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Kief is made up of the trichomes of marijuana or the small, delicate, hair-like THC factories found on marijuana flower. Kief is very potent as it contains much higher concentrations of THC than flower alone, and it is also very versatile. It can be used to top off a joint or bowl, in cooking, or to make tinctures. There is a lot you can do with kief which is why it’s unfortunate that it is fairly difficult to separate those precious trichomes from the rest of the marijuana flower.

Most people will wait weeks or even months for kief to collect in the bottom of their grinder until they have a usable amount. But traditionally, those looking to collect kief on a larger scale have had only a couple of options to turn to: kief boxes and kief tumblers.

The Problems with Kief Boxes

Kief or dry sift boxes are one step up from the “grind and wait” approach to kief collection, but they aren’t without their serious drawbacks. A kief box is typically comprised of a wood frame with some type of mesh stretched across it. Flower is placed on top and the box is shaken side to side to rub the trichomes off of the flower.

But kief boxes just don’t deliver the best results. First, they are labor intensive requiring you to provide the force necessary to get the job done. This is particularly problematic if you’re looking to collect a relatively large amount of kief in one sitting. Second, kief boxes often allow more than just the trichomes to pass through the screen. If the mesh is too large, other parts of the flower will make it through the screen. Conversely, using a kief box with mesh that is smaller openings will require more work to sift the kief.

The Problems with Most Kief Tumblers

If you’re looking to separate trichomes from your flower on any kind of larger scale, a kief tumbler is your best option to accomplish the job. Kief tumblers come in many different shapes and sizes, but all use the same basic principle: flower is placed in a drum with a fine mesh lining the outside, and the drum is repeatedly spun around to separate the kief from the flower.

When evaluating the various kief tumblers available today, it’s important to examine two key factors: the quality of materials used to construct the tumbler, and what process the tumbler uses to separate and collect kief.

Unfortunately, many kief tumblers are made of cheap materials which greatly reduce their effectiveness and durability. For example, nylon is a common choice for the material to be used for the mesh screen. Nylon stretches and tears relatively easily meaning that little pieces of it will end up in your kief, so it will need to be fixed or replaced all too quickly. Another problem with cheap tumblers is that they often use prefabricated plastic bins to house the tumbler. This makes kief collection a real pain as they have nooks and crannies where it is hard to reach the kief.

Some kief tumblers require additional inputs such as CO2 or dry ice to achieve extraction while others require multiple runs with a different screen each time.

How The Kief Thief Is Different

The Kief Thief was designed from the ground up to address and remedy these problems. It is made with industrial grade materials which are expertly welded together for a lifetime of use. The sifter drum is made of stainless steel micron mesh which is the perfect size to allow kief to fall through but not any other plant material, and there is no cheap plastic to be found anywhere on the Kief Thief.

Using the Kief Thief could not be simpler. In fact, arguably the best aspect about the Kief Thief is that it uses a % solventless extraction process. No CO2 or dry ice required. You only need marijuana flower and a grounded volt outlet. Simply plug the kief thief in, detatch the sifter drum and insert your flower, reattach the sifter drum, turn on the machine, and collect the kief. That’s all you need to do. It could not be simpler.

The Kief Thief is designed for easy collection as well. All you need is a business card to collect the kief that accumulates at the bottom of the stainless steel chassis and on the polycarbonate cover.

So why waste your time with labor intensive kief boxes or with kief tumblers which simply fall short? Order your Kief Thief today.


Picked up a SICK kief tumbler

ive been wanting to get away from solvent extractions and get into rosin for a while but ive got a lot invested into some closed loop setups and they still have their place no matter what. i decided to build and buy a kief tumbler setup to get my rosin setup going. i was waiting on some specialty parts to be made for my giant tumbler so i decided to pick up a premade unit while i wait so i can get started. this thing is GREAT! im on my fourth run right now and its kicking some ass. i was worried it wasnt gonna yield all that much and this whole endeavor would be a waste of time and money but now im super excited about how things are turning out.

im running my batches for an hour at a time with two dollars worth of quarters agitating everything. the product was prepped by adding bags of silica gel in pillow cases to my trash bag full of trim to make sure my trim is cracker dry and crumbles easily. i know what youre thinkingan hour is way too long, its gonna be green and contaminated, but no. its light and sexy and even if it has green in the final product(it doesnt) its gonna get pressed in the rosin screens and filtered even finer.

i will get my final weights and measurements when its all said and done in the next day or two. there are still nice little nugs in there which will get loaded into the closed loop to make oil for edibles and topicals etc.

the pile in the picture is from two small test runs of maybe a couple ounces of trim in each run. now what i am doing is prepping the material in a rubbermade by crushing it up in between my hands by rubbing it together and then load it into the tumbler for an hour. yield has increased a lot which means the closed loop runs will be less fruitful but thats ok by me :)

as soon as all my stuff is extracted i will buy my lowtemp plates and press and get the real show going. stay tuned for more!


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What is Dry Sift?

Dry sift or kief is the result of mechanically removing the resin glands from the plant by sieving them with screens of different sizes, without any kind of solvent.

Dry Ice or Frozen Material?

Freeze your material!! With dry ice you are adding a solvent to your material. We recommend you freeze material, overnight if possible, which will make tricomes harden and greatly improve your yield. We also recommend shorter run times in a cool room, to prevent condensation.

What Micron Screen Should I Pick?

This is dependent on your personal preference and intended use of the sift. The Pollen Masters come standard with Micron Screen, this is the ideal screen for achieving a balance of quality and quantity of Dry Sift and if you are looking for a higher quality, we offer the finer Micron Screen. If your goal is a higher yield, we offer our Micron Screen.

Can I make Rosin from Dry-Sift?

Absolutely. Dry-Sift Rosin its a great way to make a dabbable concentrate, free from solvents. Many customers will purchase a tumbler and a press and use it to process all their trim into rosin. When pressing Dry Sift, we recommend using our 25u, 45u or 73u Rosin Tech Filter Bags.

How long should I run my PollenMaster?

We recommend running the Pollen Master in 15 minutes intervals. After 15 minutes, stop the machine, remove your drum and collect your &#;Grade-A&#; Dry Sift. Then repeat this process and keep your &#;Grade-B&#; Dry Sift in a separate collection container. After that you can run the machine for another 30 minutes or as long as your prefer. This is your Grade-C Dry Sift, but you may run the risk of getting some plant material in your drysift. It depends what you&#;re looking for Quantity or Quality.

What can I do with Dry-Sift?

You can sell it, smoke it, pair it with flower, or use it to make edibles, hash or rosin.

Can I choose multiple mcron screen sizes?

Yes, we offer Extra Drums that come in 3 different sizes (u,u* and u) for easily switching out drums on your Pollen Master. We also offer Replacement Screens that you come in all 3 sizes (u,u* and u) that you can change out yourself or, for a small fee, we will change them out for you.**

*Comes Standard with all Pollen Masters
** Shipping Rates Apply

Kief Extraction Using Tom's Tumbler Batch Machines


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