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Deli in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lots going on at the market this Friday and Saturday… We&#;re having an ice cream social both days, grilling brats and giving away Kemps ice cream treats AND we&#;re looking for the first Longfellow Market Idol! Starting this Saturday from noon to , stop by and sing the Longfellow Market jingle for your chance to win. We&#;ll pick three finalists each week for the next ten weeks. In September, the thirty finalists will perform for the prize (a weekend stay at Iowa&#;s award-winning Honey Creek Resort) in front of a panel of judges. Sing solo, form a group, be creative! All ages are welcome. Not familiar with the jingle? Here are the lyrics and the tune is attached. Have fun! Longfellow Market Your store You deserve more Longfellow Market Feel the savings Feel the fun Feel the old-time value Bringing back neighborhood pride Longfellow Market Your store You deserve more Longfellow Market Longfellow Market

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&#;We Are Open&#;: Amid Lake Street Damage, Longfellow Market Is An Oasis For Food And Medicine

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After looting and fires destroyed buildings along Lake Street, people living nearby are finding fewer food options.

Longfellow Market at 38th and Lake is essentially the last remaining grocery store in that neighborhood.

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“That’s good to keep it safe for people who live around here. People got kids and stuff so that’s a good thing,” said shopper and neighbor Paula Drain.

With Cub Foods and Target looted on Lake Street, the store has become an oasis for people looking for groceries and medicine.

“Busy, crazy, stressful. Seeing a lot of new faces we haven’t seen before,” said Brad Best.

Best is an employee and a neighbor. He lives a block away from the store.

“We have a ton of volunteers helping us stock. Obviously being the only grocery store right now, stuff is flying off the shelves,” said Best.

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For employees it’s work during the day then guard the store at night. There’s been little sleep the past, few days but plenty of hope.

They will work a full day, get a couple hours of sleep at home, then come back and stand guard until the early morning- then work again. They communicate by walkie-talkie to form a citizens’ army of clerks, cashiers and volunteers.

“They are out here protecting the store, I’m glad to see that,” said shopper Bob Helland.

“I am glad they are open. Nobody tried to bust windows or nothing. Tried to rob it or nothing. So I’m glad about that,” said Drain.

Workers here believe better days are ahead. This is their chance to help this neighborhood rebuild and recover.

“My only message would be to stay strong. The neighborhood is going to rebuild. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 15 years, you know we are open,” said Best.

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Longfellow Market said about 30 volunteers are helping them stock the store right now to keep up with food demands.


Sours: https://minnesota.cbslocal.com//06/02/we-are-open-amid-lake-street-damage-longfellow-market-is-an-oasis-for-food-and-medicine/
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Longfellow Market Employee Reviews

High Stress with no managerial follow-through

Customer Service / Deli Team Lead (Former Employee) - Minneapolis, MN - August 28,

This is a new store in its first season. The owner is not always present, however when he is he is usually in a very foul disposition, prone to inappropriate outbursts to his employees and employees of his business partners. He constantly micromanages his employees and has no faith in anyone's ability to manage themselves. It is not uncommon to overhear him saying inappropriate things about coworkers, or even his financial situation. An example I will provide was when he stood in the deli (in full view of his customers and staff) complaining to his general manager about how business was bad and he didn't have enough money for payroll that week. When I tried to bring some of my issues to the designated "HR" representative (the office manager) she listened to my complaints before telling me "she wasn't HR for that".
There is no employee incentive to working at this market. Working in the Deli, I was often given old, sometimes rotten produce to utilize in my sandwiches and salads.

Sours: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Longfellow-Market/reviews
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Longfellow Market 30s Commercial Full Sing


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