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Dolphin Meaning and Symbolism

Having a Dolphin as your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

As a ‘spirit animal’ or ‘power animal’, the dolphin guides you to generate your spirit and voice by effectively communicating with the outside world. It also keeps you connected with nature, as well as its vibes and messages.

Like the dolphin, you impart thelesson of love and affection, acting both as an anchor (holding in place) and a bridge (connection) between you and the child inside your heart.

The esoteric dolphin-energy in you helps you meditate upon your existence, breathe in and out peacefully, arrange your senses in order, and realize your ‘self’ like in the yoga. You are connected tosalvation.

Like the dolphin, you love to play, which is something healthy. Thus, you symbolize both spirituality (the metaphysical or mystical aspect of the mind), as well as the power of healing.

Just like dolphins have the ability to scare away the dangerous sharks and keep a swimmer safe, you are also capable ofprotecting and defending yourself and other by warding off the ‘sharks’ of vices, making it possible to swim through the sea of life safely.

All these characteristics and attributes of dolphin in you make you the conferrer of completeness of your own body, mind, and soul.

Dolphin Symbolism Spirit Animal Dream

What does it mean when you Dream of Dolphins

Dreaming of a dolphin attack or a bite from a killer dolphin symbolizes that time has come for you to confront the forces that are acting as a hindrance to your progress, or realize your goal.

Similarly, encountering and killing a dolphin means that by now, you have gained the confidence to overcome some evil. At this stage, you should go ahead with your endeavors in life.

A dead dolphin signifies despair and frustration, arising from your feeling of hopelessness of not being able to connect to people or your dear ones.

Diving or swimming with a dolphin relates to one’s emotional states of balance, while the meaning of both whales and dolphins swimming together in a pod or group is that, you have a carefree attitude within you, which is being guarded by an authoritative figure.

Kissing a dolphin in your dream signifies sufficiency or abundance, appreciation from others, and esteem.

Dream of a female dolphin giving birth is suggestive of welfare and some unexpected benefits waiting to emerge successfully from a project.

If you specifically see a bottlenose dolphin in a dream, it signifies a strong connection in your relationship. It symbolically points to the fact that, the dreamer is being unable to take a static decision about someone he or she has fallen for.

Seeing a baby dolphin in a dream symbolizes that it’s time for you to stop getting tensed by minor vicissitudes of life and nourish your inner joy.

Dream Meaning & Interpretation of Dolphins by Color

A pink dolphin in a dream means sweetness in general, relating to your feelings of ecstasy, affection, and love.

A blue dolphin stands for relaxation or peacefulness in your present state of mind.

A black dolphin (especially if it is sick) signifies that there may be a flaw in the path to your spiritual guidance.

A white or albino dolphin, in turn, represents a lofty level of your spiritual standing, and that, the path you are following is a noble one.

Spiritual and Symbolic Analysis of Dolphins in Different Cultures and Religions

In Hinduism

‘Shishumara’ is a constellation that resembles a diving dolphin, and is located near the region of the Ursa Minor, orbiting the primeval polar star (known as ‘Dhruva’ in Sanskrit, a devotee of Vishnu). Shishumara is considered as a phenomenon of Lord Vishnu, upon which the yogis meditate.

The carriers or celestial vehicles (‘vahana’) of the Hindu river goddess Ganga (Ganges), as well as the cosmic water deity Varuna, are the ‘Makara’. Most scholars identify this mythical creature with the Gangetic dolphin (found in the waters of the river Ganges) or else, the South Asian river dolphin.

The Makara, again, is the tenth (out of twelve) zodiac sign in the Hindu/Vedic astrology. It corresponds to the western zodiac sign Capricorn (the sea-goat).

In Christianity

In Christianity, dolphins play a significant symbolic role, directly depicting the ‘Son of God’ – Christ. It is believed that the dolphins carry the souls of the dead to paradise. This belief, however, seems to have been borrowed from the Pagans who would inscribe dolphins on the graves of the deceased with the same belief.

Since dolphins were often seen appearing alongside ships, they came to represent Christ, who protects and guides the seafarers through the fathomless ocean.

In Islam

Islam connects dolphin with prosperity and virtue. Seeing a dolphin in the dream is a religious symbol of success, good luck, and fulfillment in life. On the contrary, viewing a dead dolphin in a dream is a bad omen, since the dreamer might then lose a loved one, or a person or acquaintance close to him.

In Greek & Roman Mythologies

To ancient Greek and Roman sailors, these mammals were a symbol of guidance and divine protection since they would help them by surfing the bow waves of ships at sea. In Greek myth, the Assyrian goddess Atargatis, the deity of fertility and the underwater world, is associated with the dolphin.

Dolphin figures were a sacred symbol in both Greek and Roman alchemy – the ancient metallurgical science.

In Native American Mythology

The ancient Sumerians would associate the male water deity Ea-Oannes with dolphins. Also, the creation stories of the Dogon tribe, residing in West Africa’s Mali, revolves around dolphins as well as other fish-like beings.

Even today, many other Native American tribals consider these marine mammals as their totem animal and associate them with different shamanic rites and charms.

In Feng Shui

The Feng Shui recommends installing dolphin statues inside the house as a powerful symbol of protection.

In Celtic Culture

Because the early Celtic people were mostly sailors and had to travel through the sea frequently, they viewed the dolphin with high esteem and reverence as a symbol of friendship, intelligence, and good luck since the animals were thought to be guiding and helping them move through the waves safely.

In Hawaiian Culture

In Hawaiian traditions, different spirit animals play an important role as the spirit guide of each individual. The dolphin, known as Nai’a in the Hawaiian lore, represents the energy of unconditional love because of its equal love for both the same and the opposite sexes.

In Gay Culture

Since dolphins have been studied practicing homosexuality or bisexuality as well as have a phallic shape, they have been symbolically connected with the contemporary gay cultures, mostly in the western world. A dolphin tattoo, body art, and different accessories (including crystal jewelry, pendants, necklaces, nose or finger rings, earrings, anklets, and bracelets) have become quite common and popular gay symbols.


What Do Dolphins Symbolize?

Have you ever watched dolphins frolicking? Something is reassuring and peaceful about their playful antics. They seem to happily grin while leading carefree lives. We know that dolphins, like humans, are intelligent, and possess a strong sense of community. They are brave as well, as dolphins don’t turn tail (literally!) when threatened by predators like sharks. They fight back! For centuries many ancient cultures gave dolphins a special place in their legends, myth, and folklore. Let us explore the meaning of dolphin symbolism.

A dolphin poking his head above water and smiling.

Dolphins as a Symbol of Protection

To this day, seafaring cultures continue to value dolphins as a symbol of protection. Sailors of many nations consider a dolphin to be lucky, or a good omen. Often, this was for practical reasons, as pods of dolphins frequent shipping lanes and coastal areas where humans dwell. For the earliest seafarers, a dolphin would have been a welcome sight and sign that dry land wasn’t far away. Old sea dogs knew that dolphins following a ship was a good omen, as their boat was sure to reach harbor safely.

This kind-hearted nature can be traced back to at least one of many Greek myths. To Ancient Greeks, dolphins were hugely revered, showing up in countless ways as messengers, rescuers and more. But, how did dolphins come to be protectors?

An Ancient Greek tale speaks of Dionysus, best known as the God of Wine and Winemaking. The story tells us that as Dionysus approached adulthood, he wandered far and wide across the world. But, eventually, his heart called him back to Greece.

While returning to his homeland, Dionysus was set upon by pirates. To them, the Greek God appeared to be wealthy, and certainly worth a ransom to some rich noble. Smiling at their fortune, the pirates seized Dionysus and brought him onboard their ship. Unfortunately for the pirates, their thoughts of silver and gold were short-lived.

Whenever the buccaneers would try and tie the god up, their efforts would fail. Knots would slip and not hold their place. The rope would fray and break. With creeping horror, it dawned upon the pirates that only a powerful being, such as a god, could exert such power!

Dropping his bemused expression, the God of Wine confronted his would-be captors. Some say he turned their oars to snakes and viciously poisoned the sailors. Others suggest that Dionysus transformed into a lion, and savaged the evil men. As the pirates abandoned their ship, this son of Zeus curtailed his anger and became amused. He is said to have transformed the survivors into dolphins, and that their penance would be to help humanity ever after.

A pod of dolphins leaping above the waves!

Dolphins as a Symbol of Resurrection

Like the butterfly, dolphins are also seen as a symbol of resurrection. Sometimes, this can be a true rebirth. In other tales, they are ferriers of the dead, ensuring that souls safely reach a peaceful afterlife.

Going back to our Ancient Greek friends, we can learn that dolphins were responsible for bringing the recently deceased to the Islands of the Blessed. Also known as the Fortunate Isles, the purest of souls would be able to reside here in the afterlife with the heroes and heroines of Ancient Greek myth.

However, it may surprise you to learn it wasn’t just the Greeks who saw dolphins in this way! Early cultures believed dolphins to be a type of fish, so it was common for dolphins to be portrayed in early Christian symbolism. The simple image of a crudely drawn fish was an initial representation for Jesus Christ. By extension, dolphins were also viewed as a symbol of Christ, and would frequently show up in works of art like paintings, sculptures, and dolphin jewelry. A dolphin ring was one such favored early symbol of devotion.

An especially popular symbol of Early Christianity was a dolphin twisted around an anchor. This easily understood dolphin symbol speaks a powerful message by signifying the hope of eternal life. The anchor represents endurance, and the ability to persevere. The dolphin represents Jesus. It acts as an analogue for his crucifixion upon the cross. In this way, for Christians, Jesus Christ is the anchor of their faith.

Featured Image: What Do Dolphins Symbolize?

Dolphins as a Symbol of Grace

If you’ve ever had the joy of watching a pod of dolphins at play, then it’s easy to understand why they have long been valued for their gracefulness. There is a strong spirit of freedom present as we watch them jump and dive, splash and swim. The sleek form of a dolphin effortlessly glides through the water, going where he might please.

April 14 is Dolphin Day, but don’t we really love them all year ‘round? To this day, people seek to capture a bit of this gentle and playful nature in personal symbols, such as dolphin tattoos. It remains a popular choice, especially for women, but anyone who wants to embrace the joy and freedom of our intelligent friend the dolphin can’t go wrong with choosing dolphin jewelry.

What does the dolphin mean to you? Tell us in the comments below!



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Dolphin Symbolism & Meaning

Dolphin Spirit Totem Power Animal Symbolism Meaning 1200x1200

Dolphin symbolism and meaning reminds you to be playful, alert and to swim in joyously through the physical and spiritual realms.

Do you need to learn to love yourself? Have you forgotten how to play? Are you drowning in heavy emotions and need to come up for air? Dolphin as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Dolphin teaches you about compassion and how to navigate relationships while maintaining self-respect. Delve deeply in Dolphin symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can support, educate, and enlighten you.

Dolphin Table of Contents

Dolphin Symbolism & Meaning

dolphin symbolism & meaning 1200x630

What do Dolphins symbolize? Known for their intelligence and grace, Dolphin meaning is associated with the ability to delve deep into emotional waters and also to connect the Heavenly plane with the mundane and bring emotional healing. Their playful and joyful nature also lend to Dolphin meaning associated with youthfulness and harmony, love and the connection with our Inner Child.

Dolphin symbolism and meaning centers around:

  • Happiness
  • Playfulness
  • Willpower
  • Virtue
  • Humor
  • Wholeness
  • Teamwork
  • Mental Acuity
  • Courtesy

In watching Dolphin in nature its peaceful personality becomes obvious. There seems to be no conflict with other sea creatures, nor humans. In this regard Dolphin can be regarded as a diplomat who builds cooperative bridges between humankind and nature, and particularly the Water Element. We cannot overlook this creature’s tie to the Air element either. Dolphin illustrates the emotion of water and the intellect of air in harmony.

Because of the Dolphin’s history of saving people from drowning or shark attacks, Dolphin represents protection. Sailors considered sighting Dolphins as a positive omen. Reports from wherever Dolphin dwell recount stories of this creature helping stranded fish too.

Greek mythology tells us that Dolphin Spirit carries the spirits of the dead to the next reality. From a symbolic standpoint this gives Dolphin the additional meaning of rebirth and renewal. Many people who work with Dolphin energy find their lives transforming (where one door closes, another opens). Throughout the process of change, Dolphin provides courage, self-confidence, virtue and strength to endure tumultuous waters.

Dolphin Spirit Animal

dolphin spirit animal 1200x630

As a Spirit Animal and guide Dolphin comes to those who need to reclaim their voice, communicating in effective, honest ways. This creature also mentors those out of touch with nature’s rhythms and messages.

Some lightworkers feel that Dolphin may, in fact, have higher intelligence and instincts than humankind. Theories exist that they were once aliens. In both cases the Dolphin teaches you the lesson of self-love.

Dolphin as a Spirit Animal often comes to people who need to connect with their inner child again. Play is healthy and laughter heals. Dolphin councils holding dear to these two things, which in turn encourages wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

As Dolphin swims into your life you will begin to notice that your head and heart seek balance. Dolphins are very smart creatures but they also have impressive intuitive aptitudes. This creates a “knowingness” and inner peace without foregoing personal power.

Dolphin energy can help you breathe, release and “BE” in order to grow spiritually. You cannot swim life’s waters and embrace true joy if your arms are filled with bad memories and feelings from the past. Dolphin has come to help you navigate those waves.

Dolphin Totem Animal

dolphin animal totem 1200x630

What does a Dolphin symbolize as a totem animal?

Those born with a Dolphin totem have a knack for having fun. Your happiness is contagious, and your love knows no bounds. Dolphin people protect their families, particularly the young, sick or injured. Dolphin medicine, in this respect has a selfless element that understands that “community” matters and makes us stronger than we would be alone.

Dolphin totem represents a person who is really at ease in their environment and in their own skin. You naturally reach out to others with assistance or healing, having empathy for those in need.

Your vision of the world is very global. Dolphin helps you see the binding ties in the world’s religions and philosophies and keeps you focused on what makes us all part of the greater family of humankind.

Dolphin Power Animal

dolphin power animal 1200x630

What do Dolphins symbolize as a Power Animal?

When you find yourself drowning in sadness and melancholy, reach out to the Dolphin as a Power Animal. This agile mammal shows you how to leap out of the waves that threaten your spirit and take that long, deep, refreshing breath!

Another good reason to work with Dolphin medicine is for improved communication. Dolphin knows how to balance words with active listening skills, and how to express emotions effectively. By remaining attuned to those around you, you will find the right best words for a situation. Trust Dolphin’s instincts.

Dolphin Native American Symbolism

What do Dolphins symbolize in Native American culture?

The answer to this can depend to some degree on the specific culture or tribe.

Dolphin stories appear among Native American tribes that had a presence near the ocean.

On the West coast, the Natives tell us that Dolphins were once people who were changed and now act as guardians of the tribe, up to and including being willing to give their life. Others believed that Dolphins would save people who had fallen overboard or who were at risk of drowning.

Dolphins are often associated with reincarnation and rebirth.

What do Dolphins represent in Native legends? It’s worth noting that white settlers who interpreted Native stories often used references to Porpoise and Dolphin interchangeably. We have come to associate the meaning of Dolphin Spirit Animal with the stories of Dall’s Porpoises off the coast of Alaska. These sea mammals featured prominently in the Tinglit tribe, whose clan and totem names referred to Porpoise specifically, not what the majority culture refers to as “Dolphin.”

Though Porpoise and Dolphin are closely related to each other and in some cultures on the West Coast, especially in the California area, the two share the same name.

Many tribes forbade the consumption of Dolphin’s meat because Dolphin was considered a sacred guardian of those traveling by sea. The Chumash people believed that Dolphin would martyr themselves as a sacrifice to feed humans. This belief allows some tribes to make an exception and sustain themselves by eating Dolphin. As a tribute, people in these cultures hold ceremonial Dolphin Dances to pay homage to the creature’s sacrifices.

The Chumash also tell a story of Hutash. Hutash is the Earth Mother and through her creation of a Rainbow Bridge connecting land across the ocean. As the people crossed this bridge over the ocean, some became mesmerized by the sea below and fell to their deaths. But Hutash doesn’t want to see them perish, so she transforms them into Dolphins. Thus, Dolphin is seen as an extension of the human society.

This is easy to understand since Dolphins are very human like in their intelligence and sensitivity.

Native people in some tribes in South America hold the Boto or Pink Dolphin in reverence. This creature is both admired and feared. People in some indigenous tribes in South America saw Dolphin as tricksters who are sorcerers with the ability to change shape.

Various tribes also have specific origin and creation myths that feature stories of the origin of the Dolphin, tying this creature to the primordial origins of the world.
In Brazil, a prominent Goddess Ina is the Goddess of the Amazon River who takes the shape of a Dolphin.

Besides acting as protectors, Dolphin represents our “tribes”, our spiritual nature and the ability to act intuitively while reclaiming our happiness.

Dolphin Celtic Symbolism

What do Dolphins symbolize in Celtic culture?

In Celtic tradition Dolphin acts as the guardian of the world’s waters and all the creatures therein. The water element with the Dolphin also represents healing and a new beginning.

Dolphin is associated with rebirth and reincarnation in Celtic culture as well. Dolphin represents a person who is friendly, good natured and can even be a symbol of good luck and compassion.
The people of Ireland were no strangers to the dangers of the sea. Dolphins were no doubt a symbol of a seafaring ally who could lend luck and protection on journeys out into the ocean. As a symbol of friendship, the Dolphin serves as a protective “neighbor” who keeps watch over people during sea travel.

For Celtic people encountering Dolphins, it must have seemed as if they had made contact with an ambassador who could lead them into the depths of the waters safely. It is no wonder Dolphin came to represent good luck and safety, protection and playfulness.

Dolphin is associated with dreams, with magic and mysticism and the charming world of Spirit. Though primarily seen as benevolent and helpful guides, Dolphins are also associated with tricksters in some stories.

Even in modern times, the Irish government has declared coastal waters to be a sanctuary for Whales and Dolphins. Since then, a number of “celebrity” Dolphins have lured people from around the world in several of the coastal towns around Ireland.

In Celtic tattoos the Dolphin represents the end of one “life” and rebirth to something better.

The connection between Dolphins rescuing people and the legend of the Mermaid has led the cultures of Wales to associate Dolphin with Mermaid legends or perhaps to even form some of the early stories of Mermaids from the rescues by Dolphin.

Dolphin’s song and elaborate style of communication is also part of their symbolism. In some Celtic cultures, the song of the Dolphin is relevant and symbolizes our ability to communicate and articulate our needs.

Dolphin African Symbolism

What does a Dolphin symbolize in African culture?

Dolphin takes on significant meaning and symbolism. According to the Zulu people, a mystical race of beings helped humans populate the world before retreating into the sea. These beings were then transformed into Dolphins. Therefore, in this light we owe our protection and establishment in this world to these mentor-like beings who guided our earliest Ancestors.

Dolphins are considered the original teachers who helped humans connect with higher wisdom and express creativity.

Some believe Dolphin accompanied the souls of the departed to their final resting place, known as the Island of the Blessed.

The idea that Dolphins are sacred protectors of humans who travel by sea is reiterated in African legends. This is true as well in the myth of Pirates whose ship is hijacked and who flee by jumping into the ocean. They are transformed into Dolphins and as their lives were spared by this transformation, they then continue to watch over the waters and rescue humans in need.

In Egypt, art has been found containing the images of both Dolphin and also Birds, this can be seen as a representation of Dolphin being associated with freedom.

Dolphin Christianity Symbolism

What do Dolphins represent in Christian symbolism?

Many people attribute Dolphin’s meaning to someone who is Christlike. A person who embodies Dolphin energy may also be seen as compassionate, gentle and caring, protective and loving in the same way that Christ embodies these traits.

Dolphin symbolism is often found in art in prominent settings associated with the Christian church, such as the candelabra at St. Peter’s Church. Some people also associate Dolphin with Christ because of depictions of Dolphin helping Souls transition to the afterlife in the same way Christ is said to do.

Thus Dolphin symbolism and meaning is associated with life, rebirth and reincarnation and even Christ’s own process of being reborn and resurrected. Dolphin symbolism is often associated with vitality and purity in Christian culture.

In some variations on the story of St. Martin, when this Saint was being tempted by a woman, he threw himself into the sea and was carried to a remote island on the back of a Dolphin.
Interestingly, there are also a number of stories we’ll examine in which women escape unwanted advances in the same manner and are turned into Dolphins as a matter of protection and Divine intervention.

Dolphin Dreams

Dreaming of Dolphins represents the emotional self, sometimes at war with your intellect. You need to reign in those feelings and keep them on an even keel with logic and clear thinking.

Dolphin is considered a protective symbol and may caution about what lies ahead or things which we must prepare for.

Pay attention to the setting in your dream as well. Are you encountering Dolphin on the surface of the water or in the depths? To dream of a dead Dolphin may represent an opportunity lost or fear of losing someone. Dolphin symbols in dreams can represent guidance along your voyage and protection as you delve into uncharted waters.

You may need to be mindful of communication patterns when you dream of Dolphin. When a Dolphin appears in your dreams, it can also portend love or challenges that will lead you to transform yourself in some powerful way.

What lies in store for you may require you to extend your feelings of love and compassion beyond boundaries and practice unconditional love and mercy. Dolphin’s association with being a protector and savior may indicate the need to intervene on behalf of others or the need for others to intervene to lend a hand, or fin, in your near future.

Are you making your song heard? Dolphin may dive into a dream to help you express yourself or convey your love, mercy and compassion in ways that others will clearly understand.

Learn more about Dolphin Spirit by reading Dolphin Dreams Interpretation on!

Dolphin Far Eastern Symbolism

What do Dolphins represent in the cultures of the East?

As with other parts of the world, Chinese myths tell of Dolphins who rescue ships or sailors in times of peril. Seeing Dolphins portended fair weather and safe harbors. It was considered very bad luck to harm a Dolphin in any way.

The Chinese believe the White Dolphin is an omen that you are following your intuition and are on the right path. Often, it is believed Dolphin is a positive message from your Ancestors and loved ones in the spiritual realms.

Dolphins are honorable and a sign of purity and protection, as they are seen as saviors of those who may have otherwise drowned.

There is a legend of a man who tries to sell his step-daughter at a market. He puts her into a boat and sails on the Yangtze River. But she jumps overboard to escape and as a matter of Divine Intervention, his boat is sunk in a storm.

Further down river, a beautiful Dolphin appears, assumed to the girl, transformed. This Dolphin continues to be regarded as a protective spirit who watches over the river.

This theme of girls or women escaping danger by turning to the sea or to water is also found in a story in Cambodia. In this story, a woman is supposed to marry against her will, a creature that is part python. To escape, she jumps into the sea and is transformed into a Dolphin.

Dolphin Tattoo Meaning

As mentioned above, a Celtic Dolphin tattoo is a sign associated with rebirth. But what else can a Dolphin tattoo connote?

Someone who bears a Dolphin symbol on their skin may feel quite at home in the water. They may be naturally connected to the sea by culture or intuition or both.

This person may also have a high intelligence level but also great compassion for others and a gigantic heart. If you are considering a Dolphin Tattoo, you may be drawn to this symbol because of your intuitive nature.

Dolphins never really sleep. They keep one eye open and one part of their brain alert, alternating with other spheres. This way, they can rise to the surface for air without drowning.

Thus, a Dolphin tattoo can also be a reminder that you need to exist on more than one plane at the same time. You may need balance and harmony, alternating your attention between the logical and emotional aspects of your nature.

Dolphin tattoo can represent the importance of balance, harmony and communication. Dolphins are frequently portrayed in pairs on a tattoo representing love, commitment and partnership as well.
Often a symbol used in weddings or in other romantic settings, Dolphin’s loyalty, playfulness and ability to cross barriers and connect with humans and other species represents the power of love to conquer any obstacles.

Dolphin Spiritual Meaning

Dolphin’s spiritual meaning implies the need to balance between the emotional and rational, the intuitive and practical. Dolphin symbolizes the aspect of our nature that is pure, unconditional love.

Dolphin reminds us to be playful and friendly and to not keep our guard up but to use our skills to be protective of those who need it.

Though Dolphin can be associated with symbols of luck, their spiritual meaning implies so much more than this alone.

Dolphin represents communication and the ability to advance to supernatural levels. Dolphin is often seen as a mystical creature that was either of an ancient and incredibly advanced group of beings or even a messenger of the Gods and spiritual realms. Some considered Dolphin to be the messengers of Poseidon and therefore reinforce the idea of Dolphin as Divine Messengers.

In this regard, Dolphin bears a similar role as that of the Angels and other forms of Divine Messengers. Dolphin can remind us of our need to recreate ourselves and to not take life too seriously.

As Shapeshifters and tricksters, Dolphin can help us remember to be resourceful and flexible, shifting to meet our needs no matter what emerges on our path.

Is Dolphin really a sign of luck? Or does Dolphin remind us to create our own luck by making the most of circumstances we are in?

As messengers, Dolphin can correspond to the suit of Swords in the Tarot or to the Tarot Knights who are all Messengers to some degree. As beings of the Water Element, Dolphin correlates to the suit of Cups and realms of emotions.

Dolphin also corresponds to the Throat Chakra, for communication and vision, and also to the Third Eye Chakra for intuition and spiritual connection.

Their grace, beauty and symbolism associated with harmony also makes Dolphin correspond to love, romance and even unconditional, spiritual love in the broader sense. In this way, Dolphin can also relate to the Tarot card The Lovers. In addition, as Dolphin brings harmony between two worlds, the connection to the Lovers and the need to blend opposing forces to create harmony is also represented.

Do you need to remember that your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are always working with you? Could your communication both with other people and with the Higher Realms use some fine tuning?

Dolphin may splash into your life to lead you back to the sea and to the deep, emotional and healing aspects of yourself so that you can find transformation and rebirth.

The power of love is represented by Dolphin who is often portrayed as compassionate and kind toward humans with no regard for whether humans will return their kindness. By drawing on Dolphin symbolism, we can relax our own defense mechanisms and strive to see others as connected to us and not our adversaries.

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