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Cross country homecoming proposals are becoming a thing

If you didn&#;t know already, high school students are no longer just proposing to classmates to ask them to the prom; they&#;re doing the same for homecoming dances as well. The latest is a run on &#;hoco&#; proposals connected with cross country events, believe it or not.

Of the genre, the most creative appears to have come from Pennsylvania, where Harrisburg Red Land (Penn.) junior Nathan Edwards &#;proposed&#; to freshman Abby Coran after the latter crossed the finish line at her race during a scheduled meet where both red Landers were were competing.

The sign that Edwards created? It was as punny — and cross country related — as he&#;d hoped for.

&#;I would be XCited if you ran to hoco with me.&#;

&#;She came across the line and was all happy, then she saw the sign and jumped,&#; Edwards told Runners World, which profiled the couple online. &#;She was really shocked and didn&#;t expect it at all.&#;

The pair are set to attend the homecoming dance on Sep. 23 on their first date together. The new, fast-friends have clearly been tickled by all the attention Edwards&#; hoco proposal has attracted, but they should know that they&#;re not alone.

Recent days have seen hoco proposals unfold at both Clinton (Ia.) and two at Alta Loma (Calif.). All three subjects of proposals apparently said yes.

Will the Red Land proposal and others spark copycat versions in other areas of the country? And from other sports? We&#;ll all have to see. For now, leave it to the runners to get a trend started the right way.


Eagles Football Player Attending Prom

Junior Hannah Delmonte is the envy of all football fan girls, by getting her dream prom with an Eagles football player.

Inspired by the many prom proposals on Twitter, Delmonte decided to ask NFL Player Emmanuel Acho, a Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, to this year’s prom.

“I saw all the guys doing the ‘if I get said number of retweets can I take your mom to prom,’ and I didn’t want to ask anyone’s mom to prom, so I decided to try and ask an NFL player. I saw how Acho interacted with fans on Twitter and I thought if I had a shot, he would be my best one,” said Delmonte.

It all started with a direct message to Acho on Instagram when Delmonte asked if she got 2, retweets on Twitter  he would take her to prom. Acho raised the stakes and said that if she got 10, within the next week he’d, be there. To Acho’s surprise, Delmonte got 10, retweets within hours.

Acho said, “I was definitely shocked when she got over 10k retweets, especially with how fast she did it, but it goes to show you the power of social media.”

Since Acho agreed to go to prom with Delmonte, they have been talking regularly. Delmonte feels that she is lucky to have asked someone so nice. She feels that prom will not be too awkward because they have talked enough for them both to be comfortable with the situation.

She said, “He’s an incredibly nice and understanding guy, and I think we’re both getting more comfortable with this.”

Delmonte still plans on going to prom with her friends but does recognize that those plans need to be first settled with Acho. Delmonte has informed him of the color of her prom dress  and Acho jokingly asked his followers for help on picking a tuxedo out.

“He did post a picture on Instagram asking his followers for help on picking one out and made a joke about getting a hot pink one, but I told him no,” said Delmonte in response to his post.

Delmonte has been a “die hard Eagles fan” since she was a little girl. She is not ashamed to say that her happiness on Mondays were based on if the Eagles won or lost the day before during the football season. Her mom and six uncles are all big fans of the Eagles since they are from south Jersey and made sure that Delmonte was an Eagles fan from the start.

“I think I really started to get attached in eighth grade, and every year I get even more obsessed. I am at the point where I could tell you virtually anything about the team’s past, present, and what could potentially happen in the future,” said Delmonte.

Being such a big Eagles fan, Delmonte feels very fortunate and excited for prom.

“I’m sure I’ll have to try my hardest not to cry or pass out from excitement, happiness, and anxiety,” said Delmonte.

Acho, even though caught off guard by Delmonte’s popularity, shares Delmonte’s excitement for prom.

“I’m excited, and schedule permitting I’ll definitely go. I’m sure it will be mildly awkward, but fun,” said Acho.

Principal Shipp and the county  have approved Acho coming to Woodgrove’s prom.

Acho surprised Delmonte at Woodgrove on February 20th. Delmonte thought she was meeting with the school board for them to approve the prom date, but instead Acho was waiting for to officially ask her to prom.

Delmonte said, “He asked me to prom with an Eagles jersey that said Prom 15 on it and he signed it.”

Delmonte was suprised with cameras and was crying from excitement.

“I was really surprised and I started crying. To meet him in person was incredible. He is a tremendous person and I got to see that when I met him.”

Not only did Delmonte get to see Acho at Woodgrove, but they also appeared on Fox 5 News in which Acho surprised Delmonte with a special piano performance.

“It was surreal being on television. He’s a really good piano player. I just wasnt expecting it,” said Delmonte.

Delmonte’s and Acho’s prom date has been getting a lot of publicity from other social media and television shows, and there are plans for Delmonte to have more media apperances.DelmonteProm

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Teen With Growth Disorder Accepts Prom Invitation from School Football Star

&#; -- Autumn Pollard was unaware that her high school hosted an annual prom until she was invited in front of the entire school.

Autumn is a junior at Corning High School in Corning, Arkansas. The year-old was born with Noonan syndrome, a genetic disease that causes abnormal growth in various parts of the body.

"Her genetic disorder [was] confirmed by Harvard in ," said Suzanne Pollard, Autumn's mother. "She is 4 feet tall and 57 pounds."

Each year, Autumn dances at her pep rally with the school mascot. This time, the mascot turned her around to find Cope Robinson, a star football player at Corning and a friend of Autumn's.

In a very touching proposal, Robinson was standing next to signs spelling out the word "prom" with a question mark at the end.

"He asked me to prom," Autumn said. "I like his hair. He's nice."

Pollard was in the audience at the school's gymnasium when Robinson asked her daughter to prom.

"It was fantastic," she said. "We weren’t aware of what was going to happen, so we all started crying. It happened in front of the whole student body."

Autumn, who loves to shop, told ABC News that she's most looking forward to finding the perfect prom dress and "hanging out with Cope."

Cute Promposals - TikTok Compilations (Goneright) 😙 💖

On the slip of paper and carefully put it in the fortune cookie.

Football prom ideas. Write down Will you go to prom with me. Here Are the 10 Best Prom-posals of Prom Season. So if youre planning a promposal c.

Choose an outdoor-friendly Prom Theme. Lots and lots of friends. As football season rolls around so does your logo.

Stumps offers complete theme kit packages along with all all the coordinating decor and favors to make prom night one for the memory books. Cant wait to cheer him on. Shop football giveaways for your next major event to sack the competition and grow your brand in no time.

Can I ask you what size and type of duffle bag yall have. We asked high school football players from across central Pennsylvania to share the ultimate way to ask someone to prom. Get In The Game.

I ts the first week of May which means its time for allergies Cinco de Mayo sombreros and elaborate romantic gestures by. But if you happen to be um a little bit older heres the gist. Here are some outdoor Prom venue ideas to consider.

Monday 28th of August Brush up on Your Teams Record - Whether your schools undefeated at this point in the season or youre hoping this will be the first game in the next winning streak the Homecoming game is still important to your schools record. My son just started flag football so I am a first time football mom and blogger this year.

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Prom Homecoming Themes. If youre not the sports trivia type talk to a football-minded friend about what the game could mean for the rest of the season. The word it a hybrid of prom and proposal and its when somebody asks someone to be his or her date to the prom in a method.

Check out Stumps Partys complete list of prom theme ideas ranging from masquerade Hollywood Paris to fun colorful themes like Lets Glow Crazy Candy Land Game Night and more. Saved by Nicole-Huff Amanda-Gurule. Prices from to

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7 Foam Football - Two Tone. Perfect for college events. Football Roses make a unique and memorable prom gift for any football fan.

Add 7 Foam Football - Two Tone to Favorites. On the gym floor or football field where it can be seen by looking down. Have your friends spell out PROM.

Dont think that just because your Prom theme is outdoors this year that it has to be any less spectacular than a theme set up inside. Just ask no written sign necessary. See more ideas about football pictures homecoming pictures prom picture poses.

Masquerade Ball Event Theme. Local league fundraisers or just supporting your favorite team. Dance Proposal Homecoming Proposal Homecoming Ideas Proposal Ideas Hoco Proposals Formal Proposals Homecoming Decorations Football Homecoming Sadie Hawkins.

Jun 12 - Explore jamie glorfields board Football pictures followed by people on Pinterest.


Proposals football prom

One of the best parts of back to school is prepping for the first big dance of the year—homecoming. Really, you can start prepping months in advanced for this all-important event because there is so much figure out. And this year, the dance will be even more special because it will be one of the first times for the student body to let loose after months of social distancing.

But as you plan for this year’s homecoming, have you ever stopped to think about what this whole tradition is about? When was the first homecoming and what's the story behind the big game and the quirky traditions like homecoming king and queen? Most importantly, what does homecoming even mean?

Here’s everything you need to know about homecoming…

Sowhat is it?

Every high school has their own homecoming traditions and depending on where you live and what school you go to, homecoming can mean a lot of different things. It may, quite literally, mean a coming home of sorts, an opportunity for your school’s alumni to visit their old stomping grounds, to see old friends, teachers, and the underclassman they left behind. Expect a lot of recently-graduated seniors to come back for this year's homecoming, considering they didn't get a proper sendoff in the spring because of the coronavirus.

Sometimes, homecoming involves a parade, or a big football game like a match up against your school’s rivals. If you’re not a sports fan, it may be the only football game you’ll go to all year. Often, a homecoming court is crowned, with the highly coveted homecoming king and queen reigning over their kingdom for a year (or maybe until a prom king and queen come along).

But the main event, the piéce de résistance of any school’s homecoming is the dance. You’ve seen it play out in all the best high school dramas: Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Vampire Diaries. Homecoming is a staple at high schools, no matter how it’s celebrated. In the most traditional format shown in most on-screen portrayals of the event, homecoming resembles a dance much like prombut more like a baby prom.

How is it different than prom?

In recent years as homecoming has become a bigger event, it has begun to resemble prom more and more. Homecoming proposals have become more elaborate, mimicking the creative signs, cute treasure hunts and yummy treats that now seem to come with every promposal.

First, the obvious difference: The two dances come at different times of the year. While prom often marks the beginning of spring and the end of the school year, homecoming, which often takes place in September or October, doubles as a kind of welcome back to school.

Photo credit: ABC

Homecoming is also much more inclusive than prom. At most schools, prom is open only to seniors and sometimes juniors, but homecoming is for all, even the underclassmen, meaning you can start enjoying the festivities as a freshman.

Finally, homecoming can be a lot more casual than prom. While some schools go all out and throw prom at an event space off campus, homecoming is usually held in the school’s gym. Some schools have a more casual dress code for their homecoming dances, where jean shorts and a cute top will suffice, while others require a dress or suit for the occasion. Even then, the dresses are usually short and the suits are more chill, compared to the gowns and tuxes some will rock for their big prom night.

You may even want to opt for a cute two-piece look. Here are some fun mix-and-match homecoming outfits that you'll want to buy ASAP

What’s the history behind it?

According to Billboard, homecoming is an American tradition. That explains why Britain native Charli XCX was so thrilled to perform at a lucky school’s homecoming dance back in

Homecoming began at colleges as a celebration for the first football game of the season, where alumni would come back to visit their former campuses. According to Broadly, while no one is positive which college officially started the tradition, the University of Missouri, Baylor University, and the University of Illinois all claim to have began hosting homecoming events in , , and , respectively. No matter who started it, the tradition spread quickly to other colleges and high schools around the country.

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Daniels PromPosal

Watch Agoura High senior deliver six points with his homecoming proposal

Most homecoming proposals involve a hand-written sign and maybe some flowers or a balloon.

Gili Datner’s boyfriend delivered six points.

Aiden Della Ripa had scored a touchdown in each of the first three games of the Agoura High football season.

Looking for a creative way to ask his girlfriend to this weekend’s annual homecoming dance, the senior figured he could scrawl the proposal on a football he’d deliver after scoring against visiting Moorpark High on Sept.

He and his friends hatched a plan. One made sure Datner was seated in the front row. One made sure she received the ball. Another was positioned to take video.

Even Chargers head coach Dustin Croick was in on the scheme.

“Of course, he almost backed out,” Croick said. “I told him he had to do it and gave him the ball for it… I’m a sap.”

Croick even called a play designed to get Della Ripa in the end zone. But quarterback Ty Dieffenbach instead went elsewhere with the pass, throwing a touchdown to teammate Jake East.

With the third quarter winding down, and opportunities to pull off the proposal waning, Della Ripa finally made the moment happen himself by stepping in front of a Moorpark pass and returning the interception 28 yards for a defensive score.

“Aiden took it into his own hands,” said Croick. “It actually worked out perfect.”

After celebrating in the end zone with his teammates and flipping the game ball to a nearby official, Della Ripa ran to the home stands and flipped Datner a football pre-inscribed with the question “HOCO?” in silver marker.

“I didn’t even know what was happening,” Datner said.

As sophomores, Della Ripa had previously asked Datner to homecoming with a “cute sign,” she said. Agoura did not have a prom last spring due to COVID

So, as a senior, Della Ripa made up for it with his unique proposal under Friday night lights.

“All that football practice paid off,” said Datner, who responded by wearing Della Ripa’s jersey to school this week. “I got the coolest homecoming proposal ever.”

Agoura won the game,  

Joe Curley covers high school, collegiate and professional for the Star. He can be reached at [email protected]. For more coverage of local high school sports, follow @vcspreps onTwitter,FacebookandInstagram.

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