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A pair of very nice gloves.

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Barrows gloves are the best pair of gloves that exist in Old School RuneScape. They can be purchased for 130,000 coins from the Culinaromancer's Chest in the Lumbridge Castle cellar after completing the entire Recipe for Disaster quest. 175 quest points will be needed in order to start the "Final Battle" in Recipe for Disaster. Barrows gloves provide the best offensive statistics for Melee and Ranged, having better stats than black d'hide vambraces. They have the second highest Magic offensive bonus behind the Tormented Bracelet, which lacks any defensive statistics. They also have the highest Strength bonus of any gloves in the game; however, they do not give any bonus to Prayer.

While these gloves lack a Defence requirement, they cannot be acquired at 1 Defence because of the experience gained from completing the necessary quests to wear them. It is possible to obtain and wear Barrows gloves with level 40 Defence when all quest requirements and xp rewards are calculated.

The price of all Culinaromancer's gloves can be reduced by completing the Lumbridge & Draynor elite diaries, bringing down the price for Barrows and Dragon gloves to 104,000 coins.

As with all Culinaromancer's gloves, this piece of armour cannot be made using the Smithing skill.


Attack Stab

Attack Slash

Attack Crush

Attack Magic

Attack Ranged






Defence Stab

Defence Slash

Defence Crush

Defence Magic

Defence Ranged







Rnged Strength

Magic Damage







OSRS Barrows Gloves Guide


OSRS Barrows Gloves Guide

Barrows gloves are highly desired in Old School RuneScape. This is because it is the best gear you can wear in the gloves slot and only come at a cost of 130,000 OSRS GP. However, it is also a journey to get the gloves: you must complete the Recipe for Disaster quest series. This doesn’t sound like a mammoth task at first, but Recipe of Disaster is actually a set of 10 sub quests.  And these quests have many prerequisites, both in skills and quests and quest points. For reference, you need 175 quest points which means you need to complete a majority of the quests in the game.Are the gloves worth it?In our opinion, Barrow gloves are an excellent goal to work towards for any new main account. For PvP accounts, it will definitely be a huge grind. One thing worth noting is the gloves do not have any defensive requirements to equip, but due to the experience being rewarded from the quests, the minimum level to equip them is 40 Defence. This means pures are unable to equip the Barrow gloves.

For a main account, however, it is meta-tier equipment and handy across the entirety of the game’s PvM combat. The gloves provide a balanced set of stats for melee, range, and magic. While there are some better offensive gloves, such as the newly added Ferocious gloves, the Ferocious gloves provide absolutely no defence bonuses.What are the requirements?The requirements for receiving the Barrows Gloves are unfortunately pretty hefty. However, they are an excellent set of requirements to work towards for a main account. OSRS questing may be seen as tedious and boring, however, without it you can not have things like Fairy Rings. Entire areas of the games are locked off without certain quests. Dragon Slayer II which unlocks Vorkath requires 200 quest points. So, you aren’t working towards anything for a one-off, you’ll unlock plenty of game content. In the process of doing so, you will achieve semi-high levels in quests across the board. This is because many quests award experience at a much higher rate than you can achieve via low-level methods. In addition, the quests required also have skill requirements to begin/complete the quest, so it encourages natural training.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the requirements in an easy to comprehend list format. Note all boosting ranges are random. A -5 to +5 boost can apply a -3 boost or +2 boost entirely dependent on your luck.

· 175 Quest Points. You will receive 8 from Recipe for Disaster as you progress along the sub quests. Due to prerequisites, you will have 79 quest points from those quests as well. This means you must achieve 88 quest points independent of the RFD series.

· 10 Fletching.

· 25 Herblore, can be boosted. Botanical pie +4 or Greenman’s ale(m) for +2.

· 36 Woodcutting.

· 40 Smithing.

· 40 Ranged.

· 40 Crafting.

· 48 Agility. Higher levels (around 60) will definitely be useful for Underground Pass.

· 50 Firemaking.

· 50 Mining, can be boosted. Brown Spicy Stew can apply a -5 or +5. Better to simply level.

· 53 Fishing, which can be boosted. An Admiral Pie can boost to +5.

· 53 Thieving.

· 59 Magic, can be boosted. Magic potions increase by +4.

· 70 Cooking.  Can be boosted from +2 to +6 with Chef delight (m) but easy to level regardless.

The skills are just the start. You will need to complete the following quests as well (listed in series):

· Horror from the Deep

  · Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest

· Desert Treasure

  · The Dig Site

  · Temple of Ikov

  · The Tourist Trap

  · Troll Stronghold

      § Death Plateau

· Legends' Quest (only needs to be started)

  · Family Crest

  · Heroes' Quest

      § Shield of Arrav

     § Lost City

    § Merlin's Crystal

    § Dragon Slayer

    § Druidic Ritual

  · Shilo Village

    § Jungle Potion

  · Underground Pass

    · Biohazard

      · Plague City

    o Waterfall Quest

· Monkey Madness I

  · The Grand Tree

  · Tree Gnome Village

· Shadow of the Storm

  · Demon Slayer

  · The Golem

· Nature Spirit

  · Priest in Peril

  · The Restless Ghost

Other than the quest series lines you have to follow, you need to do these independent quests as well:

· Cook's Assistant

· Fishing Contest

· Goblin Diplomacy

· Big Chompy Bird Hunting

· Murder Mystery

· Witch's House

· Gertrude's Cat


In conclusion, getting Barrows gloves is not easy, but is worth it. Even if you are only building an account for PvP, completing Recipe for Disaster partially and getting a different tier of gloves for different builds is also extremely helpful.

And finally, ensure your account is trained to a reasonable level in combat. 70 base combat stats are recommended as quests will have you to fight multiple enemies and bosses on your journey to 175 quest points. Hopefully, our OSRS Barrow gloves guide has been useful, best of luck getting your Barrows gloves!

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Barrows Gloves OSRS, 175 Quest Points (All quests and skills included)

Barrows Gloves OSRS, the best in hand slot gloves in the game.
A must have for any zerker or any player who plays outside of the pure build.
If you order Barrows Gloves from us, we will get you all the 175 QP required for recipe for disaster and do the entire quest-chain itself, along with all the skills required for it.

Estimate time for completion: 18 to 24 days min-max.

*NOTE The skills included, are non-combat skills, they are the skill requirements for the quests and prequests, you must have at least the minimum combat skills on your account, for us to be abble acquire the Barrows Gloves, if you wish for B Gloves for a fresh level 3 account, we can do that too, you just need to contact our live chat agent, so you can tell us the desired combat stats you want for us to get you too!

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OSRS - Barrows Gloves Tips!

Main/Zerker - Barrows Gloves OSRS Acc/Quest Pack from Scratch



No picture-51%

A, B, C, D, EP2pPack from Scratch

10-14 days (usually will be faster, but this is a safe ETA


This quest bundle includes all power leveling/questing required for this bundle. The required gold for this order is 10m + membership. Customer simply has to provide a level 3 account with active membership, that has completed tutorial island, and nothing else - we do the rest.

Skilling included in this order is as follows:

70 Cooking
48 Agility
50 Mining
53 Fishing
53 Thieving
25 Herblore
59 Magic
40 Smithing
50 Firemaking
40 Ranged
40 Crafting
10 Fletching
10 Slayer
36 Woodcutting

Major quest lines completed in this order is as follows:
176 Quest Points
Desert treasure quest line monkey madness 1 quest line
Dragon Slayer I /Heros quest lines
Entire Recipe for Disaster quest line (giving barrows gloves ability upon completion)

Notes: These accounts are done the difficult way with 42-45def and 50-60attack. With being done this way, they can be rune pure/zerk builds as well as main accounts for you. 

  • Starts with A, B, C, D, E
  • F2p/P2p P2p
  • Quest Type Pack from Scratch

Osrs barrows gloves


OSRS - Barrows Gloves Tips!


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