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Electric BNHA fics — tired of it - bakugou

tired of it - bakugou

I saw something that kind of made me think of something, bakugous mom, although she seems like a loving mother but, she seems to be the reason bakugou has his attitude also she is very harsh, in the one episode she was speaking with all might she was constantly calling him names and shoving him, so I dont think shes a BAD  mom I just dont like her, anyways on with the fic!

  • bakugou was having a tough time recently
  • with school and training he was insecure about not being the number one hero, he felt like he wasn’t good enough and aizawa and all might were being tough recently
  • he didnt wanna let that show cause he just couldn’t he has an image
  • and at home, his mom was being tough on him, after getting told he was such a pain sometimes and being called bastard he just sometimes got insecure that he isn’t good enough to be his moms soon
  • or that she just didnt love him in general (which isn’t true, mitsuki loves him very much)
  • and he couldn’t let that show either, its all about image
  • he had just got back from school, stressful enough after losing a sparring match to Todoroki he came home and his mom was on him about a couple of bad grades 
  • he wanted to tell her that hes stressed and trying but of course he just spewed out insults back at her
  • he was gonna go to his room but instead he just walked out and headed on a walk
  • he decided to take a walk on a trail in a forest thats not far from his house
  • walking with his hands in his pockets he looked at the scenery, it was calming him down till he tripped and hit his head
  • usually bakugou would just curse at the rock that he hurt himself on but he just got overloaded and sat against a tree and did his best to not cry
  • he hated crying he thought it showed weakness and made him vulnerable 
  • he was glad he was alone in the forest at least, or so he thought
  • you were also there, just exploring, hitting bushes with sticks, enjoying yourself
  • you were just walking when you heard someone crying
  • and it sounded a lot like bakugou, but he doesn’t cry? what?
  • you walked closer to the sound, and sadly you did see bakugou crying
  • you stood behind a tree watching him for a bit, the sight was sad, bakugou was crying keeping his arm over his nose and mouth, tears were visible on his face 
  • you walked up to him slowly “bakugou?” you had asked confusedly startling the sad boy
  • he immediately jumped up onto his feet and let out a loud “ FUCK OFF”
  • quickly he wiped his face shoving his hands in his pockets with a tch
  • “what do you want”
  • “nothing, how come youre crying?”
  • “im not crying! get your eyes checked!”
  • “yah yah thats not needed just spit it out!”
  • “no!”
  • “yes!”
  • “no!”
  • “yes”
  • “fuck off”
  • “yes!- nO”
  • you scoffed and walked closer to the boy looking up/down at him 
  • “Come on katsuki, you barely know me, perfect conditions”
  • something about you had just made it easy for bakugous walls come down, maybe he wasn’t thinking, maybe he just needed to talk but the second a sound came from his mouth he broke down
  • he fell back against the tree with a strained sob come from his mouth
  • you sat down by him putting your hand on his shoulder as he spoke 
  • “I- I dont know what to do? im not doing good enough, im just not good enough” his voice was strained and you could tell he was doing his best to not cry
  • he couldn’t help it and sobs broke out
  • he laid his head on your shoulder and cried, just cried and didnt talk, which you understood, hes overwhelmed talking is hard
  • after what seemed like forever for him but was only 10 minutes he sat up straight and wiped his face off
  • he let out a weak thank you and sat with his head hanging low before standing up 
  • “tell anyone and ill blow your head off” the threat didnt scare you and honestly you felt like that wont be the last time you see him

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Hello everyone, this is Elliot’s friend. Recently elliots mental health has been extremely bad, he wants you all to know he misses being on here and watching MHA and talking to you guys and doing all the requests. He is deeply thankful to everyone on here and he feels quite terrible, he is currently trying to get his mental health back in order. Please understand why he has been on hiatus - kind regards, Micheal

roadkillarr asked:

Dúlla, I want you to know that were here for u :) love you!! Don’t pressure your self too much!!

Thank you lovey it’s great hearing that come from you honesrly, i love you more sweetheart

solies-scripts asked:

Hey, don't worry about not posting. Take your time and don't stress yourself 💕

Thank you love, I’m gonna do my best to come back and force feed you guys content, thank you for the support

Anonymous asked:

hello, just saw your recent post and i wanted to say you give us amazing works and you don't need an excuse, taking a break is more than okay. i hope you are/will be fine. don't overwork (did i use it right i have no idea lmao) yourself please. i am here, without a name but supporting you. stay safe, best wishes ⭐

Thank you, it’s been rough the past couple of weeks and I feel bad for coming back for such a short time and then leaving but I promise you guys the second I get an ounce of inspiration I’m gonna give you guys amazing content!

I don’t have an excuse for not posting- my parents are getting a divorce so I don’t necessarily have energy or time to post but I’m genuinely trying my best

I was planning on posting today but I realized that SpaceX is having their launch today and if you know me I’m a big space fan! So posts might be delayed

solies-scripts asked:

It's nice to see that you're back! I was only following you on my personal account but I thought I would follow you with my writing blog too because I kinda wanna be your friend 👉🏻👈🏻 You seem really cool 🥺❤

My heart went whOOSh I wanna be your friend please 🥺🥺 I am so up for it, i went through your account and you seem so cool aahh

rosetheshapeshifter asked:

The thing about being Hispanic is that we’ve all had our parents get drunk with our cousins and start blasting music at 1 am while playing cards and dancing.... I just want to sleep man

I don’t know if this was meant for me but I’m gonna assume it was, that sounds exactly like what happened with my family last night, there is no sleeping with loud family

thefarqueue asked:

Good to see you're back! If you're not inundated with requests, could I ask for hcs of Denki and Deku with a trans male s/o regarding how they would help him through his transition? Please don't feel obligated to do this one if you don't want to.

god i love trans reader requests


  • hes a sweetheart
  • he wont let anyone hurt you
  • when he found out you were trans he didnt mind, girlfriend or boyfriend youre still his lover
  • he literally just shrugged
  • when you got your first binder he refused to stop laying on your chest
  • he finds it so comfy
  • you two are pretty playful together
  • one time you reached your hand into your pants and thREW YOUR PACKER AT HIM
  • “oh mY GOD YOUR DICK”
  • it was hilarious and when he had to watch you put your packer back in he only lost it more
  • t a k e  o f  f  y o u r  d a m n  b i n d e r
  • this dude- constant texts and reminders
  • after school when you wanna take your after school nap hes running to you before you can get home and stupidly whispering “take your chest squisher off”
  • this boy when you start taking testosterone is SO HAPPY
  • he wants to help you take your injections so he bluntly said “can i stab your leg”
  • “no?”
  • “but i wanna help!”
  • “help?- oH SURE”
  • he uses selfies together to track your progression!
  • he has all the photos from freshman year to the day you guys become a pro hero duo!
  • if he ever says anything offensive please tell him! he will apologize almost instantly and make it up with flowers or food!
  • and he now knows when to correct his friends when they say something wrong
  • one time Mineta called sero a f****t and denki almost punted the little bitch out a window
  • he helps pay for all your treatments! you pay him back with love, cuddles, and food!
  • all in all hes an absolute helpful boyfriend!!


  • cried when you first told him.
  • not cause he was sad about the transition or anything he was just happy you told him and sad because you told him how long youd been feeling like this and he felt so bad for calling you his girlfriend
  • you told him it was okay but he still felt bad
  • he bought you your first binder actually! he had ordered it as a gift in (F/C) and the length youd been talking about wanting
  • was worried he got the wrong size when you started crying but it was just happy tears
  • says you are much more comfy to cuddle now
  • hes your hero who will be there whenever dysphoria hits
  • you arent feeling masculine enough? go take some stuff from his closet! he doesnt mind he finds you handsome wearing his clothes!
  • he still gets confused with terminology
  • so when you asked him if he could buy you a packer he bought you packaging stuff, like cardboard and tape and things
  • you laughed it off and used the box stuff to make a box to hold your extra binders and clothes
  • he was so scared when you first took your testosterone shot
  • “a needle? where!? why!? why not get the gels!”
  • he doesnt like his babe stabbing his leg with a needle but its fINe
  • god when youre voice starts getting deeper he finds it so hot
  • please whisper things in his ear while you to are cuddling
  • his spine gets shivers
  • plus top surgery!! he chips in with some money so he can help!
  • hes there every step of the way
  • he cries with you when he first sees your chest
  • cause oh my g o d youre so handsome!! no more rib damage!
  • for the first few weeks when youre fresh out of surgery he does everything for you
  • hw, chores, groceries, anything he can do!
  • god he loves cuddling shirtless with you it just feels so nice and intimate to snuggle into your chest
  • you guys like to trace your fingers over each others scars a lot
  • him with your chest scars and yours with his arm scars
  • hes so soft plz he loves you sm

Anonymous asked:

Hey, man, glad to see you back on my dash :)

glad to be back on your dash!! its been so long, its time to go back to creeping on everyones dash~~

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bakugou x reader

comfort, fluff, angst

TW: mentions of suicide, anxiety, family problems

a/n: Hey love, I’m always willing to write for darker topics. I hope you are doing okay and know that I’m always here to talk if needed :). I hope this comforts you in some way and makes you feel better! ilysm, thank you for requesting!

Bakugou stared at the clock, anxiously awaiting for the last class of the day to end. You didn’t show up and he was worried. He’d never admit it of course but he wanted to go look for you. What if something happened to you? What if you’re dying somewhere in an alleyway. His anxiety was taking over his head, he needed to know you were okay. 

“Hopefully everyone understood this material, it will on the test” stated Ectoplasm closing his book. Kaminari leaned back in his chair, streching and yawning. 

“Man, I didn’t get any of that” he complained to Kirishima. At this point Bakugou was shaking his foot, begging the minutes to go faster. Then he finally heard the bell. He stood up and grabbed him backpack. 

“Where are you off to so quick, Bakugou?” Kirishima happily beamed at him. 

“I have to go check on something” Bakugou muttered before walking out of class. First, he though he’ll check the doorms just in case. Best case scenario, you decided to skip class and take a well needed nap. He made his way to the doorms, walking at a quicker pace than usual. A sweat drop dripped off his forehead. He finally arrived at the dorm and walked in. He made his way to the top floor where your room was located. He walked over to your door and knocked. He didn’t get an answer so he tried opening the door to which his surprise was unlocked. Bakugou peaked into your dorm and his heart calmed down a little. But not for long because he noticed the state you were in. You were staring at yourself in the mirror, silent tears falling down your cheeks. Now Bakugou swung the door open completely, making you jump a little. 

‘B-bakugou!” you sputtered staring at him in shock. 

“Why are you crying snot face” he sounded mean but this was his way of trying to find out whats wrong. From that question you only started to cry harder, remembering your pain again. 

“DON”T CRY MORE!” he panicked. He walked into your room, closed the door and dropped his bag. He looked you over and was getting upset himself from seeing you bawl. 

“come here…” he mumbeled out. You rushed into his arms instantly. He was shocked from the sudden contact but soon melted into the hug. You and him stood there, embraced for a little while. Finally, you decided to tell him what was going on. You sat him down on your bed and took him hand in yours. Your eyes were still filled with tears but you were ready to talk. 

“I called my parents today…” you started. He tensed up. He knew you and your parents didn’t really get along. You and him have had deep talks before. It’s like he was the only person who understood you. And it felt nice. He never interrupted you, and always listened. He was there for you when you needed him most. Your eyes welled up again. 

“It didn’t go well. They didn’t even have my phone number saved anymore” you said tears dripping down your cheeks. He stared at you with a shocked expression before gently putting his hand on the back on your head and pushing it onto his shoulder. His shoulder was soft and warm and felt like everything you ever loved or needed. 

“I know its hard, but you’ll be okay. You’re strong, you’ll get through it.” He whispered in your ear. 

“And… I’m always here for you” he said placing a kiss on top of your head. You were shocked at his actions. You’ve never seen him so comforting and soft. It made you happy that he showed this side around you. You wrapped your arms around his torso and breathed in his sweet scent. 

“You know? You’re the only good thing in my life. The only reason I stick around.” you whispered into his stomach, but he heard you loud and clear. His eyes started to well up too, but he pushed back the tears. He hugged you tighter signaling his answer. He felt so warm, so soft. In this moment, your whole life was falling apart, but somehow he was able to comfort you. To make you feel safe and loved. Yeah, you were in love with him. At the end of the day, he was worth staying around for. 

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Requests are closed! — Bakugou, Todoroki, Kaminari & Hawks comforting...

My week so far has been shit and tough. I wrote some hcs of my fav bois comforting their s/o when they’re upset. I hope if you’ve had a bad week too, these will cheer you up. We can all cry together.

Bakugou, Todoroki, Kaminari & Hawks comforting their sad s/o.


Originally posted by katetcake

  • You sniffled, trying desperately to not cry
  • Walking into the dorms, you spotted Bakugou sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone, ignoring everyone in the room
  • You couldn’t control your tears anymore, you sobbed as you ran to Bakugou, wrapping your arms around him tightly and crying into his chest, not caring if everyone was looking at you
  • “W-what the hell?!” Bakugou yelled shocked
  • He noticed you crying, without saying anything he picked you up, ignoring everyone asking if you’re ok
  • Once he got to his dorm room, he laid down on his bed and pulled you on his chest, hugging you tightly
  • “Why are you crying? If anyone upset you, tell me who they are so I can kick their ass!”
  • Once you’ve calmed down, you told Bakugou about your tough week. He stayed quiet the entire time, listening to you
  • “Look, you’re one tough person and I’ll know whatever you’re going through, you’ll kick it’s ass! Don’t let it get you down like this, it’s not worth it. You’re an amazing person, you’re my baby. You’re not in this alone, you’ll always have me by your side”
  • “T-thank you” you sniffled, cuddling more into Bakugou
  • “I know I don’t say this a lot, but I love you. I’ll always be here for you”

Originally posted by shuuthegourmet

  • Todoroki noticed how you haven’t left your room all day
  • He decided to check on you, he was beginning to get worried
  • “My love, are you ok?” He said, knocking on your door lightly
  • You sniffled as a response, not wanting to talk. You slowly got up, opening the door then jumped back into bed
  • Todo walked to your bed and sat next to you, he placed his hand on yours
  • “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked. He wasn’t sure how to comfort you, but he hated seeing you so sad
  • You shake your head ‘no’, tugging Shouto’s top so he lays down next to you
  • He got what you wanted, he laid down next to you, wrapping his arms around you
  • You two stayed like that for a while, before you told him what was wrong
  • “I’m sorry you had to go through that on your own. You are important to me, I’ll be by your side and together we can get through this”. Shouto placed a sweet kiss on your forehead
  • You smiled softly, cuddling Shouto. “I love you”
  • “I love you too”

Originally posted by misakachan

  • During training, Denki noticed how you looked sad and unenergetic
  • “Hey pika, you alright?” He asked
  • “Y-yeah I’m good, just tired” you lied, not wanting to trouble him
  • Denki didn’t believe you, he walked over to you and held your hand. You avoided looking at him, knowing if you do, you’ll end up crying
  • “I know you’re lying to me, if you want to talk in here for you” he said
  • You looked up at him with tears in your eyes, you couldn’t hold them back anymore. You wrapped your arms tightly around Denki, crying into his chest
  • You told him everything that had happened to you, and everything that upset you during the week. “I-I’m sorry for b-bothering you like this” You choked out
  • “Don’t ever think you’re bothering me with your problems, you’ll always have my shoulder to cry on. I’ll always be here for you when you’re going through a tough time. I love you so much, together we can get through anything!”
  • “Thank you, I love you too” you smile at him
  • “Come on, let’s skip training and cheer you up with some ice cream!” Denki said, holding your hand once again

Originally posted by squivulous

  • “Honey, I’m home!” Hawks yelled as he walked into your shared home. “And I got chicken for dinner!”
  • When he didn’t hear you respond, he got worried. You usually run to hug him as soon as he gets home
  • “Y/n?” He called out, still getting no response
  • He walked into the living room to see you lying on the sofa with a blanket over you, he heard you sniffle and knew you were crying
  • Hawks poked your side, making you giggle. He smiled when he heard you, then began to tickle you more. Soon he was full on tickling you as you laughed loudly, trying to push him away. “There’s that beautiful smile I love so much!” Hawks laughed
  • He stopped tickling, then pulled you onto his lap, holding you close. “Why were you crying?” He asked
  • You told him everything that happened during the week, and how much you struggled to cope
  • “I’m sorry I’m not always by your side, I know I’m always out and I feel guilty for not realising you’ve been upset. I’ll try harder for you because I love you a lot, and I’ll always be here when you need me. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’ll rush to be by your side, I don’t want you to go through this alone”
  • “Thank you, I love you too” you said, hugging him

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Anonymous asked:

Can I get scenarios of Class 1-A finding out about All Might, Present Mic and Eraser heads S/O? The kids suddenly find out yhe teachers have lives outside of UA with a wife and kid maybe?

nia-writes-bnha answered:

Aww this is so cute~ I accidentally made Aizawa’s and All Mights long so I didn’t add Mic, I’ll do his one separately! I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by bvckstvb

  • Walking down the halls of U.A, you hold your daughters hand while you hold your little baby boy in your arm
  • “Hey, D/N, did you know your dad and I used to study here together?” You said, gaining her attention
  • “What really? That’s so cool” she said, happily skipping along next to you
  • You chuckle lightly at her response, it’s so cute how she really admires her dad
  • “If I remember correctly, this is where class 1-A is, the class your dad teaches” you said, standing outside the door now
  • Without warning, your daughter suddenly flings the door open, startling everyone
  • “Daddy!” She yells, running towards Aizawa to give him a hug
  • Aizawa sighs, picking his daughter up and being mentally prepared for what’s to come
  • “Daddy?!” The entire class of 1-A yells. Some of them were really baffled, while the others were squealing due to the cuteness in front of them
  • “Sorry, I didn’t expect her to barge in like this” You said, now entering the classroom with your son
  • You gave Aizawa a little kiss, while your baby boy babbles happily at the sight of his father
  • Cue class 1-A going even more confused or shocked when they saw you
  • “Quiet!” Aizawa yells, but not loud enough to scare his kids. “Ok, I’ll only answer a couple of questions then it’s back to studying”
  • “Are those really your kids?!” Kaminari yells
  • “Yes they are, and standing next to me is my wife” Aizawa said, quite clearly annoyed at that dumb question
  • “Hey!” You said waving to the class, earning another fit of yells
  • All around the class, you can hear the kids yell, ‘she’s so pretty!’ ‘I can’t believe Aizawa has a family!’ ‘Their kids are soooo cute!’
  • Turning back to Aizawa, “I’m sorry for not telling you we’re coming today, the kids really wanted to see you” You said
  • “It’s ok, I was missing them too” he said, now taking the little boy out of your arms to hold
  • For the next 5 minutes, Aizawa answered every question the students had. They were mostly like “How long have you been married?”, “When did you meet?” or questions about your kids
  • Then you decided it’s time to leave, letting the students go back to studying
  • “I love you” you said, giving Aizawa a little kiss
  • “Yeah daddy! I love you too!” Your daughter said, also giving him a little kiss on his cheek then ran to your side
  • “I love you all too. See you later” Aizawa said, handing back your son to you
  • As you were walking away, you heard class 1-A yell “Bye mum!”

Originally posted by sailor-arashi

  • All might was training with class 1-A when his phone suddenly started ringing
  • His face paled, he set his phone for it to only ring when you call him incase of an emergency
  • Excusing himself, he answered the phone. “Y/N, is everything alright?”
  • “Hi daddy! Mummy doesn’t know him calling you but I miss you!” Your daughter said, cheerfully
  • Toshi imminently relaxed after hearing his daughters voice. “Well now, I miss you too, darling! Next time make sure mummy knows you’re calling me. I love you, I’ll see you later”
  • “Ok bye daddy, I love you too!” Your daughter said, hanging up the phone
  • All Might’s heart was full of love, smiling widely, he turned around to see the entire class of 1-A standing there with shocked faces
  • “You have a child?!” Mina yells, squealing with delight
  • All Might chuckled awkwardly, “Yeah I do”
  • Cue the class yelling in shock and excitement
  • Then they started bombarding All Might with questions. “How old is she?”, “Are you married?” “Does she have your quirk?”
  • “A-alright settle down, let’s continue our training” All Might said, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the questions
  • However, the lesson didn’t continue. All Might ended up showing pictures of you and your daughter to the whole class
  • “This was the time young D/N’s quirk activated for the first time, her face was priceless so I had to picture it”
  • Then his phone started ringing again. “Is this my lovely wife or my lovely daughter?” He said, cheerfully
  • “It’s your lovely wife, I’m sorry D/N called you earlier. I told her when you’re on your break she can call you, but I guess she couldn’t wait” you said, sighing
  • “No worries, it was nice she did call. I’ve been telling my class about you and D/N, they’re excited to meet you two”
  • Then you spoke to the class for 10 minutes, answering all their questions. Even D/N spoke to them too, she killed them with her cuteness
  • “Ok class, I’ll let All Might go back to teaching, it was nice speaking to all of you” you said happily.
  • “Bye mum!” They all yelled. You chuckled and hung up the phone
  • Now you have 20 more kids

Oh my god my post hit 1000+ notes!! Thank you all so much 😭

Anonymous asked:

Hi are you taking requests?

Hey no my requests are closed! I have a lot of them! 💕


Boku no hero academia



Midoryia Izuku

Insecure reader

Sweet, but sheepish s/o

S/o who has huge muscles, and gives loads of affection

Before dating, how his crush finds out he likes them, dating 

S/o really into gaming 

Saving a quirkless child being bullied

S/o falling during a box jump

Cheerleader s/o

Babysitting Eri with his s/o: fluff

S/o smacking their butt 

Todoroki Shouto

Having a quirkless crush

S/o dyes their hair purple

S/o really into gaming

Playing Minecraft with s/o

S/o falling during a box jump

Before dating, how his crush finds out he likes them, dating

Cheerleader s/o

Comforting his sad s/o

Reacting to his s/o bearded dragon


Overpowered s/o

Having a quirkless crush

S/o who has huge muscles, and gives loads of affection

S/o with a really powerful quirk, but agonising setbacks

S/o with a lot of tattoos & tongue piercing

S/o dyes their hair purple

S/o really into gaming

Saving a quirkless child being bullied

Playing Minecraft with s/o

S/o falling during a box jump

S/o who wears glasses and loves to annoy him 

Before dating, how his crush finds out he likes them, dating

Cheerleader s/o

Comforting his sad s/o

Bakugou being turned into a kitty

S/o smacking their butt 

Reacting to their s/o bearded dragon 


Insecure reader

Playing Minecraft with s/o

S/o falling during a box jump

Comforting his sad s/o

S/o whos wearing his missing sweater

Crackhead hours: making a wig out of cooked ramen 

Reacting to their s/o bearded dragon 

Wants attention from his busy s/o

Playing the KFC dating simulator game


Chubby s/o being bullied at the gym

On the beach with his s/o

S/o who prefers animals over humans 

Cheerleader s/o

Cooking with Dabi: fluff 

Tenya Iida

S/o with Hyperacusis 


S/o who has huge muscles, and gives loads of affection

S/o with a very powerful quirk but agonising setbacks 

Crush standing up for him when bullied about his quirk

S/o dyes their hair purple

S/o who prefers animals over humans

Before dating, how his crush finds out he likes them, dating

Aizawa Shouta

Sweet, but sheepish s/o

Chubby s/o being bullied at the gym

Class 1-A finding out about his family

S/o with a lot of tattoos & tongue piercing

Before dating, how his crush finds out he likes them, dating

A vigilante student they care for 

S/o fangirling over a TV show

S/o who prefers animals over humans 

All Might (Toshinori Yagi)

Sweet, but sheepish s/o

Class 1-A finding out about his family

A vigilante student they care for 

Kirishima Ejiro

Chubby s/o being bullied at the gym

Tamaki Amajiki

Relationship Headcannons

Having a villain s/o


S/o with a very powerful quirk but agonising setbacks

Denki Kaminari

Crackhead s/o

S/o really into gaming

Comforting his sad s/o

Present Mic

S/o with a lot of tattoos & tongue piercing

Before dating, how his crush finds out he likes them, dating

S/o whos blunt, logical and very good natured 

S/o whos a reformed villain

Class 1-A finding out about his family 


Soft pastel s/o, complete opposite to him


S/o whos disabled


Girlfriend not paying attention to her: fluff 

Poly Relationships

Bakugou & Shinsou: s/o loves watching them be cute to each other HC

Bakugou & Shinsou: domestic chores HC

Dabi & Hawks: general dating HC

Bakugou & Kirishima: Cuddling and dating HC

Bakugou & Kirishima: s/o gets injured and hospitalised HC

Shinsou & Mina: dating HC

Aizawa & Present Mic: Having a picnic date HC

Aizawa & All Might: general dating HC

Tamaki & Shinsou: general dating HC

Tamaki & Bakugou: general dating HC

Tamaki & Midoryia: flirty s/o HC

Bakugou & Todoroki: general dating HC

Sero & Shinsou: general dating HC

Todoroki & Shinsou: fluffy dating HC


Hawks x reader: Seeing you.

Summary: You’re a pro hero, forced to go to an event by your best friend, you meet Hawks. You two immediately become friends ;)

Mini Me

Summary: You and Shouto are twins, however, you look exactly like Dabi and have the same quirk as him. One day you meet him.

Part One

Part Two


Scary movie night with the bois

Cuddling with all the girls 

Scary movie night with the girls

Class 1-A playing Minecraft

Hawks meeting the LOV for the first time

I’m trying to get out of my writers block so I wrote some short sweet fluffy hcs with my favourite bois. Enjoy~ My requests are open

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  • You rest your head on your arms as you stare at Senku, who is busy working on something new
  • You couldn’t help but smile softly at your love, his expressions making your heart flutter
  • Senku glanced over to you and smiled, he gently ran his fingers through your hair before going back to work
  • You lean into his touch, only to pout at the loss of contact
  • Senku notices this and chuckles, he’s always found you adorable
  • You’ve always stare at him, always admiring him. He doesn’t mind, but he gets flustered low-key
  • “Hey, Senku. You know I love you, right?” You said, softly
  • Senku snapped his head toward you, with surprise in his eyes. His expression then softened, smiling warmly
  • “Yes, I know you do. I love you too” Senku said, now paying attention to you, while caressing your cheek
  • “Can we cuddle now?” You asked, leaning into his touch
  • “‘Kukuku, sure we can”
  • You wasted no time getting up and started dragging Senku to your bed. Senku chuckled at you, getting into your bed and holding you close
  • "I should tell you this more oftern, but I really do love you, my little scientist”



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  • Tsukasa gently ran his fingers along your spine, while he held you close
  • He secretly loves cuddling, it’s so relaxing to him. Especially since he gets to hold you close and spend time with you
  • You snuggle more into your big teddy bear of a lover, getting more comfortable lying on him. It’s peaceful and warm being with him
  • Yours and his hands tightly intertwined with one another, while you play with his soft long hair
  • Honestly, it was such a perfect moment
  • “Y/n” Tsukasa said, looking down at you
  • “Yes?” You said, looking up at him
  • You couldn’t help but blush at your lovers face, he looks so content, his expression soft
  • “I love you, my love” He said, caressing your cheek
  • “I love you too, my big teddy bear” You said, lightly giggling at the nickname you chose for your boyfriend
  • Tsukasa chuckled, placing a short, sweet kiss on your forehead

Byakuya Ishigami


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  • Music softly played in the background as you wrap your arms around Byakuya‘s waist, resting your head on against his back
  • He was cooking for the both of you, deciding that date night should be a relaxing time at home
  • Senku was out tonight, he wanted the two of you to spend time alone together. Also he didn’t want to be there since he found it awkward but doesn’t want to admit that
  • “Hey there, shorty” Byakuya said, breaking the silence
  • You scrunch your nose and frown at the name he called you, Byakuya laughed when he saw your face
  • “I’m sorry, darling. I had to” He chuckled, holding your hands which rested on him
  • “You know, I was going to say I love you, but now I’m debating if I do” You teased
  • “Oh? Is that so?” Byakuya turned around so he was facing you, his smile so bright it’s blinding. “Well, I love you. A lot. A lot, a lot”
  • You smile at him, blushing at his words
  • “Hm, I guess I love you too. A lot” You giggled, kissing his lips softly

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Prompt: Soulmate AU: the red string that connects them. “Why is my string going up?”

Ahh I love these prompts so much! Enjoy~


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  • You stare at the red string attached on your finger, that’s been there since you were young
  • You’ve always wondered who your soulmate is, what they look like or when you’re going to finally meet them
Sad bnha scenes for edits

~~Bakugou (4) Pov~~

I snuck out of the house to go see my friend, Izuku Midoriya. It was difficult, but I did it. I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt with black pants. I had the mask on.

Few minutes later

I got to the playground when I saw him. I didn't notice how much my mouth hurt and that I was crying..

He called me over.

I walked up to him and he noticed.

"K-Kachan? Why are you crying?" He asked.

I was just silently crying. Trying to wipe my tears but more just kept coming down as I dropped to my knees.

He came over to me and asked again. I pointed to my mouth, indicating I wanted my mask off. He slowly took it off, but gasped once he did.

There was blood running down where the stitches were and it was mixing with my tears. Izuku hugged my right while I just cried and cried.

Then my "other friends" came over. I didn't notice. Nor did I care. I just kept crying. When I did see them, they looked disgusted.

They kept calling us names like "pathetic" and "loser". I didn't care. I just needed comfort.

//AHHHHH. I just woke up and started working on dis. I'm proud uwu. Kay baiiiiiii.

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Crying bakugou

hi!! sorry for the late response, this took a fair bit of time to flesh out!! it ended up being like 2.5k long lmao OOPS. anyways i kinda strayed a tiiny bit from your prompt but i hope this is still okay :’) 

tw// panic attacks and just teenagers being idiots and slightly ignorant in general


it started as a joke.

really, it did.

they’d been messing around during lunch, and in the middle of telling a joke, denki had wrapped an arm around katsuki’s neck easily.

it wasn’t anything new, this routine. denki giving his affection, katsuki rejecting it remorselessly.

what wasn’t routine was the miniscule flinch of katsuki’s shoulders under denki’s arm, before he was snarling, shoving the latter a way a little too hard.

“geez man, accept my love!” denki had whined loudly, but the other just cursed at him with hard eyes. 

he was grumpier than usual for the rest of the day, but denki brushed it off as one of his many bad moods.

that was, until a few days later when hanta placed a hand at the base of the back of katsuki’s neck absent-mindedly during class and the blonde had whipped around so fast he sent his table flying, explosions already flickering to life in his palms.

“calm down, dude, I was just passing on the homework packets,” sero said, eyeing the blonde’s tensed shoulders warily. katsuki was silent a few moments, eyes scanning the classroom as if daring them to say anything, before he finally snatched the packet from hanta’s outstretched hand and sat back down at his seat with a scowl and his shoulders hiked to his ears. no one mentioned it, simply watching in apprehension. but denki’s brain was whirring.

he mentioned it to mina in passing during english class.

“dude, bakubro’s totally got a ticklish neck!” he said to her under his breath, and she turned to give him a dubious look.

“i don’t think he’s capable of having a ticklish anything, kami.”

their gazes both flicked over to the blonde in question, who was quietly working through his worksheet diligently like the nerd he was.

then, slowly, mina tore a corner off her paper and scrunched it into a ball, before tossing it at katsuki’s back. the two watched in silence as it sailed through the air and ricocheted off the back of their target’s neck. the second the ball made impact, katsuki’s head was snapping around and his pencil was snapped in his grip, explosions flickering in his hands again and earning a look of exasperation from present mic. katsuki’s almost feral gaze snapped onto the duo, and he gave them a look of pure wrath that they met with sheepish smiles.

word spread quickly after that, and it became a small contest in the class to try and touch katsuki’s neck to watch him squirm.

eijirou looked uneasy at the idea of riling him up like this, and izuku was downright annoyed at the little game, giving everyone who participated in it a disappointed frown. but everyone else continued nonetheless, even students like ochako and rikido getting involved.

tsuyu would brush the back of her hand across his neck when walking past where he was seated on the common room couch, and the class would hide their snickers at the way the blonde would jerk to his feet and away from the touch, palms crackling menacingly.

mina would wrap her arms around his neck in an impromptu piggyback in the corridors and get thrown to the floor for her efforts, grinning all the while at the reaction she garnered.

(none of them noticed the way katsuki’s shoulders would tremble minutely even after the touches faded, or the way his eyes would grow distant and panicked. of course they didn’t - not when he hid it behind explosions and loud cursing.)

it went on for more than a week, katsuki growing increasingly irate and agitated with each instance. he avoided everyone more, except for eijirou and, surprisingly, izuku.

he would eat his meals in his room, wear his jackets with the collar popped up. at trainings, his explosions were erratic and frenzied, and in class he would snap at anyone who approached him, reverting back into his anger the way he had in their first year.

“i think you guys should stop.” izuku had said quietly around a mouthful of pork at dinner one night. the class was seated in the common room sans katsuki and eijirou, who were eating in the latter’s room. “you’re getting him worked up for no reason.”

he’d been brushed off easily, the class laughing his suggestion away.

“loosen up, mido,” kyouka grinned, bumping his shoulder lightly. “bakugou’s just allergic to affection, we’re messing around.”

“you can consider this exposure therapy!” mina piped up, earning another round of chuckles.

izuku scowled into his rice. “you’re not therapists.” he muttered under his breath.

that night when katsuki and eijirou brought their dishes down to wash them in the kitchen, yuuga brushed past them and trailed a finger across the side of katsuki’s throat innocently, making him drop his plate and jerk away with a curse.

“will you fucking- stop!” he roared, face growing red instantly and lips parting in a snarl. “stop it! stop fucking touching me!”

yuuga apologized easily with glinting eyes and glid out of the kitchen, leaving katsuki hunched over the counter with clenched, trembling fists.

after a moment of tense silence, katsuki finally dropped his plate in the sink and stomped away, not even bothering to wash it. eijirou followed him quietly, turning to give the sniggering occupants of the common room a glare as he passed.

“you guys are being so unmanly.” he muttered with a frown.

“what an overreaction.” he faintly heard mineta pipe up from the couches as the door closed behind them.

“dude,” eijirou called, speed-walking to catch up to the blonde. he raised a hand to put it on katsuki’s shoulder but was shoved away roughly.

“fucking leave it, shitty-hair.” katsuki spat, storming into his room and slamming the door shut behind him.

eijirou was left standing in silence, staring at the closed door in frustration as he realized katsuki had gone back to calling him that goddamn nickname after the entire year it took to finally convince him to use his name.

it came to a head two days later.

katsuki had been studying at the common room tables while the class was out training. he’d fallen asleep at some point, head buried in the arms he had crossed over the desk.

the class started filtering in slowly at some point, eyeing his prone form slyly as they entered. eijirou was nowhere in sight, probably still outside, and izuku was at an internship meeting.

the one to finally make the move was denki. he sidled up to katsuki, inching a hand towards his unmoving form as the group watched in anticipation. then, as quickly as possible, he wrapped his hand around the back of katsuki’s neck, palm pressing flat against the skin, and squeezed.

it happened so fast denki was left disoriented. one moment katsuki was asleep and then next he was startling awake with a strangled curse, explosions crackling at his palms as he jerked away and to his feet.

“dude, dude, it’s just me, chill!” denki had cried between snorts of laughter, the entire class watching the scene in amusement.

but katsuki didn’t calm down. in his half-asleep state, he lurched away from denki’s outstretched hands with an aborted cry, sparks in his hands growing to dangerously large explosions.

“imagine that,” kyouka snickered into her palm. “the great and mighty bakugou katsuki, bested by a single touch to his neck.”

she didn’t see katsuki’s flinch at the words, the way his face twisted and his shoulders began to tremble.

spitting out another string of weak curses, katsuki turned away from them and towards the dorm rooms only to be stopped by a bewildered eijirou, who had just entered.

“what’s going on?” he asked hesitantly, eyeing his snickering classmates and then katsuki, who was trembling in his grip with a lowered head.

“fucking let me go, please, just stop,” the blonde whispered hoarsely, quietly enough that only eijirou heard it. the redhead blanched at the words, almost losing his hold on the blonde’s arm.

“what the hell is going on?” he demanded, at the group this time.

the class were still chortling slightly, unable to see katsuki’s expression from where he was turned away and assuming his shaking was in rage.

“you think this is how the villains got him?” mineta leered. “just a hand at his neck? must’ve been easy as hell!”

eijirou felt the flinch that ran through katsuki’s body at the words, and the blonde’s head dipped even lower, hair falling over his face. his breathing was shallow, chest starting to heave slightly.

“hey-“ eijirou began, but shouto was already cutting him off with a frown.

“that’s too far, mineta.” he said quietly, looking irritated. a few of the students nodded in agreement, suddenly looking less amused after the purple boy’s comment.

“i’m just messing around!” mineta shot back.

“well don’t mess around about tha-”

a choked sob cut through the argument, and they all froze, heads swiveling to the source.

“bakugou?” eijirou asked quietly. the blonde’s body was trembling visibly at this point, shoulders shaking and hand pressed to his mouth tightly. a droplet of moisture fell from his bowed head and onto the floor, and eijirou blanched.

“shit- dude. bakugou.” he reached for the blonde’s shoulder only for him to flinch away from the touch violently, uncontrolled explosions roaring at his palms. another sob tore itself from the blonde’s throat, echoing through the silent common room.

“what’s going on?” mina asked quietly, looking completely terrified.

“someone get aizawa-sensei.” eijirou whispered. “i don’t- i don’t know-”

tenya ran off in search of their teacher instantly, and eijirou turned to the hunched over blonde, gently ushering him away from the centre of the room and towards a corner.

“bakugou,” he tried slowly, an edge of panic seeping into his own voice at the sight of his best friend’s tear-stained and rapidly reddening face. “katsuki. you need to breathe.”

the blonde shook his head, expression twisting desperately. “c-can’t,” he choked out, hand creeping up to clutch the back of his own neck. “can’t, i can’t!”

tears were falling freely at this point, staining katsuki’s shirt quickly.

“no, they’re- i can’t, please-” katsuki gasped, grip tightening at his neck until the skin went white.

eijirou’s eyes were starting to well with tears at his own helplessness, when aizawa-sensei came skidding into the common room.

“what happened.” he asked briskly, maneuvering eijirou away from katsuki smoothly.

“i- i don’t know, he just started-” eijirou tried numbly. “i don’t know.”

aizawa-sensei pulled katsuki out of the common room and into the corridor, and the class was left standing in tense silence.

“i told you guys to stop!” eijirou cried finally, voice shrill as tears finally rolled down his own cheeks. “i told you!

his classmates flinched, all of them pale and shaken.

no one spoke.

they waited unmoving until aizawa-sensei was walking back in, a still-trembling but slightly better-looking katsuki trailing behind him with swollen eyes trained on the floor.

“someone better explain to me what the hell happened.” their teacher said finally, murder in his eyes.

mina was the one to do it, shakily explaining with stilted pauses how the game had started.

aizawa-sensei listened quietly, expression growing stonier with every passing word. when the pink-skinned girl finally finished with tears welling in her eyes, he fixed them all with a stare angrier than the one they had received after kamino.

“do you all know what that was?” he asked lowly. “harassment. you harassed your classmate.”

a flinch ran through the group at the word.

“sensei, we didn’t mean to-” denki began quietly, but he was stopped by the teacher’s raised hand.

“i don’t care what you meant. i’m telling you what it was. you harassed your classmate and led him to a panic attack. you’ve all been through enough together to understand the trauma that can follow your experiences as heroes, so why did none of you have the common sense to stop and consider why bakugou didn’t want you touching his neck?”

silence followed his words for a long moment, before realization dawned on the class as one.

“oh my god,” ochako whispered in horror, eyes filling with tears. denki and mina went very still next to her, stilling as their own eyes widened in guilt. the atmosphere in the room grew heavy, and their gazes slowly trailed to the blonde sitting hunched at eijirou’s side, still trembling minutely.

“i think you all owe bakugou an apology.” their teacher said finally. “every single one of you except kirishima and midoriya will be attending after school detention every day for a week.”

for the first time ever, there were no protests. aizawa-sensei pushed to his feet, and with a lingering glare at the group of them, brushed out of the common room.

when the door shut behind him, they sat in tense silence.

“bakugou,” eijirou whispered hoarsely to the unmoving blonde at his side. “can i-”

his arm reached out, making an aborted movement to hug the blonde before he paused mid-way. but a moment later, katsuki leaned forward to bury his face in the redhead’s shoulder and nodded weakly in consent. eijirou’s arm settled around him slowly, resting at his hip and avoiding his neck area clearly.

“b-bakugou?” denki started shakily. “i fucked up really bad. i’m sorry.”

katsuki shrugged weakly against eijirou’s chest.

“’s fuckin’ whatever.” he mumbled roughly.

“no!” mina cried. “it’s not whatever! we were horrible to you even though you kept telling us to stop!”

“i’m sorry, too,” ochako echoed quietly. “it was easy to forget how traumatic kamino would have been. you’re so strong that i forgot you were a person like us, and i never thought about how you would have been affected by it.”

there were murmurs of agreement throughout the group as they all gave their apologies to the awkwardly fidgeting blonde.

“this is fucking stupid.” he muttered finally, flushing slightly. “can we just pretend it didn’t happen?”

they all chuckled lightly.

“it’s nothing to be embarrassed about!” mina insisted. “if i was in your position i probably would’ve cried the entire time the villains had me!”

“honestly, i think they’d just return you at that point, ashido.” hanta mused, earning another round of laughter.

“well maybe that was my escape plan the whole time!” she cried dramatically. “we can’t all be inhumanly strong and powerful like our bakugou over here!”

she kicked at his side lightly amidst the class’ laughter, eyeing him cautiously as if checking if the touch was allowed.

katsuki just nodded at her once, making her beam as her shoulders sagged in relief.

“shut up, dumbass.” he rasped, but there was a smile tugging at his lips.

from his side, eijirou watched the exchange with a faint grin of his own.

(later, izuku would return from his internship and receive a rundown on what happened. the class would cower as they received a stern talking-to from the green-haired boy that put aizawa-sensei’s lecture to shame, while katsuki sat behind him and watched the entire thing smugly.)

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