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This app has great stories, an interface that is pleasing to the eye, a pretty decent system in which it uses to decide on the most popular books and what books people want to see next, however, there is a large flaw that makes this great system fail. And that flaw is the overly greedy and overpriced Spirit Stone system. For almost all of the popular, reccomended, or highly rated books, Webnovel has employed a system upon it called premium. It requires the reader to use Spirit stones to unlock and read chapters, but if you want to read a few premium books at a time, you will need to either make several fake emails and invite them to earn a decent ammount, or spend money to gain them at a decent rate. The alternative methods they give you such as checking in, voting power and energy stones, and watching videos aren’t enough to read all the books you would want. This is the overarching problem with this, and this apps intial lure is the freeness of the whole process, and if you don’t want to spend 25 bucks a month to read your favortie books, then I don’t reccomend getting invested into this app.

Sours: https://justuseapp.com/en/app/1234939196/webnovel-fictions-comics/reviews

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Webnovel app review

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Customer Reviews of the Webnovel App

Love it


Rjjeudbsbaus's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/6/18 9:19 AM

It is great, has novel like no others

Serious bug.


Eneid_Elisor's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/5/18 3:01 AM

The is an ok reading app with a variety of books, authors and translators. That means different qualities from genuinely good to quite bad. There are good points, like a great frequency of translations every week but overall it was an average experience. The rating of novels in NU is better, I believe, too. The main problem for me though is the spirit stone system. You can gain them freely by daily checking in and I did so for months but after reaching 800 spirit stones instead of gaining more I was losing them daily despite not reading a single chapter so I stopped checking in for a few weeks and now I barely have 400 stones. Did they just disappear in thin air? I feel as if the app is constantly forcing me to pay for the extra chapters I want to read and at some point something has to give. If this continues, I’ll just have to give up on using this app altogether immediately after my currents favorites are finished.

Cannot read


Serias 3643's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/5/18 11:44 AM

Cant even read when the novel's table of content just show first chapter whipe the ok latest chapter is at 1000th.

Please someone help me.


wintxryy's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/4/18 2:37 PM

I really enjoy the app. Have been for about six months now. But recently I've been getting these loading problem with the chapters and they'll all but null with the exception of the first chapter. At first it was fine because it would load soon after a few mins. But now it just wouldn't load at all, just stuck with null chapters unless I go online. I can't even move to a different story like I did before because they would be null too. Please. Someone. Help.

Freezes before I can even log in


Jesshayes05's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/4/18 10:56 PM

Wouldn’t know anything else haven’t gotten farther than that

Buggy in recent update


Marchioly's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/30/18 6:08 AM

With a recent update to either the app or IOS 12, the watch ad to unlock chapter is not working correctly. Besides that, the app works fine.

Great App


gutmach's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/29/18 4:23 AM

Great app, it is becoming one of my favorites. Now we have comics/manga in the mix, going to be more fun to use this app.

Webnovel comics


Jdgcuosngwupwmveyossnvsgjwvwv's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/28/18 6:32 PM

Why not add offline reading on manga?



Nixur's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/28/18 5:59 AM

I really like how the formatting of the app is organized but there is one thing I would like to point out. The quotes that you pick out for the people to attract people into recommending books are kind of squished together and it falls out of place when I want to take interest in some of the recommended books but the size font irritates me. I know that the app does not allow the screen to flip to the side so for me, the most important adjustment to the app should be the quotes used to recommend web novels. If that is fixed, then I will have a great time exploring instead of getting my mood ruined because of something irritating. Other than that, I really love the books that you have come out with and translated so keep up the good work. I hope to see new and more exciting releases and read more good web novels that you guys have.

Can’t report chapters.


Mangaelf1997's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/27/18 1:20 PM

Yesterday when an author wronged me with a repeating chapter from the day before I could not report this author like the app specifically protects the author eve though he was in the wrong.



UK4u's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/26/18 9:14 AM

I love the app it’s convenient but it has a problem a big one it sometimes signs me out and when i sign in my whole library shows me I haven’t read any novel and it has new on every novel in there and i have to resync every novel individually and i have a big library it’s annoying and problematic please fix it

Bug Got Fixed!


Lucifersama93's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/26/18 5:49 PM

Yesterday I wrote a review and a complaint about a bug that annoyed me and today’s update fixed it. Thanks WebNovel 😍



Well,well's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/26/18 3:46 AM

There have been a lot of small issues cropping up and they seem to be stacking. Deleting history force closes the app, I verified my email and it won’t let me send internal feedback, and it doesn’t show new on updated novels, I have to check the counter on history. I’ve tried several ways to clear cache etc but considering the feedback block I had to resort to posting here. I love Webnovel and will always share but please address these issues!!!!



stone10785's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/24/18 3:57 AM

It’s great for a read and they r good with updates

Great app


RRoseCar's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/24/18 2:08 AM

Great app, but it would be better to pay for the whole book, than having to buy stones.

Great web novel reading app


Tylermp's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/23/18 5:53 AM

Keep it up

Not Working


Geeking user's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/22/18 4:39 AM

He app keeps on asking for a review or feedback email but when it’s takes you to the App Store it says it can’t connect to it. And then if you try to write a feedback email it won’t let you type anything. Also the app isn’t automatically brightening. I also would like to suggest that for the FanFiction genre you should be able to use and search for specific fandoms, like Naruto and DBZ.

Webnovel: Good App


Game Center needed's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/2/18 8:43 AM

This is a app which I have been using for a 3rd of a year now, and it is alright. The only recommendation is to fix when your books don’t synchronize properly, or when a book only says “null” for all chapters except 1. Besides that, the recent update for the interface is... well, it reorganized the comments awkwardly and made it so that you cannot hide them. The toolbar lucky didn’t change, but now you cannot see book data in a easily noticeable way. (As in the chapters menu the book title information panel is now replaced with a bland “Contents”.)The bottom of the chapters are now seemingly hastily put together as compared to the previous neat setup. All I have, thanks!

Won’t show new chapters


Snoops eg's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/19/18 3:07 AM

I get the notifications for new chapters but it never shows it on the app and it makes it hard to know if I’m caught up or not pls help otherwise the apps amazing.

Premium novels have ruined the app


LordSahde's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/18/18 2:35 AM

Any novel that is ranked high is turned into a premium novel which essentially places each chapter behind a money block. Initially, the app released one free chapter a day but now no free chapters are released. To unlock the new chapters you have to use a range of 12-17 spirit stones which you can gain only gain about 20 free spirit stones a day through the checkin, ranking novels, and etc. The other way to obtain spirit stones is to purchase them. Therefore if you read multiple novels you can only read about one chapter of a single novel a day. To read the rest you have to spend money. There are other websites that provide the same novel for free without asking for money especially money for each chapter.



echomemree's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/18/18 11:16 AM

I was initially just looking for an app to read a few stories that I had heard of and was interested in. Fortunately the app provided a constant update of those and even gave me great recommendations for other stories. I'm hooked on this app and recommend it to anyone whom is looking for great stories.



Tecnoawesome's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/17/18 4:49 PM


Update version


javbekicms's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/15/18 1:29 PM

The updated version is not letting me sign in



Sylviana Morrigan's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/13/18 7:03 AM

I can’t even get passed the genre selection screen which is the first thing it brings up upon downloading and opening it. The X button doesn’t work and you can’t select any of the genres or even scroll down the genre list, either. Nothing is responsive. Also, I think it’s ridiculous to limit someone to six genres. I read kind of close to everything. If you want to allow your readers to customize their experience don’t half-donkey it.

Some issues


Demonic_Lord's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/13/18 10:02 AM

I love this app, I really do. The only issue is that every time the app refreshes, the new uploaded chapters don’t show. This is just driving me crazy. And, yes, I already check notifications and even erased the app and downloaded it again. Well, if I find out what the issue is, I’ll give a higher star rating.



Hoopahhhh's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/11/18 6:09 PM

It keeps saying " in place of quotation marks.

No more issues!


Thatguy078's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 9/1/18 3:17 AM

No more issues and the app is working fine. Still bummed on the idea that I have to pay for spirit stones, but if it means an increased incentive for the translators to release more chapters, I’m all for it. Suggestions -bring back watching ads -more ways to earn spirit stones -make the expiration date longer for spirit stones

Like Webnovel, but....


TTran10117's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/9/18 8:42 PM

First used the app on their website and not the app. Webnovel was a great place to find and read Asian stories, translated and originals. However, I find the app to be a bit disappointing. There were issues with synchronizations, loading, and library management. Sometimes my saved books weren’t being saved in the library. I find using Webnovel on Safari from my mobiles more easier to use than the app itself. Wished they could solve these issues and make the app more convenient to use.

So much glitches


MiraGJ's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/8/18 5:39 PM

I love all the books and I love that you can get “spirit stones” daily without paying money but there’s just so much glitches when subscribed to a book it won’t recognize its subscribed until multiple attempts and the chapters list takes incredibly long to load and then ends up saying only one chapter when it has 1000+ or just having a very long list of zeros appear. The website is now slow and glitchy so you can’t use that ether please fix all the glitches on both



hiddenjayde's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/7/18 5:33 AM

More novels are being added into the app. Especially the romance novels which is something I look forward to! Loving this app!

Love this app


Jassyj01's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/4/18 9:22 AM

Damm I'm in love with this app one of my fav love the novels and the authors but I just only have trouble with waiting for stones I mean I can wait but I just hope we can achieve more stones quicker like watching a ad or play games but that all well keep up the good work and post up more novels please ☺️😍

I love it


Marshal10012's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/4/18 10:02 PM

It's a great place to read some fantastic translations. On the spirit stone issue most of the novels I read only require 4-6 spirit stones per new chapter which is covered by my daily rewards.

Needs more background color.


Arkcus's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/30/18 9:32 AM

So as the title suggest, I would love it if there was more choice for the background color. For example, Sepia would be good for BG color.👍

Amazing reading app


MyLifeIsHers's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/30/18 7:40 AM

I love this app, wether I’m on a trip or just at home I’m always reading and this app has changed my life, I love it.

Offline reading


Jdgcuosngwupwmveyossnvsgjwvwv's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/30/18 7:17 PM

Can’t read offline. I click download but after closing my WiFi I was going to read but it said please try again

I like the app but...


NoneO'yoBusiness's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/3/18 9:34 AM

Getting logged out is really annoying. Also some stories have many chapters locked and require a lot of spirit stones to unlock.

Please put this in the next update


Iron Doggo's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/29/18 4:18 AM

I rated it 4 stars and not 5 because you can not download more than one chapter at a time.

Good stories that are paywalled


Mick2635's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/26/18 4:42 PM

Now that most the novels are premium, you have to pay massive amounts of money to keep up with just a few of them. If you like spending over $100 on a single book to read it to completion, then this app is for you.

Good Stories, Bad App.


Pelehami's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/23/18 2:30 PM

If an app that revolves around books could have a pay to win system, this would be a prime example. Any book that receives mild popularity becomes premium, which forces you to spend their premium currency to keep up with the most recent 50 chapters, sometimes even more. They drive out translators who refuse to aid in their premium escapade. Above all they just don’t listen. This has been a problem for a long time. They are outright greedy and they seem to take pride in it for some reason. Would not recommend this app. Find another source for books. Gravity Tales and WUXIA World are great.



randomname5475's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/22/18 1:18 PM

Used to be fine. Now everything is paywalled. Not worth using.

money slave


Uggvdrhbxwecz's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/21/18 8:51 AM

you wont get daily unlock chapter from now if you’re ready to go poor... download this app now

Can't read anything!


MeruKAI's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/21/18 3:53 PM

Every single time I re-download the app, the same thing always happens. Either the chapters say null, tell me I'm offline (even though I am already signed in), or it is just stuck loading. At first I was fine with just reading from the site directly on my phone, but they just redesigned the whole mobile site. I can't find a way to access my messages on the mobile site, and they changed the size of the font of the chapter. It's just plain horrible now. If I wasn't such a fan of some of the novels there, I wouldn't even bother reading from them. Such a hassle. Edit: seems like they revamped the app. I can finally read on it now. 🎉🎉🎉 Also didn't realize you can change the font on mobile site, even though you still can't access your messages unless you use the desktop version of the site (which means either using chrome or turning off JavaScript). Trying to read comments that are cut off are a hassle though with it wanting to reply when you tap on them. But hey my biggest complaint was really not being able to read on the app at all before and since they fixed it, it's all good now! Edit after a year: The app is working great now! No complaints so far. Everything is working. Only thing is, I’m sitting here being jealous of those who got option to gift authors. Qidian you can’t do that to us. Please make it available to the rest of us soon



Blu_Shadows's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/18/18 6:26 AM

Honestly I saw this app throwing shade at Wattpad I decided to download it thinking ‘oh there throwing shade I should check it out’ let me explain this. This app is basically like wattpad except you have to pay to read YOU HAVE TO PAY TO READ yes ok wattpad you can pay for a membership but is doesn’t make you pay to read. Thank you hope this can give a few of you people an idea of the app



flioyritet's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/11/18 2:43 AM

I love reading with this it’s great chapters do get released you just have to wait if you don’t wanna use spirit stones if I had one complaint it’d be that the download button doesn’t seem to work well

I hate it. No picture at all?


Lananhtruong's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/10/18 5:10 AM

Why is there no picture

Please fix today the app today !!!


jmarti22's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/10/18 10:35 PM

Please fix the app today it won’t keep me signed in for more than a split second!! It won’t show the novels in my library either And I’m addicted to one of them please fix ASAP!!!!

A great solution for all web novel fans


afdrew's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 8/1/18 12:58 PM

For most people, reading web novels is like a Frankenstein patchwork of different web pages on your browser, with little community or reliability. This app makes the entire process simple, convenient, and sustainable. Most of the negative comments are about the ‘pay to unlock system’, but you can unlock chapters without paying. However, I would argue that this system is perfect for giving actual monetary incentives to translators without being hounded for donations, and only paying a few cents here and there for reliable, fast translations. It’s like Netflix, only you pay for what you watch—only if you want to be put to date—not a monthly subscription.

Bugs, bugs, poor Ui


Firbran's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/6/18 6:16 PM

The content is great, I like the premium model. It’s just... this is by far the worst app on my phone. So many bugs, poor navigation and Ui, etc...

Could be improved


xViou's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/5/18 4:25 AM

I like the app in general, I just get annoyed when it loses my progress in a book that I’m reading even when it’s on the same device. I’ll come back to the app a few hours later or a day later and it brings me to a chapter that’s not my most recently read.

“New” broken


Bottles4678's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/5/18 4:07 AM

A few broken issues. Love the stories problems with the app. If you logout then log back in all your novels will be listed as unread until you open each one and let it synchronize. Give up on the inviting guests if you expect spirit stones. I have invited a friend and didn’t get any. Funny, not really, his gut of 100 spirit stones expired two months before he joined.

i like it so much!


Sreymomssd's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/4/18 8:41 AM

i like it so much!

Problems (FIXED)


Devoted Line Player!!!'s Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/3/18 6:16 AM

EDIT: Thanks for fixing the problem! As promised, I gave a 5 star review because honestly, I feel that this is an amazing app that provides fair opportunity for us to read the chapters for free and that’s something I really appreciate! Continue the good work and hope to see more lovable stories! Hi, I don’t mind and well actually, LOVE THE APP. I’m grateful for the fact that all the stories are practically free and entertaining. My only problem is that some stories WILL NOT LOAD so I can’t read it and it’s frustrating having to go online to read it. Please fix this and I’ll change my rating, thank you!



pop_turd's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/3/18 2:59 AM

Ever since the new update non of the stories I haven't read yet load, it gets stuck on the loading page and as a result I can't read any new ones . Please help

One of the best apps!


VW123826's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/29/18 3:03 AM

This app is really good and makes me less bored but could use some more novels to read after awhile.

Filter request


revanth147's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/25/18 5:35 AM

Would be nice if there are more options to filter the novels



itswhoeverr's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/22/18 1:02 AM

I really like this app you can read as many books you want with all kinds genres. The only thing I ain’t like is that if your a fast reader and get to the end and have to wait update you’ll have to pay stones but not all do that so it’s alright.

It could be much worse


skylarparker's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/2/18 6:51 AM

I started using this app when I could access most chapters by watching ads. This is no longer the case and I’ve now spent money on this. I use this app daily, so spending some money on it occasionally doesn’t bother me, and now that I can get spirit stones from checking in, voting, and watching an ad, I can keep up with the one story that I’m reading that gets updated daily without having to buy more stones constantly. It would be much worse if I were reading multiple incomplete novels, but I try to read stuff that has been complete for some time so I’m not always using spirit stones to read. I do miss unlocking chapters with ads, but as I said, I use the app so much, a few bucks here and there seems worth it to make sure it stays afloat and gets updated and such.



Primus42's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/19/18 6:17 AM

If you want to easily read a novel on your mobile device then this is the app for you. 😁

Reading soap opera fix


Boontilicious's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/14/18 6:26 PM

I love this app. Are used to watch soap operas religiously and now soap operas aren't readily available. I have since picked up reading web novels and this is the perfect site. As soon as you login it update you as to which novels you are reading have been updated. It keeps track of your progress across multiple devices. I have nothing but praise for this app, it's simply awesome.

Favorite app on my phone


That other cat :3's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/14/18 1:03 PM

I love love love this app cause I can read it basically anywhere with signal. It's easy to use and any difficulties I experienced using this app are too minor to mention. Of course, translations could always be better, but the translators are human too. Anyways, I spend almost all day reading on this app and am never bored. Love this app!

Non-premium review


Bubbles7865's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/12/18 11:55 PM

Most people are being nit-picky with premium stuff, I read non-premium books usually and I travel a lot so downloading 10-20 chapters a time and reading them while I'm on them plane is honestly great! The app is simple you can customize the things that are necessary like, night mode, font type, size, landscape etc. has a library mode and updates you immediately when there are updates! Good app good design would recommend for anyone looking for an easy way to read these books

Decent but has some problems


EndlessRest's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 7/1/18 4:24 PM

The app has some of my favorite novels and a easy to use set up. My issues with the app are as a typical Asian app they are money hungry greedy toads and I have major issues trying to get books to load!!! I literally have to wait an hour for stuff to load at times!!! FRUSTRATING

Best app


Anthonyslayer12's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/8/18 5:57 AM

This app is amazing

Loading Chapeter Issues


Heavenly Sealer's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/7/18 8:33 AM

I cannot load new chapters that have been updated

Bygone Beauty


JLImun's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/7/18 7:50 AM

Webnovel was an Oasis for the lonely, for those who sought adventure but were held back by work, family, and other commitments. It brought peace and entertainment into my life, things which I had been lacking for a while. But nothing good ever lasts. Who knew that a place I once saw as home would suddenly turn its back on me? That something that made most days tolerable would be taken away without a care. This place used to be beautiful, used to be a haven for people like me... but that was then and this is now. This cold and unwelcoming thing is all that’s left. They are tempting you with the vision of what once was, allowing you to peruse their collections and become intrigued but soon, you will know my pain. As you become more and more invested in these novels they provide, you will reach a point where you can no longer continue without sacrifice. It wasn’t intolerable at the beginning but as the saying goes, give an inch and they’ll take a mile. It used to be that new and bonus chapters could only be unlocked by watching an ad or paying spirit stones, neither of which was terrible considering they gave you a way to obtain a small amount of spirit stones every day. But this... they have taken it too far! Some novels have ~200 chapters locked behind a paywall, no ads and costly enough that you would only be so lucky as to read around three or four chapters a day with what they provide for free. Meaning you must spend roughly $20.00 USD to read a novel that’s not even fully translated yet! Who among us can afford such luxuries? Not I for one. After a bit of calculating, this novel whose chapters are locked and over 2000 after completion, would cost around $160 USD to be able to read it as they translate like we could in the beginning for free. They must take us for fools! I will not spend a penny more on your devious schemes, and I hope you can bring back the beauty you have recently abandoned. I wouldn’t mind watching ads but I truly can not support these schemes!

Bad app stick with the mobile website


nasklmd's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/6/18 11:32 PM

I really wanted to like this app, but the mobile website is just so much more intuitive to navigate. The app for me is very unresponsive and I can’t even back out of a book to get back to my library screen.

Books cannot be viewed


EshongDaGreat's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/5/18 9:12 AM

When i was reading and turn to a new chapter it said that you have no internet connection, but when i checked it i still have it. I open a bunch of stuff to confirm and i confirmed that i have internet connection.When i tried to load it again , the novel im reading and all the novel i opened said that it failed to load.when i logged out and tried to sign in again,the app said that failed sign in. Lol so now i dont know what to do xD

Fixed: Optimized fonts


Garowley's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/4/18 10:23 PM

“The font size on my iPad are now so small, I have to use a magnifier. Is there a way to roll back this update? Or should I just read in a browser?” Works better now. Content is great. Needs to be a little improvement in grammar though...

Stole over 600 stones at one time!!


Mangaelf1997's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/29/18 1:58 AM

This s***** piece of garbage took over 600 spirit stones from me for no reason, at one time, it became over 1200 to 700 in one sitting this is not fair and stupid!

No issues until the update....


Thatguy078's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/29/18 1:57 AM

I cannot access the pages of the “ongoing series” novel list

Help I forgot what I was reading


😎Marlen🤓's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/28/18 4:15 PM

The app is only keeping track of the library history and not what I have read in general. Please fix

Lots of stories, premium system has serious flaws


Breh123344's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/28/18 4:05 PM

This app has lots of great stories on it, however, if you pay any money to unlock chapters with spirit stones. You can’t read new chapters of that novel until all of the chapters you paid to unlock have been unlocked for everyone (I believe they unlock 1 or 2 a day for each novel). That means long wait times between reads if you ever spend money on chapters to read ahead. It’s a serious design flaw that should be fixed. But for now, if you aren’t planning to constantly pay money to read your favorite novels, it’s better if you don’t pay at all and just wait for them to be slowly unlocked every day. Again, don’t know why they don’t fix this. It doesn’t seem like a terribly hard thing to implement and they should have done it from the beginning. An overall lackluster premium system. I don’t mind spending money on chapters on occasion, but the long wait periods will prevent me from spending money just to wait weeks for a new chapter to read.

Love the app, just cannot stand the prices for chapters


Alistair1337's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/28/18 2:30 AM

Prior to the change chapters cost 4 spirit stones or the price could be ignored by watching an ad. However, now the prices have been tripled and ads have been taken out as an option to read the latest chapter. While part of this could be overlooked, some books have as much as 200+ chapters with this restriction. Overall I enjoy this app and will continue to support it.

Great app!


aeonefox's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/24/18 7:11 AM

Great app!! For online novel readers.



Cestorel.RN's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/23/18 3:03 AM

Please give us a way to send our comments or error reporting directly to your technical and editorial department. Recently this “ ” has been consistently appearing on your novels such as “Hidden Marriage” and “Perfect Love”. This word interrupts our reading pleasure and has been really bothersome And annoying. I hope your editorial & technical departments will work on this as soon as possible. We use SS to unlock the chapters and seeing this annoyance makes it not worthwhile. I am not sure if this is a glitch or an oversight on the editorial team, hence the flag for the 2 departments. (6/22/18)



MissXDbleax's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/22/18 3:29 AM

Love the stories



Dixiegirl575765's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/21/18 9:04 PM

I have had this app for a while now. At first everything was fine and i could read and download books and stuff, but then all of sudden (maybe after a new update or something) the app wouldn’t load anything and would not connect to the internet. I thought maybe it was my WiFi or the phone, but I have tried on other networks and downloaded this app on another device and redownloaded it on this phone and nothing works. DO NOT RECOMMEND. THIS APP DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE.

Deserves five stars


ATreeAteMe's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/20/18 11:03 AM

Love to read all the web novels available!



Hyashiro's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/19/18 10:25 AM

"Watch ad to read chapter" *shows screenshots of some random app* *presses x to close ad* *nothing happens* Ads are currently broken, and there are so many locked chapters. With so many locked chapters in each novel, I can only cry. If you want to continue reading your favorite novel but don't want to spend too much, you have to manage your spirit stones on 1-2 novels. Otherwise, locked chapters will start stacking up and you won't be able to read the latest chapters for a long while. It might drive you insane. If you want to read the latest chapters, you are encouraged to pay for spirit stones which are currency for unlocking the latest chapters. You can also wait for chapters to be unlocked... If you already didn't know, Qidian is infamous around the Chinese translating community for 'Taking back their stories'. (Because they have rights over it. Not sure about specific details, but translators/translator groups of Chinese Qidian novels from various translation websites were recruited/hired to work for Qidian because of good pay, and/or because they want to continue translating the novel. Some translators work closely with the novel's author.) Translating used to be a hobby for others.

Tired of having to drop all my stories.


steinhooo's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/16/18 12:28 AM

I am honestly infuriated that I have to drop all of the stories I got hooked on, because I like a lot of others do not have money to just buy a load of stones. It was much better when you could just watch an ad, but now I am done.

How greedy can you get?


Christal C.'s Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/13/18 9:10 PM

I don't mind paying for things. I think it's important to support the translators and everything, but the changes to ads recently are ridiculous. There's no transparently set schedule for releasing free chapters, and the paid ones have no real outline for why they cost what they do. I just had a chapter jump to 17 stones. SEVENTEEN. For this little blurb of a Facebook post they have the nerve to call a chapter. I'm going to finish out the rest of the stones I paid for and that's it. I'm not spending another dime on this app. This is ridiculous. By the time you finish reading the entire novel, you'll have spent well over what you would buying a one in its entirety in a bookstore. Qidian should be ashamed of themselves.



Athrun89's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/13/18 2:52 PM

Had what I considered a well thought out review at least regarding my own opinion on the app but dang if with the swipe of my finger it was all erased. So to summarize what would have been, I really enjoy the app to a degree. My qualms are only towards the number of novels that you currently make available for users. I currently have three novel apps installed but you only have one novel that I read even though the other apps also provide this novel as well. Just varying on how far it’s been translated. Aside from that thank you for bringing everything together for users like myself to enjoy.



marpelel's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 6/10/18 8:02 PM

so i had 1500+ and i usually wait for the chapters to come out instead of buying them but i like to have extra spirit stones incase i’m REALLY binging you know? well i haven’t been on in a couple of days since i had to study for my final exams and once i got on i’m down to 800.... yes i spent money on spirit stones and now i guess it’s gone down the toilet... i’m honestly disappointed. if one of the developers are reading this and want to give me back my spirit stones feel free my name on it is marpleleaf :l

Fix your app


Dane T. P.'s Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/9/18 6:50 AM

I don’t mind anything about this app, aside from the fact that it freezes after an hour or so of reading. This causes me to have to reset my iPad. Truly a pain, other than that the prices of chapters are fair, the stories are amazing. Worth a look at, just don’t expect to spend much time reading without having to force restart your device.

Money grubbers


Ricktory's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/9/18 6:18 PM

Hate this update of app just want the old app in which you watch an ad to get read the chapter but now you have to spend money to read like why



Minecodes's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/9/18 2:29 AM

It is a decent app, but the paywall is real



Godslayingbunny's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/7/18 3:54 PM

Fix it



Mommy bcbxb's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/5/18 3:46 PM

I love the app but the font Please fix it’s so small I can’t read at all

I like the app but...


NoneO'yoBusiness's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/30/18 8:21 AM

For the most part, there are no problems. However, I am sometimes forcefully logged out. I would also like there to be more genres because the genre pool is severely limited.



theReep's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/3/18 3:57 AM


An improvement


Micheal163's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/29/18 9:20 AM

The only thing this needs is the ability to read side ways and will be able to read more comfortably but other then that great app thanks for all the hard work

Was a great app


kings-end's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/26/18 5:33 PM

Man this was once a great app I get they want to make money so they have the stones but all the novel have been split up and are like 10-16 spirit stones. With over 50 chapter you have to pay this is to much it over kill



annoyed chicken's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/23/18 8:13 PM

You can’t just binge read, you have to stop and pay for every chapter, which is ANNOYING. If anyone wants a good app for reading, try Wattpad

Polished Eight Rocks


Pengpengpenguin's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/22/18 3:35 PM

"Warning!!! Unless you are ready to cut ties with mortal world, and welcome the hardship of cultivation realm, dont download this app", said xianxia chuu2

Great Stories and Balanced System


Flppod45's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/20/18 7:31 AM

By far this app is the best at bringing in offline webnovels for me to read in my spare time, the currency system on it is fairly balanced so you'll be able to unlock on locked chapters daily.

Love it and hate it


Jeannettejuly2012's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/2/18 7:07 PM

Love reading the books I just hate that after a while your points or whatever things go to it and then it’s hard to get them back then you have to wait .it’s like a video game I just want to read a book

Great content, but app is selling out :(


mr.slowlyarrives's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/19/18 9:27 PM

Yeah, like others, i’ve been with this app for quite a while. i would actually recommend it and was constantly surprised that a company had taken the long view and created a well thought-out and balanced piece of software that works for everyone. ..... Yeah, bummer, they’ve apparently sold out to their greed rather quickly and the web-page and app have constantly gone downhill. If you were using this a few months ago, you’ll be as bummed as i about the trade-offs / if you are new to this... well, hopefully this is where they will stop. - On the content side, some real gems here! A collection of very good novels with above average translation quality. The 3 stars are specifically in recognition of that, and a nod to a once rarely decent app.

Error library 1001


BLoodz chi's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/19/18 5:26 AM

Offline of network connection not working , i don’t know what happen, can you please fix it , still reading my fav novel suddenly no connection retry what happen?

Bad QOL updates


DelaJustin's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/16/18 7:23 PM

Why the h*** did you make the fronts smaller?

Meh need help


Dussie the Useless Pan's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/16/18 5:04 AM

The app is tolerable with the ads and spirit stones, but the thing I find most important rn is that can I get support for transferring my Webnovel account from my current email to another because I actually used my student email which will be deleted in like 2-3 years.(yes I plan to be using this for that long or at least until the paywall gets set up.)

Money money money


I Love the Turtles!'s Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/16/18 1:17 PM

I didn’t mind the adds but now they hold the most recent updates hostage (30 chapters in some cases). So if you read more than one book then don’t expect to read new releases unless you pay big money.

I am a weeb.


Killer Cobra 121's Review of Webnovel

Reviewed on 5/15/18 5:40 PM


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[WEBNOVEL] The Legendary Mechanic

Webnovel Review

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy there me lads and lasses! Yer app pirate is here again, back from another adventure around the seven seas. The crew had a great find diving down Davy Jones’ locker. Every dive and exploration is dangerous, but it also gives us buckos a sense of excitement and thrill! Today’s dive was a success. We were able to take lots of booties up the good old Jolly Roger. Apart from playing games, one of the things this old salt do on me free time is read. Aye! I like reading stories, news, and various information. Ye think all I know is drink rum and hunt treasure? Har, har, har! The app that is in review today is a novel app called Webnovel by Cloudary. Avast ye and let’s start.

Easy Sign Up Process

Webnovel Review

Webnovel is a free to download app where you can ready various novels under different genres. While you can read the novels without signing up for an account, it is best that you sign up and sign in to explore the entire app and enjoy the whole experience. You can collect stones when signed up, which are the currencies in the game, as well as connect with other users through comments and forums. You can sign in using various accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.

User Friendly Interface

Webnovel App

The interface of the app is simple. It is also accessible on the web and everything is in sync so you can pick up from where you left off, or you can access your account both using the app or the web. It will be easy to familiarize yourself with the app because it is user friendly. You don’t need a tutorial as exploring it on your own will not be rocket science. There’s also a library where you can save the novels that you wish to read so they are easier to access. Fildena 100 mg online http://valleyofthesunpharmacy.com/fildena/

Several Books to Choose From

There are many books to choose from that fall under various genres. They are translated, but there are also cases in which some novels were not fully translated. If you come across these novels and you just got immerged at the first chapters that you have read, it can be frustrating not to be able to continue reading because the translations have stopped or not yet available.

Requires Premium Currency

Previously, only a couple of chapters are locked on novels, which require the premium currency called the spirit stones to be unlocked. However, several chapters are now locked and they may require as many as 12 spirit stones to unlock one chapter, which can be frustrating, especially if you are already into the story. There are ways on how to earn free spirit stones but collecting the amount you need can be slow. They are available for in-app purchase, which can be very tempting to consider.

The Ups

Webnovel is a free to download app that is easy to use because of its simple interface. There are several novels to choose from. Sign up is also very easy.

The Downs

Some novels do not have complete translations, and there are chapters that require to be unlocked using premium currency that are slow to collect, unless you make an in-app purchase or make invites. Get Xanax online http://sellersvillepharmacy.com/xanax.php

The Verdict

Webnovel is a recommended app for those who love reading novels. You may need to collect premium currency for free although it can be slow if you don’t want to spend any money, but there are several stories to choose from that will spark your interest.

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App review webnovel


How to read a book using Webnovel app


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