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Matt Fisher joined North Carolina State University in January 2014 as a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster hire in Translational Regenerative Medicine. He is an Assistant Professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at NCSU and UNC-Chapel Hill. His long-term research goal is to utilize quantitative metrics and engineering principles to understand why individual tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches succeed within the body and employ this knowledge to develop superior technologies, with a strong focus on orthopaedic soft tissues. Specific areas of interest include bioscaffolds, prediction of outcomes following implantation, and assessment of function following treatment.

Understanding Post-Natal Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Growth in the Porcine Model
Recent work has focused on understanding musculoskeletal soft tissue growth within the context of the knee joint. Initial studies have focused on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), an increasingly common injury in children and adolescents. The porcine model has been used to study knee joint growth via MR imaging, joint level biomechanics using robotics, computational modeling, and additional analyses.

Advanced Manufacturing for Fibrous Soft Tissue Regeneration
This work focuses on applying advanced manufacturing approaches (3D printing, nonwovens, etc.) to create fibrous soft tissue replacements. An example can be found here: . We also use in-vitro models to screen potential scaffolds and use preclinical models to assess in-vivo success. Tdesign of 3D printed scaffolds for soft tissue regeneration.

Research Interests

Tissue Engineering
Orthopaedic Soft Tissues


Rising Star Award, BMES Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Special Interest Group, 2020
Faculty Research & Professional Development Award, NC State University, 2015
North Carolina State University Research and Innovation Seed Award, 2015
NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2013
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Young Investigator Grant Award, 2012

Courses Taught

BME 362: Biomaterials Characterization
BME 590: Functional Tissue Engineering
BME 484/584: Tissue Engineering Fundamentals


Job title

Occupational field
Manager: Director
5% within United States work as Director

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Experience since 2004
7+ years job experience
26% more than average experience as Director in United States

Higher Management
9% of United States work in Higher Management

Information Services

Information Governance Inc.

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Company Headquarters
United States, California, Sacramento

What company does Matthew Fisher work for?
Matthew works for Information Governance Inc.

What is Matthew Fisher's Seniority at Information Governance Inc.?
Matthew Fisher has been with Information Governance Inc. for a few months and is in Higher Management

What is Matthew Fisher's role in Information Governance Inc.?
Matthew's role is Manager: Director, Director

For how long is Matthew Fisher working as a Director?
Matthew Fisher has 7+ years experience as Director.

What are Matthew Fisher's current job functions ?
Matthew Fisher's job functions are Entrepreneurship, Operations

What is Matthew Fisher's email address?
Matthew Fisher's work email address is **************

What is Matthew Fisher's LinkedIn profile ?
Matthew Fisher's LinkedIn profile can be found at***her-50***

Which College did Matthew Fisher attend ?
Matthew Fisher's most recent education was at Tsaaategulamtasaegefefsabateg. His highest degree is Phd.

Who are Matthew Fisher's peers at other companies?
Matthew Fisher's peers at other companies are Jake Brooks, Chris Bird, Angela Daley, Emily Woodhouse, Steve Sigel, Robert Bacon, Marco Filippo, Gareth Simpson.

Who are Matthew Fisher's colleagues at Information Governance Inc.?
Some of Matthew Fisher's colleagues are April Norris, Vanesa Hercules, Jayson Sullivan, Jayson Sullivan, Penny Koff, Randy Aranguren, Andrew Keller, Kathleen Maine.

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Dr Matt Fisher


Dr Matt Fisher is an expert in the field of patent law and has gained an international reputation for his scholarship, in particular for that on patent claim construction.  His work has been cited before the UK Supreme Court on a number of occasions, and he is regularly asked to provide consultancy on patent matters both in the UK and abroad. 

Matt joined the Faculty of Laws on a permanent basis in 2009.  In addition to his excellent scholarship, he is a popular and effective teacher: a recipient of two Faculty Awards for Excellence in Legal Teaching in 2014 (one for postgraduate and the other for undergraduate teaching) and was additionally part of a team that received a Provost's Teaching Award in the same year. Matt has also held a number of significant administrative posts withing the Faculty of Laws at UCL including Vice Dean (Education) (from 2012-2015), and Deputy Chair then Chair of the Undergraduate Board of Examiners (2009-12).  Prior to his move to UCL Matt worked (as both lecturer and senior lecturer) at the University of Bristol (2002-9). He has also taught, on a visiting basis, at the University of Hong Kong (2002-2013).

Matt is particularly interested in patent law, and has developed a body of work, which is both cross-disciplinary - concerning legal, economic and historical analyses of the patent system - and comparative - examining international perspectives on patent law, particularly with respect to the UK, Germany, the US, Japan and the European Patent Office.  He is regularly invited to attend seminars and roundtable discussions to talk about his work, and has been engaged on a consultancy basis in connection with a number of high-profile patent disputes in the UK and elsewhere. Matt's articles have attracted international attention, have been cited before the Supreme Court on a number of occasions, including in oral argument in Actavis v Ely Lilly [2017] UKSC 48, and, most recently, in Warner-Lambert v Actavis (UKSC 2016/0197) - [ from 28 minutes in]. His first monograph, Fundamentals of Patent Law: Interpretation and Scope of Protection (Hart, 2007), won the inaugural Inner Temple Young Author's Book Prize in 2008. Additionally, Matt is often used by publishing houses (including Ashgate, Hart Publishing, Oxford University Press, Palgrave, Pearson Education and Sweet & Maxwell) to review both manuscripts and articles for publication.

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