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Fortnite has been one of the most explosive video games to hit the scene – ever. Since its release in 2017, the free-to-play game has had over 350 million users register. Over 78 million of those are active every month. So if you’re in need of Fortnite invitations for your kid’s (or your!) next party, color me unsurprised.

And Bright Color Mom has got you covered! Despite knowing very little about Fortnite in the beginning, I’ve done some deep research into the gameplay and lingo to provide you with some very awesome Fortnite birthday invitations (if I do say so myself).

I’ve completely fallen in love with all of the available Fortnite skins, so I’ve featured a lot of them in their own Fortnite birthday invites. And it’s taking everything in me to not dive right into playing this game 24/7 instead of working!

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Each of these Fortnite invitations is printable. If you’ve got a color printer and some goodcardstock, you can print them at home straight from your computer. Or you can send an image off to a printing service (like Mpix) for a very professional look. (Just keep in mind I do not own the images used in these Fortnite invitations and cannot give you a photo release if your printer refuses to process them!)

All of these are available as FREE Fortnite invitation downloads, and you can customize them with your party details (so you don’t have to fill them all out by hand)!

Downloadable Fortnite Invitations

I’ve got 7 overall designs for these printable Fortnite birthday invitations, but some of them have multiple versions for you to choose from. Some have blank fields so you can download instantly and fill them out by hand after printing (or in a graphics program like Canva). Others you can edit placeholder text to contain your party details details (a couple can even use a photo of your child as a skin!).

Drop In for My Birthday

drop in fortnite dance party emote invitation

This Fortnite invitation is one of the simpler ones I made, but it’s also the ONLY double-sided one! (And yes, you can print double-sided invitations from home, even without a double-sided printer – I tell you exactly how to do it after your download.)

The invitation wording on one side says “Get ready to DROP IN for my birthday!” with a silhouette of someone parachuting from the Battle Bus. The other side says “You are INVITED” inside the Fortnite silhouette logo, with “to [blank] party” (so you can write in your child’s name, like Michael’s). Then there’s a few silhouettes of various Fortnite dance moves, including flossing and dabbing. The bottom says “Join us for a Battle Royale” and has room for writing in the party details.

Birthday Battle Royale

fortnite blank battle royale birthday party invitation

This one-sided birthday invitation has a battle-ready promo image of some skins with weapons out and plenty of room to fill in your party details. The text at the top reads “Drop in and join us for a BIRTHDAY Battle Royale”

Drop In to Celebrate

orange fortnite party invitation

I really love this series of invitations! Each one features a set of different skins in a promo image for the top two thirds of the invitation, with all of the party details below. The wording just reads “Drop in to celebrate” so it can really be customized for any type of party. The one above is orange-and-gold-themed and features the skins Luxe, Hybrid, Master Key, Sidewinder, Blackheart, Peely, and Ember!

blue fortnite invitation

The blue version above is exactly the same, but features the skins The Ice King, Lynx, Sgt. Winter, Powder, Onesie, Trog, and Zenith.

purple fortnite party invitation

This purple version features the skins Calamity, Dire, Dusk, DJ Yonder, Fable, Nightshade, and Giddy Up!

fortnite pool party invitation aquaman

And finally, another blue invitation – but this one is specifically for a pool party! It features the Aquaman skin front and center, as well as Jules, Siona, Kit, Fade, Eternal Knight, Ocean, and Scuba Jonesy!

Battle Bus and Birthday Cake Bash

fortnite birthday invitation battle royale

This brightly colored Fortnite invitation includes the first anniversary/birthday promo image with a parade of cakes and a decked-out battle bus. It’s custom-made with a Battle Royale party theme.

Out in the Field

fortnite hop on the battle bus party invitation

The background of this invitation is just an open field from Fortnite, with four featured skins (two on each side) and the party info down the middle. The top says “Hop on board the battle bus!”

Your Favorite Fortnite Characters

This is a series of related Fortnite birthday invitations, all featuring a single skin with a matching color scheme. They can be downloaded and filled out instantly. The text at the top of each says “Let’s Celebrate! You’re invited to the Party Royale!”

You can get more than one design to send out a variety of invitations to your guests! (Maybe you know their fave skin and can send them an invitation featuring that one?)

fortnite party invitation featuring chomp sr

This blue invitation features Chomp Sr.

fortnite party invitation featuring creepy bear

Creepy Bear graces this pink and magenta invitation.

fortnite party invitation featuring beef boss

This orange invitation features Beef Boss of Durr Burger fame.

fortnite party invitation featuring tomatohead

Tomatohead is eager to invite your guests against a purple background!

fortnite party invitation featuring peely

This brown and yellow invitation features everyone’s favorite banana skin, Peely.

fortnite party invitation featuring bunny brawler

Bunny Brawler’s got sass in this blush invitation.

fortnite party invitation featuring guff

This golden and bronze invitation features the cuddly Guff.

Put Yourself in the Game

custom fortnite birthday invitation with photo in season 6 lobby

This is one of two options for fully-customized Fortnite invitations with photo! Not only can you put all of your party details right into the design, but you can also put your child (or adult! no judging) in the game lobby! Just take a head-to-toe photo against a plain background and remove the background. If you don’t have a photo that will work, you can always just put another skin in place instead. This one features the lobby from Fortnite Season 6.

custom fortnite birthday invitation with photo season 5 lobby

The second option features a warmer desert tone with the lobby from Fortnite Season 5. Notice the “Squads” and “Friend Link” details included – perfect for a party with best friends!

Free Printable Fortnite Party Invitation for All Occasions

blank fortnite invitation template

This free printable invitation is a little simpler than the ones above, but it can also be used for literally any kind of party! This is more like a Fortnite invitation template. If you’re having a house party, private concert, or just a Fortnite Battle Royale game night, this is the perfect party invitation.

This invitation has a game image from Marshmello’s epic Fortnite concert as well as the Battle Royale game tag in the middle. But the bottom is 100% blank so you can write in whatever info you need it to have. (And you’ll get a PNG image version of it, too, so you can add your wording digitally if you’re skilled in graphic design!)

Pre-Made Quick-and-Easy Fortnite Party Invitations

Even if you love some of the Fortnite invitations above, you might not have time to print and cut them all. Like, maybe your birthday party is this weekend and you’ve been procrastinating till now. That’s okay! Amazon has some great pre-made Fortnite birthday invitations – and they have free one-day shipping for Prime members (depending on how early in the day you order).

If you don’t have a Prime membership yet, well frankly, I think you’re bananas. I’ve had one for almost 15 years running with zero regrets! You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime and take advantage of the free one-day shipping, even if you don’t pay for a subscription!

That’s it! You’ve got a huge variety of Fortnite invitations to choose from, whether you’re having a birthday party or just a fun get-together.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


FREE Printable Fortnite Birthday Party Invitation

Are you having a Fortnite themed party? Then grab this free printable Fortnite birthday invitation for your upcoming party. This invitation has has various characters all grouped together with confetti falling around them. This invitation says “Let’s Celebrate. You’re invited to the Party Royale”.  This invitation comes in two easy to use formats to give you flexible options for spreading the word to you family, friends and fellow gamers. You can choose from PDF and JPEG formats for printing this free Fortnite invite.

JPEG Fortnite Printable Invitation

The JPEG option is the simplest way to go. Just open the Fortnite invitation Jpeg file, print it, and write in your party details. You can personalize the details for each guest or grab some colored markers and add write in the details in fun and creative ways! This Fortnite themed invitation measures 5 x 7 inches.

FREE Printable Fortnite Birthday Invitation

PDF Fortnite Printable Invitation – Easy Type and Print Option!

Much like JPEG invitation, you can simply print your free Fortnite invitation and then fill in your info with a pen or marker. If you want to save time and only write your party details once, use the easy type and print option in the PDF. There are a number of editable areas to type in the birthday recipient, time of party, party location and RSVP info. The free Fortnite PDF printable will print two invitations to a sheet at 5 x 7 inches. You can download your free Fortnite cartoon birthday invitation below!

What paper is best for Fortnite invitations?

If you want to make your Fortnite invitation incredibly strong, I recommend using a white cardstock paper. Cardstock will make your invitations feel like they came from a store. To save more money, you can try a multipurpose printer paper. It is easy to use and cut. I have used both and both fit in envelopes nicely. I mostly use multipurpose paper for things like this Fortnite invitation that I need to print a lot of.

What can I use to cut my Fortnite invitations?

Scissors make it easy. With lots of free printables to cut, a paper cutter comes in handy! You’ll have them all cut in a few minutes. It is also helpful because you can cut more than one piece of paper at a time. I have also cut them with a ruler and X-acto knife. It gives you perfect edges but takes a very long time when you have a lot of invites. I have a couple different paper cutters for all my free printables :)

Don’t forget Fortnite party supplies!

To complete your Fortnite party, check out these fun Fortnite themed gifts!  Also grab some plates, cups, napkins, party favors etc in your favorite colors. These inexpensive items will help complete your Fortnite birthday party theme.

  1. Rc airplane starter
  2. 13 mm socket
  3. 2002 tacoma fenders
  4. Hulk pokemon card

[+163] Free FORTNITE birthday invitations for edit, customize, print or send via Whatsapp

Fortnite virtual party invitation // Fortnite virtual birthday invitation:
If quarantine or social confinement has been declared in your country, we recommend organizing a Virtual Party so that our children can feel accompanied at this special moment. Our Fortnite editable invitations are perfect to invite family or friends organizing a Virtual birthday party by Zoom video call, Whatsapp, Telegram or Skype!!
You can also invite everyone to send a video message or sing the Happy Birthday song!!


We present the new Fortnite Free Birthday Invitations: There are 163 models of Fortnite birthday cards to edit and print.

With the editable birthday cards you can customize the whole text or personalize the data of the birthday party, also have excellent image quality to print, download PDF or send and share by Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook or email to all your guests.

With our Online Invitation Maker and ours 163 Fortnite invitation templates it's very easy and simple. The invitations templates have blank fields to fill and edit for create your personalized birthday card (printable digital templates, blank cards and invitations to edit online).


How do you use our editable online invitations?

1) Select the Unicorn card you like the most.
2) Fill in the form with the texts and real data of the birthday.
You have two options: "Simple Text Editing" or "Full Text Editing", whith the last one you can write the text completely freely. You can also modify the color of the texts!
3) By clicking on the "Preview Invitation" button you can check that all the data is correct. You can modify and correct the texts as many times as you want.
4) To finish, click on the button "Generate Birthday Card".
5) READY, invitation finished!

Then a template with your personalized birthday cards will be displayed. This template is ready for:

• Be printed on an A4 sheet (You can print as many invitations as you want on a home printer or laser printer).
• Send the personalized invitation via Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook or e-mailNEW!
• Save the invitation template in PDF (This allows you to take the PDF file to a color laser printing center and print the invitation cards with the best quality. We recommend you to use opaline paper, mate illustration paper or glossy paper (approx 200gr.))

The free Fortnite invitations are FREE with all Seasons characters, dance, logo and more!

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