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INVINCIBLE Boats was formed to create the “perfect” boat out there for both the tournament angler who needed speed and the light tackle guide that needed fishability.

The result is a boat that is both fast and dry. What good is fast if you are soaking wet when you arrive at your destination? The INVINCIBLE’S performance in rough water is outstanding. The deck was designed to fight fish. No pulpits, no bulky gunwales, or low decks. Two oversized live wells make the boat more fishable. Rugged construction was required because they knew what tournament fishermen would put their boats through. Finally, it has the fit and finish of the finest boats while having the price that most could afford.

The result is a boat that is unequaled. It’s fast- very fast. It’s extremely dry and built with the latest technology and best materials in the boating industry. The INVINCIBLE is a true tournament boat that has set a new standard in the industry.

Learn more about INVINCIBLE Boats and how they are defined by their differences.

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More About Invincible Boats

History of Invincible Boats
Invincible boats makes vessels that are pleasing to look at and perform even better. The models range from 33 to 42 feet and can come with Yamaha or mercury power, which many say are the best options for reliability and efficiency. All models are semi-custom and can have different finishes for the needs of the angler. Each boat out of the invincible factory is well worth of the invincible reputation name with a highly experienced team that pays close attention to their unique build process. At invincible each boat is made with the patented monohull for a dry ride with minimal resistance for high end speeds, which was designed by naval architect Michael Peters. Invincible offers both v bottom and new catamaran style boats which range from 33 to 42 feet. All models are capable of hardcore offshore fishing or a very pleasing day on the water. The customer service team takes care of listening to the needs and wants during the building process to ensure the boat is delivered as an absolute dream.


36 open fishermen
The 36 invincible is a perfect mid-size option. The lines on the boat are unlike any other and the construction with the overall design is made to perform is serious weather conditions. this model is equipped with a 475-gallon fuel tank and can be pushed by twin or triple motors past 70 MPH while remaining stable. The 36 has always been one of invincible best boat and has gained them a serious reputation with the high quality.

40 catamaran
The 40 catamaran was invincibles first catamaran model. This boat has a 670 nautical mile range with 800 gallon fuel tank. The large box forward is great for storage. This boat is awesome for fishing and long runs with plenty of spots for rods and tackle storage with plenty of deck space to maneuver around or relax comfortably. The 40 cat has outstanding performance in rough coditions remaing dry and stable even through unusual choppy waters.

42 center cabin
The 42-center cabin is invincibles’ most substantial boat and can be equipped by triple or quad outboards.  The 565-gallon fuel tank is enough to easily go far offshore or even spend an overnight trip. The 42 has front sun lounging, triple captains’ seats, and tackle station aft. This model is a tournament fishing machine with some option to get out of the weather with a larger cabin with more options down below while not sacrificing any fishing features above with plenty of room and tools to bring in big game species.

How to Buy a Invincible
If you’re interested in purchasing a Invincible, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Invincible. Being a 100-percent customer driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your Invincible
Staten Island Yacht Sales has experience and the product knowledge to sell your Invincible. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your Invincible with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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Invincible’s craftsmanship paves the way as one of the leading center consoles in the game. Fishability, comfort, and an all around perfect ride keeps their client base coming back to their premier outboard brand time and time again. Their patented monohulls, designed by world renowned naval architect Michael Peters, keep Invincible boats running fast and efficient, all the while allowing guests to remain comfortable and dry. Designed by Morrelli & Melvin of America’s Cup fame, their patent-pending catamaran hulls carry the same features from their monohulls with the added bonus of additional stability in unfavorable seas. It also provides responsive and efficient monohull-like turning by “leaning-in” compared to competing catamaran designs that “lean-out” and inhibit the ability to turn at speed. A known tournament contender, all models are designed and created with fishing ability and amenities in mind.

Their fleet consists of the following models:

33′ Invincible Open Fisherman
36′ Invincible Open Fisherman
39′ Invincible Open Fisherman
42′ Invincible Open Fisherman
42′ Invincible Center Cabin
33′ Invincible Catamaran
35′ Invincible Catamaran
37′ Invincible Catamaran
40′ Invincible Catamaran
46′ Invincible Catamaran

As our relationship with Invincible Boats has flourished over the years with numerous new and used boat sales on our resume, we look forward to working even more closely with a brand we strongly believe in and support.

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Invincible boats for sale

Invincible boats on Boat Trader

Invincible is a boat builder in the marine industry that offers boats for sale in a range of sizes on Boat Trader, with the smallest current boat listed at 33 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 234 feet, and an average length of 37 feet. Boat Trader currently has 101 Invincible boats for sale, including 65 new vessels and 36 used boats listed by both private sellers and professional dealerships mainly in United States. The oldest model listed is a contemporary boat built in 2008 and the newest model year was built in 2023.

How much do Invincible boats cost?

Invincible boats for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a range of prices, valued from $245,650 on the cheaper end all the way up to $1,190,770 for the most luxurious yachts. Higher performance models now listed come rigged with motors up to 1,800 horsepower, while the smallest more functional models may have as low as 300 horsepower engines (although the average motor size is 1,200 HP).

What kind of boats does Invincible build?

Of the boats listed, Invincible offers familiar boat hull types and designs including catamaran, deep vee, modified vee, planing and other. These vessels are generally favored for popular boating activities such as day cruising, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and overnight cruising. The boats available here currently from this builder come with outboard and outboard-4S propulsion systems, available in gas fuel systems.

Why are Invincible boats popular?

Invincible is popular for their Center Console, Power Catamarans, Saltwater Fishing, Sail Catamarans and other among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have a shallow draft and beam, features that make them a favorite for day cruising, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and overnight cruising.

What is the best Invincible model?

Some of the most popular Invincible models at present include: 40 Catamaran, 33 Open Fisherman, 42 Open Fisherman, 36 and 36 Open Fisherman.


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