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Quiz: Are You Sonic, Shadow Or Silver The Hedgehog?

What Sonic Character Would Date You?4 Girls

When you think of a perfect boyfriend you may obviously see someone who compliments your personality and makes you laugh and challenge you at the same time. If you were to date one of the sonic characters which one do you think...

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 10259   |  Last updated: Aug 26, 2020

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    What is your favorite color?

What Does Sonic And His Friend S Think Of You

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most famous hedgehogs and when Sega first created Sonic, they were under the impression that hedgehogs couldn’t swim so they made Sonic drown if he stayed under water for too long. My quiz...

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 9034   |  Last updated: Nov 10, 2020

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    What is your fav colour

My 'which Sonic Character Are You' Quiz

This is my first personality quiz. Please if you take this leave a comment on how if I make another one how I can improve it.

Questions: 9  |  Attempts: 7867   |  Last updated: Jan 3, 2013

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    You see grapes what do you say?


Two dares again :|
FoxNinja360: Well since it's almost the holidays Silver can have some fun with Ava for 25 dares!
@Electric-the-hedgie: I dare sonic to swap bods with shadow so sonic is no longer a yandere but shadow is in sonic bod and sonic also gets a month's coupon for free chillidogs and if shadow does not swap they go into the fangirl pit of doom

Silver: Yay! Ava's having a holiday here!

Ava: Yeah! With my uncles! :3

Shadow: Wait she talks?!

Ava: -.-" I'm six years old you idiot.

Shadow: -n-" I rest my case. Now it's bed time!

Silver: Not so fast! You gotta swap bodies!

Shadow: With whom?

Silver: With Sonic!

Shadow: What?! But he will do something to my body!

Silver: You better swap cause I'll dump you in the fangirl pit of doom just like what you did to Sonic when you dumped him in the ocean

Shadow: *eye twitches* Fine. But how will we swap without anything here? Hm? *smirks*

Silver: That's why I got back up! Tails!

Tails: Well finally my brains have a purpose for this story now heh? *smiles*

Shadow: o.O Why....

Manic: *goes in the room with Sonic all tied up*

Sonic: *squirms* mmmhhhhghdkfhgkdbdk!!!!!

Shadow: You do know we can't understand you while you are being tied up

Sonic: -x-"

Silver: *pushes Shadow in the machine*

Manic: *puts Sonic in too*

Shadow: Lemme out!

Silver: For Maria or Fangirl pit of doom?

Shadow: *sigh* Fine. For Maria

Tails: Then let's start this up! *starts the machine*

Sonic: *gets out of the ropes* Hey let me out! Imma try to stab you with mah knife if you get my senpai!!!

Machine: Whoop whoop! *swaps their bodies*

After some minutes~

Machine: Am done now son

Silver: O.o it Talks?

Tails: Now lets see the outcome!

Sonic: *in Shadow's body* *goes out of the machine* Ugh... What just happened? I don't feel like myself anymore. Wait... Why do I sound like Shadow?

Tails: It worked! Look Sonic's green eyes are in Shadow's body! And he has come back to normal!

Sonic: Wait... We swapped bodies?! What do you mean has come out all normal?

Shadow: *in Sonic's killing spree body* *goes out too* *already holds a knife* It's a bit weird for my voice to sound like Sonic's but oh well... Time to collect some Senpais....

Sonic & Silver: O.O O-O!!!!!

Shadow: What are you two looking at huh? Wait... Is that my BODY?!

Sonic: Erm... Maybe yes or no?....

Silver: You two done it! Here's your prize Sonic! *hands him coupon*

Sonic: Wow! This season have been a merry Christmas to me!

Manic & Tails: *slips out*

Silver: Hey where are you guys going?

Tails: You might as well... Wanna run for now

Sonic: Why—

Shadow: *runs to him* I'm so fast at killing you now!

Sonic: 0-0 Run, run... RUN!!!! *grabs Silver and coupon and goes away*

Silver: Hey! Somebody told me I got no killing days!

Sonic: Just run! You'll get killed anyway

Silver: -3-

Shadow: Grah!

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Status of Relationship


Type (?)

Multi-Ship Icon.png

Also Known As

SSS, Triple S, SonShadSilv, SonShaSil

Sonadilver is the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, and Silver from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



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The three first met in Sonic the Hedgehog when Silver attacked Sonic for the second time and Shadow got in the way to protect Sonic. While Sonic escaped, Shadow fought Silver and told him that Sonic was in fact not evil.

The three met again at the end of the game, where they turned into their Super forms to defeat Solaris. However, as the events of the game were erased from history, these events never happened.

The three hedgehogs later appeared in the Sonic Rivals series, where they were rivals. Sonic also raced both Shadow and Silver in Sonic Generations, although by the final boss, Shadow and Silver were among Sonic's friends cheering for Sonic and later appeared at Sonic's birthday party at the end of the game. The three were also allies in Sonic Forces.

The three characters also appear as playable characters in the Mario & Sonic spin-off games, where it is possible to make a team consisting of the three along with a fourth character.


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In the comics by IDW Publishing, Sonic, Shadow and Silver are all allies. The three were among the many characters fighting Neo Metal Sonic when it had taken over Angel Island. Later, they fought the Zombot outbreak, but in the process, Shadow got turned into one, and fought against Sonic, Silver and Tails. Silver, Tails and Sonic managed to escape, leaving Shadow behind in Sunset City.



Sonadilver is among the most popular polyships in the Sonic fandom, although polyships generally aren't very popular. It combines the popular slash ships featuring two of the three characters. Fan art of the three is fairly common on DeviantArt.


Even when not shipped romantically, Sonic, Shadow and Silver are a popular trio in fanon. Fanon ideas for Sonic Heroes 2 sometimes feature the three as a team, with a popular fan-made logo design including color schemes of the three characters.



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Fan art


Sconadilver - the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Scourge the Hedgehog
SonShadSilvAmy - the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Amy Rose
Sonadow - the ship between Sonic and Shadow
Sonilver - the ship between Sonic and Silver
Shadilver - the ship between Shadow and Silver


Sonic \u0026 Shadow \u0026 Silver - Nightcore Centuries

Sonic / Shadow / Silver

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I show you this drawing that I made a few weeks ago of these beautiful hedgehogs ♡, I am very happy to draw them, since I practice something else (which are not my fcs).

I hope you like it♡.

♡Drawing made by my♡.

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hahahahahah oh man this is awsome

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Adorable heggies

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Awww they're so cute :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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The three cutie aa!! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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