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Court Information

Directions to the Court

In Hilo, the courthouse is located at:
Hale Kaulike
777 Kilauea Avenue
Hilo, Hawai‘i 96720-4212

In Waimea, the district and family court is located at:
67-5187 Kamamalu Street
Kamuela, Hawai‘i 96743

In Kona, the family court is located at:
77-6399 Nalani Street
Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i 96740

In Kona, the district court and division 4 Circuit Court is located at:
79-1020 Haukapila Street
Kealakekua, Hawai‘i 96750

In Kona, division 3 Circuit Court is located at:
81-940 Halekii Street
Kealakekua, Hawai‘i 96750

Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system includes felonies, misdemeanors, petty misdemeanors and violations.

Different types of cases are handled differently within the court system. Violations, petty misdemeanors and most misdemeanors are handled in the District Courts. Felonies may begin in the District Courts, but after a preliminary hearing, are committed to the Circuit Courts. All jury trials are held before the Circuit Courts. Juvenile and certain offenses involving family members are heard before the Family Courts.

Criminal offenses are defined by state law in the Hawai’i Revised Statutes (HRS) or by county ordinance in the Hawai’i County Ordinances (HCO).

Some examples of the types of offenses prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office are described below:

A crime is a felony when a convicted person may be sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment of more than 1 year. HRS 701-107(2). Felonies include murder, robbery, burglary, possession of dangerous drugs, sex offenses, assaults with serious or substantial injury, property damage of more than $1500 or arson more than $500, thefts and fraud of more than $300, theft of copper or agricultural products, unauthorized control of propelled vehicles, habitual operation of a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant (“OVUI”), and major weapons offenses.

A crime is a misdemeanor when a convicted person may be sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment of not more than 1 year. HRS 701-107(3). Misdemeanors include assaults with minor injuries, property damage less than $1,500, resisting arrest, interfering with police officers, prostitution, and minor weapon offenses.

Petty Misdemeanors
A crime is a petty misdemeanor when a convicted person may be sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. HRS 701-107(4). Petty misdemeanors include mutual affray, disorderly conduct, harassment, trespass, OVUI and contempt of court.

A violation is an offense that is punishable by a fine and is not punishable by a term of imprisonment. HRS 701-107(5). Violations include minor traffic offenses.

Juvenile Criminal Matters
When a youth is taken into custody by the police, the youth may be released to his or her parents or guardians, or taken to the juvenile detention facility. The police report will be written and submitted to the Family Court.

The purposes of the Hawai’i family courts are to promote the reconciliation of distressed juveniles with their families, foster the rehabilitation of juveniles in difficulty, render appropriate punishment to offenders and reduce juvenile delinquency. HRS 571-1

All non-felony offenses are reviewed by the Family Court intake officer to determine whether or not informal adjustment is appropriate. Informal adjustment may include participation in restitution projects, community service projects, community based programs, educational programs, youth-initiated programs, outreach programs, examinations or testing, placement in a nonsecure or secure shelter. HRS 571-31.4.

For cases not informally adjusted, the Prosecutor’s Office reviews police reports and determines whether or not a formal action should be filed. If so, a petition is filed and the child has a right to counsel. The child’s parents, guardian or legal custodian may accompany the child and in most cases, the hearing is closed to the public. If a child is adjudicated to have committed an offense, the court may place the child on probation and impose conditions which may include custody in a youth correctional facility not to exceed one year and other conditions including treatment, community service and restitution. If the child is not placed on probation, the court may vest legal custody of the child in a Hawai’i youth correctional facility or other approved public or private institution. HRS 571-41, 571-48.

Sours: https://www.hawaiicounty.gov/departments/prosecuting-attorney/victim-witness-program/court-information

Ho‘ohikiprovides access to State of Hawaiʻi-Judiciary Family Court *civil* case records from 1983-present. The information displayed is from official records, but does not comprise all information from court records available to the public. Confidential cases, sealed cases and sealed documents also are not available online. The Judiciary updates case information every evening. Generally, data is current to within 48 hours of the date a court document is filed or a court proceeding is heard.

State of Hawaii Judiciary sealeCourt Kōkuaprovides access to documents from traffic, District and Circuit Court criminal and civil, Family (Adult) Court *criminal*, tax court, land court,and appellate cases. There is a fee to purchase copies of documents.


The Hawai'i State Archives provides access to Hawaiʻi Judiciary Branch records ranging from 1839-1970. These Judiciary court records include: civil, criminal, marriages, divorce, equity, law, probate and wills. Please see the Description of Collections for other related materials housed in the collection.  

Sours: https://guides.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/hawaiicourts
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9th Circuit
Website| PACER

View Full Docket Activity Report(Civil)

updated: Sat 10/23 5:59 AM EDT

New Case Filings: 10/09/2021 - 10/23/2021

M v. Department of Education, State of Hawaii et al Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00422
Filed:Oct 22, 2021
Nature of suit:Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
Cause:20:1401 Education: Handicapped Child Act
1:21-cv-00422Oct 22, 2021
Enanoria vs. Pyramid Waikiki Management, LLC Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00421
Filed:Oct 22, 2021
Nature of suit:Civil Rights - Employment
Cause:28:1331 Fed. Question: Employment Discrimination
1:21-cv-00421Oct 22, 2021
In Re: Subpoena to Hawaiian Telecom, Inc. Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-mc-00403
Filed:Oct 21, 2021
Cause:No cause code entered
1:21-mc-00403Oct 21, 2021
Omydove AG, doing business as HYPURE v. Void LLC Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00418
Filed:Oct 20, 2021
Nature of suit:Contract - Other Contract
Cause:28:1332 Diversity-Contract Default
1:21-cv-00418Oct 20, 2021
De-Amor et al v. Luczon et al Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00419
Filed:Oct 20, 2021
Nature of suit:Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
Cause:42:1983 Civil Rights Act
1:21-cv-00419Oct 20, 2021
Allstate Insurance Company v. Ganitano et al Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00416
Filed:Oct 19, 2021
Nature of suit:Contract - Insurance
Cause:28:1332 Diversity-Declaratory Judgement
1:21-cv-00416Oct 19, 2021
Feliciano v. Young Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00417
Filed:Oct 19, 2021
Nature of suit:Torts - Personal Injury - Motor Vehicle
Cause:28:1346 Tort Claim
1:21-cv-00417Oct 19, 2021
Umetsu, Sr. Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-mc-00397
Filed:Oct 15, 2021
1:21-mc-00397Oct 15, 2021
Jones v. Temptation Tours, Inc. Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00412
Filed:Oct 14, 2021
Nature of suit:Property Rights - Copyrights
Cause:17:101 Copyright Infringement
1:21-cv-00412Oct 14, 2021
Espinoza-Santos v. United States of America Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00414
Filed:Oct 14, 2021
Nature of suit:Prisoner Petitions - Motions to Vacate Sentence
Cause:28:2241 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (federal)
1:21-cv-00414Oct 14, 2021
Hueter et al v. Kruse et al Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00415
Filed:Oct 14, 2021
Nature of suit:Prisoner Petitions - Habeas Corpus - Mandamus & Other
Cause:42:1983 Civil Rights Act
1:21-cv-00415Oct 14, 2021
Sunahara v. Kijakazi Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00410
Filed:Oct 13, 2021
Nature of suit:Social Security - SSID Title XVI
Cause:42:205 Denial Social Security Benefits
1:21-cv-00410Oct 13, 2021
Leialoha v. State of Hawaii, Department of Public Safety et al Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00411
Filed:Oct 13, 2021
Nature of suit:Prisoner Petitions - Habeas Corpus - Civil Rights
Cause:42:1983 Prisoner Civil Rights
1:21-cv-00411Oct 13, 2021
Blythe v. Wal-Mart Inc. Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00413
Filed:Oct 13, 2021
Nature of suit:Civil Rights - Amer w/Disabilities - Other
Cause:42:12101 Violation of Americans with Disabilities Act
1:21-cv-00413Oct 13, 2021
Ho v. United States of America Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-mc-00343
Filed:Oct 12, 2021
1:21-mc-00343Oct 12, 2021
ILWU (Hawaii) Employers General Pension Trust Fund v. Love's Bakery, Inc., a Hawaii corporation Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00409
Filed:Oct 12, 2021
Nature of suit:Labor - Employee Retirement Income Security Act
Cause:29:1132 E.R.I.S.A.-Employee Benefits
1:21-cv-00409Oct 12, 2021
Perrine v. eTN Corporation et al Court:Hawaii District Court
Case Num:1:21-cv-00408
Filed:Oct 12, 2021
Nature of suit:Property Rights - Copyrights
Cause:17:101 Copyright Infringement
1:21-cv-00408Oct 12, 2021
Sours: https://www.pacermonitor.com/court/121/Hawaii_District_Court

Search court case hawaii district

Kingdom Cases 1847-1893 (Haw. King.)
  • Vol. I - 1847-1856 "Law Reports" (Haw.)

Originally published in the Polynesian. See Chronicling America at the Library of Congress.

  • Vols. 2-8 1856-1893 Hawaiian Reports (Haw.)
Provisional Government 1893-1894 (Haw. Prov. Gov.) (Jan. 17, 1893-July 3, 1894)
  • Vol. 9 Hawaiian Reports (Haw.)
Republic of Hawai'i 1894-1898 (Haw. Rep.) (July 4, 1894-July 6, 1898)
Territory of Hawai'i  1898-1959 (Haw. Terr.) (July 7, 1898-Aug. 20, 1959)
  • Vols. 13-19 Hawaiian Reports (Haw.)
  • Vols. 20-43 Hawai'i Reports (Haw.)

NOTE:  (Vols. 20-27 available at LLMC-Digital)

See also the Federal Reporter and the Federal Supplement because the Territory of Hawai'i was under the jurisdiction of the U.S. federal government until statehood in 1959.

Statehood 1959- (Haw.) or (Haw. Ct. App.) (Aug.  21, 1959- )
  • Pacific Reports (use this for Bluebook citations) (P.2d or P.3d)

Begins in Vol. 352 Pacific Reports 2d, page 329

  • Vols. 44-  Hawai'i Reports (Haw.)
Sours: https://law-hawaii.libguides.com/hawaii/judiciary
How to Check Online Case Status - Next Hearing - Case Search

Hawaii District Court

3 JUDGE HEARING3 Judge Hearing75BC75BC75BD75BD75BE75BE75BF75BF2254225422552255ACKRECKay RecusalADM CLOSEDAdministratively ClosedALLRECAll judges recusedAO120Trademark CaseAO121CopyrightAO279AO279APPEALAppealAPPMAGAppeal of MagistrateARBITRATIONArbitrationBIFURCBifurcationBMKRECKurren RecusalCASE_SEAL_REVIEWEDCase Seal ReviewedCASREFCase referredCLOSEDCase ClosedCONSConsolidatedCONSDSConsolidated for DiscoveryCONSENTConsent to Magistrate JurisdictionCONSPTConsolidated for PretrialCONSSTConsolidated for STCONSTRConsolidated for TrialCSSTAYCase stayedCU/ADVCase Under AdvisementDAERECEzra RecusalDKWRECWatson RecusalENEEarly neutral evaluationHABEASHabeas CorpusHGRECGillmor RecusalINTAPPInterlocutory AppealINTERPRETERInterpreterJAORECOtake ResucalJMSRECSeabright RecusalJUVYJuvenileKJMRECMansfield RecusalKSCRECChang RecusalLEADPTLead PretrialLEADTRLead TrialLEKRECKobayashi RecusalMEDIATIONMediationMJSELECTMagistrate Judge SelectedMOTREFMotion referredMULTIPLE_CVB_VIOLATIONSMultiple CVB ViolationsPRIS PRO SEPrisoner ProsePRO BONOPro Bono Attorney AssignedPro SePRO SEPROTOProtective OrderREMANDRemandREOPENCase ReopenedRLPRECPuglisi RecusalRTRECTrader RecusalSEALEDCase SealedSETTBMKKurren is referred Settlement Magistrate JudgeSETTKJMMansfield is the referred Settlement Magistrate JudgeSETTKSCChang is the referred Settlement Magistrate JudgeSETTRLPPuglisi is the referred Settlement Magistrate JudgeSEVERSeveredSMSpecial MasterSOMRECMollway RecusalSPKRECKing RecusalSTAYEDCase StayedTERMEDCase TermedTRANSFCase TransferredU/ADVMotion Under AdvisementWRPRECPorter Recusal
Sours: https://pacer.uscourts.gov/file-case/court-cmecf-lookup/court/HIDC

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Hawaii Public Records

Hawaii is located in the central Pacific Ocean. The Capital is Honolulu and the largest city is Honolulu.  The Official Web Site is located at https://portal.ehawaii.gov/.  Hawaii is the 40th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 1,419,561 and the 2010 census population was 1,360,301.  The land area is 6,422.63 square miles and there are 211.8 persons per square mile.

26.6% of the population is White, 2.3% is Black or African American, 9.8% is Hispanic or Latino, 37.7% is Asian, 0.4% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 10% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 23.1% are two or more races. 90.4% are a high school graduate or higher, and 30.1% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $503,100. There are on average 2.96 persons per household, the per capita income is $29,305, the median household income is $67,402, and 11.2% of the persons in Hawaii are considered below poverty level.

Sours: https://publicrecords.searchsystems.net/United_States_Free_Public_Records_by_State/Hawaii_Public_Records/

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