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Guitar Lessons in Fargo, ND

Group Guitar Program

Generally for teens through adults, guitar students will learn the basics of guitar care, tuning, strumming patterns, chords, and more – along with the skills needed to play their favorite songs.

Our Group Guitar class consists of six weekly one-hour guitar classes from $79.99.

Schmitt Music Fargo offers a controlled, safe environment for students and families attending music lessons. We are also able to help with any supplies or equipment that your teacher recommends. In Fargo, Schmitt Music is open seven days a week, so we can schedule your guitar lessons when it is most convenient for you.

Knowledgeable and skilled instructors have established their studios in Schmitt Music Fargo and have been providing quality education for decades. Serving studetns from all around the Fargo area, Schmitt Music is the place to call when you are ready to learn the guitar.

Visit our Fargo, ND store today to arrange your first guitar lesson, or call 701-281-1828 for more information. We are always happy to help! We are located in Village West Shopping Center, 4101 13th Avenue South West, Fargo, ND 58103.


Sours: https://www.schmittmusic.com/stores/fargo/guitar-lessons-fargo-nd/

John Calvin's Friendly Guitar Lessons

Guitar & Ukulele lessons with John Calvin now in Fargo and on Zoom or Skype

For nearly thirty years I have provided guitar lessons at all levels — from novice to advanced. I help performers who are looking for new ideas. I teach private lessons year ’round. Also, from time to time I offer group classes and workshops. Having recently relocated to North Dakota I offer Fargo guitar lessons in my home studio. Also, students may schedule remote lessons via Zoom or Skype. Contact me here to ask a question or to reserve a lesson time.

Seattle guitar lessons image John Calvin 173 x 260 px

Who should take lessons from me?

I gladly welcome students interested in almost any style of guitar or ukulele playing. Above all my goal is to support and encourage. Therefore I tailor lessons to the desires of each student.

My background

I have studied folk, country, classical, jazz, and blues guitar styles. As a result I am well prepared to point the way. My performances range from churches to bars, and from live radio to concert and festival stages so I am at home in different settings. Using finger style and flat picking techniques I play rhythm accompaniment, lead guitar and chord/melody style.

Ukulele lessons in Fargo and on Zoom or Skype

My ukulele lessons focus on rhythmic strumming and finger picking. Using many familiar songs students learn common chord progressions for different musical styles. I teach chord-based styles or melodic playing using either high G or low G tuning.

My approach

First of all, the basics of guitar or ukulele playing are quite easy. Establishing good practice habits accelerates progress. Thus even people who have never played an instrument before quickly succeed.

I encourage students to draw upon any prior musical experience as a foundation. Aspects of playing a piano, violin, clarinet, trumpet or even drumming all have parallels on guitar or ukulele.

Fargo guitar lessons, Fargo ukulele lessons

I recently relocated to Fargo, North Dakota after teaching for decades in Seattle, Washington. Years on staff at Dusty Strings Music Store & School and offering friendly guitar lessons furnish me insight and experience working with many fascinating people.

Playing by ear or from written music

There are many great ways to learn music. Some people are most comfortable learning to “play by ear.” In contrast others succeed by reading musical notation or tablature. Still others become adept at watching experienced players and following their example. As a teacher, I am comfortable with each of these methods. For these reasons I try to find what works best for each student. I encourage everyone to explore each of these methods.

Various styles, beginning through advanced levels

Offering folk, country, bluegrass, jazz and classical guitar instruction, I expose my students to all of these styles. I teach finger picking and rhythm guitar at beginning to advanced levels. I love to show beginners that they can have fun playing ukulele in fifteen minutes even if they think that they possess no musical talent. Everyone wins!

Zoom or Skype guitar lessons, Fargo music lessons

I teach guitar and ukulele students individually in my home studio in Fargo, North Dakota. Students may schedule remote lessons via Zoom or Skype. Contact me here to ask a question or to reserve a lesson time.

Sours: http://friendlyguitarlessons.com/
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Private Guitar tutoring lessons Fargo, ND.

100% guarantee. Private Guitar instruction for kids and adults. Classes designed for beginners or advanced guitarists. Book a teacher now.

Popular Guitar Teachers in Fargo, ND

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Karen D.

Teaches Online

Starting at $40

    Teaching Locations:
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    Private Guitar Teacher

    Guitar is one of my favorite instrument to learn and I began playing at age seven. To become a well rounded musician and player I always start with basics. Hand and finger technique, notes, rhythms, chords, learning the fretboard, soloing and songs. If the student is only interested in learning songs I am happy to have them bring in anything they want to learn. For students who want more advanced technique I will teach them theory and how it relates.

    About Karen

    Hi! My name is Karen D. I’ve had the pleasure of performing, singing, writing, and recording since I was seven years old. Besides being an Honor Graduate of Berklee School of Music, I have been a lifelong student of the international world-renowned instructors Dante Pavone and Charlie Banacos.

    Recent Reviews

    John J Conlon

    Ms. Karen did a pretty good job, she had ideas for the lesson and provided ideas for the next lesson. She went out of her way to help me with this new idea---------"music" and "reading music." If there was any short fall in the lesson it was on my side and my preparation failings. I have no problem recommending Ms. Karen to others. Regards, JC

    Troy W.

    Extremely knowledgeable! Karen is a superb guitar instructor. Honestly, I was struggling. Discouraged! She helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, and moved me from beginner to intermediate in a matter of months. If you’re getting tired of learning from YouTube and smart phone apps, let Karen kick start your guitar playing. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks Karen!!

    Aidan V.

    Karen was great!
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    Joel H.

    Teaches Online

    Starting at $25

      Teaching Locations:
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      Private Guitar Teacher

      Having trained at Berklee College of Music in Electric Guitar and Songwriting and as a professional music teacher and performer, I can help you develop the musical tools you need to write full songs that are ready for the radio and the stage! I will help you reach goals based on your musical interests and aspirations. Some skills I can help you gain are songwriting, improvisation, music theory, ear training, practice methods, sight reading, music production, and many more.
      Writing, playing, and performing music is incredibly rewarding, and can also be challenging. I'm excited to help you make your goals a reality!

      About Joel

      I’m a guitarist and songwriter in several bands in the Portland area. I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors in Songwriting. I have taught guitar, production, and songwriting in Portland and the Rogue Valley for many years. As my student, I will work with you to map out wher

      Recent Reviews


      He’s an amazing teacher. He focuses on things that are relevant to my musical goals. He easily breaks down topics I have trouble with. I never run out of things to practice. I am very happy with my experience.


      Joel has been very patient and kind in his teaching style. He remains calm and encouraging when beginner mistakes happen which is crucial with teaching our boy.


      Great class, intuitive instruction.
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      Mark S.

      Teaches Online

      Starting at $40

        Teaching Locations:
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        Private Guitar Teacher

        With my broad performance and compositional background in folk, classical, jazz, rock, bluegrass, soul, blues, and musical theater, I offer students a wide musical perspective and tailor lessons to match student interests. I work with students on music of their choosing to improve technique and develop an understanding of music theory, improvisation, and composition.

        For classical guitar students who would like to pursue the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) graded exams, Mark offers coaching in preparation for all aspects of the practical exams.

        About Mark

        I am a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter working in a variety of genres. I regularly perform around the Washington, DC, area as a solo guitarist, as a singer/songwriter, and with numerous classical, folk, rock, and musical theater groups. My primary musical influences include folk and

        Recent Reviews

        Melody L.

        Mark was very patient yet informative. He pointed out areas to improve upon and complemented me where I had been working hard. I was comfortable with his online lesson because he looked me straight in the eyes as though we were face to face. I know he will teach me how to play my mandolin; so looking forward to the next lesson!


        Mark has been a great teacher for this adult beginner! I take lessons in clawhammer banjo and ukulele with him, and his easy-going nature and skill in identifying ways to improve make it a joyful experience! Highly recommend.


        Mr. Sylvester is one of the greatest. He is not just an amazing guitarist, but he is also very kind. He treats people with so much respect. He speaks to me and my mom so nicely. He is very patient. He has a deep knowledge of music and knows how to get the most out of even the least talented people (like me!). He doesn't ever get mad if you make a mistake or forget to bring your music notes. We were so lucky to find Mr. Sylvester.
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        Kevin J.

        Teaches Online

        Starting at $25

          Teaching Locations:
          Background Check

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          Private Guitar Teacher

          Kevin J. has been writing, recording, and playing music for over 25 years. Music is meant to be fun and it is his goal to help others enjoy music. He has been a teacher for 11 years and has composed hundreds of songs. He is passionate about teaching his students the songs they want to learn, no matter the difficulty. He specialized in guitar, drums, and song writing. Kevin has a great way of encouraging others to keep going no matter what challenge is in front of them.

          The 75 minute session is to pay for a group jam.

          About Kevin

          I truly enjoy teaching. I've taught in the public school classroom for 11 years. Teaching music is so so much FUN! And it should be fun for the students to learn. When I'm teaching I tell all my students that if they don't enjoy and smile about something, then we need to change something. I

          Recent Reviews

          Lincoln G.

          Kevin is a great teacher - he has brought out the drummer in my 2nd grader, and he has been able to do this through Zoom, not even face to face. Highly recommended!


          Kevin is an enthusiastic and professional teacher! He has built up my son's confidence, and given him opportunities to perform and hone his percussion skills. I highly recommend Kevin!


          I was out of town when my 15-year old son had his lesson with Kevin, so I sent a text to my son to find out how it went. "He is the best guitar teacher ever!!" my son replied. I think that says it all.
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          Profile-student-favoriteStudent Favorite

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          Mike S.

          Teaches Online

          Starting at $35

            Teaching Locations:
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            Student Favorite

            This teacher is rated in the top 15% of teachers in the specialty subject. This badge demonstrates subject mastery on a nationwide scale.

            Private Guitar Teacher

            I teach Rock, jazz, reading and improving! Electric and Acoustic. I lay along with my students and make sure they have fun!

            About Mike

            I have taught private guitar, piano, bass and drum lessons since the late 70s in Salt Lake City, where I majored in jazz guitar performance, and since 1980 in Los Angeles. I make the lessons fun. Some of my students have received college scholarships and won cash prizes for music contests. All of t

            Recent Reviews


            Mike taught Leo in person before the pandemic started and has been doing online lessons with him for the past eight months. He is amazing with both. Leo has a very short attention span, but a deep love for music. Mike has been able to hold Leo’s attention every week for over a year — even during online lessons. Leo has become an awesome little pianist, and has developed a love for the piano. It has given him the ability to express all of his feelings and has helped his attention span for his schoolwork. Mike has so much patience, and always inquires about Leo’s favorite activities. He is great with kids and makes them feel so comfortable. Leo loves his “booming voice” and the free play blues music they get to play together every lesson.

            Wyatt W.

            Mike amazing! Not only are my children learning at an incredible pace, they are having so much fun :-)
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            Warren M.

            Teaches Online

            Starting at $34

              Teaching Locations:
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              Private Guitar Teacher

              Warren M. here, and I’m pleased to meet you. I’m an instructor with over 25 years experience teaching acoustic and electric guitar. You can expect from your lessons that I will teach you to love playing music on your guitar. I’m dedicated to attending your lessons. I don’t frequently cancel, only for illness or emergencies. I will strive to bring a “positive and encouraging” attitude to your lessons.

              About Warren

              I began my musical journey at an early age. My early influences were my mother who was trained as a classical pianist / visual artist and father who played Johnny Cash and Ventures tunes on the guitar. Growing up music was always in the around the house. From Debussy, Ravel, Tchaikovsky to folk, cou

              Recent Reviews


              Warren was my first and only private lesson teacher outside of a school program. I first started taking lessons with Warren back in 2012 when I was 12 years old. At this time I got my first guitar and had no prior music knowledge. After a few lessons, Warren taught me the very basic blues progression and made it very fun and interesting. My first few lessons is the reason I stuck with him for 6 years and kept returning weekly. Throughout those years Warren shaped me to become my own as a musician by teaching me how to play the instrument as a whole rather than songs (although we did go over plenty of essential songs). As I grew as a musician with more questions, Warren presented me with practices, theory, and other concepts to give me all the answers I was looking for. I highly recommend him as a teacher as he will work with you and be loyal to your musical journey. He was even generous enough to teach me some basic piano! I would not be as involved in music as I am now if I had any other teacher.


              My son is learning to play acoustic guitar from Warren McDonald and has been doing so for several years. Warren is an excellent guitar and music teacher. First he is formally trained and clearly has a strong theoretical music background. His teaching style and personality and knowledge of various musical genres is well suited to teaching musicians of all ages and interests. I have heard Warren play classical guitar and classic rock and folk guitar music. He also is a fine pianist. He has inpsired my son who is 15 and has been taught how to play some fairly impressive classic rock and instrumental pieces. I highly recommend Warren McDonald.


              I have studied with Warren for several years. He has helped me grasp music theory and enabled me to take my playing to the next level. I highly recommend Warren to anyone looking to start with the guitar and also for students looking for a new direction with their playing.
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              Average Cost of Guitar Lessons in Fargo, ND

              The average cost of 60-minute guitar lessons in Fargo is $65. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $30 and $300 per hour.

              $39 average

              $53 average

              $65 average

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              "Chris is a great teacher"


              Took Guitar lessons from Christopher M.


              "Great lesson, thank you!"


              Took Guitar lessons from Ramona D.


              "Hi Nikita taught several of my children for over three years on violin and on guitar. Of several instructors we interviewed he was by far the best. Nikita is so encouraging and really strives to help the kids reach their potential. He is an excellent musician and an excellent teacher and that combination is not easy to find. My oldest daughter is studying to become a music ed teacher so we have had a lot of experience with music teachers."


              Took Guitar lessons from Nikita B.


              "Actual instructor is Rocky Feria. Very good experience."


              Took Guitar lessons from Bradley A.


              "Greg is so patient with my son during his lessons and has an encouraging and tailored approach to help children learn in a way that helps them progress without stress. My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and is excited about learning guitar!"

              Nicole (mom)

              Took Guitar lessons from Greg C.


              "Jonathon has been teaching my son for over a year and has done a fantastic job. He has been great in his ability to adjust and customize each week. My son looks forward to his lesson each week!"


              Took Guitar lessons from Jonathan T.


              "Seems very knowledgeable and talented. He has good patience too."


              Took Guitar lessons from Kory I.


              "Rapahel enjoyed his first lesson. Thanks Camden."


              Took Guitar lessons from Camden O.


              "Andrea is an excellent guitar instructor! I strongly recommend him."


              Took Guitar lessons from Andrea B.


              "Very insightful and made me feel comfortable right away"


              Took Guitar lessons from Robert M.

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              Top Fargo, ND Lessons

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              Sours: https://takelessons.com/nd/fargo/guitar-lessons
              Fargo (FX): theme for guitar + TAB

              Located in Fargo, ND 58103


              [email protected]


              Guitar Lessons

              Offering guitar lessons in a variety of styles including but not limited to, classical, blues, jazz, rock and acoustic. Students of all ages and levels of experience are welcome to sign up. Call or email today to start your musical journey!

              Why study with me?

               Relaxed and friendly learning environment.

              Flexible lesson times; mornings, afternoons, and evenings available.

              Lessons are customized to the individual needs of each student.

              Students learn the fundamentals of music and music theory.

              All students are taught how to improvise, no experience necessary!

              Students choose which style of guitar is best for them.

              Now offering online lessons!

              Call or email for more information about online lessons

              Solo Guitar Performance

              Providing solo classical guitar performances for weddings, receptions, private parties, and corporate events. Musical selections range from lute works of the Renaissance to modern day pieces composed or arranged for the classical guitar. 

              Who am I?

              My name is Chris Argenziano and I have have been a music lover for as far back as I can remember. I began my musical journey on the trumpet but soon fell in love with the sounds of the guitar. I picked up the guitar at the age of fifteen ( that is quite a while ago now!)  and haven't put it down since. My formal music education took place at North Dakota State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Music and a Masters of Music in Classical Guitar Performance. I currently work as Professor of Guitar at Valley City State University and teach group guitar classes at NDSU. When I am not teaching I perform on solo guitar and with the jazz and classical guitar duo Twelve Strings, an original folk/americana group called The Gina Powers Band, as well as the acoustic duo called Ben and the Beard. To hear a sample of what I do visit www.twelvestringsguitar.com or just click on the links below.


              “Chris was fantastic...very accommodating and had great tools, tips and lessons to get you going for all levels! Highly recommend him and just a great all around guy too!” - K. B.

              “Chris was great at taking the time to determine my level of play and adapting his lessons accordingly. He also took the time to learn what my goals were and worked towards getting me closer to them. I would highly recommend Chris.” -J.S.

              “Chris is amazingly patient. My daughter has ADHD and he was wonderful. As soon as she is ready we will be coming back. She really made a connection with him.” -N.O.

              “Phenomenal!!!!!! Chris was flexible, professional, talented, and overall amazing! He performed at my wedding and we could not be happier with his work.”-M.M

              “I took acoustic lessons with Chris for three months and am only stopping because I'm moving away. He's a great teacher, and impressively versatile. In particular, I'm a novice guitarist but an experienced musician, and the material he selected and his presentation of it were clearly developed with that in mind. I recommend his guitar lessons without reservation.”-J.F.

              Sours: https://www.guitarbychris.com/

              Guitar lessons fargo

              Guitar Lessons in Fargo

              Once your child grasps the basics of the guitar, it’s time for them to get into the really fun stuff and connect theory to playing!

              In this part of the lesson your child learns the practical aspects of playing the guitar, like how to hold the instrument properly and precise finger placement for comfortable and effective picking and strumming.

              They’ll also learn how to tune a guitar as well as how to play scales, chords and eventually, complete songs while reading from select sheet music.

              Experienced music teachers know that an important aspect of learning how to play guitar is being flexible with the player’s physical orientation. Unlike the piano, where you sit to play or stand in one spot, the guitar offers much more freedom of movement. This makes it important for your child to learn how to master the art of playing the guitar while standing and moving around.

              After all, they can’t truly rock out unless they feel totally free!

              Sours: https://elevaterockschool.com/guitar-lessons-fargo/
              Neil Zaza Fargo Guitar Lesson + Guitar Solo + Tutorial

              Music Lessons in Fargo North Dakota USA

              Music Teachers in Fargo North Dakota USA

              The above search is a free service maintained by DoReMiWORLD.com for the benefit of private music teachers, as well as music students and their parents. Our goal is to help you locate a private music instructor, for example, a private piano teacher, a private violin teacher, a private voice coach, an online music teacher or another music education specialist who may offer private music lessons or online lessons to music students in Fargo North Dakota.

              Private music instruction is considered to be the best way to learn to play a musical instrument. Use this directory to find a private music teacher offering music lessons in your local area (Fargo ND) or online lessons around the world. At the moment, our directory is limited to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and New Zealand. This music teachers directory classifies private music instructors by instrument, such as private piano teachers (for private piano lessons), private voice teachers (for private voice lessons), private violin teachers (for private violin lessons), etc. Please use the above search function to find a private music teacher near you.

              We welcome the following types of instructors in our Fargo North Dakota directory: Bass Teachers, Double Bass Professionals, Harp Educators, Viola Da Gamba Educators, Cello Coaches, Organ Tutors, Bassoon Tutors, Brass Teachers, Accordion Tutors, Electric Bass Tutors, Lute Instructors, Mandolin Teachers, Saxophone Teachers, Trumpet Coaches, Voice Educators, Woodwinds Professionals, Viola Instructors, Banjo Teachers, Bass Guitar Coaches, Piano Educators, Violin Coaches, Electric Guitar Tutors, Percussion Coaches, Clarinet Instructors, Keyboard Educators, French Horn Professionals, Recorder Educators, Trombone Instructors, Classical Guitar Instructors, Flute Teachers, Bagpipes Professionals, Ukulele Professionals, English Horn Instructors, Drums Educators, Oboe Tutors, Piccolo Coaches, Harpsichord Professionals, Acoustic Guitar Coaches, Tuba Instructors, Dulcimer Teachers .

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              Sours: https://musicteachersdirectory.org/USA/ND/Fargo-Music-Teachers-North-Dakota-Music-Lessons

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              Steve B.’s Music Lessons

              Steve B.’s Music Lessons

              5.05 Reviews

              Steve Burket holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies degree from the Minnesota State University of Moorhead. He is a multi-instrumentalist including guitar, bass, mandolin, vocals, keys, and drums. With over 18 years of experience in performing with various rock, bluegrass/ folk, and jazz bands Steve brings a unique and fun approach to helping others find their own musical voice. Having taught many age groups, ranging from 5-95 years old, and many different levels of skill Steve can tailor lessons to each student to provide an abundance of knowledge in a way that makes sense to that individual. Steve is flexible in teaching you what you wan ... View Profile

              Serves Fargo, ND 14 years in business

              View Profile

              View Profile

              Chris Agenziano Guitar

              Chris Agenziano Guitar

              5.02 Reviews

              When taking lessons with me, students can expect to learn the guitar in an engaging and positive atmoshpere. Each lesson is tailor-made to suit the individual needs of each particular student. Students not only gain a comprehensive knowledge of the guitar but also gain all the tools they will need to further their musical education, such as music theory and improvisation. 

              Serves Fargo, ND 13 years in business

              View Profile

              View Profile

              Schulte Music Instruction

              Schulte Music Instruction

              This private music instruction is ideal for students who are beginners or at the intermediate level in the instruments of guitar, drum, keyboard/piano, and voice. My studio is located at Old School Music in Moorhead, MN. The scheduling of appointment times range from early/mid afternoon to evening...with flexibility offered if needed. Lessons are geared toward fundamentals, technique building and performance/group applications. I have a degree in music and 20+ years of teaching experience.  Along with providing instruction, I also perform, write and record original music. ... View Profile

              Serves Fargo, ND 13 years in business

              View Profile

              View Profile

              Colin's Guitar Lessons

              Colin's Guitar Lessons

              My teaching approach: All lessons are one on one. I individualize all lessons to fit the particular styles and/or goals for every student, at any age and any level. I provide all materials that we would cover no matter what the student wants to get into. I have been teaching professionally for over 25 years now and I have earned 2 degrees in music. My influences are: Way too many to name here but a lot of them are on my website. Both players and bands from a lot of styles of music. www.ColinsGuitarLessons.com Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: It's all individualized. Beginners through advanced. Any style of music and p ... View Profile

              Serves Fargo, ND 33 years in business

              View Profile

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              Danny Short Guitar Lessons

              Danny Short Guitar Lessons

              My teaching approach: If you have at least 10-30 minutes a day to spare, then you can become the guitar player you want to be. I will teach you ways to approach the guitar in a practical and fun way. Let's bring the inner "rockstar," out of you. Welcome to any ages. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Fargo/Moorhead area Guitar Techniques: Scales and Exercises, Music Theory, Jamming Skills, Performance, Vocal Accompaniment, Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar ... View Profile

              Serves Fargo, ND

              View Profile

              View Profile

              Adam Sanborn Guitar Lessons

              Adam Sanborn Guitar Lessons

              My teaching approach: I teach every student individually and at a pace that suits them. I can show you how to play any kind of music and even teach you how to write your own songs. My influences are: Everything from classic rock and hair metal to pop to Hardcore and progressive metal My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Lessons will usually take place at Minnesota State University in Moorhead MN. Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerstyle, Performance, Improvisation, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales and Exe ... View Profile

              Serves Fargo, ND

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              Courses & Guides

              Guitar Lessons for Beginners

              Guitar Lessons for Beginners

              Want to learn how to play the guitar? Go from knowing nothing about the guitar and learn to play songs everbody loves with this free course.

              12 lessons 1.5 hours All levels English

              Guitar Chords

              Guitar Chords

              Learn the best guitar chords, how to read guitar chords, and how to play guitar chords. Easy step-by-step lessons for beginners. Want to check out the lessons?

              33 lessons 6.5 hours All levels English

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              Sours: https://lessons.com/nd/fargo/guitar-lessons/

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