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EXO’s BAEKHYUN, Releasing 1st Solo Album, ‘City Lights’, on July 10!
Delivering 6 Trendy Songs including Title Song, ‘UN Village’!
Produced with Best Writers, Composers, and Feature Artists! Ready to Hit the Global Jackpot with Sensuous Music!

EXO’s BAEKHYUN (SM Entertainment) is releasing his first mini album, ‘City Lights’, on July

This is the first solo album BAEKHYUN is releasing after his debut. With six songs in trendy mood including the title song, ‘UN Village’, it will present BAEKHYUN’s sweet vocals and sensuous world of music.

Especially, the album’s quality is boosted through the collaboration with famous global musicians such as the hit maker Kenzie, famous composure DEEZ, star producer ChaCha Malone, England’s producing team LDN Noise, the world-renowned music producer Darkchild, famous producing team Stereotypes, and singer-songwriter Colde. Rapper Beenzino also participated as a featured artist to double the charm.

Also, BAEKHYUN is winning global popularity for sweet voice, outstanding singing ability, and powerful performance which have been displayed while he was promoting as a member of EXO and EXO-CBX. The collaborations with other artists such as ‘Dream’ with Suzy, ‘The Day’ with K.WILL, ‘Rain’ with Soyou, and ‘YOUNG’ with LOCO became hits and proved his vocal power. Such promotions and activities are raising expectations for BAEKHYUN as a solo artist.

BAEKHYUN’s romantic love song! Title Track, ‘UN Village’

The title song, ‘UN Village’ is an R&B song that combines groovy beat and strings with the sensuous lyrics that express the romantic moment of gazing upon the moon with the lover on the UN Village hill like a scene from a movie.

‘Stay Up’ is an R&B song with the lyrics that interpreted a special night with the lover with a sexy dialogue and it became more charming with the featured rapper Beenzio. ‘Betcha’ is an urban beat hip-hop R&B that expressed the attitude of a charming guy who believes that his lover is his one true love in the lyrics.

This album also includes ‘Ice Queen’ which is an R&B song with a powerful message that he will use the warmth of his heart to win over the woman with cool charms, ‘Diamond’ which is an R&B ballad song that compares his love toward his lover to the diamond which is solid and shining, and the bonus track, ‘Psycho’, which made a strong impression after it was performed in his solo stage during ‘EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot] -.’ All six songs will please the listeners.



  • 01 UN Village
  • 02 Stay Up (Feat. Beenzino)
  • 03 Betcha
  • 04 Ice Queen
  • 05 Diamond
  • 06 Psycho (Bonus Track)

City Lights (EP)

EP by Baekhyun

City Lights is the debut extended play by South Korean singer Baekhyun. It was released on July 10, by SM Entertainment. The album features six tracks, including the lead single "UN Village".[4]

Background and release[edit]

On June 10, , it was announced that Baekhyun will debut as a solo artist in July.[5] At midnight on June 20, the album's title and release date were announced. SM Entertainment began releasing teasers on July 2 through Exo's official social media accounts.[6] Additionally, Baekhyun posted a teaser for his debut through a vlog on his official YouTube channel.

The album and its title track's music video were released on July 10 at 6PM KST both digitally and physically. On July 12, a live session video of "UN Village" was released.[7] A third version of the album was released on July [8]

Composition and production[edit]

City Lights has six songs which feature R&B, hip hip hop and pop genres. The album's title track "UN Village" is a romantic R&B love song that combines groovy beats and string sound with sensational lyrics about a romantic moment a couple share under the moonlight of UN Village hill.[9]

Various world-renowned music producer Darkchild, The Stereotypes, Cha Cha Malone, LDN Noise have participated in the album.[10] Korean rapper Beenzino[11] was featured in the side track "Stay Up!", a dreamy R&B song with lyrics that draw attention by mentioning special nights with his loved one in sexy narrative.

The third track "Betcha" is a hip hop R&B with urban beats song with lyrics that tells a story about a cute yet confident attitude of a man who is confident that the other person is destined for love.[12] "Ice Queen" is characterized as an R&B song with a sophisticated beat and a catchy melody with lyrics about winning the girls' cold heart with his warm one. "Diamond" is described as an R&B ballad with impressive major and minor melodies with the lyrics that compare love for lovers to a solidly glowing diamond.[13] The last song "Psycho" is an electronic pop that expresses the inner selves of a man lost among confused emotions.[14]


Before the music video and album's release, Baekhyun held a private showcase in Seoul Arts Center where he performed the lead single "UN Village" for the first time for the media.[15][16][17] Two hours after the release, he appeared on a live broadcast through the Naver app V Live where he talked about the process of the album and performed "UN Village", "Betcha" and "Ice Queen".[18][19] On July 11, Baekhyun uploaded a vlog titled "UN Village behind clip" through his YouTube channel where he revealed parts of the filming process for his music video.[20]

On July 12, Baekhyun performed "UN Village" on You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook.[21] On the same day, he also started performing "UN Village" on South Korean music programs from July 12 on Music Bank.[22] The song has since achieved a total of three trophies.


City Lights received generally positive reviews from critics. Tamar Hermann of Billboard opined that Baekhyun's "expressive vocals relay a wide array of emotions". She added that by frequently layering different recordings atop of one another, "the wide range of Baekhyun's tone and artistic style" was revealed.[23] Riddhi Chakraborty of Rolling Stone India stated that "Baekhyun's penchant for romantic ballads is forgotten as he makes a complete immersion into dark and heady R&B". She concluded that by releasing City Lights, Baekhyun "has proven that he understands exactly what kind of artist he is and what he's capable of, therefore he's unafraid to be seen in a brand new light".[24]

Commercial performance[edit]

On July 9, it was reported that the pre-order sales of City Lights reached , copies in eight days.[25] Shortly after its release, the EP topped over 67 countries' iTunes charts.[26]City Lights went on to debut atop the Gaon Album Chart for the week ending on July 13, becoming his first chart-topper.[27] The EP became the top-selling album of July on Gaon's Album Chart with a total of , sales.[28] It eventually sold over , copies, which made it the best-selling solo album in South Korea since Hestory () by Kim Gun-mo, until it was surpassed by Baekhyun's second EP Delight the following year.[29]

The EP also attained international success by debuting at number four on the Billboard World Albums Chart, becoming his first top-five entry on the chart. City Lights sold 1, copies in the United States according to Nielsen Music, despite less than two full days of sales for the Billboard week's charts.[30] In France, City Lights peaked at number 20 on the French Digital Albums Chart. The EP also debuted at 8 on the Billboard Japan Hot Albums Chart and number 31 on the Australian Digital Album Chart, making it his first album to chart in both countries.

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City Lights Songs

"City Lights" is a hindi film which has Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha in lead roles. We have 5 songs lyrics, 2 video songs and one trailer of City Lights. Jeet Ganguly has composed its music. Arijit Singh, Usha Uthup, Rashid Khan and Neeti Mohan have sung these songs while Rashmi Singh has penned its lyrics.

City Lights Songs & Lyrics

Soney Do - City LightsSoney Do
Singer : Arijit Singh
Music : Jeet Ganguly
Darbadar Phire - City LightsDarbadar Phire
Singer : Neeti Mohan
Music : Jeet Ganguly
Lyrics : Rashmi Singh

City Lights Trailer

City Lights Cast & Crew

Directed ByHansal Mehta
Produced ByMukesh Bhatt
BannerVishesh Films
Fox Star Studios
StarringRajkummar Rao
MusicJeet Ganguly
LyricsRashmi Singh
SingerArijit Singh
Usha Uthup
Rashid Khan
Neeti Mohan
ScreenplayRitesh Shah
EditorApurva Asrani
Release DateMay 30,
Duration minutes

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