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Head with Team Spider-man again to begin this mission. Go to the waypoint to find it blocked by an electrified barrier. Follow the electrical grids all the way to the top of a building where Electro 2099 is generating the power.

To take him down, defeat his goons. Then, he will shoot some projectiles and perform an area of effect attack. Only now can you damage him. Do this two more times to defeat him. Then, return to the waypoint. You’ll find there is another generator. Follow this electrical path to find Electro 2099 on other building.

Defeat him again. Go back to the waypoint one more time to find Electro here. Fight him one last time. Finally, you will unlock the next story mission. Head into the glowing ring to continue the story.

Head back to the right and defeat the symbiotes which break through the glass. Then, pull down the handle in the back of this room. Then, use Ms. Marvel to navigate the shrink maze. This will open the door on the left. Defeat the symbiotes that appear before pressing the switch in here. Then, use one of the Spiders to turn on the computer to the left. Tab through the screens to find an image matching the ground ahead. Then, step on all the glowing panels reflected in the image to open the door ahead.

Look up at the glass door above to find a handle. Pull this down. Then, use Spider-Gwen’s sonar to break this object. Put the pieces together to construct a Minikit.

Defeat the symbiotes in this room. Then, use Spider-Gwen to break the glass blocking the room up on the left. Then, head in here with She-Hulk. Push the green switch to the end. Then, destroy all the objects in this room. Build with the pieces to construct another lever. Push this to the end to clear the sludge in this room. Then, climb the ladder on the right. Use She-Hulk to pull the green handles at the top. Now, use one of the Spiders to interact with the computer in here.

This will put you in control of the panels pushing a pink ball. Push it through each hole to open the room on the right.

Now, use Ms. Marvel to go through the grate up to the next floor. Jump onto the switch on the back wall to deactivate the electricity on the bottom floor.

Now, have another character pull the switch on the bottom floor to move the laser. Next, push the block all the way to the right. Then, use Ms. Marvel to pull the switch on the top floor, raising the elevator. Now, hit the switch on the bottom to move the laser again.

Back on the top floor, start to push the block. Defeat the enemies that appear. Now, push the block all the way to the left.

Go back to the computer up on the left to push the second pink orb down to the center console. Defeat the enemies that appear. Then, head through the doorway on the right. Now, you’ll have to face Carnom.

If you wish to get the minikit here, break all the objects on the pillars surrounding the room. Target them and shoot from a great distance to destroy all five, granting you a minikit.

Use Ms. Marvel to go through the grate in the arena. Here, you’ll find a Minikit.

Here, you will be able to do damage immediately. Continue to hit him until the lock appears on his health bar. Then, you’ll need to wait for a bit. Deplete his health bar to enter the next stage of the fight. Even though he is much larger, you can do continuous damage. Keep up the attack to finish the fight.

Complete this mission to unlock: Electro 2099, Spider-Man 2099, Carnom, Goblin 2099, and Venom 2099

Free Play

Break all 5 letter stations to receive a minikit. You will need to use Captain America to throw his shield into the switch on the left in the second room to reach the final letter and receive this Minikit.

In the opening area, use Thor to charge the electrical station on the left. Then, head through the teleporter with Lockjaw to reach the minikit.

Use Iron Man to fix the mechanism on the right to reveal a minikit.

Head inside the room on the left. Run as the pumpkin explodes. Then, return to piece together the minikit.

Use Captain America to toss his shield into the switch on the left. This will lower the lasers, allowing you to reach the minikit in this room.

Use Doctor Strange to use the rainbow duster on the left and free Stan Lee.

After acquiring the second pink orb, use a heat character to cut out the pumpkin on the wall to reveal a minikit.

Use a character who can go invisible to interact with the turret switch here.

Below the boss arena, use Black Widow to go invisible and pull the lever here. Be sure to wait for the arrow to line up with the green wedge before pulling the lever. This will grant you the character token for Spider-Man (Symbiote).

Then, break some objects on the right side. Then, use Doctor Strange to trace the rune here. This will spawn a race. Hop onto the bouncing symbiote and complete the race with a gold time to acquire the minikit.


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  • appears quickly within a few hours
  • affects more than just your nose and throat
  • makes you feel exhausted and too unwell to carry on as normal

cold symptoms can include:

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Spider-Man (Symbiote)



Web-sling, pulling grapples, super-sense and climbing walls

Spider-Man (Symbiote)(also known as Black Suit Spider-Man) is a variation of Spider-Manthat appears in LEGO Marvel Superheroesand LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Appearances in Story

Spider-Man is one of the heroes that helps prevent Doctor Doom and his team of villains from creating a weapon of mass destruction from the remains of Silver Surfer's surfboard.

Spider-Man is first seen in the middle of the first level in which he aided Iron Man and Hulk in the fight against Sandman. After managing to defeat Sandman, Nick Fury offers Spider-Man a position on the team, but Spider-Man declines.

Spider-Man appears yet again in the following level where he battles Doctor Octopus with the help of Captain America and Mister Fantastic. After defeating Doctor Octopus the cosmic brick was stolen by Green Goblin.

Spider-man with the aid of Hawkeye and Black Widow fight Venom but are unsuccessful in capturing Green Goblin. The next appearance of Spider-Man is when him and other Avengers battle with M.O.D.O.K. After defeating M.O.D.O.K., the team finds and defeats Doctor Doom.

After Loki's plan is revealed Spider-Man along with other heroes and villains team up in order to defeatGalactus, who attempted to devour both Asgard and Earth.


  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) can web-sling through the city.
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) can shoot webs.
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) features the ability of super-sense.
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) features the power to transform into Peter Parker.


Spider-Man (Symbiote) is unlocked when you purchase the DLC



  • The Symbiote effecting Symbiote Spider-Man is the same effecting Venom.
  • Black Suit Spider-Man's design is based on his appearance from the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series.
    • In the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series, Black Suit Spider-Man was Harry Osborn, who was trying to replace Spider-Man (Peter Parker) as the hero of New York, until he turned into Venom.
  • Due to him being a Comic Con exclusive, Black Suit Spider-Man is one of the most rarest LEGO Minifigures.


EVERY LEGO Venom \u0026 Carnage Minifigure Ever Released


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