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5 Yard Roll of 20" Siser GLITTER - White

White Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Bring Your Designs to Life by Adding Some Sparkle!

Our Glitter heat transfer vinyl is the best on the market. Our colors are vibrant and contain maximum sparkle! Why have a plain design when you can bling it out for maximum appeal? Glitter is CPSIA Certified so that even kids clothing can look amazing. You can also sublimate directly onto Siser Glitter! Watch the sublimated glitter video here!

Glitter™ is CPSIA Certified, so it's perfect for decorating children's clothing and accessories.

Recommended Accessories • Siser® Weeder • Multipurpose Paper or Heat Transfer Cover Sheet

  • Certification
  • Specifications
    • PU composition
    • Pressure sensitive backing
    • Glitter finish
    • 325 Microns / 12.8 Mils
    • Cut in reverse
    • 45°/60° blade
    • Can be used as a top layer on other materials
    • Not recommended to be layered on top of itself
  • Applies To
    • 100% cotton
    • 100% uncoated polyester
    • Poly/cotton blends
    • Lightly Siliconed Nylon
    • Lycra®/spandex (Will adhere to fabric but may crack when stretched)
    • Leather
    • Sublimated polyester
  • Heat Application
    • Time: 10-15 seconds
    • Temperature: 320° F / 160° C
    • Pressure: Firm
    • Peel: WARM
  • Care Instructions
    • Do not dry clean
    • Machine wash WARM / mild detergent
    • Dry at normal setting
    • No chlorine bleach
    • Wait 24 hours before first wash

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image of Jamela by pink on a sublimation shirt that is cotton and sublimated on glitter with text overlay

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Sublimation on cotton shirts and if you can do it, is always the biggest question asked when a person is learning to sublimate. Or they just go for it and end up with a faded mess when they go to wash it.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you the best, and also simplest way to sublimate on cotton garments. Lets go over what you will need for this method of sublimation on cotton.

For Sublimation On Cotton using Glitter HTV you will need:

image of Jamela by pink on a sublimation shirt that is cotton and sublimated on glitter

Can You Sublimate On Cotton?

Can you do sublimation on cotton? That’s the magic question, right? Well, the answer is yes and no. First, let’s cover what sublimation is exactly.

What Is Sublimation, it is a printing is a method of printing that transfers a design to materials or fabrics using heat. For sublimation printing, you do need a special ink, an ink jet printer and sublimation transfer paper.

Sublimation generally works best on poly blends and also some other materials with a special coating. For traditional sublimation, you= need to do it on light-colored fabrics and materials.

I have a few methods I use to sublimate on cotton garments. the one in this tutorial, however, is using a square piece of glitter HTV.

For this method of sublimation on cotton, I always use 2 programs. Cricut Design Space and Photoshop. I do it this way when I want to make sure to get the exact measurements of my image, but Design Space won’t let me print an image this large.

Over in Photoshop, choose your paper size to set up the canvas. And of course, you’re going to choose whatever size paper that you are going to be printing on if it is larger than what cricket design space can do.

image of Jamela by pink on a sublimation shirt that is cotton and sublimated on glitter with text overlay

Using Glitter for Sublimation On Cotton Shirts

So once your canvas opens, you want to go ahead and import in your image. And I just drag and drop from my desktop, because that is the easiest thing to do. But once your image is in there, the next thing that I like to do is pull the rulers to the size of what I need the image to be.

You can use this method on cotton t-shirts and it works on whatever color you want, but you have to be very careful with colors other than black that you don’t get the ink on to the fabric. If you don’t, It will be fine it will wash right out.

The siser rainbow white glitter vinyl is my favorite for sublimation on cotton on however and to use when I press. But, you can use their white glitter to sublimate on, or the Cricut glitter also works very well. I haven’t tried any other glitters, because again Siser Rainbow White is my favorite.

image of Jamela by pink on a sublimation shirt that is cotton and sublimated on glitter

How long does sublimation last on shirts?

The most beautiful thing about sublimation. When you use sublimation as your printing method it will always last the life of the garment.

What does this mean exactly? It means that as long as you have a wearable shirt your design will be there. Your shirt can be completly tattered, torn and ripped to shreads but that design will not wash out.

If you have some design skills, sublimation is also a great way to get very colorful designs and also unique designs. Because you are using a program to print as opposed to vinyl where you have to layer the image the possibilities are truely limitless.

I have a ton of sublimation designs in Shop by Pink to help you get started. Check them out and let me know what you think.

I love using this method to sublimate on cotton. There are actually a few ways or methods to sublimate on cotton using glitter HTV.

Here are a few other Sublimation Projects to try out.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Active Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


  1. Upload the image to Cricut Design Space.
  2. You can leave it as a print and cut the image or save just the shape of the image. .
  3. Resize the image to fit your shirt.
  4. If you can print the size you need from Design Space then you can skip to step 9.

  5. Take note of the dimensions you resized to, they will come in handy later.
  6. If you saved it as a print then cut the image, switch the line type to cut, and cut out the vinyl.
  7. Switch over to photoshop, or the program you are going to use to print.
  8. Make the canvas size the same size as the sublimation paper you have to print with.
  9. Now resize the image to about 1/4 inch larger than the size you noted from Cricut Design Space.
  10. Mirror and print the image.
  11. Once you have your glitter vinyl cut out and your image printed you are going to grab your colored cotton shirt.
  12. Press on the vinyl first, you don't need the full amount of time. Just long enough for it to stick down to the shirt.
  13. Remove the transfer backing and allow it to cool for a couple of seconds.
  14. Now lay your print face down on top of the glitter.
  15. I like to secure mine with tape so I can make sure it doesn't move.
  16. Press with the EasyPress at 385 for 45 seconds.
  17. Carefully removes the paper while hot.
  1. 1996 harley davidson dyna lowrider
  2. Ninetales soul silver
  3. 32 inch craftsman exterior door

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I’ve been asked a lot how to How To Do Sublimation Over Glitter With Cricut Print Then Cut And EasyPress 2, so I decided to do a tutorial for yall.

First let’s talk about what dye sublimation actually is.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a way to dye fabric. Using a special printer, special ink and a heat press, you press the colors into your fabric.

Can I Sublimate on 100% Cotton?

No, the process of sublimation needs to be printed on polyester or a poly blend. The more polyester count the more vibrant your colors will be.

How To Do Sublimation Over Glitter With Cricut Print Then Cut

I am in love with this shirt, it definitely exceeded my expectations. I am in love. Guaranteed I will be wearing this shirt all year round!


What is sublimation printing T-shirts?

Good question, sublimation is a process using a special ink, sublimation ink that direct dyes the fibers in the fabric. With sublimation, you don’t have to worry about the peeling you do when you use a printable transfer. With sublimation printing, the design will last the life of the garment.

orange shirt that is sublimation over glitter I just took a dna test im 100% that witch text with the henderson sisters from hocus pocus

What kind of printer do you need for sublimation?

The sublimation printer I use for my sublimation prints, for both regular sublimation, and for glitter over sublimation is the Workforce Wireless Wide-Format. I have always been a huge fan of Epson Printers, it’s all I use.

How to do sublimation with Cricut?

You cant sublimate with the Cricut, but you can print with your printer using Cricut Design Space and Print then Cut. Cricut Access has plenty of images you can use for sublimation designs. 

The things that you need to sublimate using glitter heat transfer vinyl.


Can I sublimation print on cotton?

You cant sublimate you can’t directly onto cotton, but this method using glitter heat transfer vinyl, you press the vinyl design on using the glitter htv and then sublimate directly onto the vinyl cut out. If you need step by step instructions you can get them below.

You can only use this method on white glitter heat transfer vinyl, other colors may work but you are going to get the most vibrant colors on white glitter?

Now before I get into the step by step lets talk about my hocus pocus file! I am a huge fan of the singer Lizzo, so I saw something a few days ago that inspired this full-color design.

The cut file is part svg part png and it looks beautiful on glitter! You can grab the file here in my shop. 

I hope my design inspires you to make something amazing of your own. If you do, join and share in my facebook group.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Active Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Estimated Cost: $10


  1. Load your design and resize it
  2. For print then cut your image (the portion being printed) has to be no bigger than 9.25 by 6.75
  3. Duplicate the image only
  4. Change the print to no fill, it will change to a cut line
  5. Change the color to white
  6. Adjust the size and color of your wording if you have any
  7. Click make it
  8. Follow the prompts on the screen and send the image to your printer, I like to use the print dialog box and switch to best print
  9. Once the image is printed, place onto your light grip mat and load your machine
  10. You can select copy paper as your material load your machine and cut
  11. Cut the vinyl pieces
  12. With the EasyPress set to 385, press on all of the vinyl pieces including the white for your sublimation for 60 seconds
  13. Remove the transfer sheets and discard them
  14. Tape the design down with your heat tape, lining up the corners and edges to match
  15. Place your hot press on top of your design, you don't need any pressure
  16. When your press beeps remove it and then carefully remove the sublimation paper

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Facebook

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Did You Know? You Can Sublimate on Siser Glitter!

Pro World Inc.

Sublimation is a great technique that allows you to create customized and personalized full color products on demand. When sublimation inks are heated to 400*F, they turn into a gas and form a permanent bond to white/light colored fabrics or items that have a polymer coating. The transferred images are full-color, photographic-quality that will not crack, peel, or wash away. Typically, you cannot sublimate directly onto a dark colored garment.

But if you use a white glitter heat transfer vinyl as a base for the sublimated image it gives you the ability to create your designs on more than just light colored surfaces. It also opens the door for using more detailed images and designs without having to weed the vinyl.

SUBLIMATEwhite glitter HTV

Would you like to try sublimating on white glitter vinyl? Here’s how:
1. Gather your materials and your tools.
2. Print your top image with your sublimation printer.
3. Preheat your heat press to 320*.
4. Design the image or quote for your vinyl. Once you have it set, be sure to mirror the image before you print.
5. Print and weed your vinyl.
6. Once your heat press reaches the desired temperature, place your garment on the heat press, and then place your design, vinyl side down, where you want it. Place your non stick sheet on top of the vinyl and press for 15 seconds, making sure the pressure is adjusted properly.
7. Once it’s done, open up your heat press, remove the non stick sheet and peel off the vinyl backing. Then adjust the heat setting to 400* for sublimation.
8. Once your heat press reaches 400* place your printed image face down over the vinyl, cover it with the non stick sheet, and then press for 60 seconds.
9. Once it beeps, lift the press, remove the non stick sheet, peel the paper off, and admire your work!


For more details and to see step by step how we sublimated on the white glitter vinyl, check out our Facebook live post. 

Be sure to join us every Friday at 12:15pm ET on our Facebook page for a live tutorial. We have some ideas for the coming weeks, but we would love to know what you want to see. Do you have a project in mind, but you’re not sure how to complete it? Let us know and maybe you’ll see it on a future Facebook live.

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Sublimation siser glitter htv

Sublimation is great for colorful designs that would otherwise require a lot of cutting and layering - but it's not great on cotton or darks.  

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv

There are a few work-arounds to sublimate on cotton - my favorite being using white glitter heat transfer vinyl!  This Silhouette tutorial will take you from start to finish so you can get a vibrant and sparkly sublimation  design on any fabric in just a few steps. 

Before we start let's talk about the best glitter HTV to use for sublimation! One of the benefits of sublimation is there no hand - in other words you can't 'feel' sublimation once it's on the substrate. But if you sublimation on glitter HTV you will feel the glitter heat transfer vinyl on the surface - for this reason I like to use the absolute thinnest glitter HTV to avoid a rigid design.  I have found Glitter Flex from Speciality Materials (the same manufacture of Thermoflex) is perfect for this!! 

Oka now that you know what material you're going to use..let's walk through how to sublimation on white glitter HTV.

How to Set Up a Design in Silhouette Studio to Sublimation on HTV

I'm using this adorable Tropical Toucan design from So Fontsy's April SVG & Font Bundle.  

The adorable design includes the assembled and disassembled SVG along with PNG and several other file formats. Because are not cutting individual pieces here, it's really helpful for us to use the fully assembled design. 

Import the design into Silhouette Studio. Size the design.  

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, sublimation printer, glitter heat transfer vinyl

Once you have it sized for your surface, make a second copy (right click > Duplicate).  One copy will be for the sublimation print and the other we'll use to "Cut Edge" on white glitter HTV.   It's really important not to change the size of your design now unless you scale both at the same time. Both copies need to be the exact same size.

Move one copy to the side - we'll work with that one in a minute. 

How to Cut Glitter HTV for Sublimation Prints

Select the design that remains on your virtual cutting mat and fill it with white - change the line color to black or another high contrast color so you can easily see the design in Studio.  You can fill with white using the color selecting on the far left of the Quick Access Toolbar.

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, glitter heat transfer vinyl

Both sublimation and HTV designs need to be cut in reverse, so mirror both copies of the design. Do this by selecting both > right click > Flip Horizontally. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, glitter heat transfer vinyl

With the white copy on the virtual cutting mat, move to the Send panel and with the white copy selected, change from Cut to Cut Edge.  

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, sublimation printer

The design should now ONLY have cut lines around the every outer edge.  Make sure Heat Transfer, Glitter is selected as the material.  Click Send (and if the prompt pops up click Send As Is). 

Now you're ready to cut the glitter piece with the Silhouette CAMEO. I am using Speciality Material's White Glitter Flex. Like I said, I love this glitter htv line because it's thin and easy to cut and weed.  This HTV has polyester glitter in it which allows it to be used for sublimation.

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, cameo 4

After the glitter is cut, weed it, and press it on the surface at 330 degrees for just three seconds.

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, glitter heat transfer vinyl, cameo 4

I am applying to a cotton tote bag. Without this white glitter HTV layer I would not be able to sublimate on this bag because polyester is required for sublimation. The Speciality Materials glitter HTV has polyester in it making it able to be sublimated on.

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, glitter heat transfer vinyl

Set your bag or shirt aside for a few minutes while you prepare the sublimation print.  Increase the temperature of your heat press to 400 and set the timer to 60 seconds. 

Sublimating on Glitter HTV

Return to Silhouette Studio and print out the sublimation design by sending to your sublimation printer. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, sublimation printer, glitter heat transfer vinyl

If you are on a MAC, I recommend you export the design first, then open and print through Sawgrass Print Manager. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, sawgrass sublimation printer, glitter heat transfer vinyl

Once you have the sublimation print out, you need to flip it over - printed side down - and place it exactly over the glitter layer. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, glitter heat transfer vinyl

The great thing about sublimation is you don't need to cut it - since only the areas with ink will transfer. BUT when applying to glitter HTV like we are here, I would suggest you trim close to the design in a few areas so you can make sure the print lines up with the glitter htv design. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, sawgrass printer, glitter heat transfer vinyl

Use a few pieces of high temperature tape to keep the print in place while you press. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, high temp tape

Use your heat press to press the design for 60 seconds at 400 degrees. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, heat press

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, heat press

Carefully remove the tape and you'll see the beautiful, vibrant colors have been transferred to the Glitter Flex HTV. 

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, sawgrass printer

Isn't this just adorable!! I would have needed at least 11 different color HTV sheets if I had cut this all on HTV. But using sublimation on the Glitter Flex White really saved me a lot of time AND materials!

sawgrass, sublimation, glitter htv, silhouette and sublimation, sawgrass sublimation printer

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How To Transfer Sublimation Onto White Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl


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