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PastBook Brings Its Collaborative Photo Book Maker To iPhone

There are a number of tools to build photo books from your phone today – including apps like Shutterfly, Mosaic, Printic and others, but today Dutch company PastBook is now joining the fray, bringing its online, collaborative photo book maker to the iPhone.

While the majority of photo book making utilities share a similar feature set – you select photos from your local gallery or social networks, customize the order or layout in some cases, then checkout to place your order, PastBook offers a couple of differentiated options with its service.

photo 1For starters, in addition to adding photos from your iPhone’s Camera Roll or Facebook – or, in the web version, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, OneDrive, Evernote and Box (whew!) – you can also invite your friends and family to add photos to an album, too, by sharing a private link via text message, email, QR code, Facebook or Twitter.

After building the album, you also have the choice to share it privately via a link, or even download the album as an e-book version (in PDF format). That’s an interesting option for those who sometimes just want a more casually produced album – something for a school project perhaps, or a small gift for a friend, printed at home.

However, the company generates revenue by offering a professionally printed photo album, starting at $19 for a 24-page book, which is reasonable – especially considering the price includes free worldwide shipping. Another thing you don’t often see available from smaller startups is the ability to print large books – but PastBook lets you print up to 500 pages (1000 photos) for $92.

As for the iPhone app itself…well…it’s decent. The design is modern and minimalist, though sometimes maybe the font is just a bit too small and light to be easily viewed on the iPhone’s small screen. It’s easy enough to use, letting you quickly rotate photos, delete them, or set different photos as the cover, for example.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.34.50 AM

Still, a lot of times, when making even these small changes, the app would be “processing” that input for several seconds – far too long when on mobile to call it a speedy experience. In addition, when adding the photos into the album initially, you’re forced to sit and wait as the photos are uploaded instead of being able to jump right in and start working with your book, which is a bit tedious.

To buy books, you’re forced to checkout with PayPal (via the browser) which is not as easy as an in-app purchase, or simply entering in your credit card information.

photo 3And finally, you also can’t really customize the books by selecting themes or organizing the photos in various ways across the pages. Of course, on the flip side, this has the benefit of making the process of book-building much faster.

So PastBook still has a way to go to catch up with some of its stronger, more mature competition, but its pricing and free shipping may tempt you to give it a shot.

The company raised a small amount of seed funding after losing a co-founder last year, so even getting to this point is a notable milestone for the startup.

The new PastBook iPhone app is here.


Not bad; happy I did it.

It took me a while to figure 1) how many actual pages of photos would be the maximum, 2) how to set one of them as the front cover. One page, for some reason, cut off a bit from the top of the picture. Otherwise, the process was pretty straightforward. The resulting product seems well-bound and attractive. Personally, I would like to have the option of having some of my selections done in smaller sizes (two or three to a page).

My PastBook was a journey down memory…

My PastBook was a journey down memory lane. I loved seeing the pictures and remembering what fun our family had on our vacations. Seeing all the dogs and cats in our lives, (I could remember most of their names). My Mother kept our yard full of beautiful flowers. My Dad, in his beekeeper's suit, working in his bees. Many of the good memories that we all had together are in the pictures in my PastBook.

Love it

Love it, was wondering how I could save all my facebook pictures, this is perfect, will be ordering another one soon!

Best memory book ever!!!

Love, love, love my PastBook. Great job, and great customer service replacing it because of the wrinkled page. This is my third past book, and I could not love them more. Thanks so much!

Beautiful beyond expectations.

I was quite surprised when mine arrived, it was beyond my expectations. The glossy paper used is of highest quality. The printing is perfect. I only wish I had spent more time picking my cover picture. This is a keeper, and is on my coffee table for all to enjoy. BTW. Mine is quite heavy... This book is made to last a long time.

This calendar was wonderful

This calendar was wonderful! It included pictures of just about all my family members all through-out the year and the many special times we spent together. It is wonderful to sit and look at all the pictures they selected - how did they know so many were my very favorites! I look forward to turning the pages each month to see these happy faces over and over again.

Love the calendars

Love the calendars, but some of the pictures are so small, they're distorted and don't look right. Wish you had used fewer pictures on each month and made them look nice. Other than that, they're good.

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Reviews PastBook

PastBook is one of the leading company that specializes in providing its customer with an easy way to publish their books. Stefano Cutello founded PastBook in 2011, and their headquarter is based in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. They use the smart technology combined with a bit of magic, and their customer’s photos are automatically prepared in a beautiful photo book within just a few seconds.
Products and services of PastBook: They are the prominent company which collects all their customer’s memories in one safe place, detached from a social network which provides them with a unique experience to easily relive and share online through a tablet or offline through a pdf or a printed book. Their algorithm automatically highlights their customer’s memories based on their vibrancy to keep them chronologically organized. PastBook will let their customer to create and customize books for any occasion easily that they can send to friends in just one click. They enable the customer to collect photos from social media and develop personalized albums that can be printed. Their mission is to help customer relive and preserve their memories in the most natural way possible by publishing them in beautiful PastBook photo books. They are providing free worldwide shipping on all orders. PastBook gives high privacy and safety, which only allow their customer who determines who can the content on their photo books. They work hard and continually generating the best solution to deliver high-quality products every day.
Complains and feedbacks of PastBook: Feedbacks is vital for the corporation to sustain its product services. Read honest reviews of pastBook here.

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How to Create a FB Yearbook Photo Book | HOW TO PastBook

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This is a printing service. They do a good job of printing but a poor job of editing. It is all up to the user. You are paying for a service that you are the one responsible for the product. It is hard to believe PASTBOOK does not review or make recommendations to improve your pastbook. Duplicate photos, poorly positions photos are some of the issues. PASTBOOK only stands by it's printing, the book layout is all you. Buyer beware.

By: Brian Sullivan28-06-2021


Liked the idea of the book...however...tried three times to get rid of duplicate pictures...thought I had finally before placing order... ..however, book has approx. 20%...or more..duplicates. quality is ok...not great. Wouldn't order again.

By: L. Mayberry18-05-2021


They ripped me off. I paid $2 extra for "MY PASTBOOK" NOT to appear on the cover, it did, & they refused to correct the error.

By: Jim Cahalan14-02-2021

2 pastbook albums

I have ordered and paid for 2 past books, but only one has arrived. It’s been several weeks since I received the first one. I’ve asked for a status of the second one, no replies. I’ve send another email, then another. I used also contact on their website, zero response, as well as their Facebook and Instagram page, no response what so ever. I’ve aksed then for a refund, but didn’t get any response either. Now I don’t have the product I have order, nor I have 70 Euros I paid. And customer service aweful, they ignored all my requests! I will never ever recommend it to anyone!

By: Vesna27-01-2021


The book is adequate but the company is untrustworthy They claimed I ordered two books, but show no proof I can imagine they sent some update, add-on, or delivery progress email which I clicked on and they recorded as a sale That is phishing Even more egregious is they promised to refund me so requested I cancel my dispute with Amex They never refunded and have been unresponsive to my emails Avoid like the plague

By: Robert Glassman22-01-2021


Ordered and paid for but not shipped or delivered.


hard copy pastbook

Fantastic, very high quality print, including comments for each photo. My book covered around 8 years photos and so saved me creating a print album because most of us never revisit computer images. Delivery well on time - would totally recommend based on my experience.

By: Bryn and Bronya Williams12-01-2021

Pastbook photo book

spent almost $100 on photo book. when arrived, the photos were so dark you couldn't see the subjects. I know the actual photos are not this dark. I took them. This is a processing problem. when I complained I was asked to send photos of the photos in the book. I sent them. Nothing. when I complained again, I was asked to send photos of the photos again. THIS IS ABSURD. I either want the book done again with proper exposure or I want my money back. Bad product, obstructive help services. don't waste your money onthis.

By: Dr. christina Johns09-01-2021

memory book

This arrived today....and after a year of COVID 19 pain and anxiety this was the best gift ever!!!!
Filled with photos of our trips around the world, the 11 grandchildren and 2 super nephews.....
Being isolated for 10 months away from family and friends....this was the best day all year!!

By: Pat 04-01-2021

Photo book

I ordered a photo book. No confirmation email, but my credit card was charged. Right after that charge, I had someone hack my account charging multiple things. I contacted past book to cancel my order and they would not. I doubt I will even get a book and money was stolen from me because their scam website is not secure.

By: Thalia31-12-2020

Hardback Pastbook for Facebook

I ordered a book on December 18th. Today is December 26th. I'm not upset that I haven't received it but I am upset that they was Drew the money in my account and I never received a confirmation to my email.

By: Richard Buttacavoli27-12-2020


I am extremely satisfied with the entire experience. I am blown away by the incredible quality of the book. There's no question I will indeed be ordering more of them.

By: Doug Meekins 24-11-2020


My book was two days later than it said it would be but considering it said the pandemic might have an impact on arrival, I was very pleased. Ordering was great and pricing not outrageous. The book is awesome and has a great variety of photos over the time frame. I would definitely buy again.

By: Susan Campbell07-10-2020

Hard cover photobook

Extremely long wait for delivery. They cropped all my photos and cut off most important parts. Blurred out sides if photo didn’t fit page they need a format to fully print iPhone pictures. Paid. $45. Not worth it. Also customer services still hasn’t called or returned email Do not use them

By: John Work12-06-2020

Small photo book

I received my passbook today and was quite pleased. It had all the pictures I chose including the cover photo. I had no duplicates and no blurry pictures. My only complaint is that some of the pictures were darker than they were on Facebook. It took way too long to receive my past book however. I was promised a quicker delivery date. I think it came from the Netherlands. Overall I feel it was worth the money!

By: Judy Wieringa05-06-2020



By: Veeresh03-06-2020


Delivery time and quality of pages were satisfactory. However the color quality of the pictures was NOT satisfactory.They were washed out - over exposed! I have done photo books on Apple so I know what the color quality should be like and this was far from satisfactory plus Apple books are less money. I did this FB offer only out of convenience. My other complaint is that a number of pictures were taken out of my photo storage (from my phone) and used without my knowledge or permission. This is my personal property and out of bounds for public viewing! I would not use this company again.

By: Janette Anderson02-06-2020

Best of Facebook 2010-2019

Liked the format, hard cover, fact that it included the dates of pictures and my comments about each pic. But a lot of the pics were dark and quite a few were blurry. Not sure I got my moneys worth.

By: Connie McMillan26-05-2020

Past Book purchased in march 2020 ,not received


By: Lion Madhusudan vaishnav04-05-2020


Positive, the way it was bound.

Negative - The front page is not the picture I wahted.
Some of the pictures were cut and the heads are off the picture. Too many pictures were repeated and a waste of page. Some of the pictures, the colors are not sharp and are too small.

It is too expensive for what I got.

By: Amabelle Estante01-05-2020

TOP 10 BEST Budget Photo Books under $20

PastBook Reviews

Pastbook logo
Editor's Rating


  • Straightforward iOS apps
  • Perfect social media import
  • Contribution option (desktop app)
  • Books with up to 500 pages
  • Photo book builder chatbot
  • Free shipping for hard cover copies


  • Limited customization options
  • Expensive base pricing
  • Undisclosed discounts

Whether it’s a famous landmark, a dinner in a nice restaurant or just a selfie, many people are composing pictures with full intention for them to be uploaded to social media profiles. The thrill of sharing our best photos on the internet and having others appreciate them is an awesome feeling, but this sensation might be beaten by putting them into a photo book and sharing the resulting product – it’s much more stylish, and is bound to be an instant hit.

But there’s more to it than that since many photo book companies have realized the potential in offerings for customers who don’t want to spend too much time customizing a photo book, so instead of providing virtually endless layouts, backgrounds and such they rather focus on simplifying things for more innovative options. And PastBook is one such company.

With PastBook’s online editor, its three iOS apps or brilliant chatbot it is possible to create a neat photo book of up to 500 pages in only seconds from any source, including your Facebook or Instagram photos alongside their respective captions. And to top it all, PastBook continuously applies different discounts on all orders and provides free shipping just by upgrading your book with a hard cover or ordering a bigger copy.


Although PastBook’s editor perfectly adapts to mobile screens, it only allows for the creation and preview of photo books, meaning that further editing can only be done in the browser editor on a desktop or within the iPhone or iPad app.

PastBook DesktopPastBook Mobile

Introduction to the Desktop Editor

Introduction to the Mobile Version

Browser Editor

The browser editor is optimized for those customers who prefer not spending too much time with customizing their photo books, which sadly means that regular customization options within the editor are very limited.

The prime example of this limitedness is customization of the cover: here just a title can be added and only slight modifications to the front picture are allowed, either through cropping or rotation. Editing the pictures within the book is not much better, either, since these are also limited to only rotation or cropping (in either a rectangular and circular shape); however, keep in mind that once the photos are added to the book, editing options are limited even further to just rotation.

Thankfully there are some neat and innovative features implemented as well, including the option to use PastBot, PastBook’s Facebook Messenger chatbot that can automatically create photo books just by sharing pictures with it. Alternatively there is the opportunity for the complete opposite end of the scale, where your photo book can be designed by a professional for at least $149 per book.

Initial SetupCoverPastBot

Setting up Title and Introductory Text

Initial Setup Before Editing

Customizing the Cover

Customizing the Cover

The Photo Book Creator Chatbot

The Pastbot Automated Photo Book Builder

However, if you prefer the traditional approach then the editor is more than enough – and not just because it will import photos from a vast array of photo sources, ranging from your device’s storage to any number of social media accounts. In fact, connecting Facebook and Instagram to the editor is when PastBook shows its true strengths, allowing for the importing of all photos alongside their respective captions within a predetermined period of time.

In the case of Instagram it’s possible to filter pictures by hashtag, while Facebook photo books can be created from photos found in certain albums, groups or pages. Additionally, PastBook allows for the creation of the so-called Friendship Book, which compiles pictures that feature yourself and a chosen friend. In this regard PastBook can also create a link to your project that can then be shared with someone else as an invitation to contribute to the photo book with their own pictures.

Whether you import pictures or receive them from a friend via the contribution option, pictures are automatically arranged in chronological order that can either be reversed or fully customized to your liking. The photo layout can also be changed in different ways as the pages can allow between one to four photos per page, while the software is even capable of determining the best number of photos on each page for you.

Photo UploadInstagram BookContributionArrangement and Layout

Photo Upload Options

Uploading Photos From Various Sources

Filtering Posts for Instagram Photo Book

Setting up an Instagram Photo Book

Inviting a Contributor

Contribution Option in the Editor

Customizing Photo Arrangement and Layout

Layout and Arrangement Options

The iOS Apps

Interestingly, there are three iOS apps provided by PastBook: an app for importing Facebook photos, another that does the same but for Instagram pictures, and the My Year app that imports all photos with their respective captions within the period of a predetermined year from Facebook or Instagram. But no matter which app you choose they all apply the same straightforward principle: after logging in to your account and syncing with the chosen social media site, the photo book creation process is started right away.

However, the Facebook and Instagram apps – unlike the My Year app – allow you to determine the year, months or custom period of time that pictures should be imported from. The My Year app does have a neat dialog box in which you can rate the selected year with a happy or sad emoji, though.

The AppsDetermining Time PeriodEditingRating

The Three PastBook Apps

The Three PastBook iOS Apps

Selecting Year and Month in the Facebook App

Editing a Book in the App

Editing in One of the Apps

Rating the Year in the My Year App

Rating the Year in PastBook My Year App

Unfortunately, these apps are far from perfect. The screen has to be positioned in landscape mode in order be able to toggle captions on or off, delete certain pictures and modify the cover. This is already annoying in itself, but the real reason it destroys the user experience is the fact that any project being worked on is not saved unless the photo book is ordered.


Even though PastBook’s website shows plenty of ‘styles’, these are nothing more than pictures highlighting what the editor is capable of. The truth is that due to the company catering primarily to social media users – who prefer not to spend too much time with additional settings – the number of custom design options is pretty low.

In fact, the only artistic freedom you have over the cover, the layout of the photos and the option to include photo captions is the opportunity to change the color of the page backgrounds. Additionally, a blank page can be added with a custom quote to the beginning of the book, the default back cover can be replaced with a photo, or the PastBook logo can be removed, but these options are all paid extras.

By default one page features one picture with a blurred copy of this applied photo serving as the background. This can be replaced by 16 preset backgrounds, some of which are simple colors while others have patterns and textures.


Importing Captions From Social Media

Importing Captions to the Book

Changing the Background of Pages

Choosing a Background in PastBook

The Available Extras

Extra Design Elements


There is not too big a variety when it comes to the available photo book types with this service, either. All photo books are created in the default 6×8.5 landscape format with soft cover, which can only be changed during checkout where the software then offers the option to upgrade the would-be photo book with a hard cover or to the bigger 8.5×12 size.

There are some things to note, however. There must be a minimum of 26 pages for the option of upgrading to a hard cover to be made available. The sole exception is a book containing the maximum amount of 500 pages, which can only be paired with a soft cover and is available in two sizes, 6×8.5 or 6.6×9.

Photo Book Types Available for PastBook

It’s worth mentioning that PastBook provides a free eBook copy of each photo book you order with the option to ditch the printed copy altogether; in this case the eBook has a cost of $4.99.


PastBook promises a transparent pricing policy to its customers, meaning that – with the exception of shipping fees – everything is included in the price. Despite this courteous statement, we still think that the $20.40 price tag for the smallest book with a non-changeable soft cover and only 16 pages is a bit overpriced. Keep in mind that prices are always fixed to predetermined numbers of pages even if you manage to include fewer than specified.

  • 6×8.5 and 8.5×12
  • Soft cover
  • +$5 size upgrade
  • +$3.5 personal quote
  • +$3.5 back cover photo
  • +$2 logo removal
  • +$9.99 domestic shipping
  • 6×8.5 and 8.5×12
  • Soft/hard cover
  • +$25 size upgrade
  • +$3.5 personal quote
  • +$3.5 back cover photo
  • +$2 logo removal
  • Free shipping (hard cover)
  • +$10 cover upgrade
  • 6×8.5 and 8.5×12
  • Hard cover
  • +$15 size upgrade
  • +$3.5 personal quote
  • +$3.5 back cover photo
  • +$2 logo removal
  • Default free shipping
  • 6×8.5 and 8.5×12
  • Hard cover
  • +$15 size upgrade
  • +$3.5 personal quote
  • +$3.5 back cover photo
  • +$2 logo removal
  • Default free shipping
  • 6×8.5 and 6.6×9
  • Soft cover
  • +$15 size upgrade
  • +$3.5 personal quote
  • +$3.5 back cover photo
  • +$2 logo removal
  • +$9.99 domestic shipping

Thankfully there are plenty of discount options. First and foremost, if a product is ordered within two hours of creating a project, the price is reduced by 35%. But even if you don’t hit that two hour deadline PastBook will still cut your total when ordering your photo book in bulk, starting at 25% and gradually increasing up to 40%. To make things better, upgrade options are available with a 50% discount, while the hard cover book is shipped within the U.S. without paying extra.

In addition to this PastBook provides gift vouchers in the amounts of $25, $40 and $50, a referral promotion in which participants can save 35% and 40% respectively, and a prepaid Facebook photo book called GiftLink.

Customer Support & Shipping

If you want to contact PastBook’s staff your options are reduced to submitting a support ticket or starting a live chat. Although customer service is supposedly available 24/7, your best chance at getting any answers to your questions is by turning to the detailed Help Center where information regarding the use of the editor or apps and the pricing policy can be found. There are also regularly updated Facebook and Twitter pages, and a YouTube channel full of tutorials.

Email and Live ChatHelp Center

Email and Live Chat Support

Live Chat and Email

PastBook's Help Center

PastBook's Help Center

The company’s shipping policy is pretty self explanatory: by ordering a soft cover book a $9.99 fee is added to the total (a price that is usually reduced by default), but by upgrading to hard cover the shipping becomes free of charge. Photo books are shipped to any destination in the U.S. within 7-10 business days, but even international orders are shipped by no later than 12 business days. There is a problem, though, in that there is no way to expedite shipping.

Bottom Line

<PastBook.comIt’s pretty clear that PastBook is a good choice for creating quality photo books in no time at all – but it’s not without its flaws. The lack of Android apps is forgivable, as is the minimalist and limited desktop browser editor that includes very few customization options. What’s most bothersome, however, is the pricing policy, which is anything but customer-friendly.

Thankfully PastBook makes up for its high prices with automatically applied discounts and the potential for free shipping. Aside from that, the editor is pretty straightforward, allowing users to create photo books with ease and even include extras, such as captions, from their favorite social media sites.

And if we take into consideration the handy iOS apps and the unique option of creating books with up to 500 pages with the help of a chatbot then we can firmly say that this service is a must for avid social media users and occasional photo book customers alike.

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