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Student iconGet started with MyLab and Mastering for your LMS

Select the MyLab and Mastering or Pearson link from the content area where your instructor added it. Depending on how your course is set up, there are different ways to access links and tools. Check with your instructor if you're not sure which of the following instructions apply.

Blackboard Ultra experience

MyLab and Mastering integration

Select a MyLab and Mastering link under Course Content. Alternatively, under Books & Tools, select View course & institution tools. Then select the Pearson MyLab & Mastering link or another link such as Assignments or Course Home.

Course Content and Books & Course Tools for the Blackboard Original experience

Pearson integration

Under Books & Tools, select View course & institution tools and Pearson.

Books & Course Tools for the Pearson integration

Blackboard Original experience

MyLab and Mastering integration

Do one of the following:

  • Select Tools and Pearson's MyLab and Mastering.

    Pearson's MyLab & Mastering icon

    Then select a MyLab and Mastering link.

    MyLab & Mastering tools

  • Select Tools and Content Market Tools.

    Content Market Tools icon

    Select Pearson MyLab & Mastering.

    Pearson icon

    Next, select a MyLab and Mastering link.

    MyLab & Mastering tools

Pearson integration

Select Tools and then Pearson.

Pearson icon


How to access Pearson MyLab or Mastering materials

Pearson REVEL Users:
If you have previously registered for a Pearson REVEL course, that Login/Password will not workwith MyLab or Mastering.  You will need to create a new account when enrolling in MyLab materials.  In the registration screens, create a NEW username and password (you can keep your UNM email on your profile). If you get a warning that you already have an account, bypass this by erasing anything in the username field and entering a new one.

*You will be charged for these materials through your UNM Bursar's account.  Instructions for 
how to opt out are included at the bottom of the page.

1. Click the link to open the "Course Materials" content area.

2. Click the "RedShelf Course Materials" link.

Click the link to open the Course Materials content area.

. Click the green “View Course Materials” button.

 Click the RedShelf Course Materials link.

. Click the green "Start Studying on Publisher’s Website" button. This will take you into the Pearson tool.

Click the green Start Studying on Publisher’s Website button. This will take you into the Pearson tool.

. Once in Pearson, click the yellow ‘Open Mylab & Mastering” button. This will open Pearson in a separate tab/window in your browser. If you have a pop-up blocker, you may need to make an exception. Note: links to Pearson support are located on this screen.

Click the green Start Studying on Publisher’s Website button. This will take you into the Pearson tool.

. If you already have your Pearson account linked with your UNM Learn account, this will launch your Pearson MyLab & Mastering course. If this is your first time accessing a Pearson MyLab or Mastering course, you will need to create a Pearson account. For creating a new account, see below.

a. Review the end-user license agreement and click the “I Accept” button.

Review the end-user license agreement and click the “I Accept” button.

. Click the “Create” button.

Click the Create button.

. Enter the name and email address you use at UNM. Create a password for Pearson. Complete the security question and answer section. Accept the license agreement. Click “Create Account”.

Fill in the necessary fields.

. After it is finished processing your new account request, you should receive a registration confirmation page. Click on the “Go to My Courses” button to access your MyLab or Mastering course. 

Click on Go to My Courses.

. In the future, you should be taken directly into your course after step 5, since you have now successfully created and linked your Pearson account with your UNM Learn account.


If you would like to opt-out of this Inclusive Access product provided by UNM Bookstore, RedShelf: Pearson MyLab & Mastering, see the link before. This must be done prior to the deadline set by the UNM Bookstore. You will be responsible for gaining alternate access to your instructor’s course materials if you opt-out.

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These instructions assume that you want to buy a new MyLab IT access code online from Pearson. If you already have an access code purchased, please see our I Have an Access Code instructions.

Registering for MyLab IT

1. Start your web browser

MyLab IT works with current versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer (for Windows), and Apple Safari (for Mac).

2. Go to the MyLab Registration Wizard

Please click here to go to the MyLab Registration Wizard. The wizard will open in a new browser window.

3. Enter the Course ID for your section

See the Course ID list to find the correct value for your CS101 section.  Enter it in the text box and click the Continue button.

Step 4

4. Sign in or create an account

At this point, you will either need to sign in with an existing Pearson account or create a new one if you don't already have one. MyLabsPlus accounts from Math courses are not Pearson accounts. If you only have an account you were given in a Math course, you need to create a new Pearson account.

Step 5

Do you have a Pearson account?

Yes, I have an account

Sign in with your existing Pearson username and password. If you were given a username and password to use, such as in a Math Course, you have a MyLabsPlus account and not a Pearson account so you'll need to create a new account.

No, I don't have an account

You'll need to create an account.  We suggest using your full MIX e-mail address as your username, although you can use something else if you prefer or your MIX username is not available.  You will need enter the rest of the requested information and accept Pearson's license agreement.

Not sure if I have an account

Click the Not sure if you have an account link. From here, you search to see if there is an existing account account associated with your e-mail address.

5. Select your purchase method

Click the button to buy MyITLab.

Step 5

6. Enter your credit card information

Enter your credit card information and complete the purchase.

Step 6

7. View the confirmation

After your registration has been processed, you should see a confirmation indication that your registration is done.  Click the Go to Your Course button to get started.

In some cases, you may instead see a screen indicating that your registration is in process. If this happens, wait to receive an e-mail notification your account has been enrolled in the course. You can then login to MyLab IT and continue with the rest of the instructions.

Step 8

8. You're registered, but you're not done yet!

Click on the block that corresponds with your course section.

Step 9

9. Click the Set Student ID button

Near the top of the page, click the Set Student ID (opens pop-up window) button. This will open a new pop-up window with your profile settings.

Step 9 screenshot

10. Acknowledge the notice about using your WVU ID number

Click the OK button to acknowledge you will have to use your WVU ID (700/800) number.

Step 10 screenshot

11. Enter your Student ID

Set the "Student ID" field to your WVU ID number (700 or 800 number without dashes; e.g., 800123456). Setting this value incorrectly will prevent you from receiving credit for MyITLab work.

Step 11

12. Save your changes

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.

Step 12
13. Close the My Profile window

If needed, click the X to close the pop-up window.

Step 13


Sustainability News

In a shared effort to support increased access and affordability to high-quality learning experiences, Pearson is partnering with ASU to provide access for all enrolled ASU students to all Pearson eText and premium digital courseware products (i.e. MyLabs, Mastering and Revel) at no cost. According to the College Board, the average college student spends more than $1,200 on books and materials (Kristof, 2018). As these titles will be free of cost to all students whether Online or On-campus, faculty who opt-in to the offer will enable a reduction in textbook expenses.

Only textbooks that are available on Pearson’s new eText platform are included. Availability of titles will continue to expand rapidly but will not include old editions or books out-of-publication. In addition to becoming free, the distribution of the titles through the digital eText also ensures seamless access for students. With the launch of Pearson eText 2.0, students will now be able to access their course materials without leaving Canvas. This will allow for material access on day one of classes for all students, both international and domestic, regardless of where the students reside. The easy-to-use, Pearson eText will allow students to continue learning no matter where their day takes them.

Access to these Pearson products will become available in a three-phased approach throughout the coming year.

Pilot Stage

The first stage of the partnership is being launched in Fall B 2020 as a pilot program for a select few courses and books used in ASU Online. Instructors are already being contacted for their interest in the pilot program. This will allow testing of the distribution and ease of use for faculty and students.

Digital eText 2.0: Spring A 2021

By Spring 2021, over 450 Pearson eText titles will be made available free of cost to students. Setup of eText 2.0 within canvas is a simple four-step process that can be completed within several minutes. There are easy-to-follow demonstration videos to assist with each step and a key contact that can be reached should additional support be needed. ASU ID’s are also prepared to assist.

Digital Courseware: Spring B 2021/Summer A 2021

Courseware such as MyLabs, Mastering and Revel will be added to the free content that is available to all faculty and students by Spring B. Reaching every student is challenging in teaching and learning environment that increasingly is a mix of synchronous/asynchronous engagement; offered in-person or remote; to five or 500 students. A pedagogy deploying active learning can be an important tool. Pearson’s courseware can provide a variety of personalized tools and products to fit faculty and students’ needs at no cost. Updated Canvas integration will allow for an easy-to-use student and faculty experience.

The full list of titles can be found in this google link (Note, every title that is listed will become available in Pearson eText by Spring semester 2021, even if not yet designated in the google link). To explore these offers for students in your courses, or to find out more about a product/title availability, it is requested that faculty fill out the information form found here no later than October 15, 2020, for your Spring A and C 2021 needs. It is worth reinforcing that this is an option for faculty as they select their learning materials. Final opt-in to enable these offers will be October 30.

Please reach out to Vice Provost Art Blakemore with any questions.


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Pearson Access

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