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Best Jeep TJ Rock Sliders To Protect Your Wrangler

Jeep TJ rock sliders ensure that your 1997-2006 Wrangler will have the added protection it needs for tackling the toughest off-road trails.

For those looking to add extra protection to their Wrangler, Jeep TJ rock sliders are a good place to start. The bottom of the Wrangler is vulnerable to damage if you do any serious off-road driving – particularly from rocks.

Rock sliders are, for the most part, made of rugged steel and they can help your Wrangler handle an impact while rock crawling and deflect you over the rock rather than have the rock have its way with the underside of your vehicle.

The good news is the aftermarket has quite a few options when it comes to rock sliders. In this article we will look at some of the best options in the industry to add extra armor to your Jeep TJ.

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Smittybilt XRC Rock Sliders

Smittybilt is perhaps the biggest name in aftermarket Jeep accessories and its XRC rock slider rocker guards are a fitting addition to this list for those looking to turn their Wrangler into a rock crawler.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of these sliders is their 3/16” cold rolled steel plating construction. Smittybilt says the steel is formed by hand to the exact specifications of the Wrangler TJ to ensure a perfect fit every time.

The Smittybilt XRC Jeep TJ rock sliders are available with or without a side step, which might come in handy if you’ve got a lift it and some extra tall tires already equipped on your vehicle.

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Smittybilt SRC Rock Rails

Another option from Smittybilt are its SRC textured black rock rails. Offering more rugged protection than side steps, feature a textured black surface designed to stand up to off-road abuse.

Another nice plus is that installation is simple. The bolt-on design that Smittybilt went with here ensures that nearly anyone will be able to securely install their new rock sliders with ease. Simply line up the rock rails with the TJ’s factory mounting points and secure the bolts in place.

Admittedly, Smittybilt’s offering isn’t the most attractive or innovative design out there. But what these rock rails lack in visual appeal is more than made up for in reliability and longevity.

Just a side note that’s worth mentioning; you may want to pick up some replacement washers before you begin with the installation. Some owners report that the washers that are included were too small for the job, so it’s worth having some extras on hand.

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Rugged Ridge RRC Side Armor

Rugged Ridge is another major player in the Jeep Wrangler aftermarket accessories market and one product that stands out is the RRC side armor.

Featuring a dual tube design and frame mounting system, this is a heavy duty side tube bumper designed to take some serious abuse.

The bottom of the side armor drops down just above the lowest part of your Wrangler’s frame for greater ground clearance.

It is worth noting that some drilling is required for installation.

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Barricade Jeep TJ Rock Sliders

Another option for Jeep TJ rock sliders comes from Barricade and its Extreme HD series.

These rock sliders are made of 1.89” OD tubing and feature 0.12” plate steel at the steps and 0.2” steel at mounting locations. The tubing is covered in a textured black powder coat for added corrosion resistance.

Designed to provide both side and undercarriage protection, the Barricade Extreme HD rock sliders also double as a step to make getting into and out of your Wrangler easier.

As for installation, some drilling is required. However, the entire process should only take a few hours from start to finish and all hardware required for installation is included.

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EAG Steel Rivet Rock Sliders

If you’re looking for an affordable option that is well-made and offers protection, EAG’s Steel Rivet Armor rocker guard is worth checking out.

This kit has the looks and provides dependable performance, to boot. If you like to add character to your Wranger, these Jeep TJ rock sliders are a great addition, thanks to their unique appeal and attractive construction.

Features include 3/16” cold rolled sheet steel that benefits from a one-piece welded design for added strength. A textured black powder coat adds addition corrosion protection.

Additionally, an integrated side step makes getting into a lifted Wrangler much easier and it also doubles as side armor for additional protection.

EAG recommends professional installation, though all instructions and hardware are included. Some drilling may be required.

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Tyger Nerf Bars

Tyger Auto’s Star Armor nerf bars are a good fit for your ride if you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to heavy-duty Jeep TJ rock sliders. As such, this kit is rated to provide a capacity of 500 pounds on each side.

Perfect for rocky trails, you’ll have the protection you need to keep your Jeep safe from rocks and debris. The undercarriage protection ensures that you can traverse trails in safety, while the sliders offer an extra step for easy mounting and dismounting.

The textured construction offers a lot of visual appeal and styling that is sure to make your TJ stand out. What’s more, Tyger Auto provides a five-year warranty with its kit. In the event that there’s a manufacturer defect within that timeframe, the company will repair or replace the issue.

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Are rock sliders a critical addition to my TJ?

We wouldn’t say critical, but they do offer a good level of protection to the cab of your TJ. Some models offer protection from gravel being kicked up and chipping away the paint of your lower cab rails, but the big benefit is if you want to venture into a rock garden and unexpectedly come down on a boulder. Rock sliders not only protect your paint but protect body panels from being crushed by adding a level of protection. It’s better and less expensive to replace a bent rock slider bar than have to take your TJ to the body shop and have things repaired. Another bonus of rock sliders is that if your TJ is lifted, they can serve as a step to help you and your passengers get in.

Is any one style better than another?

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One of the best things about Jeeps is that you can accessorize them any way you want. This means picking out a style/design of a rock slider that you think would look best on your Jeep TJ. The only thing we’d say would make any one set better than another is the thickness of the material used. If one brand uses a thin tube metal, it’ll be that much more susceptible to being damaged.

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EAG 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rocker Guard with Step Boa PN# JTJRG004

Rock Sliders with Tube Step
Adds Side Panel Protection
Durable Steel Plate Construction
Features a Laser Cut Step Plate
Black Textured Powder Coat Finish
Resistant to Rust and Corrosion
Stainless Steel Countersunk Hardware
Fits 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ Unlimited Models
Rugged Design. The EAG Rock Sliders with Tube Step - Textured Black is manufactured to add side panel protection for all your rugged off-road adventures. Built to keep your Wrangler’s body off of rocky surfaces and obstacles, these rock sliders are sure to exceed your performance expectations. Built with precision for a safe performance, you will love the look and durability these rock sliders provide.
Durable Construction. Crafted from a hardy 0.1875-inch steel plated construction, these sliders are super strong for heavy fun and abuse. Showcasing a black textured powder coated finish, you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion causing damage. Designed for added utility and protection, these sliders highlight featured laser cut step plates for extra rugged styling.
Installation. This moderate installation can be completed in 2 hours or less and comes with stainless-steel countersunk hardware for a durable performance. Common garage tools are required.
Application. These Rock Sliders with Tube Step - Textured Black are designed to fit 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ Unlimited models.

  • JTJRG004
  • JTJRG004
  • 841630118785
  • EAG
  • Available
  • New
  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 95.5 lbs.
  • W14.1700” x H9.4500” x L59.4500”
  • Free Shipping!

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This is a compilation of my research for rock sliders. I hope it can serve as a guide to others who are looking for the best product for themselves, as well as an avenue for others to add updated data as this forum grows and products develop. This post has undergone several edits, especially after the comments and suggestions of @mrblaine. Thanks to him for his knowledge incorporated herein and under his own post later in the thread.

Rock Sliders/Rocker Guards

Rock sliders are an important armor component for protecting your tub between the front and rear fender. They come stock on the Rubicon, but if you could possibly touch the tub to an object they are very minimal protection. If you wheel in conditions that put your tub in danger, you may want to consider aftermarket rock sliders. We're not talking nerf bars here, but if you want nerf bars, you might consider reading up on rock sliders since they may be a better overall choice.

Many considerations go into choosing the best rock sliders for your application. Are they mainly for style? Or are they required for function? A good driver can use them to pivot over rocks. Would you like a step to help get into the Jeep? Or that lady friend, wife? Does a step really help much? How much protection do you want underneath? How do they mount to your Jeep? Do they mount only to the side of the tub or also underneath? Do they tie into the body mounts? If so they endanger the frame. Do they provide an internal bracket that limits tub flex and deformation? Are you considering aftermarket flares? Or do you already have some? It may be best to purchase sliders from the same company that made your flares so everything ties in well. Or you may have the skills to fabricate a way to fit various components together. Does the mounting hardware leave a head extended or are they countersunk? Which is really better? An extended head near the lip of the tub could snap off if you hit a rock, but if tucked farther back is not a problem, and much stronger. Is the edge a 90* angle that tends to dig into the obstacle? Or does it have an angled edge designed to slide over objects? And of course, what is your budget? These and other questions are part of determining what might be best for YOUR Jeep and YOUR use!

Below is a list of more well-known rock sliders available as of January 2018. Hopefully this bit of research will help in your search. If you find any others I’ve missed or haven’t considered, and are worthy of being posted, please let me know and I’ll add to the list. If there's data you have to fill in, also, let me know. They are divided into two classes, those with more form and less function and those with more function. Most are in the first category. So if you are looking for function, only the last few are really going to save your rig on the rocks!

Form over Function Sliders

Barnes 4x4 ($165)

Model: TJ
Warranty: ?
Manufacturing: 3/16” Steel Plate
Step: No
Mounting: side of tub, countersunk. Underneath, ties into body mounts
Finish: Raw
Weight: ?

Very cost friendly. These sliders are ww2ww. Give some undercarriage support.

TJ Rocker Guards

Rugged Ridge ($299-399)

Model: 04-06 TJ
Warranty: 5 year limited
Manufacturing: 3/16” steel plate
Step: Yes (2” wide)
Mounting: Side of tub. Bolt heads are not flush. Underneath unclear
Finish: Tough Black Texture
Weight: 68lbs for the pair

Cost friendly, works with most aftermarket flares, has cut outs for use of a Hi-Lift jack, includes rubber welting to protect the paint and body.

11504.15 XHD Rock Sliders is on sale at Rugged Ridge with a Low Price Guarantee and free shipping! Check out specific images and videos to make the perfect buying decision.

Motobilt ($275)

Model: TJ
Manufacturing: 3/16” steel plate
Step: Optional
Mounting: Side of tub countersunk and underneath attached to body mounts
Finish: Bare steel
Weight: unknown

Motobilt is making some interesting products in the Jeep world. These look solid for a form over function slider and at a good price point. Made in the USA.

C&C Fabrication ($225-328)

Model: TJ, LJ
Manufacturing: 3/16” steel plate
Step: Yes, 1 ¾” x 0.120 DOM with nice plate for step.
Mounting: Side of tub. Underneath NO MOUNTING BOLTS, 2" lip underneath the edge.
Backing Plates: No
Finish: Bare metal
Weight: ~40 lbs. This is what I was told over the phone, seems incorrect though.

C&C Fabrication looks like they make solid stuff. Hard to tell a lot, but these are not mass produced, allow 7-10 days for build and 3-5 days for shipping. They have several alternate options, including a DIY version for $225.

Genright Standard Rocker Guards w/Bars ($399)

Model: TJ, YJ or CJ-7
Manufacturing: Laser Cut and CNC Formed from 3/16” steel.
Step: Yes, with dimple die step plate for traction entering and exiting (4 ½” wide). Side bar is 1 ½” x 0.120 thick DOM tube (angled 15* upward)
Mounting: Side of tub and underneath tub. Bolt heads are countersunk on both for a smooth sliding surface
Finish: Powder Coat Black
Weight: ~81 lbs

Genright makes very good products. This is the cheaper model that fits the form over function category. May require some trimming.

Warrior Rock Sliders ($)

Model: TJ
Warranty: 180 days materials and workmanship
Manufacturing: 3/16” plate steel
Step: Yes, tapers from front to rear, or no.
Mounting: Side of tub. Underneath unclear
Finish: Black Powder Coat
Weight: Unknown

Warrior Rock Sliders provide 6-7 inches of protect under the tub.

Rock Hard 4x4 ($300-340)

Model: TJ
Warranty: Lifetime
Manufacturing: Laser Cut 3/16” steel
Step: Yes or no. 1 ¾” x 0.120 DOM
Mounting: Side of tub countersunk and underneath countersunk for a smooth sliding surface
Backing Plates: No
Finish: Black Powder Coat Semi-Gloss 20% Texture
Weight: 60 lbs

Rock hard is 100% made in the USA, not the 75% legal standard. There is no welding or cutting required and can be used with 99% of flares and all body lifts. Since black powder coat is included, this is another slider that is hard to beat at that price point…

Metalcloak Rocker Rails ($399)

Model: TJ
Manufacturing: 7GA hot rolled steel plate
Step: Yes, 1 ½” x 0.120 steel tubing
Mounting: Side of tub in two linear paths, one above the step and one below.
Finish: Bare metal or Black Powder Coat (+ $124)
Weight: 94 lbs for the pair

Metalcloak makes decent stuff and is known for good customer service. These rockers have a deflector plate, high lift mount location, and are designed to integrate with the MC fenders, but can be used without them. There are two versions, make sure you get the right version for your rig.

Mercenary ($399)

Model: TJ, LJ, YJ
Manufacturing: Precision Laser Cut and CNC form bent from 3/16” steel plate
Step: Yes, slider is 1 ¾” DOM Tubing
Mounting: Side of tub countersunk stainless steel. Bottom of tub countersunk alloy for smooth sliding surface
Backing Plates: Yes, 10 Zinc Plated.
Finish: Bare metal
Weight: Unknown

Will work with all body lifts and gives full underbody protection, fully TIG welded and all grade 8 hardware. Welds are hard to beat. This is a very good slider at a very good price. Very hard to beat! No longer in production as of 1/2018. Possibly will re-enter production if demand increases.

Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers with Sliders ($375-415)

Model: TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ-7
Manufacturing: Laser Cut and CNC Formed from 3/16” plate steel.
Step: Yes, DOM tube
Mounting: Side of tub countersunk and underneath tub at the body mounts and ribs, etc…for smooth sliding surface
Finish: Bare Steel
Weight: Unknown

Poison Spyder has a good reputation. This rock slider is popular, but more form over function. Good price point. Works with a body lift without a resulting gap or misalignment. Weakness is they mount at the body mounts.

ARB ($466-492)

Model: Short Wheelbase TJ’s only
Warranty: Two years materials and workmanship
Manufacturing: Tough, 1.25 diamter schedule 40 tubular steel
Step: Yes (@30* upward from tub) or no
Mounting: Side and underneath tub. Internal mounting bracket.
Finish: Powder Coat Black
Weight: 63.5 lbs for the pair?

ARB has a long-standing reputation in the Jeeping community for making great products. This slider is no exception. The internal bracket eliminates body roll when pressure is exerted on step. However, angle is 90* and slider is not WW2WW, so there are weaknesses.

TNT Customs Standard Rocker ($270-350)

Model: TJ
Manufacturing: CNC cut and formed 3/16” steel plate
Step: Yes or no. Step is very nice, 3.5" wide
Mounting: Side of tub and underneath, neither countersunk. Explanation from TNT is that it weakens the steel at that point. They have never had a bolt head messed up to the point it could not be removed. Optional internal brace ($89).
Finish: Bare steel
Weight: 72 lbs

TNT Customs rock sliders look pretty beefy. Gives full underbody coverage and is body lift compatible. There is a double angle as the slider comes around the edge of the tub. It is not as demarcated as the Savvy and Genright's below, but is surely superior to all the previous rock sliders on this list. It is not wheel well to wheel well, but fits with their flares. A very strong option for someone looking for something that is very nearly in the upper echelon of functionally superior sliders, but not willing to spend $600.

Function Over Form Sliders

JCR Rock Sliders Crusader ($459+)

Model: TJ, LJ, YJ
Manufacturing: CNC cut and formed from 3/16” steel
Step: Yes, (3 ½” wide)
Mounting: Side of tub and bracket inside tying in to the seat mount locations.
Finish: Bare metal or Black Powder Coat (+ $150)
Weight: 92 lbs for the pair

JCR makes solid stuff for our Jeeps. This mini boat slider has a unique look and claims to provide higher ground clearance than traditional angle steel tube sliders. Has built in Hi-Lift jacking points front and rear. It is wheel well to wheel well and has the interior tub support that ties into the front seat, so this makes it an excellent functional slider. Made in the USA.

Warn ($329)

Model: TJ, LJ, YJ, CJ7
Manufacturing: 3/16” Steel
Step: No
Mounting: Side of tub not countersunk and underneath, but unclear how
Finish: Black Powder Coat
Weight: unknown

Warn is a well-known and reputable company, mostly for their M8000 winch. This slider has a rounded edge as it comes around the tub, making it a very functional slider. See post #74 on page 4 of this thread for pictures. Not ww2ww. There have been complaints about the slider warping, so, if your going to be playing hard in the rocks, avoid. in class for price point, but with some possible weaknesses.

Take on the toughest trails with WARN body armor for Jeeps.

Genright Mini Boat Side Rocker Guards w/Bars ($599)

Model: TJ, YJ or CJ-7
Manufacturing: Laser Cut and CNC Formed from 3/16” cold rolled steel. Side bar is 1 ¾” x 0.120 thick DOM tube (angled 15* upward)
Step: Yes, with dimple die step plate for traction entering and exiting (4 ½” wide).
Mounting: Side of tub and underneath tub. Bolt heads are countersunk for smooth surface
Finish: Bare metal
Weight: Unknown

Genright makes a very awesome functioning rock slider. The design incorporates a 45* angle around the edge of the tub. This is far superior to the 90* angle on most rock sliders. It will allow you to slide, whereas a 90* angle will often dig into the ground or rock and cause you to stop. I consider this a design feature that makes these the highest quality functioning rock slider. They also have as an option an interior support bracket, which will mean that your tub will not bend outward when someone uses the step. Again, this is a high quality addition, not common to most rock sliders. Provides wheel well to wheel well coverage. May require some trimming.

Savvy Rocker Steel Slider ($559)

Model: TJ
Manufacturing: Aluminum base.
Step: Yes, replaceable
Mounting: Nutserts, reinforced backing plates, all stainless steel
Finish: Raw
Weight: ~80 lbs

Savvy, the name says it all. The design incorporates a 45* angle around the edge of the tub. This is far superior to the 90* angle on most rock sliders. It incorporates a two-piece design, the slider and the step, so that if one part is damaged, the whole does not need to be replaced, only one piece. They also have an interior support bracket, making them much stonger than most sliders. This is a great option for someone who will be on the rocks. It provides wheel well to wheel well coverage.

Rockers Archives - Savvy Off Road

Apologies for leaving others off like Smittybilt, Ace Engineering, et. Al., as well as some of the alternate versions specific to your TJ or LJ, flare set up, etc...However, I hope this helps folks find what’s out there and make an informed decision. My personal opinion of the best overall sliders in order are; Genright Mini Boat Sliders, Savvy, JCR, Warn and TNT. Hope to see you on the trails!


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