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I have a DeWalt, corded. The hose is a much bigger issue than the cord. I velcro the cord to the hose and will try that idea of zip tying the cord to the hose connection on the saw - the DeWalt has the same arrangement. I got the long track, I think it's 106 inches, and a 55 with my saw originally. I later added the short one they offer, I think it is 44 inches. The short one is handy, I use it as much or more than the others. I have never connected my tracks, with the DeWalt you can only use one connector so it probably doesn't work as well. But connected tracks will never be as trouble free as a long track. But long tracks are expensive. Ideally, I think you want one, however.

So for your situation, which is similar to mine (shop use mainly), I would get the corded and I would want a 100+ inch track, a 59, and a shorter one. But you don't necessarily have to have all the tracks initially, depending on your projects. Two 59 inch could work but I think people do this more when they are having to transport the tracks a lot (100+ inches is harder to pack to take to a site).

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Introducing the 55" Track Saw Guide Rail by POWERTEC This exclusive rail saw guide is your high quality Track Saw track solution for optimized track saw cutting operations that ensure precision cuts every time - and available at an especially attractive price point. Easy Utility and Great Results Easily and accurately craft sheets of plywood or rip accurate and repeatable rip cuts to ensure flawless results in your woodworking projects and furniture installations with this exclusive Saw Guide Rail 55 inch - also called a circular saw guide rail or a plunge saw guide rail. For Happy Productive Builder and Makers Great for woodworkers, contractors, furniture and cabinetmakers, DIY enthusiasts, and makers and builders of all kinds, whether industry professional or hobbyist. Enhance productivity and increase optimal woodworking results with this essential addition to your workshop arsenal. Customize for Versatility Plus you can easily customize length using the POWERTEC Saw Guide Rail Connector kit, or the Makita connector or the Festool Connector for longer cuts. Additionally, this handy track saw tool can be used with the Makita guide rail adapters and festoon guide rail adaptors and other rail guide devices to extend its compatibility to a wider range of machines, such as routers. Options 71153 Guide Rail (1)55" TrackSaw Track guide rails– Makita/Festool Track Saw Accessories (aftermarket replacements) 71387 Kit includes (2) 55” TrackSaw Track guide rails (2) track saw guide rail connectors

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While most people in woodworking tend to emphasize the table saw in their shop, I’ve always put my focus on the track saw. In my Texas shop, dust collection is the key reason behind this. In Hawaii, however, dust collection isn’t as big of a concern. Space, however, is…

So, with no real room for a table saw at the moment I’ve called on the track saw once again.

In Texas I have a Festool TS55 and a number of different length guide rails. The saw itself cost around $600 while a single length of 55″ guide rail runs around $150. You can easily get well over $1000 in this setup.

The Festool does work well however… and while many people complain about the TS55 being underpowered, I’ve never had an issue with it. I’ve abused the damned thing and it just keeps cutting.

In Hawaii, however, I didn’t have the budget for the same setup. So, I went to CPO and bought a refurbished Makita SP6000 for $220 and paired it with a pair of Powertec guide rails from Amazon for $112. The result is a setup with similar functionality to the Festool rig I have in Texas, but at less than half the cost.

So, how does it perform?

The Makita is fine. It’s certainly doesn’t feel as well made as the TS55 (the power trigger feels terrible if I’m honest), but it cuts just fine and after replacing the stock Maklita blade with something a litter better, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Makita and a Festool cut. I don’t love this thing… it’s far from luxurious… but it works.

But how about the Powertec guide rails? For the price, you can’t beat them. I did have to re-glue the splinter guard on one of my rails, but the extrusion is well done and both of my rails are as straight as anything I’ve gotten from Festool. The guide rail connectors, however, are junk. But to be fair, the guide rail connectors from Festool are junk as well.

End of the day, you get what you pay for. But sometimes, you don’t need all that much to make things work.

Sours: https://www.garagejournal.com/an-affordable-track-saw-option/
Which Rails Work? A Guide to Guiderails [video #403]

WEN Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

Amazing saw. Wanting a tracksaw? Jump on it. Get the bare saw, and do yourself a favor and buy the powertec tracks. I’ve heard of people having issues with the saw not gliding smoothly, using wen tracks, but the powertec tracks are great. Saw cuts flawlessly, plenty of power, very very comfortable, depth gauge is surprisingly accurate. Some don’t like the anti kickback, but I don’t mind it at all. Love the anti tip feature of the saw and the score cut. Truly an AMAZING saw for the money!! Again, buy the $115 saw (no tracks) and then get the powertec tracks (for makita and festoon, I recommend the 71387. Comes with 2 55” tracks and connectors for $130. Perfect for 4’ cross cuts with one, then connect the other track for full 8’ rip cuts.) Amazing that for $250, you can have a terrific system (saw and tracks), quite literally less than half the price of big brands for bare tool. I would say the only reason to purchase a festool over the wen, is the festools dust collection. But honestly, the wen dust collection isn’t even bad at all! If dust is an issue in a clients house, not even the TS 55 will be able to produce dustless cuts, just going to have to take it outside, regardless if it’s festool, dewalt, makita, Mafell, Bosch. They will all spit some saw dust. Saw is mostly metal (huge plus for me) it’s a little heavy, but I would much rather the weight, for the lack of plastics. Would I recommend for a professional? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t see any problems with the saw whatsoever, but I’m sure this saw cannot handle the same beatings the $500+ saws can, though you probably shouldn’t be beating around a piece of precision equipment such as a plunge saw. Would recommend 11/10 times. Perfect saw for DIY, small company. I’m sure would work for commercial guys, but I cannot test that, so I cannot give that opinion.

Sours: https://www.woot.com/review/B07VFXFTVP?itemid=HG125013A&offerid=70de0b2f-9941-4dfc-a6b2-882c0dd7f8ca

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Introducing the TrackSaw Replacement Track by POWERTEC. Replacement saw track is designed to help you achieve highly accurate, high precision cuts for Makita TrackSaw Cutting System. Constructed with soft edges, these dual-edge tracks deliver straight cuts in both directions. They are lightweight, maneuverable, and can be used on a variety of different cuts that require a straight edge. Whether you’re a professional or working on a DIY home project, when used in combination with the TrackSaw Cutting System – you’ll find these tracks to be great for crosscuts, shorter cuts and other woodworking applications. Premium Build The track saw tracks are constructed out of extruded aluminum. The extrusion process helps make the most out of the unique combination of physical characteristics that help excel this material in both, indoor and cold-weather applications. Each track is non-corrosive and highly durable. Includes: (1) TrackSaw Track Measures: 55" Please Note: A track connector is required to connect/ join two tracks. POWERTEC Guide Rail compatible with: · Makita · Festool · WEN · Triton POWERTEC Guide Rail NOT compatible with: · Shop Fox · Grizzly · Sheppach · Kreg


  • Function: This handy 55 inch track saw guide rail works with your track saw to ensure precise optimized results in your bevel cuts and straight cuts - works great for long cuts
  • Efficient: This handy rail saw guide or plunge saw guide rail is great for ripping repeatable sheets and boards, quickly and easily - Ultra useful for trim, furniture frame, flooring and sheet applications, and more
  • Rugged build: precision built of extruded aluminum, for high performing use, long lasting durability and dependable wear and rust resistance
  • A great value: This high utility track saw optimizer delivers exceptional and repeatable accuracy and comfortable controlled usability while saving you time and hassle - all at a great price point/ cost effective
  • Compatibility/Easy to use: Works great with track saws including the Makita track saw, Makita plunge saw or the Festool track saw; this convenient track saw track successfully aligns your saw for perfect cuts made with the utmost ease and precision and with the best results.

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