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Microsoft Access 2016: Install on a University computer

  1. Click the Windows [Start] button  > Click "Control Panel."
  2. Click "Programs and Features."
  3. Select "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016" from the list.
  4. Click [Change].
  5. Check the "Add or Remove Features" box > Click [Continue].
  6. Click the "Microsoft Office Access" drop-down box > Select "Run all from My Computer."
  7. Click [Continue] > and then [Close]. 
  1. Click [Start]  > "All Programs."
  2. Choose "Microsoft Office" > "Microsoft Office Access 2013." Wait for the one-time configuration to complete.

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To Download Office 365 for Home, Academic or Business purposes or to Reinstall Office 2013/2016 Single PC OEM License go to:

If you are installing an Single PC or OEM License for the first time go to setup an account:

Many Universities and Schools offer Office 365 for free to their students. Sign in with a school or work account and not a Microsoft Account to access this service. This service should already be setup/negotiated with Microsoft by the IT department of your institution if not see Office in Education Free from your School for more details. Also if you are a non-profit. Sign in with a school or work account and not a Microsoft Account to access this service. This service should already be setup/negotiated with Microsoft for your non-profit if not see Office Free for Non-Profits for more details. Businesses may or may not have Office 365 setup for their employees contact your IT department for details. You can also try the Free Trial for Home or the Free Trial for Business and then purchase an Office 365 subscription.


In the next page select to either:

  • Sign in with a Microsoft Account
  • Sign with a Work or School Account

In my case I will use my Microsoft Account:


Input your username and password and then select sign in:


If you have a 5 user subscription your activated Office installs will be listed. You can deactivate any of these if you no longer want to use Office 365 on these computers.

To install on a new computer, select "language and install options":


Select Additional Install Options:


You now have the option to select language and either:

  • Office 2016 64 Bit
  • Office 2016 32 Bit
  • Office 2013 64 Bit
  • Office 2013 32 Bit

School/Work licenses may only be 2013 just now until IT services are ready to deploy Office 2016.


I have selected English:


Microsoft recommend 32 Bit Office even on 64 Bit Windows due to greater compatibility with third party addins. All the addins I use however have been 64 Bit compatible for some time now and 64 Bit compatibility is better for larger Word files and larger Excel sheets because it can address more memory.


When you have made your selections select Install:


This will take some time to Download and install:


When its done select close:


You may want Office to be pinned to your Start Menu/Start screen. If you want the full screen (recommended) select Start then "settings":


Then select "personalisation":


You can personalise the Background, Colours, Lockscreen to your own suiting:


What we are interested in particular right now is "Start" and enabling the option to "Use the Start Full Screen":


The Start Screen will now look like this:


Open the All Apps and you can safely uninstall the Get Office shortcut (you have already got Office). To do this right click it and select "uninstall".


Now any Office Applications you are interested in right click and select "Pin to Start":


They will now all be tiles on the Start Screen:


You can drag and drop the tiles to your desired location by highlighting the tile with the mouse and holding down the left click. You can also opt to unpin tiles or resize them by right clicking them and selecting "Unpin from Start" or "Resize"→Small, Medium. Take the time to customise Windows 10 TH2 to your choosing:


Once satisfied you can open Word:


Select new Document:


Word will open:


You will be given some setup options. Select to View the Agreement and then "Accept" to continue using Office:


I recommend selecting "Open Office XML" formats then selecting "Ok":


You may go to "File":


Then to "Account":


You can select one of three colour schemes to use your Office with:


You can go to Options aswell to change additional settings should you wish.

Like this:


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Download and Install Microsoft Office 2013 Without the Disc

Image for article titled Download and Install Microsoft Office 2013 Without the Disc

If your computer came with Office 2013 pre-installed (or if you lost your installation disc), you can still reinstall Office with your product key—you just need to download it straight from Microsoft.

Head over to (which is an official Microsoft download page) and enter your product key. This may be on a Certificate of Authenticity included with your computer or a product key card you purchased at a retail outlet. Once you put in that product key, you can then download the appropriate version and install with that same key.

If you registered your copy of Office 2013, you don't even need the product key. Just visit, click Install Office, and then log in to your account to download it.

Download Office 2013 From Microsoft Using Product Key | Into Windows

MICROSOSFT OFFICE 2013 -[gratis download , instal ] full version !!!


I'm trying to create a standard Image for the Dell E6330's we have just bought in. Problem is these are the 1st laptops to come with Office 2013 OEM. Previously with Office 2010 I was able to download a Re-distributable Office 2010 OEM installer and use this to install Office on each PC after the Windows Image was applied to it.

I have been to to try to download the installer, but instead of downloading a redistributable Installer package, clicking on Download installs Office on My PC.

Does anyone know if there's a re-distributable package available for Office 2013? or what would be even better, does anyone know what Dell use in there images where you have Microsoft Office in the start menu, clicking on this asks for your OEM key and installs Office? If I could put something like that in my image it would be ideal.


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Ghost Chili


If you have a Technet subscription or volume licensing agreement, you can download the redistributable bits and use for your images.


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Thanks, we have a Volume License Agreement for Windows, but I think we only have an Office 2007 Volume License. I can't see anywhere in the Licensing Centre where I can download OEM Software for Office 2013 (Which is what we buy in with our Laptops)- in fact the only Office 2013 download I can see is just a language pack.

Am I looking in the wrong place?


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Ed Grauel



If you log in to Windows Live to activate your license key you are able to download an ISO of office 2013. Be warned that it doesn't really give any options for install like 2003/2007/2010 (choose programs, language etc.), but it saves time over downloading the installer on each PC. 

Log in to the account at (Sign in in upper right) --> My Account --> Install From Disc --> I want to burn a disc.


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I had a right game trying to reinstall Office 2013 OEM the other day.

Try - you'll have to register the keys to a Microsoft account, I couldn't find any way to download the installation source, just had to run the bootstrap installer from that site.


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Mike Nichols



I'd recommend saving the ISO.

Microsoft has pulled this "medialess" nonsense before with 2007, then when you need to reinstall in a few years because a hard drive dies they won't provide a download but they're more than happy to take your money to buy the most current version of office.


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You can get the ISO from any torrent site. (Just make sure you aren't using a cracked version because you want to use your legit CD keys of course). Also I am pretty certain that office 2013 OEM lives and dies with that PC. I am going through the same thing right now. Our previous IT company before we brought IT in house thought it was a bright idea to order PC's with OEM software. So now we are upgrading and I can't transfer licensing. Super lame I know.


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Best way ive heard to do, is to buy the version you need from your distributer.....then make an ISO image or simply copy the files to a file store. Messy but ive heard it works for many situations.

Obviously as long as you have the Product Key....


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MICROSOSFT OFFICE 2013 -[gratis download , instal ] full version !!!


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