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Jim Wells County bars given the go ahead by TABC to reopen at 50-percent capacity

JIM WELLS COUNTY, Texas — The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has approved the opt-in request from Jim Wells County to reopen bars at 50-percent capacity.

Jim Wells County Judge Juan Rodriguez, Jr. requested to opt-in to the provision of Governor Greg Abbott's recent executive order allowing for bars to reopen at 50-percent capacity provided they comply with health protocols issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

TABC also approved Thursday Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales' request to opt in to the same provision of the governor's executive order.

Bars that choose to open are not required to get pre-approval prior to opening but must meet all of the specified requirements at the time of opening. Bar owners are encouraged to contact TABC and their local bar and restaurant association for additional guidance and suggestions on how best to implement the changes needed to operate safely.


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TABC Storm vs HAFTR Flames Varsity Hockey Semifinals 3/8

Due to a technical error at Ustream, our live broadcast and recording webhost, the recording of our live broadcast with commentary was cut short after the third period. Raw footage of the overtime period without commentary is available below.

Pregame and Three Periods

TABC Storm  2    1    1    15
HAFTR Flames1    3    004

Alternate page for the three periods and the overtime period for those whose internet browser show white boxes instead of video, or are otherwise unable to play the videos.
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Storm Liquor License Signs With Criterion.B

Criterion.B, a leading marketing agency focused on branding and inbound marketing, is excited to announce the addition of Storm Liquor License to its client roster.

Flower Mound, Texas-based Storm Liquor License helps business owners submit, process, and acquire a Texas liquor license with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Storm Liquor License assists its clients with the entire application process from identifying the required permits and handling all requisite forms, to managing the TABC approval process and client notifications.

The liquor licensing company selected Criterion.B to work alongside their team to help promote their brand, manage social media efforts, implement a robust content marketing plan, and create buzz around the new business.

“Criterion.B is eager to expand Storm Liquor License’s company activity and build brand awareness,” said Jon Simpson, Chief Executive and Founder at Criterion.B. “Our skilled background in inbound marketing and branding will serve as a great asset to the Storm Liquor team, and we are excited to learn more about the business as well.”

TABC Storm VS. FRISCH Varsity Basketball

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TABC Storm vs DRS Wildcats Hockey Championship 3/14

For those who are watching using Google Chrome, Opera or select other browsers, the championship game can be viewed on Ustream: JV Game, Varsity Game
TABC Storm vs DRS Wildcats

Junior Varsity Game

Varsity Game

CORRECTION: The final score was TABC 1 DRS 2, not the other way around
Thank you to Yitzchak Ginsberg and Avrumi Blisko from DRSBroadcast for coming to help us with this TABC & DRS joint broadcast.

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JUNIOR VARSITY1    2    3    OT    FINAL
DRS Wildcats 01112
TABC Storm 101 03

DRS Wildcats  1     0    12
TABC Storm1 001

THANK YOU to all of our viewers who tuned in on Sunday to watch the live broadcast of the MYHSHL Hockey Championship games.

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TABC Storm VS. the Kushner Cobras


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