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Local health officials are warning they've seen an increase in bite marks from wild animals that can spread a potentially fatal virus to humans or pets.

As outdoor activity increases with the warm weather, the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community (DBCH) reminded Hudson Valley residents on Monday to be cautious and avoid interaction with wildlife, as many animals carry rabies.

Officials add the warm weather increases the risk of being exposed to rabies.

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If left untreated, rabies is fatal in animals and humans, officials say. Dutchess County health officials report a slight increase in bite reports in 2021, compared to 2020.

Rabies is a viral infection that affects the nervous system of mammals and is most often seen in bats, raccoons, foxes, and skunks. The virus is spread through the saliva and nervous tissue of rabid animals. People and animals are usually exposed to rabies through a bite from an infected animal. Exposure can occur if the saliva or nervous tissue of a rabid animal enters an open wound or mucous membrane (such as the eyes, nose, or mouth).

Residents who see an animal acting strangely, and no humans or pets have come in contact with it, are advised to contact their local police agency. If a person has been bitten, or a domestic pet or livestock is bitten or is in contact with any animal acting wildly, contact health officials immediately.

Bats, in particular, are concern when they make their way into homes. While bats are gentle and not aggressive, a small percentage of bats may be infected with rabies. Due to their small size, bats can easily squeeze into very small gaps (1/2 inch), such as in between the upper and lower window sashes, roof eaves, attic fans and vent openings. When a bat is found inside a building, it must be determined if there has been a potential exposure to pets or people. Since the small teeth of a bat can make a bat bite difficult to detect, the presence of a bat in a room with a sleeping person, unattended child, or an intoxicated or mentally compromised person is considered a possible exposure to rabies.

Risk of exposure can be greatly reduced, and rabies can be prevented following these guidelines:

  • Avoid contact with wild animals such as raccoons, foxes, skunks, woodchucks/groundhogs, and bats.
  • Do not approach or handle domestic animals that you do not know, including stray dogs and cats.
  • Do not attempt to handle or capture sick or orphaned wildlife.
  • Keep home and yard free of food and other debris that may attract wild animals.
  • Secure and seal all window unit air conditioners to ensure no gaps exist on the sides and bottom of the unit for bats to crawl through. Seal the space between the upper and lower window sashes with foam, fabric, or other suitable material.
  • Be sure all windows and doors have secure and intact screens to keep bats from entering.
  • Make sure chimney dampers are closed when not in use. Seal all unused openings from the house into the chimney so bats cannot enter.
  • Keep access points to attics, garages, and basements closed and secure.
  • Keep garage door closed when possible.

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Licks Cycles Custom Hand Pinstriped Biltwell Motorcycle Helmets.

Published by Cyril HuzeFebruary 10th, 2010in Accessories, Customs, Editorial and Painters.

CyrilHuzeHandpinnedhelmetsThe helmets are from Biltwell. The custom pinstriping or leafing (silver or gold) is hand drawn by some of the best in the business selected by Licks Cycles. They fit the Kustom Kulture lifestyle and you should own at least a couple for yourself and your gal and another couple to decorate your bachelor pad. Warning: make all your friends very envious and they can be tempted to “borrow” one of yours. None is the same and for a little more green custom orders will be accepted if you are looking to a perfect match to your bike colors…and pinstripes.The helmets in stock range from $199 to $249 depending if they are standard pinstriping or leaf finished. Buy yours online today at Licks Cycles.

NEW!! Licks NovDot - 3/4 open face helmet

Pay attention the next time your pet is approached by an unfamiliar person. Does he lick his lips? 

Dogs lick for a wide variety of reasons, including communication, and licking is usually a normal behavior for them. Dogs love to explore with their mouths and tongues. However, if any licking behavior becomes persistent or excessive, it may be the sign of a medical or a behavioral disorder. 

The following article will explore the reasons behind why dogs lick things in general and, more specifically, why dogs lick their lips. 

Why Do Dogs Lick So Much? 

Dog licking woman on the face

Dogs are first introduced to licking behavior by their mothers. As soon as puppies are born, their mothers must lick them to stimulate them to urinate and defecate, as well as to groom them. Dogs learn this behavior and will lick each other or their humans as part of normal social interactions. Licking can also be soothing to dogs. 

Unlike humans, dogs do not have hands that they can use to touch, feel, and explore the world. Instead, dogs use their noses as well as their tongues to explore and learn more about their environments. 

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and if something smells good or pungent, including smells we find disgusting, it will often prompt a dog to lick that object. Your dog may lick your feet because they are stinky. Dogs may also lick things because they taste good to them, such as another dog’s mouth after they’ve recently eaten. 

For some dogs, licking can be an attention-seeking behavior that we unknowingly reinforce. Dogs are very in tune with their owners. If you gave your puppy attention every time he gave you kisses because it was adorable (who can resist puppy breath?), he learned to continue this behavior into adulthood in order to receive attention. 

But not all licking behavior is for attention or a normal part of exploration. A common reason that may cause a dog to excessively lick himself is allergies. Allergies cause a dog to feel itchy and he will excessively groom to try to alleviate the itch. Dogs may also lick their lips or objects obsessively if they are nervous, stressed, or bored. 

Reasons Dogs Lick Their Lips 

anxious dog licking his lips

Dogs often lick their lips as part of a normal communication with a strange dog or a human to let them know that they are not a threat to the stranger and to receive feedback that the stranger is also not a threat to the dog (1). 

Besides licking their lips as part of normal communication and greeting others, dogs also lick their lips for the following reasons: 


When dogs feel hungry or they smell something delicious, like hamburgers on the grill, they will lick their lips. 

After Eating 

After finishing a meal—when there is still food in his mouth or on his lips—you might notice your dog licking his lips more than normal. 

Fear, Anxiety, or Stress 

When dogs feel threatened or uncomfortable, they will lick their lips. Studies showed that when a dog experienced aggressive behavior from another dog, he would lip his licks. This, in turn, would decrease that aggressive behavior in the aggressor dog (2). Dogs too will display lip licking towards humans when they are scared or uncomfortable, in the hopes that the human will not become aggressive towards them. 

Dogs may also lick their lips when you pet them as a signal that they are nervous or stressed by the behavior. Other dog body language signs of fear, anxiety, and stress include avoiding direct eye contact, a tense body posture, crouching down, pinned ears and a tucked tail. If you see any of these body language signs in a dog, it’s best to stop the behavior, give him some space, avert your eyes, and let him come to you. 

Ongoing anxiety can also lead to chronic behaviors such as lip licking. Anxiety behaviors can be reduced by giving your dog adequate exercise, providing him with interactive toys, ignoring anxious behaviors, and rewarding calm behaviors. Your veterinarian can help diagnose anxiety in your dog and may prescribe anxiety medications if the issue is severe. 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Yes, dogs can develop OCD just like people can, and excessive lip licking can be a symptom. OCD behaviors will typically first occur at or around the age of adolescence. Dogs with OCD will not usually stop when asked to stop the behavior and will do it even when their owners are not around. If you are concerned that your dog has OCD he should be evaluated by a veterinarian, who may then refer him to a veterinary behaviorist, as this can be a difficult condition to treat. 


Similarly to humans, when dogs feel nauseous they will start to produce excess saliva and this in turn will cause them to lick their lips. Other clues that can tell you nausea is the reason for lip licking are loss of appetite, eating grass, or vomiting. If these symptoms are severe or last longer than a day or so, you should take your dog to see his veterinarian. 

Any disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract including inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, food allergies, pancreatitis and intestinal cancers can cause a dog to lick his lips. 

Dental or Oral Issues

Dog lip licking may be due to an issue inside of the mouth. Periodontal disease, an inflammatory condition of the gums and the tissues supporting the teeth, is present in some form in most adult dogs. As dogs age, if they do not receive regular oral care, this disease may progress and lead to pain, infection, and tooth loss. This will often lead to lip licking when the disease is advanced. 

Tumors in the mouth and foreign objects stuck in the mouth may also lead to lip licking. If you notice lip licking suddenly in your dog, make sure you take a good look in his mouth and take him to the vet if the behavior continues and is frequent.


Partial or focal seizures in dogs are seizures that only affect a portion of the brain and may only cause subtle symptoms such as lip licking. If your dog suddenly develops lip licking, especially if your dog acts strange before and/or after the behavior begins, this may be a symptom of seizures and your dog should be taken to see a vet as soon as possible. 

Cognitive Dysfunction 

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) is a disorder similar to dementia in humans and may cause a dog to lick its lips. It occurs in old and geriatric dogs and is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning your veterinarian will diagnose this condition only when other causes of lip licking are excluded. Other symptoms of CDS include house soiling, change in sleep-wake cycles, pacing, vocalization and confusion. 

Why Do Dogs Smack Their Lips? 

While lip smacking may be a bit louder and more annoying than lip licking, the causes of lip licking and lip smacking are not usually very different. 

If a dog were to have severe mouth pain or something else really disturbing happening, the response may be more exaggerated and lead to lip smacking instead of lip licking.

Excessive Lip Licking In Dogs 

dog on deck licking lips

Occasional lip licking can be normal dog behavior. But a dog’s licking is considered excessive if it interrupts you or your dog’s day-to-day routine or quality of life. 

If your dog licks his lips without stopping for longer than a minute at a time, this would be considered excessive. If the lick lipping wakes you or him up in the middle of the night, the behavior is excessive. 

You should not scold or punish your dog when he licks his lips. Punishment can increase anxiety and it gives the dog attention, so it can inadvertently reinforce the behavior.

If you think your dog’s lip licking is due to a behavioral issue and not due to a medical issue, you can try some things at home to help decrease or eliminate the behavior. You can try distracting your dog with a food-filled toy when you see the behavior. You can also ignore the behavior by looking away or leaving the room when the behavior occurs. Getting your dog enough exercise may also help control lip-licking behavior.

If the behavior occurs despite trying the above suggestions, it’s time to take your pup to his veterinarian. 

When To Be Concerned About Dog Lip Licking

Excessive lip licking often has a medical cause. You should take your dog to the vet if excessive lip licking occurs suddenly and there is no apparent cause for the behavior. This is especially important if your pet is older or you notice any other abnormal symptoms such as a change in appetite, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, or weight loss. 

Before taking your dog to see a veterinarian, it is very helpful to take several videos recording the abnormal behavior. This can help your veterinarian tremendously in reaching a diagnosis. 

During a veterinary appointment, the doctor will do a thorough neurological examination, and blood, urine, and fecal tests should be performed. If the tests do not show any abnormalities, the problem is likely due to a behavioral disorder and your veterinarian may recommend working with a behaviorist or trainer. 


Closed licks cycles

Art Licks

The COVID-19 / coronavirus global pandemic has affected all forms of artistic practice, from live art and socially engaged approaches to object making and display. It has challenged both the practicalities of producing work, with many studios, workshops and materials suppliers closed, and how audiences encounter art, with physical distancing measures making accessing exhibitions and public events difficult, expensive, or impossible.

Artquest’s New Lockdown research in July 2020 on reopening behaviour in the arts showed that 19.4% of spaces surveyed felt it was unsafe to reopen and further 14.6% felt that audiences would not return.

Even with the promise of multiple vaccines now taking shape, questions persist. In the short term it is becoming clearer that cycles of regional opening and closing will last. A vaccine still has to be delivered and rolled out by the NHS, with estimates ranging from Easter to summer 2021. Many freelancers in the visual arts – including most artists, technicians, fabricators and many tutors and administrators – face a return to unsatisfactory pre-pandemic work and pay conditions after a period of decimated income, with some anecdotally leaving London. We must urgently find new approaches in the arts to continue to make work, show work, find work and network for our barely imaginable futures.

These solutions cannot all be digital. Internet access and device ownership tends to favour audiences and artists from higher socio-economic backgrounds, extending and entrenching inequality into the arts. Artworks will always need to be physically present with an audience in some form or another, even as growing numbers can be presented online too. The art world is also social, with many artists asking Artquest about opportunities for networking throughout the first lockdown. How can people come together when they have to stay apart?

While this challenges artists to find new ongoing ways of working and showcasing work that are resilient and responsive to changing public health regulations, it’s important that any adaptations to these circumstances do not compromise their practice or audiences’ experience of it.

In this context, Adaptations will support experimental solutions-in-development and publish learning about artists experience via Artquest. As all bets are off, we welcome applications that may have a kernel of an idea that needs some testing, as well as artists from under-represented groups in the arts, including on the basis of gender, sexuality, disability, ethnic origin, experience of migration, socio-economic background, and maternity / paternity.

Deadline for Applications: 10am Monday 18 January 2021

Project period: 1 March – 4 June 2021

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Lick's Cycles NovDot 3/4 Helmet

Licks Cycles

Licks Cycles

466 Horrigan Rd, North Adams (MA), 01247, United States

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(413) 663-9050


Motorcycle Dealership

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About Bringing you the highest quality motorcycle parts, accessories, & apparel since 2002. We specialize in Harley-Davidson, Indian, and british motorcycles.
Licks Cycles cover
Description Lick's Cycles, Anything But Ordinary!
Lick's is a 4 man, family run motorcycle shop located in brutal Western Massachusetts. We specialize in providing you strong, functional, performance driven parts/accessories for Sportster, FXR, Dyna, Softail, Indian, and British motorcycles. For example, the Licks Solo Bags, tons of handlebar styles, performance suspension, our NOVDOT 3/4 helmet (Slimmest, safest, & lightest DOT 3/4 on the market), apparel, and much more! We also pride ourselves on including other interests related with our crew, such as pistol holsters, vests, riding gear, and oddly enough, old school striped tube socks! We look forward to helping you set yourself apart from others, & keeping your machines running at the front of the pack.
​Please check back with us often as we are continually adding great new products the website. Big thanks to our continuous supporters, -Licks Crew

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