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For the first time in the park’s almost 60-year history, Funtown Splashtown in Saco said it will not be opening seven days a week during the summer season.

The park will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays through July and August.

“Of course, this is very disappointing, not only to you, our guests, but also very much to all of us here at the park,” Funtown Splashtown officials said.

The park said it is the result of a lack of potential team members applying for work this season. An extremely competitive job market has made it even tougher as the park attempts to fill all the positions.

“The abundance of jobs needing to be filled as businesses attempt to reopen after the COVID Summer of 2020, and the lack of willing applicants, has made staffing far more of an issue than it ever has been in the past,” officials said.

It is the largest employer of seasonal workers in the state, according to the park.

The park has raised starting wages to more than the state’s minimum wage and is offering anyone hired a Funtown Splashtown season pass for themselves and three family members or friends, according to park officials.

The park has held virtual and drive-up job fairs and reached out to local schools and chambers of commerce throughout the state to attract more applicants.

Yet even with these attempts, the park said it has been unable to secure as many local workers as needed.

“Finding enough locals has been an issue for over a decade, which is why we have used international J1 students to fill out our roster for many years. But with so many countries around the globe still being devastated by the Covid-19 virus, and international travel bans still in effect for many European nations, this pool of workers is extremely small as well,” Funtown Splashtown officials said.

The park is still planning on opening for the season on May 29.

Face covering will not be required for admittance, following in step with the state as both the outdoor mask mandate and outdoor social distancing requirements have been lifted, officials said.

Fully vaccinated Mainers will no longer need to wear face masks indoors starting on May 24, Gov. Janet Mills announced last week. The governor will also lift all capacity limits on indoor and outdoor public venues that same day.

However, when entering any retail and food locations, a face covering must be worn. This will also be true when riding the indoor ride, The Astrosphere, or entering the arcades.

With social distancing requirements removed, the park will operate at 100 percent capacity and said it will also no longer continue taking reservations.

Reservations and tickets that have already been purchased will remain valid, but now will be honored for any day that the park is open. There will be hand sanitizer dispensers located at the majority of rides and throughout the park.

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Last year Funtown Splashtown USA didn't open because of Covid-19...this year they are back with some changes.


According to News Center Maine, Funtown/Splashtown announced their COVID-19 guidelines that will let them open this summer:

  • Reservations will be needed. They will have details on how this works soon
  • Face coverings will be required for anyone over 2
  • You don't need a face mask in the pools or water slides
  • All slide lines will be marked where you stand for social distancing
  • You will need a face covering while walking around common areas and in the changing/restrooms


Good news! If you bought a season pass or even a day pass last year, Funtown Splashtown will honor it this year! That's super cool of them. They are also leaving some seats on some rides empty to put a little distance between riders. Plus, they took out some of the lounge chairs and there's more space between picnic tables.

They are also changing park hours and days they are open. It's all on their website. Whatever the restrictions, limitations and changes - it's just nice to have them back! Welcome back Funtown/Splashtown USA!

Oh and if you are looking for a job, they are hiring!



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Funtown Splashtown USA

PhotoRide NameRide TypeYear OpenedNotes Antique CarsAntique Taxi Cars1982Rail-tracked vintage Tin Lizzys chug along a center-railed paved track. AstrosphereScrambler (Eli Bridge)1976The Astrosphere is an indoor dark Scrambler ride (inside a dome) with a choreographed music and lights show; theme song is Fire On High (The Astrosphere Mix) by ELO. [2] In 2019, the Astrosphere attraction was outfitted with a new dome made out of concrete. The light and sound show was also upgraded to include new video projectors that brought back many of the original photo slides.[3]Balloon Race8-arm single axle family Ferris Wheel1994A small-fry family sized Ferris wheel with 8 balloon seats gently go around up-and-down. Barney Oldfield RoadstersRail-tracked vintage Sportscars1993Vintage roadsters ride along on a railed paved track through the section. Adult Bumper BoatsAdult size bumper boats1993Families rock and bump along on full sized bumper ring boats in a pool inside a pavilion. CasinoTrabant (Chance Morgan)1987This Trabant ride looks like a roulette wheel, taking its riders on a wild spinning, rising, and dipping journey. Cactus Canyon CanoesJunior canoe water tracked ride1982Cactus Canyon takes riders in mini canoes along a water-filled trough track, and through a teepee. Classic CarouselFairground model carouselDragon's DescentTurbo Drop tower ride (S&S)2001The tallest thrill ride currently in Maine, this fast rusher lets its riders take a brief bird's-eye view of southern Maine and the White Mountains region of neighboring New Hampshire—before plummeting down several times very fast! Excalibur Roller CoasterCCI wooden track roller coaster1998The Excalibur is Maine's first wooden roller coaster since 1948. Named for King Arthur's sword. Flying TrapezeYo-Yo flying swings ride1988The Flying Trapeze takes riders up high and around. Frog HopperJunior Tower Drop (S&S)2001This junior sized Tower Drop ride gently goes up a few feet, then slides slowly back down again. Grand Prix RacersIndividually driven go-karts (Johnson)1993The Grand Prix Racers are gas-powered go-karts that race along a winding paved track. An enforced limit of 2 trips per rider on this attraction is in place. HelicoptersJunior flying helicopter roundabout1972These mini copters go up-and-down by controlling the handlebars. Kiddie BoatsJunior sized motorboat roundabout1976This ride takes junior riders in small motorboats slowly around within a water-filled ring trough, with a mini lighthouse as its centerpiece. Kiddie Bumper BoatsJunior sized bumper ring boats1993A junior sized bumper boats ride for younger junior riders. Kiddie CarsAuto Umbrella junior roundabout (Hampton)1972A kiddy ride consisting of mini cars, trucks, buses and bikes. Kiddie SwingsJunior flying swings ride1972A small fry swings ride. Kiddie TrainJunior tracked mini train ride1987This junior train ride goes through a mini town. Merry-Go-RoundFairground model carousel1967The original Merry-Go-Round had its place near the Auto Umbrella and Sock-It-To-'Em bumper cars for many years, and was enjoyed by its many fans, who were sad to see it leave after the 2012 season (as part of the Mount Olympus Water Slides expansion); the Auto Umbrella was then moved closer to the Kiddie Swings and Kiddie Copters. Red Baron PlanesJunior biplane roundabout1976These biplanes look like mini replicas of warplanes, and go up-and-down by controlling the handlebars. Sea DragonPendulum swinging pirate ship (Chance Morgan)1987The Sea Dragon pirate ship ride swings its riders fore and aft. Sock-It-To-'Em Bumper CarsTraditional style bumper cars1975This is the ride that replaced the original outdoors Hydrobumpers ride (see below—Former Attractions). Familiar bumper cars inside a steel floored building with a central bumper median strip often bump-and-sock into each other. Tempest In The Tea CupsSpinning tea cups platform ride (Zamperla)1987Large tea cup cars (3 on each bull plate roundel) spin riders around inside a gazebo tea house. ThunderboltFlying Bobs (Chance Morgan)1988This ride has swinging shuttle podkarts that race forwards—then backwards while pop music is playing. Thunder FallsLog Flume water tracked ride (Hopkins)1984Thunder Falls is Maine's first log flume ride—race through Snake Canyon and Hopkins Rapids on the longest and tallest log flume ride in Maine. Tilt-A-WhirlTilt-A-Whirl waltzer platform ride (Sellner Manufacturing)1976A ride where its riders are inside domed tipkarts that are spinning very fast, while the platform races along an invisible inner track. Wild Mouse Roller CoasterWild Mouse steel compact family roller coaster (Maurer Söhne)2009The Wild Mouse is a steel compact coaster that winds its riders up-and-down through hairpin turns and fast drops. (Replaced the Galaxi Coaster which is now in Ecuador according to some staff at the park.)
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