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How to Put Music From the Internet Onto Your MP3 Player

These days, MP3 players have largely been pushed aside for cell phones, which can not only play music but also search the web, make phone calls and more. But most modern MP3 players are small and can clip onto your clothing. They're inexpensive, which makes them a great option for working out or for situations when you want to listen to music, but don't want to risk damaging your phone – like certain job sites where things can easily get broken.

Of course, most basic MP3 players don't offer streaming apps, so you'll actually have to put music on the device itself in order to rock out while working or working out.

Get Your Music

If you're only used to streaming services, you'll need to actually get music files for the songs you want on your MP3 player. While some streaming services, like Amazon Music, allow you to download music you don't actually own so you can listen to it offline, you can't transfer these files to other devices. Instead, you'll need to find downloadable music files. You can always rip music from old CDs to your computer and save them as MP3s, but many people prefer to just download music online.

If you like classical music, especially anything more than about 100 years old, or if musicians you like have released albums online for free, you can usually get these music files for free. Otherwise, you may want to buy songs or albums from an online music store like iTunes, Zune Marketplace or Amazon MP3. If you bought physical copies (CDs or vinyl records) of albums from Amazon, it's worth checking your account first, because sometimes these come with free digital downloads that can be added to most devices.

Do not download music illegally off of the internet; this is a crime and you can be arrested, charged with copyright infringement and/or sued by the copyright holder.

Always check your MP3 player's user guide before downloading music to be sure you get music in the proper file format for your device (almost all music players are compatible with basic MP3 files). If the files you want to add to your device are not in the proper format, you can download a free program online to convert the files into MP3 format.

Prepare Your MP3 Player

The way to add music to your specific MP3 player will generally vary based on the model. Most devices have some kind of software you must use to add music (often either iTunes or Windows Media Player), and this can be installed with a CD or USB drive included with the device by running a program installed in your device itself or by downloading software online. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the right program for your MP3 player.

Once you have the software installed, connect your MP3 player to your computer. Open your music software and ensure it recognizes your device. You may need to select sync options, for example, to determine whether your MP3 player should automatically download all music on your computer or wait for you to select which files you'd like to add to the device.

Some MP3 players allow you to plug the device into your computer and then add music by dragging and dropping files into the drive on your computer just like any other external drive. If your device isn't programmed to work like this, you need to use the software to add music. Your MP3 player's instructions will guide you on the right way to add music to your device.

Add Your Music

Once you've connected your device, you can add your music to it. If you set up auto-sync settings, music on your computer should automatically be added to the device whenever you plug it in. Otherwise, add your music to your device manually through the required software or by dragging and dropping directly onto the device's drive folder on your computer. To add music using software, be sure to read the device and software program's instructions to ensure it is correctly downloaded to your MP3 player.

Always choose your computer's option to safely eject your device before disconnecting it, or you may run the risk of damaging the drive or corrupting files.



  • If your MP3 player plays only MP3's and not other types of audio, the audio you've downloaded must be in MP3 format. If it's not, you can use an online file converter to convert the file from its current format into the MP3 format.

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The Best MP3 Players on a Budget

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

The rise of streaming may be dominating headlines in the music industry, but millions of people still purchase their music as MP3s. One of the most commonly distributed audio files used today, an MP3 is a compressed digital file that makes your music easy to download, share and store without requiring a ton of space — or taking up a ton of memory.

First rising to prominence in the file-swapping days of the late 90s, MP3s really began taking off as a serious music format a few years later, with the arrival of digital music platforms like iTunes, and pocket-sized MP3 players that replaced those bulky portable CD players that were never really quite portable enough to begin with.

These days, most portable MP3 players triple up as voice recorders and video players too, and they’re also engineered to play other file formats besides just MP3 (I.e. WAV, APE, FLAC). And while you may currently be using your phone to listen to music, switching to — or switching back — to an MP3 player will actually help free up space on your device and prevent your phone battery from draining so quickly. Phones are also larger and heavier, and if you want to take your music on the go — say, for a workout or run — a portable MP3 player will be significantly easier to carry and more lightweight. A portable music player is also great if you want to disconnect and listen to music and not be reachable. Phone goes off, but music stays on.

When looking for the best MP3 player, consider how you’re going to use it and what you’re listening to. If you’re using it to accompany your exercise, pick a player that is small enough to tuck into a running belt or light enough to strap around your arm. Unlike those portable CD players of the past, MP3 players are built for movement, so you never have to worry about your songs skipping or any physical components (I.e. a CD) falling out. And while MP3 players aren’t waterproof, most of our picks are durable enough to take a few dings and nicks without incurring any damage.

The next thing to consider is how many songs you have in your music library. Most of the options on our list feature 16 GB of memory, enough for about 4000 songs, though they can support up to 128 GB with the addition of a micro SD card.

One last thing to keep in mind: these MP3 players store your off-line digital collection of music. They are not streaming music players, so you won’t be able to stream music, but you will be able to easily access your purchased or downloaded media files.

Ready to put the phone down and enjoy crisp, clear music distraction-free? Here are the best portable MP3 players to pick up.

1. Sony NW-A45/B Walkman

The classic Sony Walkman gets a modern makeover with this surprisingly powerful portable music player. This palm-sized MP3 player is bigger than an iPod Nano but smaller than your cell phone. It has 16 GB of memory and delivers CD-quality, high-resolution audio, while Sony’s audio technology and its S-Master HX digital amplifier upscales your files for purer, less muddled sound. A ton of users actually say they heard more clarity and detail with the Walkman than with their iPod.

Plug in a pair of headphones or flip over to Bluetooth to connect with a pair of wireless buds. Get up to 45 hours of playback on a single charge. Set it to “standby mode” to conserve battery when not in use; plug in the included USB cable when you need to power back up.

PROS: Strong battery life, crisp, detailed audio and easy to use interface with intuitive touchscreen.

CONS: No WiFi connection so can’t use with streaming services.


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Buy:Sony NW-A45/B Walkmanat

2. Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.0

This multi-functional device delivers a ton of value in a tiny package. This unit acts as an MP3 player, radio, voice recorder, e-book reader and step counter, while built-in speakers let you use it as a mini boombox if you want to listen sans headphones, too.

The MP3 player features 16 GB of memory and the battery lasts up to 55 hours on a two hour charge. Bluetooth 4.0 lets you connect your music to a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of wireless headphones.

Users say the menu and buttons are super easy to use, and they say the sound quality is clean and consistent.

This package includes a MP3 player, USB cable, headphones and a sport armband to let you strap the player around your arm for easy listening on the go.

PROS: 12-month warranty. A ton of features and value for the price point.

CONS: This player lets you download e-books to read as a text file, but is not compatible with audiobooks.


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Buy:Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth…at$38.99

3. Cocopa MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.2

If you’re not picky about your audio and just want a simple MP3 player to take your music on the go, you can’t go wrong with this unit from Cocopa.

It won’t get you the crisp, detailed audio as other sets, but for less than a steak dinner, you get a lightweight, Bluetooth player that also double as a pretty decent voice recorder.

A single charge of 2-3 hours gets you up to 60 hours of playtime and 20 hours of voice recording. This MP3 player has a built-in 16 GB memory card to hold thousands of songs.

PROS: Made from a sturdy metal construction. Users say this MP3 player was easy to set up and start using right out of the box.

CONS: Sound quality is solid, but if you’re looking for richer audio and bigger bass, you’ll want to consider a different option. This is not a touchscreen.


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Buy:Cocopa MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.2at
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How Do I Download Music Onto an MP3 Player?

Adding songs to an MP3 player is easy, no matter which type of an MP3 player you have. There are several ways to do this.

Traditional Method
The easiest method of transferring music to an MP3 player is to simply plug your MP3 player into your computer and go to “My Computer”  (the icon is located either on your desktop or Start menu). Next, find your MP3 player’s icon which should be listed next to other drives. Click on this folder, open it and then drag your music files into the window. Now just close the window, click on the “safely remove hardware” button on your taskbar, and disconnect your MP3 player.

The problem is that many MP3 players and similar devices have encryption schemes built into the software so you need a synchronization program in order to load the music files onto the device. Luckily, you can find these programs on the Internet. Here are several examples:

WinAmp is a centralized media player for Windows, much like Windows Media Player. It allows you to buy concert tickets, search for lyrics, and download music from the Internet, and it also includes a synchronization tool you can use when you want to copy audio and video files to your MP3 player. Simply open WinAmp, import your music to the WinAmp library, click on USB under Portables, and click Sync. You can also use these steps to enable or disable automatic synchronization. To do so, simply check or uncheck the box in the Sync window that says “Automatically Sync upon connection”.

iTunes was created by Apple to allow users to synchronize their music and video files to their iPods. However, iTunes actually works for almost all MP3 and MP4 players. Simply download a copy of iTunes and install the software on your computer. Next, plug your MP3 player into your computer and open the iTunes software. Your MP3 player should show up on the left side of the window under the Devices category. Add the songs to your iTunes library and synchronize the device. Wait until it stops synchronizing and then disconnect the MP3 player from your computer. It should now have your songs on it.

MP3 Player Sync To PC Software 6.0
MP3 Player Sync To PC Software 6.0 is designed specifically for synchronizing your music and video files from your PC to your MP3 player and does not offer any additional features whatsoever. Simply open the software and follow the onscreen instructions to begin synchronizing your music and video files.

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player – software that comes with Windows – is intended as a media processor. However, Windows Media Player includes many tools that allow you to burn, rip, compile, and, most importantly, synchronize music and videos to your MP3 player and similar devices. Simply connect your MP3 player to your computer, open Windows Media Player, import your music to Windows Media Player’s library, click on the Sync tab, and drag your music files into the Sync list. Now just click on the Start Sync button.

CD to MP3
Many people have songs on CDs that they want to transfer to their MP3 players. Rather than trying to transfer songs directly from your CD player to your MP3 player, you need to insert the CD into your computer and use a CD ripping software to extract the songs. Fortunately, Windows Media Player has this function built right into the software. Once the CD is inserted into your computer, all you have to do is open Windows Media Player and click on the Rip tab and follow the instructions. Once the songs are on your computer, synchronize them to your MP3 player by using any of the programs mentioned above, or simply by using the Sync function in Windows Media Player.

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Music Player - MP3 Player(Audio Player)

Music player is one of the most beautiful mp3 player for Android with material design, stylish interface and sensor functions.. Play songs & listen to good music with Dub FREE music player now! Get stereo quality sounds with our audio enhancer features such as eq and bass booster. Moreover, Dub MP3 Player for Android has a stunning interface.

Music Player Features :

- Play , next or previous playback by shake
- Plays all audio files, listen to music offline
- 5 band graphic equalizer with presets
- Dynamic change background style/theme
- Plays song by folder
- Bass booster
- Trim/Edit Music file, free to make customize ringtones and make sound
- Set Sleep timer
- Music Popup Player
- Ringtone maker. Can set a music as ringtone
- Headset support.
- Support share music
- home screen WIDGETS support
- Lock screen music play control.
- Lyric support.
- Notification STATUS support
- Music Library wide SEARCH(Only support scan local song files).
- Volume Equalizer
- Set as Play Next song
- Drag to sort play list
- Edit the song details: track name, artist name, album name, gener

So, you don’t have to Google music player to find other apps to satisfy your needs for an awesome offline music player for Android. Play your downloaded songs and share songs with Dub Music Player.

Download the free music player & audio player app and enjoy your offline mp3 songs. Hope everyone can enjoy the new music playback experience.


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