiixthGun shooting paper targets vector with white background


solovevalexPractical shooting man and rifle targets illustration

solovevalex of targets shoot and bullet holes set of targets isolated animals people cowboy man. Targets for shooting. Darts board. vector targets for shooting practice targets for shooting practice

ArcadyShooting round target vector pictogram


aarrowsSet targets for practical pistol shooting, exercise.


k3studijaAnimated shooting range hunting targets set illustration


darkgreenwolfSet of Targets




ashumskiyThe professional target for shooting

ashumskiy targets for shooting practice

ShainTargets with black silhouettes of animals on a white background. Hunting icons


santi0103Sporting gun and targets

santi0103 shooting targets in the form of a silhouette of a man with an Apple on head

Skull_vectorSexy woman holding a gun hand drawing vector

Skull_vector of vector flat simple targets isolated on white background. Different crosshair icons. Aims templates. Shooting marks and cross hairs design

siiixthHuman silhouette gun shooting paper targets vector


solovevalexPractical shooting man and rifle targets illustration


robodreadMilitary background


santi0103Sniper rifle and targets


PPVectorTargets for shooting icon


robodreadMilitary background


solovevalexPractical shooting man and rifle targets illustration


aarrowsSet targets for practical pistol shooting


artflareCollection of vector targets. Different crosshair icons. Aims templates. Shooting marks design.


kurka.lukasBlank vector gun target, paper shooting target, blank template for printing


Skull_vectorSexy woman holding a gun hand drawing vector


artflareCollection of vector targets. Different crosshair icons. Aims templates. Shooting marks design.


macrovectorLaser Tag Isometric Set


bigmouseDifferent Types Board Target Set. Vector


Skull_vectorWomen mafia wearing cap handling gun



Shooting target

An electronic scoring board used for stangskytingin Norwayin 2007 showing the number of hits for each shooter after the first half.

Shooting targets are objects in various forms and shapes that are used for pistol, rifle, shotgun and other shooting sports, as well as in darts, target archery, crossbow shooting and other non-firearm related sports. The center is often called the bullseye. Targets can for instance be made of paper, "self healing" rubber or steel. There are also electronic targets that electronically can provide the shooter with precise feedback of the shot placement.


Most targets used in shooting sports today are abstract figures of which origins often are not given much thought, but given the military and hunting origins that started most shooting disciplines it is not hard to understand that many of the targets at some point originally resembled either human opponents in a battle or animals in a hunting situation. For instance, the well known circular bullseye target might originally have resembled a human torso or an animal being hunted.[citation needed] Notable instances of shooting targets with martial origins which are considered abstract today, are the field targets used in Det frivillige Skyttervesen where the original intent was to resemble amongst other wheels of vehicles (S25 target), barrels (tønne), bunker openings (stripe 30/10 and 13/40) or enemy personnel (1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/10 figure, minismåen, etc.). The origin of these targets are not usually given

Types of targets[edit]

by Action[edit]

by Reactivity[edit]

  • Non-reactive
    • Paper target — ordinary disposable paper-based target with painted pattern for bullseye shooting, may be made from paperboard/cardboard, corrugated board or even fiberboard, and usually single-use and purchased in large quantities. Requires mounting onto a rack, a hanger, a wire or a backboard during use.
    • Foam target — usually cubic in shape, made from high-density styrofoam, foam rubber or laminatedcorriboard, and primary used for archery.
    • 3D target — animal/human-shaped mannequin, commonly made from plastic/fiberglass, corkwood or high-density styrofoam/foam rubber, though some exotic models (e.g. the infamous "The Ex") have elaborately designed internal contents resembling anatomical organs, skeletons and blood and may even be overmolded with ballistic gelatin. More frequently placed in a shooting range or field for 3D archery.
  • Reactive — designed to produce a visible or audible response when hit, usually by generating a sharp sound or by moving and/or bouncing along the ground. They are frequently used for silhouette shooting and plinking, and can involve anything from proper competition/commercial products to casual objects such as tin cans, glass bottles, bowling pins, golf balls, metal barrels/plates or anything random that draws the shooter's attention.
    • "Splatter" target — dual-lamination paper targets with an overlayer of dark-colored background (most often black, also dark blue) and a light-colored underlayer (often white or fluorescent yellow) separated by a plastic film. When hit by a bullet, the plastic film around the impact hole edge shrivels to expose the brighter underlayer, creating around the hole a high-contrast jagged rim that looks like splattered paint, and allows easier observation from distance.
    • Steel targets — also known as "gongs", these will make loud sharp sounds that are audible from distance and (sometimes) movements when hit. Popular in action shooting, metallic silhouette, long range shooting and various field target/field shooting disciplines.
    • Bouncing targets — freely moving targets made from a type of "self-healing" elastomer material, which roll/flip and bounce along the ground when shot with a bullet. Commonly used in quick-firing plinking exercise with semi-automatic firearms and airguns, as the rolling/bouncing movements are often unpredictable and helpful in training for rapid aim re-establishment for follow-up shots.
    • Explosive targets — containers loaded with binary explosive (e.g. Tannerite) that are designed to detonate and release a small brief fireball when punctured by a bullet traveling with sufficient terminalenergy. Dye powder are often added to produce a puff of colored smoke to enhance the visual effect. Flammable gas (e.g. propane/butane) bottles, which can produce a visible jet of flame when shot, can sometimes be used, but these carry a significant fire safety risk.
Balloons can often serve as a weak explosive target, as they are very cheap and visible (and disappear in a very obvious way when hit), and when punctured the rapid pressure release also produces an audible pop. There are also commercial air compressor devices that pressurize plastic bottles to produce a much louder boom when the bottle is breached by a bullet. Similarly, water balloons and used paperboard cartons/plastic jugs filled with water can also hydrostatically create a visible (and sometimes quite spectacular) splash when shot with a high-power bullet.
  • Interactive — various targets are displayed on a bullet-proof screen that capture the impacts. The impacts are visible on the target screen and on the remote monitor via an electronic scoring system. It's called by many names: 'multi-functional virtual target system', 'interactive live fire shooting simulator', 'live fire targeting system', 'interactive video projection shooting range wall'...
  • A Cabela's branded "Self healing ground bouncing reactive" target

  • Mojave desrt plinking.JPG

by Material[edit]

  • Paper or cardboard
  • Steel targets - metal silhouettes
  • Foam - used in 3D archery
  • Frangible (such as clay or tiles)
  • Self-healing rubber target
  • Electronic
  • Explosive - Targets are designed to explode when stuck with a bullet traveling at a suitable velocity to induce detonation.
  • Exploding target detonation

  • Exploding target detonation

  • Paper Target.jpg
  • Shot grouping on target.jpg
  • Target 223 Savage 10FP 5 shot closeup.jpg
  • Vorher nachher.png
  • Nra-b3-targ-kimber-raptor.jpg
  • GlowShot 10" Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Paper Target.jpg

by Realism[edit]

  • 2D
    • paper or metal silhouettes
  • 3D - usually models of real life animals in archery.

by Color[edit]


Mostly important for paper targets.

  • yellow, red, blue, black and white rings
  • yellow, red and blue rings
  • yellow and black rings
  • white and black rings
  • ...

Archery sports[edit]

World Archery Federation[edit]

FITA targets are used in archery shooting competitions within the World Archery Federation. The targets have 10 evenly spaced concentric rings, generally with score values from 1 through 10. In addition there is an inner 10 ring, sometimes called the X ring. This becomes the 10 ring at indoor compound competitions, while outdoors, it serves as a tiebreaker with the archer scoring the most X's winning. The number of hits may also be taken into account as another tiebreaker. In FITA archery, targets are coloured as follows:

  • 1 & 2 ring: White
  • 3 & 4 ring: Black
  • 5 & 6 ring: Blue
  • 7 & 8 ring: Red
  • 9, 10 & inner 10 (X) ring: Gold

3D archery targets[edit]

3D targets are life-size models of game used in field archery.


Dart targets are a special form of bullseye targets.

  • Darts in a bullseye target

  • Leisure dartboard.PNG
  • DarkShades.jpg
  • Softdartautomat.jpg
  • Warren-darts.jpg
  • The Dart Board.jpg

Firearm sports[edit]

Air rifle field targets[edit]

In the outdoor air gun discipline field target metal targets of various shape and forms are used. The metal plates are often shaped to resemble small game animals, although there is currently a move towards simple geometric shapes.

  • A crow-shaped, knock-over metal air gun field target. The black painted metal paddle must be hit to make the target fall over, and the target can be reset by pulling the orange cord attached to the face-plate.

  • Another crow-shaped, knock-over metal air gun field target. The black painted metal paddle must be hit to make the target fall over, and the target can be reset by pulling the orange cord attached to the face-plate

Clay pigeons[edit]

Clay pigeons are claydiscs thrown into the air to imitate flying game birds for various clay pigeon shooting disciplines (e.g. trap, skeet, sporting clays), formally known as Inanimate Bird Shooting.

  • A 10 centimetres (4 in) clay pigeon.

  • Clay pigeon throwing machine.

International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations[edit]

In fullbore target rifle within the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA), competitions can be held in either a short range or long range format, with distances either in yards or meters. F-Class shoots at the same targets as Palma, but during the scoring process an extra inner ring (which is half the diameter of the V-bull) counts only for F-Class. While short range is shot at a different target size for each of the six distances, long range is shot at the one and same type of target at different distances.[2] Below are the official target sizes, and approximate subtensions in milliradians and arcminutes depending on distance.

Metric ICFRA International Match Targets and F-Class Targets (Short Range)
at metric distances:
(image missing)(image missing)(image missing)(image missing)
300 m 400 m 500 m 600 m
Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size
Aiming Mark600 mm 2.0 mrad800 mm 2.0 mrad1000 mm 2.0 mrad1000 mm 1.7 mrad
Extra inner ring
(F-Class only)
35 mm 0.1 mrad47.5 mm 0.1 mrad72.5 mm 0.1 mrad80 mm 0.1 mrad
V-Bull70 mm 0.2 mrad95 mm 0.2 mrad145 mm 0.3 mrad160 mm 0.3 mrad
Bull140 mm 0.5 mrad185 mm 0.5 mrad290 mm 0.6 mrad320 mm 0.5 mrad
Inner280 mm 0.9 mrad375 mm 0.9 mrad660 mm 1.3 mrad660 mm 1.1 mrad
Magpie420 mm 1.4 mrad560 mm 1.4 mrad1000 mm 2.0 mrad1000 mm 1.7 mrad
Outer600 mm 2.0 mrad800 mm 2.0 mrad1320 mm 2.6 mrad1320 mm 2.2 mrad
Metric ICFRA International Match Targets and F-Class Targets (Short Range)
at imperial distances:
(image missing)(image missing)(image missing)(image missing)
300 yds 400 yds 500 yds 600 yds
Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size
Aiming Mark560 mm 7.02 moa745 mm 7.00 moa915 mm 6.88 moa915 mm 5.73 moa
Extra inner ring
(F-Class only)
32.5 mm 0.41 moa42.5 mm 0.40 moa65 mm 0.49 moa72.5 mm 0.45 moa
V-Bull65 mm 0.81 moa85 mm 0.80 moa130 mm 0.98 moa145 mm 0.91 moa
Bull130 mm 1.63 moa175 mm 1.64 moa260 mm 1.95 moa290 mm 1.82 moa
Inner260 mm 3.26 moa350 mm 3.29 moa600 mm 4.51 moa600 mm 3.76 moa
Magpie390 mm 4.89 moa520 mm 4.89 moa915 mm 6.88 moa915 mm 5.73 moa
Outer560 mm 7.02 moa745 mm 7.00 moa1320 mm 9.93 moa1320 mm 8.27 moa
The Metric ICFRA International Match Target and F-Class Target (Long Range)
at metric and imperial distances:
(image missing)
Subtension Angular sizes
700 m 800 yds
731.52 m
800 m 900 yds
822.96 m
900 m 1000 yds
914.4 m
Aiming Mark1120 mm1.6 mrad1.5 mrad1.4 mrad1.4 mrad1.2 mrad1.2 mrad
Extra inner ring
(F-Class only)
128 mm 0.18 mrad0.18 mrad0.16 mrad0.16 mrad0.14 mrad0.14 mrad
V-Bull255 mm 0.4 mrad0.3 mrad0.3 mrad0.3 mrad0.3 mrad0.3 mrad
Bull510 mm 0.7 mrad0.7 mrad0.6 mrad0.6 mrad0.6 mrad0.6 mrad
Inner815 mm 1.2 mrad1.1 mrad1.0 mrad1.0 mrad0.9 mrad0.9 mrad
Magpie1120 mm 1.6 mrad1.5 mrad1.4 mrad1.4 mrad1.2 mrad1.2 mrad
Outer1830 mm 2.6 mrad2.5 mrad2.3 mrad2.2 mrad2.0 mrad2.0 mrad

International Practical Shooting Confederation[edit]

In matches organized by the International Practical Shooting Confederation, both steel and paper targets are used. Currently the only paper targets used for handgun is the IPSC Target (formerly Classic Target) and the 2/3 scaled down IPSC Mini Target (formerly IPSC Mini Classic Target). The center of these paper targets is called the A-zone. Additionally, for rifle and shotgun "A3" and "A4" paper targets and the "Universal Target" is used. For steel targets, standardized knock down targets called "poppers" are used. The two approved designs are the full size "IPSC Popper" (formerly IPSC Classic Popper) and the 2/3 scaled down version "IPSC Mini Popper" (formerly "IPSC Classic Mini Popper"), while the Pepper Popper and Mini Pepper Popper is now obsolete.

  • The full size IPSC Popper (formerly known as the Classic Popper).

  • IPSC Mini Popper (formerly known as Classic Mini Popper), a 2/3 scaled down version of the IPSC Popper used to simulate greater distance.

  • Pepper Popper, no longer used in IPSC competitions.

  • Mini Pepper Popper, no longer used in IPSC competitions.

International Shooting Sport Federation[edit]

Within the International Shooting Sport Federation mostly various bullseye targets are used, with variances depending on disciplines. For shotgun clay targets are used.

(image missing)10 meter running target.svg
50 m Running Target (Rifle) 10 m Running Target (Rifle)
Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size
Inner Ten30 mm 0.6 mrad 0.5 mm 0.05 mrad
10 Ring60 mm 1.2 mrad 5.5 mm 0.55 mrad
Ring Increase
34 mm 0.68 mrad 5 mm 0.5 mrad
Aiming mark30.5 mm 3.05 mrad
ISSF 300 meter rifle target.svgISSF 50 m Rifle.svg10 m Air Rifle target.svg
300 m Rifle 50 m Rifle 10 m Air Rifle
Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size Subtension Angular size
Inner Ten50 mm 1/6 mrad ≈ 0.167 mrad 5 mm 0.1 mrad (Determined by scoring gauge)-
10 Ring100 mm 1/3 mrad ≈ 0.33 mrad 10.4 mm 0.208 mrad 0.5 mm 0.05 mrad
Ring Increase
100 mm 1/3 mrad ≈ 0.33 mrad 16 mm 0.32 mrad 5 mm 0.5 mrad
Aiming mark600 mm 2 mrad ≈ 95.7 mm ≈ 1.9 mrad 25.5 2.55 mrad

Metallic silhouette[edit]

In metallic silhouette shooting only knock down steel targets featuring animals are used.


The Popinjay (from the Frenchpapegai, or "parrot") is an ancient form of target for crossbow shooting. Originally a bird tethered in a tree, it developed into a complex painted wood target atop a tall wooden pole. The popinjay would form the centrepiece of a major shooting contest and many shooters would try their skill repeatedly against the same target. Scoring was awarded for shooting off various parts of the target.

Human silhouette[edit]

Human silhouette targets are use for military, police and civilian firearms training.

  • NATO E-type Silhouette Target

  • A digital target range at the firearms training simulator on Kunsan Air Base waits to be used.

  • USS MESA VERDE (LPD 19) 140403-M-MX805-097 (13659746275).jpg
  • USMC-120713-M-0992R-027.jpg
  • USMC-111201-M-OY184-050.jpg
  • US Navy 070512-N-0989H-211 A sailor aboard High Speed Vessel (HSV) 2 Swift fires an M9 during weapons qualification on the fantail.jpg
  • 2013 03 28 SNA Training I.jpg (8599090229).jpg
  • USMC-02466.jpg


Mannequins are sold for use as practice targets. Examples include The Ex, which resembles a woman, and another resembling former United States President Barack Obama.

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Blank template for sport target shooting competition. Clean target with numbers for shooting range or pistol shooting.
Sight Alignment -

Innocent Targets: images of ordinary people for gun ranges

It is the feeling of safety, and maybe a little bit the feeling of power. That is what a lot of Americans say they get from gun-owning, which is ironic because if they looked at the statistics they ought to get a feeling of fear. Protecting your family is a fine notion, but a lot of the time it is in fact the family of gun-owners who get shot.

To remind people of this – and to make sure the message doesn’t become bogged down in subtlety – the designer Anthony Burrill, the art director Ewoudt Boonstra and the copywriter Zack McDonald have created Innocent Targets, a new series for gun ranges. But in place of the hoodlums and terrorists that everybody loves blowing apart, the team have used pictures of ordinary people. “Abused women are five times more likely to be killed if their partners own a gun,” the small print beside one target states, its bullseye hovering over the forehead of a young woman baking.

“Ewoudt had the original idea,” Burrill says. “He was just shocked by the level of gun violence, and the way that guns are part of American culture.” Needless to say, the team do not expect many sales to actual gun ranges, so the designs were launched last week as posters, priced at £25 each plus postage, with proceeds going to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “We’re just hoping they’ll go out into the world,” says Burrill, who is best known as the creator of the Work Hard & Be Nice to People posters. “We hope people will buy them and they’ll go on their walls not just as an art work, but maybe something that can provoke more of a discussion.”

In truth, a discussion is probably the most that anyone can hope for, given the lack of meaningful change achieved by Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, even following the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school two years ago. Besides, gun imagery is already almost mundane on the right. You may recall the crosshairs that Sarah Palin placed over the states where legislators supported Obamacare – enjoining her Twitter followers not to retreat but to “RELOAD!” You may also recall that the targets including Arizona, where congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was later shot in the head. So does Burrill himself believe that the posters will really change anybody’s minds? “Probably not,” he admits. “But like all these things, it’s cumulative. It’ll probably take a couple of generations.”


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Target Shooting - Let it Ride


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