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The 22 Coolest Women’s Undercut Hairstyles To Try in 2021

Ponytail Undercut Hairstyle with Geometric Tattoo Design

Ponytail Undercut Hairstyle with Geometric Tattoo Design

Instagram @cosmobygabrielle

If you want a less-committed look with a super edgy touch then this ponytail with a shaved undercut women’s style is the way to go! A high shave on the nape of your neck like this allows you to be creative in choosing any design you want! This geometric undercut hairstyle is a great option for ladies looking for something edgy and unique to wear.

Bowl Cut with Undercut and Zig-Zag Design

Bowl cut with undercut and zig-zag design for women

Instagram @hair_makeover_by_niky_

A bowl cut with an undercut and zig-zag design is the go-to cut suited for style enthusiasts. A lot is going on with this haircut. The bowl shape has a ton of texture to create an edgy style, pieced out with some wax paste. Ask your stylist if they are comfortable with cutting designs and clipper work.

Edgy Diagonal Undercut Haircut

Edgy diagonal undercut haircut for women

Instagram @hair_by_benji

Rock an edgy diagonal undercut haircut to add a sharp boldness to finer short hair. A short sharp undercut gives a strong shape to the profile enhancing the shape of the cut. The razor short sides contrasts against the disconnected length on top, which increases fullness.

Short Asymmetrical Undercut for Older Women

Short asymmetrical undercut for older women

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

Rock a short asymmetrical undercut for older women to transform into a younger, slimmer you. The undercut is not only fun to wear, but it opens up the face. It creates depth and contours the face for a slimmer appearance. The asymmetry adds to a youthful feel by adding volume and width to lift the facial structure.

Feminine Undercut for Long Hair

Feminine Undercut for Long Hair

Instagram @hairbyamilee

This long hair undercut with a shaved side has so much versatility in styling! The best part is you can’t tell it’s there when you part in from the other side.

Side Swept Undercut with Pink Ombre

Side Swept Undercut with Pink Ombre

Instagram @katierosehair

Women’s undercut styles are the perfect trend for any season! An under shave plus an edgy brunette to pink ombre on a pixie can totally give you that cool girl vibe! Wait no more and join the club of cool undercut women by adopting this hair idea.

Mandala Undercut Design on Short Hair

Mandala Undercut Design on Short Hair

Instagram @angela_skullptures

Women with an undercut can still keep it feminine with an intricate floral side design. The coolest thing with having short hair and a shaved side is that you can personalize it however you want!

Side Part Undercut with Star Design for Rocker-Chic Women

Side Part Undercut with Star Design for Rocker-Chic Women

Instagram @haritobarber

Mr. HB created this totally state-of-the-art hairstyle on a neck-length haircut with purple tips. When it comes to a female undercut, confidence is really all you need to rock!

Long Undercut with Flipped Ends

Long Undercut with Flipped Ends

Instagram @camilakhairbeauty

These long undercut strands with shaved sides on medium hair put you on the safe side. You can easily change the parting of this shaved hair to hide or show-off your rocker side.

African American Undercut

african american undercut pixie cut

Instagram @othiaggoramos

A high fade can accentuate long hair on top which can be versatile to style. A clean surgical line gives any undercut for women an edgy result with a hint of femininity.

V Shaped Nape Undercut for Long Hair

The V-shaped nape undercut for long hair makes an edgy style that’s easy to cover for formal occasions. Jesse Figueroa from Colombia is the barber behind this versatile haircut.

To create the undercut, Figueroa starts with parting the space used for the design. He explains, “then, get a trimmer to mark the hard lines. I recommend Andis’ Slimline Pro GTX. Lastly, use clippers to fade some parts of the design, giving it more depth.”

Creative Triangle Nape Undercut

This look offers a little bit of edge underneath that sexy silver blonde color. It was created by salon owner and stylist Ashley Marie Cooki of Chilliwack, BC.

“An edge that you are able to hide,” says Cooke. “Think “peekaboo” without the color. The blonde undercut hairstyle is my favorite because you get to pick a new design every few weeks!”

Cooke always likes to be honest and let women know that yes, although an undercut is wicked, it does require upkeep. “Think of how quickly your hair grows and the fact that you will have to touch it up every couple of weeks. I also remind women that the grow out process, once you decide you are done with this look, is exactly that, a process,” she explains.

Short Shaved Undercut with Braid

short shaved undercut with a braid

Instagram @justindillaha_hair

This short shaved undercut with a braid is a pretty cool bob.

Think about the thickness of your hair as this will be the key to how high the undercut should be. If you have very thick hair you can have a higher undercut but with thin hair, it needs to stay lower to leave enough thickness for lengths.

Also consider your face shape, as this will help determine how long your hair should be. Cheekbone or jawline length hair suits oval, heart, and round shapes, as it will enhance them. Under the jawline or even collarbone length gives the impression of a longer face shape.

Aztec Undercut Design

“I was inspired by this top bun with nape undercut while watching Black Panther,” says Tiffany Lin, an extension and color specialist in Pasadena, CA. “Undercut hairstyle ideas often come from movies. What inspired me to do this on my client was the fact that she reminded me of the character – strong, smart, and bold,” she explains.

“To the person thinking about doing an undercut, definitely, understand that the grow-out process isn’t all that fun,” says Lin. “You’ll definitely go through an awkward stage as it grows out but you only live once! A little bit of estimation you can do for yourself is that the average person grows approximately 6 inches of hair a year. It can be slightly high maintenance as designs grow out in approximately two weeks and hair in general needs to be maintained within a month.”

Lin loves doing undercuts on two types of women. The ones that just can’t stand their bulk and have tried just about everything to take their hair down in weight, and to the other woman that wants to express herself in a way not many other women do.

Undercuts with designs are so fun because they are like temporary tattoos. Every couple of weeks you can get a new look!

Undercut on Bob Cut

undercut on a bob cut

Instagram @teagancousins.hair

An undercut bob is delicately edgy. From the texture to the undercut, every aspect was carefully chosen to give the model in the image the option of a soft look or a sassy, rebellious look.

This is the ultimate undercut hair idea. It’s cut with lots of texture. For styling, try dry wax.

This bob with an undercut isn’t recommended for tight, curly hair or on very thin, fine hair. The denser the hair, the easier it is to style and switch around from side to side.

Undercut for Little Girls

Get an undercut for your little girl to match her edgy personality! This one in particular was created by stylist Elona of Chicago, IL.

“For easy at-home maintenance, consider a conditioner with pigment in it, to brighten your hair color when it fades. If you are in an environment that might not embrace a wild look, consider a lighter or pastel shade. Keep up with the undercut regularly to keep this look fresh,” explains Elona.

Hair Tattoo Undercut Design for Women with Braids

“I carried out a pattern on the shaved nape and painted over the drawing for more contrast and brightness,” explains Tanya, the barber and style creator of this undercut design.

“It should be noted that the drawing will only look stylish, contrast, and brightly only for several weeks. Then during the process of hair growth, the pattern will be washed away. If there is a desire to keep the hair tattoo, visit your stylist again,” she adds.

“To create new designs, you must wait until the hair grows to a certain length,” Tanya says. “Such patterns are recommended to women with long hair. A big plus of such hairstyle is that you can opt to hide it under the bulk of your hair.”

Undercuts with braids are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd or not get lost in a crowd of identical hairstyles. It allows you to show uniqueness, singularity, and identity.

“This hair art allows you to self-express and shows your culture using fashion. Owners of braided and shaved hairstyles like this are usually very courageous and creative,” she notes.

Trendy Undercut Design

“I absolutely love everything about how undercut design turned out,” says independent hairstylist Tim Gregorczyk of the UK. “We were aiming to create a trendy and low maintenance style, but something that made you take a second look and take notice.”

“The hidden gem is the nape undercut with design,” says Gregorczyk. “I’ve always kept it simple with undercut designs in the past and simple can be hugely effective.  When you look at it, you are instantly drawn to the design and flow of the undercut.”

Nape undercuts can be a brilliant style to consider if you’re after an easy low maintenance change of style.

As far as upkeep on an undercut, Gregorczyk says you would need to have it reshaped/styled every 3/4 weeks. “Other than that, they take no styling time needed. The fact you can wear the hair down, hiding an undercut, or wear it up showing it off, gives style options also,” he adds.

Short Hair Undercut

short hair undercut hairstyle

Instagram @hairgrl12

This convertible short undercut pixie has different lengths and textures throughout the hair giving it a soft and edgy look.

This boyish undercut is for someone who loves to play with their hair. The best thing about this cut is that it allows you to create different looks without putting in all the extra styling hours into your morning routine.

When it comes to the color of this short blonde undercut, it can be challenging and quite the maintenance, but it all depends on the base you are starting with.

This cut and color work best on medium-textured hair, natural levels 5 and up. To create the most versatile styles, use Kevin.Murphy styling products. While the hair is damp, prep it with KM hair.resort to give it some hold and memory.

Rockabilly Undercut for Curly Hair

“This curly undercut haircut is the perfect style for the carefree, fun-loving kind of girl. It’s the perfect balance of laid back with a dash of edgy-ness,” says level 2 designer and stylist Lily Bustamante of Gurnee, IL.

“I love this cut with a flat iron curl and messing it up with a little 05 dry shampoo paste and 32 triple take from Redken,” she adds. “Super easy but gives the look a little more texture and style.”

Pixie Undercut with Shaved Lines

“I would say that this is an undercut pixie cut with a long, side fringe that can give anyone a feminine, chic look,” says stylists Lin Po and Victor Lomas.

There is also the option of adding a fading to the undercut. Along with certain angles, Victor Lomas added fading to add more dimension and depth to this particular, abstract design he created for the undercut.

This particular hairstyle can suit most face shapes, but going short is a big step. “Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for their opinion if this hairstyle will suit you and your lifestyle. Talking to your stylist will also help you with some challenges you face with your hair like cowlicks, hair loss, etc.,” they state.

Upkeep is also of great importance, especially with the undercut part. They recommend coming in for a touch up with the fade every two weeks, and a trim for your fringe once every month if you plan on keeping this hairstyle for a while. “Designs can and will also grow out within a week and a half, but the fun part is that you have the option to rock new designs whenever you come in for a touch-up,” says Po.

Don’t believe the myth that when you go short, life will be easier. “Not every day will be a good hair day! Some days you can wake up and your hair will look in place and some days you’ll need to put in the extra effort to make it look right. Pixie undercuts can look more stylish, classy, or even edgy when styled,” they add.

Messy Undercut Pixie with Bangs

Messy undercut pixie with bangs

Instagram @wispyfringesalon

This messy undercut pixie bob with bangs is a really soft feminine undercut, keeping edge and class all at the same time. Messy undercut hair ideas usually start with messing up the hair.

It’s a really versatile style, allowing you to hide the undercut whenever you want, and swapping the sides for flatness or volume.

Wall says this haircut is great for women with really thick hair as the undercut eliminates half the hair. It’s suitable for oval face shapes or round, as the sides being short will slim the face and the length on top will add volume to lengthen. The hair type would be anywhere from curly to straight, and I would advise wearing the top longer if it is curly due to it springing up too short,” she adds.

The product should be very minimum. Invest in some Label M sea salt spray to apply on the day you wash it, as it will take away that fluffy just-washed look and will add soft texture and still allow movement.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/trends/undercut-hairstyles-for-women.html

40 Coolest Undercut Hairstyles for Women to Show Your Stylist Stat

Undercuts for women have been at the top of ladies’ favorite styles for quite some time now. You can do a hidden side shave, a creative pattern in the back, or play with layers and asymmetry. Choose your own way to show your inner rock star!

What is an undercut? Learn by scrolling through this list of 40 chic women undercut designs.

The undercut is a hairstyle popular among both men and women. This is a haircut with short shaved sides and/or back, and a longer top section.

1. Disconnected Top Knot Undercut. A savior for hot, steamy summer days. Casual yet put together, a style that will go well with your work clothes and an evening dress.

2. Neat Nape Undercut Bun. Wear your hair up most of the time? A nape undercut with fade will compliment your clean updo nicely.

3. Nape Triangle Undercut with Design. An undercut haircut for women who want to add a little secret underneath their usual ‘do. Keep your hair down to hide the design and wear it up for the wow effect.

4. Nape V Undercut with Blonde Highlights. This is the one for creative ladies. Here, you don’t just shave a part of your hair in a “V” shape but add highlights and shading using different settings of a clipper.

5. Gray Undercut Pixie with an Accent. It’s hard to call a simple female undercut a revolutionary hairstyle these days, so go bolder! To freshen your cut, dye your hair gray and add a yellow accent to look as if there’s a sunny bunny resting on your fringe.

6. Short Choppy Undercut Pixie. Girl, stop hiding behind your locks and embrace yourself by opening your beautiful face to the world. This hairstyle has become one of the favorites among Hollywood stars as it absolutely complements the jawline and cheekbones.

7. Pompadour Front and Undercut Back. Another fuss-free styling option for a hot and trendy female undercut. Here you can wear your top hair either as long bangs or style a pompadour with some texturizing spray.

8. “Barely There” Slight Undercut for Women. A nice way to transition from a short bob to a bold undercut style. Keeping most of your hair to one side gives it just the right volume, while the slight undercut shows the edge of your straight hair!

9. Purple Balayage Long Bob with Undercut. A half-shaved head is a definite head-turner. You could either let your curls flow freely to one side, or add a small braid to accentuate the parting.

10. Contrasting Long Pixie Undercut in Blonde. Play with the traditional pixie cut: add some layers, side bangs, and a deep undercut to show the contrast between pearl blonde strands and your natural roots.

11. Secret Undercut for Long Hair. If you have beautiful long hair and prefer wearing a bun, this is one of the best undercut hairstyles for women to show off your rebellious side.

12. Layered Undercut for Thick Hair. If you want to stop worrying about styling an undercut, add some layers to it, and use a texturizing spray to create definition and volume.

13. Boyish Undercut. An undercut and a fade haircut for women provide androgynous looks perfect for tomboys who can stand up for themselves. Tousle the top a bit to make the hair look voluminous.

14. Mohawk Undercut Fade Hairstyle. Faded undercuts are always in style: they are classic and easy to rock. Compliment it with a messy feathered Mohawk and you’re good to go.

15. Cute Short Curly Undercut. It is no doubt difficult to work with curly hair, but with the proper undercut, you can get amazing definition and volume. Perfect for low-maintenance curly-haired girls.

16. Short Undercut Bob Transition. A soft, delicate, and fresh bowl-like style is a great option for girls wishing to go back to longer hair without awkward in-between hairstyles. Besides, you can’t go wrong with a sharp low fade.

17. Straight Side Shaved Undercut Bob. Keep it soft with a little highlighting by letting your hair shine in this cool short bob hairstyle. Do add a delicate side shave to freshen up the look.

18. Geometrical Short Hair Undercut. What else could you wish for in a bold and edgy style? A sharp clippered side shave? Check. A clean undercut and pompadour bangs? Check.

19. Messy Undercut with Babylights. Feel like you’ve walked out of a French rom-com with this messy bowl cut. Highlighted tresses add an extra dimension to the hairstyle and keep it looking fresh.

20. Freehand Design Long Undercut Hairstyle. A great thing about getting this undercut is that you can choose any pattern you want, especially with long hair. Try something creative and decide if you want to show it off or keep it as a surprise.

21. Lavender Bowl Cut with Undercut. Some might say that bowl cuts are a thing of the past, but you can spice it up with an undercut and a bold hair color. Besides, this hairdo adds a lot of volume to your hair, too.

22. Mullet Undercut Hairstyle. Go back to those grungy days from the 90s with a stylish choppy cut suitable for both thick and thin locks.

23. Textured Undercut Pixie. This is the undercut haircut women go for in movies when they decide to begin a new life, so if you’re on the verge of starting all over again, don’t be afraid to experiment with layers, textures, and lengths!

24. Curly Undercut Hairstyle. Female undercuts add certain edginess to girly looks, and they look absolutely gorgeous when mixed with curly hair, reflecting both your feminine and rebellious sides.

25. Long Hair Undercut with Shaved Lines. What’s good about these cuts is that you can easily hide your undercut by sweeping your hair to the other side or leave it out for all to see. Whether you choose the lines or something more complex, a side shave and long hair is an interesting match.

26. Platinum Blonde Short Undercut Fade. A Hollywood favorite with a near-invisible fading design will absolutely complement your jawline and sharp cheekbones.

27. Curly Bob with One-Side Undercut. A universal undercut women of all ages can wear and embrace. The cut is perfect for the girls who prefer switching up their looks and surprising others with a different hairstyle every other day.

28. Nape Undercut Blonde Hair. It’s always nice to add extra layers to bleach blonde hair, as this automatically gives it more dimension and volume. Like here, the darker shaved section sets off the platinum blonde choppy strands.

29. Sharp Undercut Pixie Haircut. Perfect for fine hair, the style is the bolder version of the traditional pixie cut. Here we have pointy tips that you can sculpt yourself in any direction.

30. Female Undercut Design with Lines. One of the easiest women’s undercut designs that won’t bore you. Slim lines and edgy layers will always look good!

31. Undercut Buzz Cut with Blue Highlights. Define the lines between the undercut and your crown hair with a clipper. Thanks to the choppy texture and creative color, you get an outstanding look for short hair.

32. Disconnected Undercut with Lilac Balayage. While sharp disconnected styles can look incredibly bold and fierce, bright lilac and purple shades in loose ringlets definitely create a lovely soft feel around the sharper elements.

33. Purple Undercut Haircut with a Silver Accent. Various unicorn shades of purple and blue stand out nicely in the textured Mohawk, while the shaved undercut gets an accessory of its own – silver glitter.

34. Short Bob with a Nape Undercut. Play a little and let your hair flow over a clean shaved nape undercut. Finish the look with soft wisps of hair on the sides.

35. Red Colored Undercut Long Hair Women. A classic for longer haired girls. You can choose yourself whether you want to show off what’s under your mane or switch the parting and cover it for more formal occasions.

36. Undercut for Older Women.Older ladies tend to avoid undercut designs for women. It’s better to keep it more classic. Any undercut looks bold, even a basic one. With most of the hair close to the face, you get a casual look with just the right amount of volume and texture.

37. Classy Undercut Bob Hairstyle. Not only does this style help you show off your glossy hair, but it also gives you an effortless and well put-together look without too much hassle.

38. Low Undercut for Platinum Blondes. A cute haircut for girls with round faces who also want to cover their foreheads and open their sides. Along with this, such a cute undercut pixie will last for a while and won’t require much maintenance.

39. Edgy Disconnected Undercut Ponytail. If you want to give off some tribal vibes and let everyone know how strong and independent you are, here is your chance! With a distinct parting on both sides and neat geometric lines, you’ll be on top in no time.

40. Long Undercut Dreads. Undercuts and dreads go together like PB and Jelly. There’s so much you can do in terms of undercut designs to go with your dreads, but keeping it traditional is also a good option.

If you’re looking for good undercut hairstyles for women, it’s easy to spend many hours surfing the internet for the perfect cut. We suggest you pick a few of your most favorite undercut ideas and bring them to your stylist – and they know what to do!

Sours: https://www.hadviser.com/undercut-for-women/
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Undercut women styles aren’t afraid to compete with the guys. While this classic look used to be worn primarily by men, ladies have proven they look just as good with shaved sides and some length left on the top.

This brave look can be worn a variety of lengths and truly depends mostly on what you’re just comfortable with. There are no hard and fast rules about wearing an undercut other than being sure that you are ready for the commitment. Perhaps you’re growing out a pixie on the top but want to go bold underneath? Or maybe you want something edgy that plays up a hot trendy hair color (purple or pink anyone)? You can wear an undercut and still look feminine if you choose. Take a look at the following bold looks and find the shaved style that’s ideal for you.

Will Undercut Suit You?

Before you opt for this cut you might want to decide if it will suit you. Generally speaking, oval face shapes can wear pretty much anything. For the rest, you’ll want to be mindful of how and where to place the top length of the style.

This cut is often parted to the side, but those with a long forehead may want to wear a bang to downplay that feature. If you have a square jawline, you should have a length that exceeds below it so it balances that portion out. Your stylist can help you determine the best length and parts for you and your hair type.

The Most Stylish Undercut Hairstyles Ideas

There are plenty of reasons to opt for an undercut. First off, you’ll save yourself some valuable styling time in the mornings. An undercut is kept short on the back and sides so you’ll really only need to work on styling the top. This look can also be worn and parted several different ways to flatter a variety of facial shapes. Many women start with this classic cut before venturing off into more wild and expressive looks. Consider an undercut if you want to dip your toes in a short style for women.

Disconnected Undercut

Credit photo: instagram.com/lauradoesmyhair

A disconnected undercut is fairly easy to spot. Usually it’s paired with a hard part that pushes the hair over to the other side. Many ladies love this look if they want to draw attention to body tattoos or even a shaved or pierced eyebrow. Add some color to a disconnected style and you make it even hotter.

Short Hairstyle With Shaved Temple

Credit photo: instagram.com/playwithscissors

Some girls want to play with the idea of a shaved head without diving in completely and that’s perfectly fine. This cute and playful variation allows you to pull off one of the hottest female trendy cuts without losing your length entirely. It’s also a great way to add some dimension to a classic bob cut. There’s nothing wrong with dappling into the world of an undercut, even if it’s just on one side.

Undercut Long Hairstyle

Even though the undercut is pretty short, it can work for girls with any length of hair: short as a pixie, medium as a bob, or long and layered. When you'd like to show off the charm around your sides, you can collect long hair in a ponytail, space bans, or braid, short - combed to one side. Hence the third reason is an opportunity to do different hairstyles every day.

Also, as the hair grows quickly, you can constantly try different designs and colors, mixing them with each other. As a result, your haircut will be different all the time and you will not have time to get bored.

Credit photo: instagram.com/alishanakamura.hairCredit photo: instagram.com/staygold31Credit photo: instagram.com/haritobarber

From the above options, and the fourth reason for the undercard is diversity and creativity. We will help you choose exactly what you are looking for. A collection of fresh ideas for the undercut waits for you further!

Such type of haircut as an undercard can be combined with a variety of hairstyles and with absolutely any length of hair. In order to demonstrate a trimmed neck on long hair, you can collect your hair in a ponytail, a bun, or you can make a braid, long enough for pixies and bobs to change the parting.

Messy Short Hairstyle Ideas

Credit photo: instagram.com/katrinberndtCredit photo: instagram.com/jejojejo87

A bob haircut is for women who like their hair to be slightly longer while still having a low-maintenance look. Also, this haircut looks super classy and elegant. On the other hand, you will have some trouble while mastering it plus it isn’t as flexible as other haircuts. This look is rather a bowl than a bob. Well, whatever it is, it looks hip! If you're thinking of copying this look, you're on the right way.

Disconnected Layered Undercut

Credit photo: instagram.com/roma_rozhkovCredit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_colorCredit photo: instagram.com/roma_rozhkov

When you want to add some dynamics and movement, layers are key. And when you want to add some drama to your look, a disconnected undercut is a must. Together, these two will form a spectacular duo. If you don't like rough contrasts, you can go for tapers. And if you want to go big, a skin fade will do the trick. It doesn't matter if you wear your hair straight or wavy. This kind of undercut flies on all textures!

Although the classic undercut features shaved sides and nape, this haircut never sets limitations for creative minds! As a matter of fact, an undercut is nothing but a canvas for hair experiments, where you can customize every single detail of your look. So when you want some big and bold hair changes that won't look too drastic, you can go for a side undercut! A slightly shaved touch on one side is enough to take your pixie or bob to the next level, especially if you want to add some character to your short cut.

Hairstyles With Braids

Credit photo: instagram.com/clairdoeshairCredit photo: instagram.com/lenna_kfCredit photo: instagram.com/hair.by.erin_

Don’t want to step into the commitment of shaved designs but still dream of accentuating your undercut? Well, this is where the good old braids should come into your life. Just braid a small section of hair down the hairline and see your undercut from a brand new perspective! Or, you can combine shaved sides with braids. Of course, it will require regular upkeep. But this duo is totally worth it! Plus, braids can add a feminine touch to your bold look.

Credit photo: instagram.com/snchezrebecaCredit photo: instagram.com/beautybyrachelrenaepaz

Side-swept is one of the most popular types of undercut haircuts. If you wear a long or short pixie, any long bob - then this haircut is definitely for you! Experiment, regardless of the length and color of your hair, try a new one, and you will certainly find something that will suit exactly you! The good news is, side-sweep looks cool on anything from shaved to tapered sides. Wavy or straight, this style is always fabulous!

Creative And Outstanding Undercut Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/corneliucrihanCredit photo: instagram.com/courtneyxcentrichair

Short haircuts are also adaptable for undercuts. For this kind of hair look, the most appropriate way is to shave sides of your head, as well as finish them with a taper or fade. However, in some cases, undercuts with ornaments look bomb. Now, let's talk about its creative side. From various colors to different cutting techniques, you are free to play. We weren't joking when we told you that undercut knows no limits. Well, these pics are proof. Moreover, they're only the beginning.

Undercut Designs Ideas

When rocking an undercut, your hair is no longer hair; it's a way to express your artistic-self. That's why you should discover the latest trend in the world of undercut for women - shaved designs. While there are a plethora of ideas for your creative side, nape, or all-over shave design, you can also create your own sketch. Here are the latest and most popular shaved designs that you will certainly find inspiring for your next appointment!

Long Hairstyles With Undercut Designs

Credit photo: instagram.com/playwithscissorsCredit photo: instagram.com/sidney.styles

There are a lot of different designs. Masters shave geometric shapes and flowers, as well as animals and abstractions. Basically, the main thing is to show imagination.

Another way to show individuality is to color your undercut bright, thus accentuating attention to it. In the warm season, use pink, green, yellow shades, in winter - purple, blue, and black.

Free your inner wild cat - animal prints are super popular today, after all! Also, you can accessorize your design. Some glittery powder will work just great! Or, you can color your design different shades. That's a fantastic way to make your hair look even more unique.

Undercut Fade

Credit photo: instagram.com/doug_theoCredit photo: instagram.com/havalava

The undercard fade differs in that it implies a soft transition and graduation of lengths. Often, this technique is used in men's haircuts, but, lately, undercard fade rightfully takes a firm position in the list of popular women's haircuts, thus being one of the trendiest androgynous haircuts. There are three fade graduations: low, mid, and high. The softness and length are what make the difference between them. If you want a more balanced look, a mid fade is key. In case you're more into contrasts, high fade is for you. As for the low fade, it's a cool detail for a clean accent on the nape. 

Lovely And Beautiful Hair Tattoos

Credit photo: instagram.com/Xostylistxo

Now let's discuss how you can get better prepared for this new fresh look. First of all, pick some photos that you find really beautiful and save them on the smartphone. These photos are for your hairstylist, in case you'd like to try something different.

Daring And Unbelievably Hair Undercuts

After seeing what you want, your hairstylist will be able to suggest a similar variant that will also suit the daily routine and hair texture. Do you have a free hour in the morning or you wish something easier to style? That, in fact, is what will determine your future look. Before going for a particular idea, think of it - are you ready to maintain it? When it comes to shaved designs, visual expectations usually meet high-maintenance reality.

Colored Undercut

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Also, do follow your hairstylist’s advice. A professional stylist is always honest with his or her clients. Therefore, if a particular hairstyle is not right for you, just make peace with this thought.

Spike-Line Hair Tattoo

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Don’t think that you know better. So as not to be disappointed, trust your stylist. And when it is about shaving the head, it is advisable to opt for baby steps rather than go super extreme at once. Then you will truly rock this trendy hairstyle! Besides, you can always cut off more hair with time. On the contrary, if you go too short right away, you'll turn your life into commitment.

Back Shaved Lines Undercut

Credit photo: instagram.com/exotismosCredit photo: instagram.com/exotismosCredit photo: instagram.com/acasasilvaCredit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_colorCredit photo: instagram.com/exotismosCredit photo: instagram.com/acasasilvaCredit photo: instagram.com/exotismosCredit photo: instagram.com/exotismos

Simple but refined and striking lines - that's what makes heads turn today. Whether it's a plain stripe on the side or a customized line, it will add a lot of character to your undercut. The best thing is, you can try lots of different ideas because the hair on sides grows pretty quickly.

Now that you've taken a journey around the latest women's hair trends, you know that undercut is no longer associated with men only! Not only does this haircut adapt to any hair type but it also has the power to reveal your bright self. Although it may seem to be too outrageous for the workplace, it actually has many variations to fit all lifestyles. Of course, it takes some guts. But once you try it, you won't regret it!

FAQ: Undercut

What does it mean if a girl has an undercut?

Women’s undercuts have been a popular approach to change up their appearance. What do we call an undercut? It is a haircut obtained when the sides of your neck and/or the nape of your neck are shaved extremely short. Optionally, you can have your cut colored or add some designs to it. Undercuts are very popular nowadays for a variety of reasons, one of which being their adaptability.

Who should get an undercut?

If you have thin hair and would like to try an undercut, we recommend you to shave only one side of your head rather than both or all around. Wearing an undercut can help with gender anxiety if you’re non-binary or gender-fluid, or experience anything else on the transgender spectrum for that matter.

How long does an undercut last?

How can you keep an undercut looking good? It is suggested that you come in for a touch-up every three weeks. When the hair is long enough and the hairstyle is not really eye-catching, it takes roughly two weeks. Of course, the upkeep of any hairstyle is dependent on the kind and texture of the hair.

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PROS + CONS ABOUT AN UNDERCUT -- Camille Carcereny

The trendiest look for women in 2018 just so happens to be the undercut hairstyle. If you’re not sure what an undercut style is then it’s simple; it’s just a haircut with one or both temple areas shaved or cut really short. It is typically known as a popular men’s hairstyle but women are starting to pick up on the trend and they are running with it. You should take a look at the following styles and see what cool ideas are out there.

There Are Serious Undercut Styles for Women

These styles are truly amazing and they could be used on long hair, short hair or even medium hair. It’s not a style that any woman can pull off, sometimes it just depends on the shape of your head. Many women do give it a shot though and if you are brave enough, then it is sure to give you an edgier look. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try; hair will always grow back.

It’s always best to discuss extreme hairstyle with your stylist and ask for their advice. If she or he feels that the hairstyle would suit you then go for it.

Check out these 64 Undercut Hairstyles For Women That Really Stand Out:

  1. Create a Design

You have the choice to do a standard shave, or you could be extra badass and have a design shaved into your head. How awesome would that be? Get a talented stylist though because not everyone is this artistic. 

2. Manipulate Long Hair

A great style for women with long hair. It’s one of the sexiest and edgiest styles that you can have for 2018.

3. Shaved That’s So Close

Not all shaves are created equal. This gorgeous actress too her shave all the way to her head. You don’t have to get this close of a shave if you don’t want to.

4. A Shade of Purple

If you are a girl that likes color, then you can really create an edgy look by combining color with a shaved side. It’s an amazing look.

5. Braided Styles

We love this sexy style because it combines a braid with a shaved side and that’s incredibly sexy.

6. Blue Like The Sky

If you are looking for a cool color this year, then this blue style is what you need in your life. It really offsets the shaved side quite nicely.

7. A Rainbow Color

If getting a close shave freaks you out too much then try a longer length to start just to see how you like it.

8. A Subtle Shave

If you want to try the undercut hairstyle but don’t want anything dramatic, then you can try it underneath your hair. The undercut can be completely hidden until you raise your hair up into a ponytail.

9. Compliment a Tattoo

A stunning tattoo on the back of the neck looks great with a shave.

10. Braids and Shaves

A great style is truly unique. Look how awesome this style is when you combine platinum hair, a few braids and a small shave. The undercut isn’t a large piece either, so it’s not too dramatic.

11. A Style With Edge

A great style that is truly unique. The undercut isn’t a shave but just a short cut. It’s a unique style that anyone could rock.

12. A Celebrity Style

This gorgeous cut looks amazing on Kristen Stewart. This girl has learned how to rock a short style to perfection.

13. Platinum Styles

This is one truly edgy look for that badass girl out there. It’s a short undercut and we love the platinum edge to it.

14. Intricate Designs

Having a style etched into your hair is a great way to show off your new hairstyle.

15. With a Touch of Curl

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous undercut. The curls soften the whole look entirely.

16. Sexy Styles

We love this style that has long hair and a braid. The undercut looks truly amazing with it.

17. A Touch of Purple

If you like the mohawk look, then you are sure to love this curly style. The undercut looks amazing with the curls.

18. A Circular Style

There is some rhythm to this style. It’s circular around the head.

19. The Rainbow Style

If you love Rainbow Bright, then you are sure to love this bright and colorful style. The back undercut looks like a rainbow.

20. A Very Close Shave

Her style is pretty classic until she lifts her hair into a ponytail. The shave was quite close if you want something badass.

21. Sophisticated Style

If you are into more of a stylish hairstyle, then try out this edgy look. You don’t have to look like a rock star to have a great undercut.

22. A Choppy Style

This choppy style is great if you like the mohawk look. The undercut compliments it nicely.

23. A Designer Look

The back of your neck is a great opportunity to create a unique style. It’s beautiful and it can be showcased whenever you want.

24. A Sexy Ponytail

A simple style like this one is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a big change.

25. A Simple Style

If you want an undercut but don’t like the drama, the try out this classic look.

26. Sexy and Unique

If you are looking for a style that is unique and will turn heads, then this is the style for you.

27. Some Wavy Styles

A great style that you are sure to love because it’s truly unique.

28. Try Out a Brand New Style

If you are looking for a new style this year but don’t want to go overboard, then this is the style for you. The shave is not right to the head either.

29. Great Lines

What a stunning design that incorporates curls with some edgy designs shaved into the head.

30. Soft Pink Designs

This is a truly unique style and one that you are sure to love. The hair is smooth and stylish and then we see a peek-a-boo of an undercut.

31. Loving the Heart

A long hairstyle that is made even more gorgeous with a heart-shaped designed shaved into the side of the head.

32. A Strong Mohawk

If you love the mohawk, then you must try this undercut style with a very high and curly mohawk.

33. A Thin Undercut

This undercut is quite thin around the neck and it can be hidden by the hair once it’s left down.

34. Floral Designs

This girl has gorgeous long hair and she has a floral design etched into her undercut. It’s a gorgeous design all around.

35. Celebrity Shave

This classy celebrity decided to mix up her red carpet look with an undercut.

36. Bright White Style

This edgy style is gorgeous because of the color and the undercut. It’s a great style that anyone would love.

37. A Truly Rockstar Style

Obviously, a real rock star knows how to rock an undercut hairstyle. She has the combination of a mohawk and a side undercut.

38. Gorgeous Short Styles

This amazing style is all about the short hairstyle. She has added an undercut to it and the curls looks awesome with it.

39. Red Hair Styles

This stunning style is truly remarkable because of the design etched into the undercut. The color of the hair is beautiful with the design.

40. A Short Style

The style that we have here is quite short. The undercut goes around the head. It’s a dramatic style that you are sure to love.

41. Sexy Pony Styles

This is a great style and one that you can use whenever you want. If you want it hidden all you have to do is wear your hair down.

42. Hot Styles

You are sure to feel like a rockstar with bright hair like this. We also have the undercut in a rainbow fashion.

43. Striking Styles

A bowl haircut that is a very classic look. The undercut goes around the head. The hairstyle is very edgy if that’s how you want to bring in the New Year.

44. The Pixie Cut

A pixie cut that is truly amazing because it has the undercut with it.

45. Shocking Styles

This is a gorgeous style that you can wear to a rock concert or an office. We love it because it’s classy and edgy all at the same time.

46. Green-Eyed Monster

These pigtails are unique not only because they are bright green but also because the undercut is being showcased by it.

47. Great Green Styles

This amazing undercut is unique because the color looks like it’s painted on the undercut. The colors are incredible with the whole hairstyle.

48. A Full Shave

If you are looking for a bold look, then try out this undercut that goes all the way up. The very top is all that’s kept long.

49. Bright Red

A shockingly short undercut with a bright red shade that is truly gorgeous. If you are looking for a style that will really stand out, then this is the one for you.

50. Straight Lines

A great mohawk design with a wonderful undercut. The designs on the side are perfectly straight. The etchings are remarkable if you want something dramatic.

51. A Bold Look

What a gorgeous style that is long in the front and short in the back. The undercut is covered by most of the hair.

52. Colorful Designs

She has a style that she can showcase when her hair is in a ponytail. The undercut is colored in a way that really brightens up the whole look.

53. A Severe Style

This ponytail is quite severe and it’s made even more dramatic by the fact that the undercut is visible as well.

54. A Diagonal Line

A gorgeous style that is really amazing because it’s in a diagonal line. The one side is an undercut while the other side is a shorter style.

55. A Standard Undercut

This is a great undercut and it’s quite high in the back. The front is left long while the undercut goes around the head.

56. Just the Bangs

This is a very different look indeed because most of the style is shaved and only the bangs are left longer. You have to be truly bold to take on this look. It’s definitely not for everyone. Make sure that you are truly committed before attempting this style because it’s a lot more hair to grow back.

Also See:

57. Gorgeous Celebrity Looks

This is a beautiful style that is long all over except with a small portion of a side undercut. Undercuts always look beautiful with long hair. The waves are gorgeous with this hair and it’s unique. It’s got a lot of body to it which is a great look for any event.

58. Edgy Designs

A great medium length style that has the undercut on one side as well as some amazing designs etched on the side. We love the curls because they add volume to the look. The designs are the remarkable part of it. But it all works together.

59. Gorgeous Etched Designs

A very short bowl haircut has some colored dimensions to it. The undercut is also quite short and the etched design is truly artistic.

60. Pale Purple Style

A great purple design that has an undercut underneath. This style too has etched designs. We love the pale purple. It’s truly a cool design that is stylish as well.

61. White Hot Styles

This style is truly a bright one, practically as bright as the sun. We love the mohawk style with the close undercut around the head. It’s a close shave with an awesome mohawk on top.

62. Stained Glass Style

She has a great long hairstyle and she’s combined an undercut to it. It’s amazing because the design and colors resemble a stained glass window. We love the beautiful colors and it’s a different design that is original.

63. A Simple Undercut

An undercut doesn’t have to be edgy or dramatic. It can simply be sophisticated and stylish.

64. Triangle Designs

A great undercut style that is just left in the back. We love the triangle designs that are on the back. Having a design shaved into the back is truly unique. They are gorgeous.

Sours: https://www.styleinterest.com/undercut-hairstyles/

Hairstyles women undercut

50 Women’s Undercut Hairstyles to Make a Real Statement

An undercut hairstyle women currently consider as one of the trendiest in 2021, is an extreme type of haircut with one or both temple areas cut very short or even shaven. Although it’s a very popular men’s style, women also keep up with the trend. Consider the idea and look through our top 50 women’s undercut hairstyles.

The Most Stylish Undercuts for Women

Undercuts can be used on short, medium and even long hair. Well, not every lady would dare get a shaved temple. However, on second thought, if you are ready to add an extra edge to your look, why not try at least once? Hair will grow out after all… And if your hairstylist sees that on no account an undercut would flatter you, he or she would tell you and help to choose the right compromise style. So, let’s see the images with the best variants!

#1: Smoky Lavender Undercut

An undercut does not just have to be in the back, it can also be used as a fun detail to accent your face on the side. You can brush over it when you become tired of it or want to let it grow out. This short section will work well on chin-length to long hair—just make sure you have enough length to cover it up.

#2: Long Hair Rebellion

For those not ready for a short cut all around, check out this long hair undercut that keeps hair looking long and natural with a hidden surprise. Pull locks into a top knot to reveal an edgy design shaved underneath.

#3: Platinum Under Shaved Pixie

There are many different ways to rock undercut hair outside of the typical isolated shaved sections around the back or side. Those who want to take it a step further should opt for a Mohawk style. If the hair is cut really low, create a striped design with dye in a darker color.

#4: Hairstyle with Two Directions

Choosing a path in life can be tricky, so why to stress out about going in just one direction with your hairstyle? You can involve two distinct personalities, same like this style that leaves hair a bit longer and more even on one side.

#5: Spiky Shaved Mohawk

A Mohawk is one of the most popular shaved hairstyles for women, but that also means that it can be the most common and expected. Take yours a step further with a two-toned blonde and black style. Make it modern by opting for a cool-toned ash shade instead of a golden hue.

#6: Feminine Designs

Embrace artistic designs shaved underneath the hair, bringing a unique piece of art to the nape of the neck. Continue onward with typical feminine styles, including braids, buns and ponytails. This works especially well on fine hair types that need to be spiced up a bit with dynamics.

#7: Blue Haze Undercut

Smoky hues are all the rage this year, with colors ranging from purple to silvery grey. This misty blue is a unique spin on the trendy colors. Those who can afford to rock a look like this in the workplace should try a higher undercut.

#8: Shaved Temple and Side Part

This undercut bob is perfect for a girl in high school or college who wants to experiment a little without overhauling her entire look. Incorporating a smaller shaved section on one side makes it easier to cover up by simply un-tucking your hair. A look like this would be best suited for those with thick hair.

#9: Freehand Design Undercut

Get fancy with your undercut haircut and try a complex, eye-catching design. The beauty of this style is that despite the edginess of the shaved section, the overall pattern actually manages to be soft and subtle because it resembles a sunflower.

#10: Long and Blonde

Hang onto your long blonde locks from childhood and want to update them with a modern twist? Here’s an undercut hairstyle women would go for without a second thought. Well, many women would. It features subtle shaved patterns blended together with more traditional hair.

#11: Short Hairstyle with Asymmetrical Undershave

This is a perfect option for girls who like to switch up their looks. The top layer is long enough to completely conceal the short lengths and a tapered side underneath. The shaved side can be covered or revealed to coordinate hair with mood.

#12: Braided Blue Plumage

The shaved section isn’t the only bold detail in this undercut hairstyle. The vivid turquoise hue and feathery braiding create an exotic avifaunal effect. The longer strands are pinned to reveal the cropped exterior and garnished with strips of leather that call to mind falconry jesses.

#13: Coiled Blonde Mohawk

Juxtaposing light and dark, cropped and curled, results in a perfect mix of tough and feminine. Barrel curls provide height and structure to the center lengths, while keeping the texture soft. Use fingers to lightly break up curls and an aerosol spray for hold.

#14: Mulberry Sprite

Removing a strip of hair underneath the parietal ridge has a de-bulking effect. Braiding the overlay is a great way to show off the what’s under. Cut away from the ear but with an elongated point framing the face, this feels both edgy and elfin.

#15: Modernized Bowl Cut

Undercut designs like this one provide contemporary updates to classic shape of the bowl cut. Taking the clippered lengths underneath the surface shape provides a lean silhouette that swings and sways over the disconnection. The vibrant green hue and scalloped edges accentuate the organic outline of the overhang.

#16: Secret Hair Tattoo

For hair that’s long, undercut strands at the nape create a secret panel of artistry. This cool effect is easy to customize with your favorite shapes. It’s perfect for those who play as hard as they work; cover or reveal as you please.

#17: Undercut Pixie

The beautiful spritely cut is all about piecey ends and pretty points. Shaved sides and nape allow the sleek platinum curtain above to fall in elegant wisps and tips. Usually layers are used to sculpt strands; the cut below leaves the surface glassy and smooth.

#18: Plum Colored Crest

While many women fear short hair will make them look mannish, cropped lengths actually accentuate delicacy. Shaved hairstyles for women evoke both power and prettiness. Adding a lovely orchid hue tips the scale towards femininity.

#19: Bejeweled Unicorn Mane

Bring childhood fantasies to life with this mythical ‘do. Silvery white strands with pink and powder blue roots styled in gravity-defying spikes call to mind a fantasy charger. Embellished gold clips frame the undercut hair, providing a regal touch.

#20: Lilac Grunge Lob

This undercut bob has its cropped panel through the front hairline, creating an asymmetric design that’s meant to be seen. The dirty violet hue and rumpled texture lend a too-cool-to-care vibe to this 90s-inspired style. The shoulder-grazing length modernizes it.

#21: Unconventional Mermaid

Give your mane a sea-siren appeal with rippling waves, oceanic hues, and a panel of neon shaved scales. The vibrant yellow fades seamlessly into green and blue in the undercut. Women who want something fresh without sacrificing length have found their inspiration!

#22: Boyish Undercut Hairstyle

While undercuts don’t have to be androgynous, they certainly can be. For those who prefer gamine beauty, a classic pixie-bob shape is perfect. The cool shock of blond is cut shorter in the back so it falls enticingly forward onto the face.

#23: Pronged Bowl Cut

Short rounded shapes for women are making a comeback, but modern versions have little in common with their retro counterparts. Dramatically diffused edges create sharp points over the clippered perimeter. The hairline is carved away creating an unusual outline.

#24: Sky Blue Screen

Modern femininity isn’t one thing, it’s complicated. There’s little that captures this elaborateness better than an undercut hairstyle. Women who wear this look express many facets, combining classic, rebellious and playful elements through a bob outline, baby blue tone, and side shaved section.

#25: Pretty Rebel

It’s only in the last few years that we’ve begun to see the long hair undercut. We love the way the trend adds a touch of defiance to an otherwise sweet style like long blonde locks. The carved racing stripes across the side add sportiness.

#26: Geometric Undercut Hairstyle

Engraved designs can customize undercut women’s styles, creating cool tribal patterns or graphic details. In this look the hair above is cut short so the design is left exposed. Wispy edges and a wisteria hue balance the sharpness of the lines underneath.

#27: Ponytail with Chevron

If you wear your hair up frequently, add some interest with a nape undercut and modern ombre or balayage color. This v-shaped design is a fashionable choice.

#28: Pink and Blue Undercut

In this image, pink and blue are juxtaposed and intertwined; these colors typically represent everything male and female. Undercut lengths meet curls, which also speaks to a combination of gendered fashions. The corn-row style braids complete the gender-defying effect.

#29: Asymmetric Undercut Hairstyle

To maximize options of a short undercut, keep the shaving to one side. Brush the longer strands back smoothly to accentuate different textures and directions of the hair. Use braiding to customize and divide the two contrasting areas.

#30: Sporty Swoosh

The sweeping front, flame-like colors, and sleek undershave designs have the aerodynamic feeling of a well-wrought sneaker or a sports car. The high-cut sides show off the head’s curvature. If you are proud of your health and athleticism, this jaunty style is for you!

#31: Undercut with Purple Bun

The great part about shaved details with long hair is they can easily be covered up when needed, so, get as creative as you want. Etched lined add texture to the flat section, while the messy high bun is trendy and playful.

#32: Stacked and Shaved Haircut

An undercut hairstyle does not always have to be the star of the show, sometimes it can just be a supporting detail. The voluminous shaggy inverted bob is sure to grab attention, but the buzzed detail at the nape of your neck will keep all eyes on you.

#33: Shaved Side with Diagonal Braid

Can’t choose between long and short? With this style you won’t have to. This daring half-and-half style combines shoulder-length hair and a cropped side plus a French braid to tie them together. Soft curls balance out the edgy hairdo for women.

#34: Zig-Zag Undercut

One of the most popular updos for a female is a high bun, but those can seem too boring or casual for women who want an extra dose of style. An intricate design takes your look to the next level without dyes. Plus, like most undercuts, it can be completely hidden when you let your hair loose.

#35: Cool Copper Undercut Style

Copper is a hard color for women to pull off and choosing the right shade depends on the undertones in your complexion. Make short shaved hair pop by wearing a lighter color on top and a darker color at the bottom. Stripes on the side add visual interest.

#36: Undercut with Primary Colors

One of the most popular female hairstyles is messy and spiky pixie cut. It is refined, yet casual and carefree at the same time. With a haircut like this, the undercut seems more subdued as it blends in to the shorter layers and makes the green and purple colors the star of the show.

#37: Ethereal Ponytail with Shaved Nape

While a ponytail may seem like the most basic women’s updo, this look is anything but that. The color on its own is enough to make this messy braided ponytail stand out, but since it’s so soft and romantic, it needs something opposite to balance it out.

#38: Platinum Curly Undercut

Bob haircuts can be classy and cute, but this look shuns that notion for a truly bad girl vibe. When going extremely light, it’s helpful to keep your roots dark to prevent a harsh color line and aid in the growing out process. The side detail shows that you can play with different levels to create depth within a shaved section.

#39: Looped Braid and Undercut

Balance out a short undercut with a whimsical looped braid. The hard buzzed detail needs something soft to temper it like a loose French braid and soft brushed out layers. What really takes this style to the next level is the unique blue-grey hue.

#40: Shaved Mermaid Bob

Mermaid hair is all the rage with high school girls and established women in the creative field alike trying to get in touch with their inner fairytale characters. But instead of the typical bohemian long wavy variations of the look, shaved side hairstyles make the color combo look modern and tough.

#41: Punked Out Beauty

For this look, the undercut haircut is taken to the extreme. Hair is shorn close to the scalp, resulting in the awesome “V” shape. The rest of the hair may be left loose to conceal the short shaved section on more conservative occasions.

#42: Short Bob with Shapes

Reminiscent of the 1980s style a la Molly Ringwald, this new and updated short bob shows off sleek, straight tresses with ease. Adding in an angled and shaped base layer, you let the remaining hair fall easily into place.

#43: Cropped Curly Hair

Flaunt your curly locks with a short, cropped style that is all kinds of beautiful. Pair it with an accent of deep, dark color like magenta or burgundy, and don’t hold back on bold accessories or makeup. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, leave in some small rollers overnight and experience a whole new look in the morning.

#44: Tapered Cut with Purple Accent

Female hairstyles don’t always have to be long to be feminine – instead, try this undercut that features a dash of girly purple color throughout the top.

#45: Long and Curly Pixie Cut

An undercut hairstyle for women with curly hair can keep otherwise unruly tresses under control. Start with an undercut pixie that is on the longer side, and then allow your natural curls to tumble down from atop. Cute, curly and unique – you can embrace your girly side without having to deal with a complicated style.

#46: Business Casual Style

If you have a day job that requires a bit of a straight laced look, an undercut is still definitely possible. An undercut hairstyle women can acceptably wear in an office environment usually involves short underneath sections that are left a bit longer, paired with long hair on top to conceal the look when necessary.

#47: Colorful and Creative Short Style

An undercut hairstyle can still boast a fair level of versatility. For this look, keep a longer amount of hair up top. Work it into a crown braid when you’re feeling creative, and add in some wash out color in bold, bright hues.

#48: Triangular Style

Shaved back or nape undercut hair can reveal cute designs when you pull your hair up into a pony or bun. In this case, some tribal patterns are used but you can try any design you like. You might opt for a cut that brings out a beautiful tattoo with meaning, or perhaps you will simply utilize it to try something new with otherwise mundane hair.

#49: African-American Tapered Cut

Looking for a cool hairstyle that shows off your creative side? Look no further than this tapered cut enhanced with a simple but so flattering undercut. You may brighten up this beautiful style with a cuff earring, and you’ll be sporting truly unique hair in no time at all.

#50: Fantasy Inspired Cut

Many undercut hairstyles are inspired by something based in fantasy, like this nape undercut that features etched designs and a bold aqua hue buns. This style takes its cue from anime or perhaps a comic con cutie, and it’s simple and fun to maintain.

There are many controversial opinions about women’s undercut styles. Someone considers them too extravagant and non-feminine. But we have seen enough worthy examples above which never diminish your feminine appeal, but, on the contrary, make you brighter as a woman. Go for what you feel is right and don’t let other people’s opinions influence your choice, especially when it comes to self-expression and other important things.

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/20-womens-undercut-hairstyles-to-make-a-real-statement/
50 undercut female hairstyles


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