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There are several spells used for summoning ghosts. Although they differ in the manner and procedure of summoning, they all allow a spirit to manifest itself for a limited time. The rituals and spells also vary on the purposes of why a ghost is being summoned.

With a Talisman[]

A spell of this kind is considered to be black magic, similar to the spell used for binding reapers. Additionally, this spell not only summoned ghosts and spirits, it also allowed the caster to bind the ghosts to his will. As such, this spell is considered to be a form of necromancy. This spell was demonstrated by Walter Dixon to exact revenge on the Hollywood executives that ruined his script. 


Like most spells, this required a chant. A talisman is also required to serve as a medium to accomplish the spell.


The incantation is in spurious Latin. The chant varies depending on the number of ghosts being summoned by the caster. Walter used one when he summoned only one ghost, and another one when he summoned all spirits bound to the area. 

The incantation to summon one ghost or spirit is as follows:

Contra obsecro hoc spirituum justa ad faciendam voluntatem meam!

Rough translation:

I pray against (the will of) the spirits of the righteous (so that) they do my bidding!

The incantation to summon multiple spirits is as follows:

Malis omnis, ad me venite!

Rough translation:

All the evil (ones), come to me!


The talisman has the appearance of a slanted cross that is enclosed by a circle. It must be held up when reciting any of the incantations.

The talisman is fragile and must be kept intact. Destroying the talisman would release the enslaved ghosts, thus allowing them to regain control of their will and turn against the spellcaster.

Through a Séance of blood[]

Unlike the other method, this spell functions more like a séance. The ghost being summoned is not being forced to attack targets, but simply to manifest itself, for the purposes of communication. There are different incantations used by hunters. Some, when performed with a psychic, required no incantation at all; it merely required repeating orders or commands for the being to manifest itself.


Sam, while trying to summon the spirit of Father Thomas Gregory, used the following Latin chant: 

Amate spiritus obscurete quaerimus, te oramus, nobiscum colloquereapud nos circita!

Rough translation:

Spiritual shade (of my) beloved (or steemed) one, we summon thee, we pray to thee, (come) talk to us, join and be among us!

Another Variation to Summon Ghost Through a Séance[]

In Red Sky at Morning, Sam used a different ritual and incantation when he tried to summon the brother of the ghost that haunted through the use of a ghost ship. To summon the brother of the ghost, Sam used another variation of Séance Ritual. He setup a kind of ritual circle: five candles, a pentagram, a bowl into which he pours a jar of unknown red liquid (presumably blood of unknown origin). Another jar is on the opposite side of the circle, with what appear to be herbs in it.

The verses used in the ritual are in spurious Latin. This spell also invoked several names of beings. There are barbarous names of beings in the middle, like Aziel, Castiel, Lamisniel, Rabam, Erlei, and Belam, and barbarous words like Alpha grammaton. The spell which Sam used here, may be the longest spell ever which chanted in Supernatural Universe:

Aziel, Castiel, Lamisniel, Rabam, Erlei, et Belam!
Ego vos coniuro,
Per Deo verum,
Per Deo vivum,
Qui vos creavit,
eos super montes et per eum,
Qui Adam et Evam formavit et per eum,
Qui mari pre abit aridum que fundarit,
Qui facit endulum quo spiritus ministrus suos innuenda,
Qui fondasti terram super valiturum,
non en qui abit or, in saeculuum saeculi,
Et vis est que venti betum,
amictus eos super montes stabat aquae,
non en qui abit or, in saeculum saeculi,
Et evum formabit,
vesti vectum amictus eus super montes stabat aquae,
Alpha grammaton,
Per hoc nomen et per hic per ius ionem,
Per tribius bovis!

Rough Translation:

Aziel, Castiel, Lamisniel, Rabam, Erlei, and Belam!
I summon you,
By the True God,
By the Living God,
Who created you,
(And) those over the mountains and through him,
Who formed Adam and Eve and through him,
Who (makes) the sea go away, and dry, and establish it (once again).
Who made the abode on which spirits minister (their) oblique illusions,
(Who) establish the Earth's movement,
And is complete in himself, forever and ever!
And whose will is like the force of (many) winds (on your) skins,
Surrounding those waters which stood above the mountains,
Who is complete in himself, forever and ever!
Who formed the ages and the garments(thatare)carried overthemountainsrooted inthe waters!
Alpha grammaton!
By that same name and by his righteousness,
By the Three Bulls!

Through Personal Belongings[]

Using a ghost's human belongings, one could summon ghosts. Using Gavin's signet ring, Bobby could summon Crowley's sons' ghost to spill every little detail about his father. He promptly vanished afterwards.

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  • Oddly enough, Castiel was mentioned in one of Sam's incantations. Whether or not this pertained to the angel is unknown.
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20 Ways To Call Spirits And Talk To The Dead

[Note: We didn't make these up. We found them on the Internet. They may or may not work. You'll have to find out at your own risk. If you want to. Or you can just watch a horror movie .]

If you like to dabble in the supernatural, chances are you’ve tried calling a spirit using a Planchette, at least once in your life. Even if you don’t like to bother the spirits however, curiosity is bound to set in after you read this list. We might scoff at the claims of mystics and shamans, but I think all of us want to believe that there’s some magic in the world.

Here’s a couple of ways to (apparently) invoke a spirit on your own. No guarantees though!

P.S.: Beware of the ones that refuse to leave.

1. Using an Ouija Board to converse with a spirit

The modern version of the Ouija consists of a board with all 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers from 0-9 imprinted on it. The words “Yes”, “No,” and “Goodbye” also appear on the board. A plastic heart is also included. This is the item that the participants lightly put their fingers on as a supposed spirit guides it over the board to create answers to seekers’ questions.

2. Using a Planchette to communicate with spirits

The use of planchettes to produce mysterious written messages gave rise to the belief that the devices facilitate communication with spirits. Originally used as a simple wooden board for automatic writing, people who dabble in mysticism now believe the planchette is moved by the presence of spirits.

3. Using a Pentagram to conjure demons

There are rituals in which people, using the pentagram to symbolise the elements, form a circle nine feet across. One is made for the summoner, and another to summon and bind the spirit. Making the star and circle is usually part of a larger ceremony and this whole process is usually said to summon unpredictable demons, so try it at your own risk.

4. See spirits through a Crystal Ball

Using a crystal ball, a human medium is expected to be able to see the spirit and hear its voice, passing the words on to the evoker. Usually the medium speaks for the spirit. In other cases the spirit might be ‘housed’ in a symbolic image, or conjuring into a diagram from which it cannot escape without the magician’s permission.

5. Using a mirror to summon a witch

Start off in a well-lighted room. Light a few candles and turn off the lights. Once there is enough wax, splash the mirror with wax. Sprinkle salt around the mirror and yourself. Set up the candles around you, and be very quiet. Once the wall is dry, take a knife and carve in the wax the type of spirit you wish to summon. Finally, take a knife and put some of your blood on the mirror. Now chant: “Witches corse through time, we are in need of assistance, Oh spirit come, we beckon you. Share your stories, come until the morning light”

I would suggest leaving out the blood part.

6. Speak to the dead through candlelight

Light a white candle and focus on the person you wish to speak to. Grab two small papers and write ‘YES’ on one and ‘NO’ on the other. Underneath the words sketch a pentagram. Place the papers literally as close as you can fit next to the candle. Add salt to the melted candle wax to bind the spirit to the candle. Then, ask if a spirit is with us right now. Follow the flame and if it leans to the yes, you know something’s around. Continue asking questions and follow the signs to know you are speaking with a spirit such as odd candle position, rippling, and a downward thrust. Snuff out the candle afterward.

7. Spell to see or hear a spirit

Think of a deceased person you knew or heard of in your family and chant this: “ Spirit show yourself, spirit reveal, spirit come to me so I know you are real! ” You should now see or hear a spirit. Spooky stuff.

8. Summon a Succubus or Incubus

Succubus: Female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.

Incubus: Male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.

At midnight, visualize what you want your Succubus/Incubus to look like. Then, prick your finger, take the blood and chant: “ Oh succubus of mine I call to thee with this blood offering to come to me so may it be!

9. Summon a vampire or werewolf

For this, you need a paper, pencil, salt and lavender. Draw a spiral on the paper and an X through it. Sprinkle some salt around the circle and burn the lavender. Now chant, “I summon you, a (vampire/werewolf) to this room! I command you stay in my circle of safety. I summon you so I may ask you for my purposes. So more be!”. That’s it, you now have a creature of darkness in your presence. Don’t get bit!

10. Spell for good luck

Close your eyes and focus and forget your all worries. After you have reached a meditative state, simply chant the following: “ Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Come to me and give me what I desire. Waves of luck fall down on me and complete my wishes effortlessly. May this spell take toll for one whole day and after midnight strikes, may it go away. As I will, so mote it be. ” This spell lasts for a day, so make the most of it.

11. How to summon a storm

Take a pan with half a liter water and place it on the stove, let the water Set until boiling. Then chant, “water boil, water cling, to the dust, as I sing, not just here, but everywhere, just like this, at which I stare”. Say this 3 times, and each time, release some of the dust. You must not say this quickly, or too slowly. Now look outside.

12. Summon the Grim Reaper

First put 20 candles in the shape of a circle around the circle you cast and light them clockwise, then say, “Grim Reaper,Grim Reaper I summon you Grim Reaper, be my servant be my friend may it be cast as this spell is made”. Then after a few days the scythe weilding apparition should appear while you sleep. Don’t worry, he’s harmless!

13. Summon an Angel

Light a white candle at midnight and say, “oh heavenly creatures of the light, I call to you come to this place now. So mote it be”. Cue harp music and heavenly bells. Unless they’re the kind of angels from Constantine.

14. Summon Bloody Mary

First, take 2 red candles and go to the bathroom. Put 1 red candle on the left and 1 in right of the sink and turn off the light. Turn on the tap water and chant, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. I’m hoping the I get the drink and not the spirit that tells the future.

15. Summon a Fairy

To call a couple of friendly fairies to your lawn or backyard, choose a patch of bare earth and lay out a circle of fairy footprints by cutting tiny footprint shapes in a piece of paper. Lay the paper on the ground, and sprinkle it with sugar or some powdered milk. Then move the paper along, and keep repeating until you have a full circle. Put a few flower petals in the center. Now chant, “Little folk of flashing wing, little folk of dancing feet, hear my words to you and bring, blessings with you when we meet.

16. The haunted call spell

To see spirits for 3 days, take 5 green candles and light them. Next, take five petals from a red rose and burn those. After that, take a knife, prick your thumb and let the blood drip on the candles without dousing the flames and chant, “God of my world and the next lend me your sight, give the power to see things that can give people fright, too long they’ve been trapped in the dark but now let them in the light”. Finally, kill the flames with the juice of a lemon.

17. Summon Lucifer

Try this incantation at your own risk!

Lucifer, Ouyar , Chameron, Aliseon, Mandousin, Premy, Oriet, Naydru, Esmony, Eparinesoni, Estiot, Dumosson, Danochar, Casmiel, Hayras, Fabelleronthou, Sodirno, Peatham, Venite, Venite, LUCIFER. Shemhamforash!

No idea what any of that means.

18. Conjure vapour monsters

Go outside at midnight on a full moon night and focus on what monster you want to summon, though it also depends on your surroundings. Let the moon reflect off you and say “Gods and goddesss all, Summon up something, terrifying for me, by the power within. Mote It Be!” Say this ten times and prepare for an anxiety attack.

19. Spell to call a lost sister

In the deep of night outside, chant “Power of the sisters rise, Course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here, blood to blood, I summon thee, blood to blood, return to me”.

20. Summon family witches

Draw a Pentagram with salt and place candles at the 5 points of the star. If there are more than one of you stand around the circle of the Pentagram holding hands and chant together “I call forth from space and time, matriarches from the family line: Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons. Our Family’s spirit without end, to Gather now in this place and help us!”. Tells you about who in your lineage had a magic streak.

Did you hear that?

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• Demons- TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Draw two pentagrams on the floor, both about 9 feet across and make sure they are at least 1 foot away from each other. Place a candle at each point of both pentagrams and stand inside one of them. Unpredictable demons may appear within the other pentagram. Do not leave your pentagram or enter the other until all ten candles have gone out.
• Crystal ball- buy a Crystal ball and look through it is a dimly lit room. You may see and hear spirits. Feel free to speak to them but be aware that they may not respond to you.
• Witch in the Mirror- turn off all the lights except for a few candles in a room with a mirror. Sprinkle salt around the mirror and around you as well. Once enough candle wax has been produced, sprinkle it onto your mirror and carve what type of spirit you wish to summon into the wax. Then, chant,"witches corse through time, we are in need of assistance, oh spirit come, we beckon you. Share your stories, come until the morning light." And wait. Be very quiet and a witch should appear near you in the mirror.
• Dead Spirit- this one is easy. In a dimly lit room, think of a deceased friend or family member and chant,"spirit show yourself, spirit reveal, spirit come to me so i know you are real." That person you were thinking of should speak to you or appear.
• succubus or incubus- these spirits are known to be sexual predators. Proceed with caution. At midnight, visualize your succubus/incubus. Then, prick your finger and chant,"oh (succubus/incubus) of mine I call to thee with this blood offering to come to me so may it be." And wait for one to appear before you.
• vampire/werewolf- draw a spiral on a piece of paper and put an X through it. Sprinkle salt around it and burn some lavender. Now chant,"I summon you, a (vampire/werewolf) to this room. I command you to stay in my circle of safety. I summon you so i may ask you for my purposes. So more be!" There you have it. You bow a have a vampire or werewolf at your disposal.
• Grim Reaper- draw a circle on the ground and place exactly 20 candles around it. Light them one at a time, going around the circle clockwise. Then, say "grim reaper, grim reaper, i summon you, grim reaper. Be my servant, be my friend, may it be cast as this spell is made." Within i few nights, the grim reaper should appear by your bedside. Don't worry! He's harmless!
• Angel- light a white candle at midnight and whisper, "oh heavenly creatures of the light, i call to you to come to this place now. So mote it be." An angel should descend before you.
• Bloody Mary- this one is a classic. Take two red candles to the bathroom. Place the candles on either side of your sink and turn off the light. Turn on the tap water and chant "Bloody Mary" three times. Bloody Mary is rumored to tell the future, so don't ask if you dont want to know.
• Fairy- choose a patch of bare earth and cut out footprint shapes (fairy footprints) out of a piece of paper. Place them on the ground and sprinkle them with sugar or powdered milk. Move the footprints in the shape of a circle and place a few flower petals in te center. Chant, "little folk of flashing wing, little folk of dancing feet, hear my words to you and bring, blessings with you when we meet. These creatures are generally harmless so you have no need to worry.
• Vapor monsters- stand outside at midnight and let the moonlight hit you. Say, "gods and goddesses all, summon up something terrifying for me, by the power within. Mote it be!" Say this 10 times and prepare for a panic attack.
• Lost sister- go outside in the deep of night and chant, "power of the sisters rise, course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here, blood to blood, i summon thee, blood to blood, return to me."
• Family witches- draw a pentagram out of salt and place five candles at each of the points of the star. If there are more than one of you, hold hands around the circle while you do the next step. Chant, "i call forth from space and time, matriarchies from the family line: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons. Our family's spirit without end, to gather now in this place and help us." Everyone in your family who had a magick streak in their past will now pay a visit.
• Lucifer- WARNING: this could be dangerous. Draw a circle on the ground. Weather this is dangerous or not depends on weather you choose to preform the next step inside or outside the circle. If you stand inside, lucifer may touch you, but the environment is less hostile and he will be more kind-spirited. If you stand outside the circle, he will have an angry and aggressive demeanor. He should bot be able to escape the circle, but if he somehow does, you're in trouble. One you are standing in your place of choice, chant, "lucifer, ouyar, chameron, aliseon, mandousin, premy, oriet, naydru, esmony, eparinesoni, estiot, dumosson, danochar, casmiel, hayras, fabelleronthou, sodirno, peatham, venite, venite, lucifer! shemhamforash!"
• Satan- this is a complexed procedure because of satan's power. Proceed with caution. Choose a proper place and clean it as to signify that this is bot an ordinary occasion. Draw a circle and place four candles in the north, east, south, and west. I prefer black candles although it doesn't make a huge difference. When you are ready, begin with the north candle. You must summon an elemental spirit for the earth. I will use Belial as an example. So summon Belial, you have to try to relax. Point your finger to the sky and draw the zd symbol (shown above) in front of you. Visualize energy lines creating the symbol while reciting, "Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial" repeat this phrase three times while imagining earth energy entering the circle. Now move to the eastern candle. Invoke elemental air energy by calling upon lucifer (or any air demon of your choice) repeat the previous step but this time, chant "Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer" three times. Visualize air energy, coming from the east, entering the circle. Do this again for south by calling upon a fire demon (Flereous) by chanting "Ganic Tasa Fubin, Flereous" three times and imagining fire energy entering the circle, and lastly with the west, calling upon a water demon (Leviathan) by chanting "Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca, Leviathan" and imagining his energy entering the circle. While standing in the center, you may now invoke Satan himself by chanting "Tasa Reme Laris, Satan" three times and drawing the zd symbol for the fifth time. Imagine all of the elements being fused together as you chant. You now have the proper setup to do a body ritual of your choice. You may write down your wishes, burn them, channel the demons, draw a picture or sigil, or burn one. You may dance, sing, meditate, work with the energy, visualize, anything really. Make sure the thank the demons at the end for being present and hearing you out. Say goodbye and put out the candles. DO NOT BLOW THEM OUT. Put them out with water or with your fingers. Do not step out of the circle until you do so.

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/181579778-witchcraft-summoning-spirits
Demonic Incantation To Summon/Open The Powers Of Darkness - Dark Mantra Meditation (1 Hour)

Spell to Summon the Spirit of Cameron Parsons

Cameron, Holy Guardian Angel according to Aleister Crowley, 1966. Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica. Photo Credit: Alan Shaffer

Dark star, I seek you. I have entered the name of chaos.

Know the Reason For Your Summoning

Summon the spirit of Cameron Parsons when you want the strength to follow your passions without caring what anyone thinks of you. If conjured correctly, she can help you burst forth from the iron maiden of disapproval and pursue your artistic visions: dark flowers, moons, gardens, angels and aliens, monoliths and faces in trees, lesbians and the witch goddess, Aradia. She will show you how to lure Pan the satyr so that he plays his pipes for you, blazes his eyes, curls his wicked brows and longs for you, his heart and phallus enflamed like a jilted lover. Cameron will show you how to walk into a room and make it go silent. Make people’s hands tremble as they hold their tea. She will teach you to cause a scene and make the cops come. She will show you how to disappear so that people want to come find you. Because Cameron is the Goddess of Recognition dear Initiate, and as its Queen, she can take it or leave it. Through her, you will learn to do likewise.

Be forewarned, performing these rites requires daring. People with a 401k match and degrees rated top 10 by Forbes magazine might tell you these rites are impractical and that eventually you’ll regret them. Even people with no degrees might tell you that. You might worry, “what if I follow my passions and I end up dying in poverty?” Or that you’ll become alienating; that your high school friends will gossip about “what happened to you”, or that you’ll no longer be invited home at Thanksgiving. These are real dangers. Cameron Parsons could possess you, for example, she might convince you to burn your work, to release the spirits inside it to reunite with their source. If you don’t take the proper precautions, the closer you draw to the Scarlet Woman of Babalon, the more likely you are to disintegrate midair and fall to earth like a flaming meteorite. Following your passions carries a high price, so you must be fearless, as she was, with nothing to prove.

You’ll make best use of this spell if you were born feral, even and especially if you’ve had your wildness leached out of you. As if you had once been a wheezing hissing snarling sinewy mountain lion, and your school and the Verizon website and all your stupid jobs were the Costco parking lot. And the lot kept growing and pushing you further and further towards the abyss. And your wild self eventually leapt into that chasm rather than giving up its pelt to be soaked with Coors and pelted with bottle caps on the floor of a fraternity game room. Use this spell to spring your wild self back from the void, rising as an angry angel blasting her horn. Perform the rite alone, and you may become an eccentric cult figure. But do it with your tribe and together you can summon the beasts. Straddle them as you ride through the streets of the city, causing Sigalerts, jamming cellphone signals, forcing the police helicopters to collide midair.

So, if you’re still reading, and have the guts to conjure the spirit of Cameron Parsons, then you must begin by being irresponsible. Leave your parking tickets wadded in the glove compartment of your car. Leave your child playing with the fairies that she says live at the foot of your garden. And know that once you conjure the Scarlet Woman, there is no going back. Your entire life will need to adjust. She will appear to you in your dreams. No more will you be able to abide fluorescent lights or muzak, or cross a threshold into a waiting room stuffed with back issues of Us Weekly. You’ll live in a shack in the desert, washing your clothes in a bucket, before you allow yourself to stay in a carpeted apartment in the valley, even if it does have a pool. Your life will be irrevocably altered, dear Initiate. Only summon the spirit of Babalon when you are ready to be reborn.

Cameron, Holy Guardian Angel according to Aleister Crowley, 1966. Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica. Photo Credit: Alan Shaffer

Cameron, Holy Guardian Angel according to Aleister Crowley, 1966. Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica. Photo Credit: Alan Shaffer

Know the Spirit You are Calling

Cameron was a witch artist born in a cornfield, or, at least she was born in 1922 somewhere in Iowa. Lustful angels slipped up from the earth, fluttering like moths through the corn to chomp through her nightgown as she lay in bed at night. She had abortions and bi-sexual affairs before she completed high school. Craving adventure and the open seas, in 1943 she joined the Navy where she drew topographic maps of islands and ocean floors, drew maps grasped by dying soldiers as they searched for a way out of the war, their ghosts haunting her long after they had died. Eventually she went AWOL, though by some mysterious intervention she was honorably discharged. At age 23 she came to Pasadena where she drew fashion illustrations for ladies’ magazines. It was in Pasadena that she became a goddess, or rather, found out that she was one.

One night, an old Navy buddy she didn’t even like took her to a party at a mansion on millionaire row in Pasadena. The scene was Bacchanalian, candle lit and churning with slippery couples, chattering beat poets, physicists in hot debate with writers of science fiction. Across the darkened din stood a man with thick black hair and a sensual mouth, his eyebrows pointed like the tufts of an owl. He stared at her as if she bore the mark of the beast, and she did: her thick red hair. It was he, Jack Parsons, occult magician, rocket scientist and founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories that had performed an Enochian rite less than a year before with future guru L. Ron Hubbard. Their goal had been to invoke She Who is the Gateway to the Pyramids; She Who is Lust and Earth and Love incarnate, the Scarlet Woman of Babalon. Before the party ended, Cameron and Jack had christened his sheets with semen and vaginal juice and menstrual blood, the lunar elixirs of sex magic. The two lovers conducted these rites for three weeks, never leaving his bed. They married soon after.

But within a year Cameron had run off to Mexico. She took lovers on the steps of forgotten temples and imbibed the liquors of Surrealism, leaving her husband at home in Pasadena to have sad affairs and figure out how to send a rocket to the moon. But eventually she returned, and for three years they made magic. She illustrated his astrological poems. They had brunch with Aleister Crowley. Then, on the night before they were to leave on an intercontinental adventure, Jack blew himself up. His alchemical orchestrations backfired when he accidentally dropped a vial of fulminated mercury. Flames engulfed his laboratory. A few hours later, his mother killed herself. Cameron, in her grief, moved to the Mojave Desert.

By moonlight, in the barren rocks and sand she spent years attempting to conjure the spirit of her departed lover. It was through these practices she learned her craft. She became a witch and lived for another 40 years making devotional paintings of angels and spirits and ectoplasms; writing poems and avoiding the L.A. art world’s version of the paparazzi. She played the Scarlet Woman in Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. She married, she divorced, she had a child, she corresponded with Joseph Campbell. She died poor in a small West Hollywood bungalow. But she lives on in us, the crystal gazing artists. We who haunt the halls of art schools and tarot shops, we who are lustily called girls when we’re young and then patronizingly called girls when we’re older. We who will dance naked around the bonfire of Western Civilization while it burns in the pitch of its own smug rationality and cancerous ignorance. We who will build a new, wild world from the ashes. A world of vast deserts and hanging gardens, lit with gaseous orbs, populated by earth spirits and the lustful angels of love.

Cameron, Dark Angel, n.d. Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica. Photo Credit: Alan Shaffer

Cameron, Dark Angel, n.d. Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica. Photo Credit: Alan Shaffer


Know the Procedure of the Ceremony

Wear draping robes and perform the rites at a site with which Cameron’s spirit is familiar. In a mansion in Pasadena. Or a woodsy Topanga craftsman surrounded by fire-singed oaks and Manzanita groves, or even in a cramped bungalow in West Hollywood. Set up an altar with your devotional objects: a walnut, ripe and bursting with life; heady, intoxicating flowers and whipping silk flags; an ornate bronze chalice and a wand wrapped in laurel leaves.

Execute the spell when the sun is in the sign of Taurus, the sign of the lady’s birth, exactly at midnight of on the eve of the full moon. Start with five fat, juicy peyote buttons on a silver plate. Chew them slowly. Close your eyes and you will see angels appearing like ink drops in milky water, their black threads dissolving into children, demon horses and ghosts. A whole procession of medieval wizards and spirit animals. Horny aliens will mount you and your back will arch and your tongue will unfurl and flick like a snake as your swollen veiny breasts hang low.

Scatter red sand and then dance over it in a circle until the line you create looks like paw tracks left by a sphinx. Into this circle you must take a hundred lovers. Don’t tell them why they’re there. Simply fuck them and smear their erotic juices upon a plate with honey and wax, sulfur, silver, and mercury. When this concoction starts to smoke, say in a voice that is low, grave, and slightly sinister:

I summon you, Scarlet Woman of Babalon. You who hold the office of Isis. You who takes all those who come to you, you who refuses no one. O Great Lady who exacts the price of blood. Mother and whore, destroy the old era and transform the world. Come to me now and change my life.

Keep repeating the words. Do not relent. Know in the splitting green seed of your heart that you are entitled to beauty and magic and wildness. You are conjuring millions of years of matter and consciousness, condensing it for a brief moment into a dynamic heroine, recalcitrant and mercurial, willing to venture into unknown territories, to take you beyond the places you have been afraid to go.

Write her a letter. Use arcane language and elaborate metaphors. Douse yourself in the spirits of surrealism and chant their names: Tanning, Carrington, Varo. With a thistle colored pencil, make a series of drawings describing the exact dimensions of ectoplasm. Make a thousand of these. Fill up a whole sketchbook. If you are poor and don’t have fancy paper, draw on cardboard. Let nothing deter you. As you draw, be sensitive to smells: burning sulfur, sex and gasoline. These smells will appear when she is near. You’ll hear an angry hiss when the door between the worlds splits open.

First will come roaring a lion-headed beast with four breasts and the body of a woman. Next will come a litany of angels, black of palm, wild of hair, with precisely articulated feet, twisting and turning then disappearing like smoke. All these spirits will recognize you, identify you, but remember, you don’t need their acceptance. As elementals, they are neutral and at your command.

Cameron will appear last, like a haboob, a desert storm, screeching across a sandy plain. She will stand before you in the shadows, a wraith, a fairy, an elfin queen in the darkness appearing in one of three forms. As a maiden wearing silks with lustrous red hair, slanted green eyes, and a wide mouth lacquered in red and bursting with teeth. As a woman of middle years, her hair shorn and thick like a rabbit’s, eyes painted with Egyptian kohl, severe as death, speaking in some arcane angel language with a slight mid-western accent. Or she will manifest as an old woman, her hair white and wizardy now, she will come wearing a kimono, shifting her weight and plunging her Tai Chi sword. But in each of these incarnations she will say, “I am the queen of witches and I remind you that magic is the source of all life. You, women who want to know the secrets of the ages, follow me. See through my eyes. I existed before you conjured me. I come from I-O-Wa.”

Now that she is here, read her your letter. But know that like all oracles, her answers may be cryptic or puzzling. For example she might say, “The end of the quest is the end of questioning.” She is Lilith and you can follow the map of her body out beyond the oasis of Babalon. She will speak to you of myths. The purpose of them. They are an archive of the human race, she will tell you, an archive of human experience. Myths are our vaults, the mausoleums and libraries of consciousness. “And you are a goddess too,” she will say, smiling enigmatically, “Though you don’t know it yet. But don’t just hang around waiting for the right person to point it out to you.”

Following the ritual, pay attention to whom comes into your life. You never know when she will appear to you, or how she will manifest. You have summoned a wild spirit of art and sex and magic. Take courage, but know dear Initiate that there is a price for all of this power. You might explode.

Cameron, Black Egg, n.d. Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica. _

Cameron, Black Egg, n.d. Courtesy of the Cameron Parsons Foundation, Santa Monica.


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Summoning chant spirit

Summoning Ritual


As all witches and warlocks know, summoning creatures from another plane of existence requires a bit of ceremony. Sacrifices and exotic materials may be required along with elaborate ceremonies, but a simple geometric figure and a few candles will often be enough. Of course, there may be a whole other price to pay if the ritual succeeds. Keeping trickster demons and other unworldly apparitions can take a great deal of concentration or chanting; if the protective pentagram should be disturbed... (Never... EVER... break the circle.)

If we're talking about demons, the road to summoning is not easy. You need to learn the magic circles, the true names of various demons, every conceivable precaution against the demon once summoned (as it's a rare demon who likes doing a summoner's dirty work). All told, it takes years of serious study... and heaven help you if you decide you're ready for a real demon midway through your training. Remember, Evil Is Not a Toy!

With an experienced Evil Sorcerer or Sorcerous Overlord; the relationship is a bit different. Said sorcerer is probably already going to Hell, so their soul isn't as valuable; or else they have the demon's playbook on Deal with the Devil. Thus, it becomes a contest of who can benefit more from each other. The Sorcerer gets tidbits of advice and power while negotiating; while the demon manipulates the sorcerer into doing the most evil possible (usually because Humans Are Special, it's different if a human does it) or else getting free. (Humans can usually summon Demons because of Free Will, which a Demon often feels is easier gotten past than from where they came.) ...and even if the sorcerer is perfect in their maintenance, the demon may manipulate any passing heroes into freeing them.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with things from beyond is never to call up what you cannot put down, or summon anything larger than your head. Most people seem to make the grade with just a random mortal from another plane at any rate. Mind you, even if everything goes right, you might end up summoning someone out of the shower!

The classical name for a scene in which some chthonic being is summoned up is a nekyia (νέκυια), which is to be distinguished from a catabasis {κατάβασις} or descent into the underworld.

Contrast Banishing Ritual, though sometimes banishing that which was summoned can be as simple as reversing the original ritual. And do make sure you have all the right ingredients and the stars are properly aligned before you start the chanting, or else you may end up performing an Imperfect Ritual.


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Screwing Up Summoning

    Anime and Manga 

  • In the Fate/stay night series, mages can summon up and form contracts with legendary spirits using a summoning circle, invocation, and, optionally, an artifact related to said hero's legend. Of course a lot can, and inevitably does, go wrong. Messing up (or deliberately screwing with) the invocation might make your hero come back wrong. Summon a shining knight under the wrong class and you might end up with a dark, twisted, aspect of their legend. And even if you do manage to get everything right, it doesn't necessarily make the resulting spirit either heroic or even loyal.
    • Zigzagged with Rin's summoning of Archer in the fifth Holy Grail War. She was trying to summon King Arthur, but instead got a strange man who can't remember his own name and doesn't know what Heroic Spirit he even is. But it turns out nothing went wrong with the ritual itself: Archer has his memories but it would be inconvenient for him to reveal his identity to Rin, so he pretends to have amnesia using the "failed" summoning as an excuse.
    • In the third Holy Grail War, the Einzberns tried to guarantee their victory by summoning Angra Mainyu, a God of Evil. Things go wrong in multiple ways: first, the Holy Grail isn't actually capable of summoning gods as Servants; and second, Angra Mainyu never existed anyway. So what they summoned was a random Mesopotamian villager who was forced to assume the ROLE of Angra Mainyu and was sacrificed by his fellow men as the embodiment of evil. Said random, nameless villager had almost no power at all and was by far the weakest Servant in that Holy Grail War.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Human Transmutation (i.e. resurrecting the dead) resembles a summoning ritual. The results are rarely pretty. It also never works. Turns out that the dead can't be brought back to life. Ever. No amount of sacrifice can overcome that basic law.
  • Fushigi Yuugi. Depending on how strong the Miko's will is, it can be successful or disastrous.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, England gets mad at America for some ill-defined reason and decides to summon a "twisted creature of monstrous size and strength ... with the power to crush America" as revenge. What he gets is not exactly what he was hoping for.
  • Shouta from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid performed a demon summoning ritual to get a Familiar and prove to his father that he's a strong wizard. Lucoa sensed the ritual and -feeling that it would be bad if a demon showed up in the middle of a Japanese suburb- teleported herself in and formed a familiar contract with him instead. Since the ritual was specifically for demons, Shouta is convinced that Lucoa is a succubus, and her Comedic Shotacon tendencies don't exactly help her attempts to convince him otherwise.
  • In The Demon Girl Next Door, this is the cause of Mikan's curse; her father summoned a demon to protect his family and business, but did it wrong, and the resulting demon took up residence in Mikan, trying to fulfill its intended purpose by lashing out at everyone around her when it senses her agitation or distress.

    Comic Books 

  • In The Sandman volume 1, they were fishing for Death and caught Dream. Dream claims they got lucky in missing Death, even as he provides them with a Fate Worse than Death.
    • Gets a Call-Back in The Dreaming when the Grand Magus' great-granddaughter attempts to summon one of The Fair Folk and snags Puck, then ignores her own advice about politely thowing back snared sharks.
  • In the second volume of Ms. Marvel (2014) as last resort Bruno and Mike attempt to summon Loki based on advice they collected off the internet and doesn't fit into standard belief systems at all. It doesn't work. But they manage to attract his attention because they to choose a place Loki keeps an eye on and the sheer ridiculousness of the attempt.
  • Black Moon Chronicles: There are various rituals available to mages to summon different demons. One of them gets one hell of a surprise when the demon turns out be Satan himself, who was looking for a doorway to reach mankind after they had abandoned the previous world to escape its destruction.
  • Doctor Strange: Before attempting to covertly travel to the Dark Dimension, Strange summoned entities from the realm of Satannish. The idea was to expose himself to them enough to temporarily taint his aura and avoid detection. His assistant knocking on the door and interrupting his concentration turned that into a serious struggle, since he had disabled some of the protections that would normally have shielded him from their presence.


  • This trope is the entire reason the plot of Star Wars: The Sith, Zero exists. Louise fails note It was actually sabotaged by someone else... the Springtime Familiar Summoning and is transported to a Galaxy Far, Far Away.
  • Fate/Harem Antics: Since Shirou's mother is in control of the Holy Grail from beyond the grave, she deliberately screws up most of the summonings. Rin got Francis Drake instead of the canon Archer, Sakura still got Medusa but the summoning brought the ceiling down on Zouken and allowed Sakura to escape, Zouken got Hassan of Serenity and immediately got himself killed when he made the mistake of slapping her because he didn't know she's a Poisonous Person, so on and so on. Iri deliberately makes all the Servants and Masters female under the assumption that they'll all fall in love with Shirou and she can finally get grandkids.


  • At least two demon summoners in Belgariad, sequels and prequels were stupid enough to draw pentagrams on water.
    • This is partly a means of showing off: "Yeah, I can draw letters of glowing energy on water!" It even works if the water in question is standing still. Drawing your pentagram on a river, on the other hand... that's getting into Idiot Ball territory.
    • One of the ones who drew it on still water still didn't think it through - she drew it on the sea, and got punished soundly for forgetting about waves.
    • Even without this fault, demon summoning is certain to go awry if the magician loses his concentration for even a moment. Which the captive demon will do its absolute best to make happen. Magicians have short lifespans.
  • In Diana Wynne JonesDark Lord of Derkholm, the wizard Derk has to summon a demon to fulfill his titular role. Unfortunately he drops a syllable and accidentally calls up a much more powerful one than he can control.
  • In one of the first stories ever set in the Dragonlance world, Tasslehoff Burrfoot is brought to a wizard's tower by a teleporting ring. There, he interrupts the wizard's summoning of Demogorgon, allowing the Demon Prince to break free of its bindings and carry the wizard off. Turns out Demogorgon had created the ring eons ago, specifically to free it if it ever became subject to a mortal's control. Given how strong Demogorgon is, this was one of the few documented times that a kender actually felt scared.
  • The Drizzt novels have featured this a few times. One was an apprentice who screwed up the pentagram and let out a balor. Cadderly also summons up demons and kills them, which inconveniences them... somehow.
    • Pasting demons on the material plane sends them home, and prevents them from coming back on their own for 100 years - unless summoned by the person who "killed" them in the first place.
  • In James Blisch's The Day After Judgment, the summoning goes horribly wrong, even tho the initial intent was for the demons to cause some chaos. Two evil protagonists contract with the most powerful evil wizard around to set loose some nasty demons, just for kicks. Trouble is, Theron Ware, the black wizard, does his job too well, and actually removes all the pre-existing restrictions on the demon's actions, literally setting loose all the hordes of hell on the mortal world, undoing the balance of heaven and hell, and directly causing the apocalypse. Which Heaven loses, as God never shows up. Oops.
  • In A Wizard of Earthsea, Ged decides to show off by summoning the spirit of Queen Elfarran from the dead. He succeeds, but also inadvertently calls a "Shadow", which promptly tries to kill him, then stalks him for the next several years trying to finish him off. On the bright side, it gives him the taking down a couple pegs he badly needed; on the downside, it leaves him badly scarred.
  • A large part of several The Dresden Files books. Don't summon something you can't hold (like the Erlking almost was), or something when your enemies hear (like the demon from the first book), or repeatedly in obvious places, because Harry will sic it back on you.
    • Harry summons a bunch of entities for information over the course of the series but, unfortunately, knowledge correlates with power. Be careful.
  • In Tales of Kolmar, demons live in their own world within the normal world. Demon summoners call them up out of it with complicated rituals, often sacrificing something to bring a demon into the circle, sacrificing more to bind it and get it to do things. Demons will quite happily escape the summoning circle and kill the summoner, then go on a rampage, if the summoner is careless. The demons can encourage this by making the summoners feel overconfident and more likely to skip steps. In The Lesser Kindred Berys decides to summon something he doesn't know how to dismiss, reasoning that he can bind it indefinitely while alive and doesn't care what happens to the world after he's dead.
  • In The Double Shadow by Clark Ashton Smith, the wizard Avyctes is an expert at summoning every kind of spirit and demon. So when he discovers a summoning spell from a hitherto-unknown precursor race, he casts it the first chance he gets. This despite the fact that the spell (a) doesn't say what it summons, and (b) doesn't come with a matching rite of exorcism to make whatever it summons go away again. It doesn't end well.
  • In Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions, Mother Gerd tells Holger she summoned up a sprite to question. Given that she warns him against praying or crossing himself, and recites the Lord's Prayer backwards, it's clearly a devil.
  • In Mercedes Lackey's Oathbound, a young and incompetent mage accidentally speaks the name of a major demon rather than the imp he was trying to summon. The demon seduces him into dropping what protections he does have, and then kills him slowly and painfully.
  • In the Discworld novel Eric, the titular Eric - the Discworld's first demonology hacker - attempts to summon a demon. Instead he gets Rincewind. Much to Rincewind's annoyance, he's still trapped in the magic circle until he grants Eric's wishes; as the parrot puts it "If you come in through the door marked 'wossnames', you get treated as a wossname. Demon."
    • Albert became Death's manservant due to one of these. Reasoning that the Rite of Askh Ente summons Death to the caster, performing the ritual in reverse will keep Death away forever! Instead Albert(o Malich) found himself whisked away to Death's domain, while the wizards put up a big statue of him in Unseen University.
  • In the Fredric Brown short-short story Naturally, a student summons up a demon wanting to be better at mathematics, except he draws a hexagram instead of a pentagram on his protective circle...
  • In Ahriman: Exile, Ahriman and Astraeos summon a daemon through an elaborate ritual (involving ninety-nine mirrors set to float in precise patterns, complex spirals carved into the floor, and a personal blood sacrifice on Ahriman’s part) in order to gain information on Amon’s plans. Unfortunately for them, Amon anticipated that they would summon this particular daemon and bound it into his service pre-emptively; it pretends to be under Ahriman’s control, then attacks him when he lets his guard down.
  • In Warlocks of the Sigil, Kole and her friends including Asim decide to summon using dark magic to get rid of the demons despite warnings against, with Kole doing the main summoning, this leads to the Dark Queen coming and taking Kole as her slave as payment for the killed demons

    Live Action Television 

  • In Ash vs. Evil Dead the titular hero has an ally use the Necronomicon to summon Eligos the demon so that they can question it on how to banish the Deadites. Surprisingly, the ritual works perfectly until a detective trying to arrest Ash breaks the circle and Eligos is free to attack everyone.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the second episode Anya is in has Anya tricking Willow into trying to summon her power source from when she was a Vengeance Demon. Instead, they get the Vampire Willow from the alternate universe they were trying to get the necklace from. The BDSM loving, all leather wearing, overtly bisexual, insane Vampire Willow.
    • Another episode had Giles and his group of friends screwing up summoning the demon Eghyon during Giles' teen years. The summoning was used to produce a drug-like high, but someone screwed up and Eghyon killed him, then spent the next few decades hunting down the rest of the group, jumping into various sleeping and dead human bodies.
  • In Doctor Who, the Master's plan in "The Daemons" is to do one of these and summon the Devil. This turns out to be an absolutely terrible idea.
  • The Twilight Zone (1985): In "Ye Gods", Todd Ettinger uses a spell provided by Bacchus to summon Megaera, one of the Furies, to his apartment in order to convince her to get back together with Cupid.

    Professional Wrestling 

  • Booker T, upon receiving the necessary ingredients from a bokor, did successfully summon another undead being to protect himself from The Undertaker on Smackdown. However, Booker T got scared and ran off before whoever he called rose from the grave, making the whole process moot.

    Tabletop Games 

  • Banestorm describes a setting in which the most significant historical event was in effect a vast and terribly under-specified summoning ritual. When the elves of a rather generic but human-less fantasy world attempted a continent-wide ritual to get rid of their orc problem, it turned into a Summon Everyman Hero spell writ large — and summoned a whole population of humans, who eventually took the place over. Be Careful What You Wish For. Some of the elves would like to work out a corresponding Banishing Ritual, but they haven't got there yet.

    Video Games 

  • The backstory of Yoriko and Mike in Arcana Heart. Yoriko tried to summon a minor demon, but thanks to Lilica, her half-demon friend, playing a prank on her by tweaking the magic circle, Yoriko got the Demon King Michelangelo instead. Then, thanks to Yoriko screwing up the incantation and Kamui having secretly been ordered to seal Mike, the Demon King got summoned in the form of a kitty-staff. Now they're stuck together until they could figure out how to get rid of their strange curse.
  • Magus of Chrono Trigger attempted to summon the Eldritch Abomination Lavos in order to defeat it. In order to get the resources to do so, he convinced a race of Imps that he was really doing it to Take Over the World. The heroes hear this, and engage him in battle right at the point of summoning. Fortunately this didn't release Lavos, but it did scatter the combatants through space and time.
    • It also went considerably better than the timeline in which the Big Damn Heroesdidn't interfere. Turns out Magus overestimated himself and/or underestimated Lavos.
  • The Envoy of Shadows in City of Heroes is said to have been summoned this way, but the Player Character only arrives in time to see the aftermath. (Oh, the aftermath...)
  • Disgaea 2 starts with one of these, with the hero and his family attempting to summon Overlord Zenon, only to get his daughter Rozalin. While it looks like a failure at first near the end of the game it turns out Rozalin is the real Overlord. It was the fake Zenon they wanted to summon, but since they didn't know he was a fake, let alone his real identity, there was no way they could've succeeded.
    • Later in the game, upon learning that the Zenon they encountered in the Coliseum was a fake, thanks to Etna easily stomping him, they decide to summon "The Strongest Demon in the World" to narrow down their target, and an ingredient for the summoning ritual was an "Overlord's Nail", though an equally strong Demon Lord's Nail would work. They track down Etna and manage to convince her to give them one of her fingernails for the ritual..... only she gave them a press-on fake nail as a prank. Unsurprisingly, Etna herself gets summoned, but thanks to the fake nail she is reset to Level 1.
  • A quest in Fable II involves two guys who have summoned the legions of the undead with a book called "the Norminomicon", or "The Book of the Extremely Dead". Naturally, you must kill said legions and recover the book.
    • They don't learn their lesson. If you do that quest, you get a later one where they've summoned a banshee into Bloodstone. This time, you take them home to their mother, who takes the book. Then Fable III happens...
  • The freeware GBA RPG, Horrible Demon 2, starts with the hero and his sister, a witch, attempting to summon a demon in order to defeat it and get half the kingdom. The demon can be defeated by throwing a rock at him. Unfortunately the main character doesn't have a rock. The demon proceeds to burn down their house and kidnap the girl.
  • In the text-adventure The Lurking Horror, the evil professor of Alchemy traps you inside the summoning circle (which apparently acts as a force field for humans as well, as summoning a demon requires a sacrifice to be on hand when it arrives. To escape, you must use a knife in your pocket to scratch away enough of the circle to break it and then you are free to flee the room at the last second before the summoner notices. The demon arrives and devours the summoner instead before leaving.
  • Recipe for fun times in Neverwinter Nights:

    Step 1: Go to a heavily populated area.

    Step 2: Cast the "Gate" spell without first casting "Protection From Evil."

    Step 3: RUN LIKE HELL

  • The plot of Eternal Darkness consists of a massive Summoning Ritual to bring an Eldritch Abomination to Earth. The main characters also gain the ability to summon their own demons.
  • In Quest for Glory IV the cultists who lived in Mordavia were trying to perform a ritual to summon the Dark One into the world, and almost succeeded before the beginning of the game.
  • The Mara summoning in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, which would certainly not have gotten past the ESRB (or maybe it would have) if it had gone right. It was borderline anyway — imagine getting attacked by a giant green blob who happens to have a glans for a... head (to be fair, this is easy to miss if you don't know what SMT Mara is supposed to look like). Other summoning rituals were the Seraph summoning in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (the Angels got it done right), and Mekata attempt to summon minions from the Abyss in Shin Megami Tensei II (which somehow ended up worse than the Mara ritual). And the rarely-ocurring event of Fusion Error wrecks the original summoner's target demon and instead produces a random result, which can vary from useless blobs of protoplasm to the highest seraphs of Heaven.
  • An odd, possibly unintentional example in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn: A drow elf wizard near the very end of the game uses that game's version of the Gate spell to summon a Pit Fiend to fight for him. The fiends summoned by the spell will attack anyone who does not have the spell effect "protection from evil" cast on them. The wizard of course casts this on himself before doing the summoning, and a good way to beat him is to dispel it to set the devil on him. The odd thing is that sometimes, only sometimes, the Pit Fiend itself will use one of its spell-like abilities to dispel the effect. You'd think that if they were allowed to do that, they'd always do it and never get summoned.
    • This reflects a larger AI flaw with wizards in the game. While they always cast Protection from Evil, thus making whatever demon they summon unable to attack them, it still registers as an enemy. Many an fight sees a wizard summon a demon and instead of trusting it to attack their enemies and get on with blasting them itself, the wizard instead spends all their energy fighting the demon they just summoned.
  • In Dragon Quest VI, a king is desperate to protect his kingdom from attacking Dread Fiends, so he calls on the bigger, badder demon Nokturnus to take care of them. No points for guessing what happens next. But Nokturnus is a Bonus Boss; and if you track him down in his lair and prove yourself stronger then he is, then he'll do your bidding and take out the Big Bad for you. While being able to beat Nokturnus means beating the normal Final Boss would be no problem for you, it's still amusing to watch the Greater-Scope Villain beat down the Big Bad for you.
  • Rico the summoner in Duel Savior Destiny pulls both Taiga and Mia from their world to hers at the start of the story. Or at least, that's what people assume, but Taiga wasn't supposed to get dragged along as well and it doesn't seem as though she really intended to grab Mia either. Still, neither of them is evil or anything, so despite the mistake everything goes well enough.
  • The events of the Chzo Mythos series are set in motion when the druid Cabadath performs one in an attempt to call the titular Eldritch Abomination into the human plane to fight off the Roman invaders. It doesn't end well for him.
  • At the end of a linked game of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games, Link stops Twinrova from completing the ritual to bring Ganon back by sacrificing Zelda. They sacrifice themselves instead, leading to a Came Back Wrong Ganon.
  • In Sundered, a botched ritual plays a major role in the game’s backstory. The Eschaton high priestess Ishaela Bha’gor attempted to summon her god Nyarlathotep through a portal in the Cathedral in order to destroy the invading Valkyries, only for Valkyrie General Waters to interrupt her ritual. The two of them were squaring off to fight when the portal suddenly exploded, killing them both and tearing a hole in reality.
  • Poor, poor Wilfred Fizzlebang in World of Warcraft, all he intended to do was summon a mere doomguard to challenge the adventurers at the Trial of the Crusader. Instead, HE FACED JARAXXUS, EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION!!!


  • The spiritual barrier for a demon summoning collapsed in the third strip of Hellbound when the old guy's new apprentice distracted him. That ensured the death of the old guy (who never even got a name) and set off the events of the rest of the comic.
  • In this strip of Tales of Pylea, a witchkin had summoned a demon to answer a master vampire's question as relayed by some minions. One of the minions accidentally knocks over one of the candles, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Sluggy Freelance a botched summoning on Bun-Bun's part gets him stuck with a really, really annoying Living Shadow. When he tries to get Gwynn to summon the shadow off of him, she summons a bunch of evil, clothes-eating moths instead.
    • On account of being drunk.
  • Subverted with the ritual to summon a demon lord in The Young Protectors. The Magical Incantation, Celestial Deadline, and Human Sacrifices are the active components. The elaborate, lengthy ritual with black-robed cultists and a giant circle of bones is redundant, but a very convincing distraction.

    Sircea: Oh, sweetheart, it already was [cast] — as soon as you spoke the words, and with several minutes to spare, I might add. I have had decades to plan this.

    Web Original 

  • Whateley Universe example: when Bloodworm tries to sacrifice Sara Waite for a dark boon, he gets the wrong hell, calls up the wrong demon, and ends up getting knocked into that hell dimension for a literal fate worse than death.
  • Curls from AJCO manages to mess up summoning not only once but twice.
    • The first time she attempts to summon a friendly spirit, and instead ends up with the former owner of the goggles she wears on her head - a vengeful bandit that she had killed several years prior. Under normal circumstances he would have been harmless, but Egg happened to be passing by and got possessed. He manages to fling Curls across the room and shoot Nights in the shoulder before being exoricised by Kaja, leaving Egg unconscious for most of the following day.
    • The second time she attempts to summon a weak demon and instead ends up with Finn - who is undoubtedly a weak demon as demons go, but is now bound to her soul and can't leave or be killed without also killing Curls. He also eats people.

    Western Animation 

  • The Back Story for Count Duckula is that during his Summoning Ritual they used tomato ketchup instead of blood, resulting in a vegetarian vampire duck.
  • Robot Chicken parodies this. Linus seems to have grown tired of waiting for the Great Pumpkin and him not showing up. So, he decides to preform a satanic blood ritual to summon him to the pumpkin patch. Of course he didn't count on the Great Pumpkin being a hideous, blood-thirsty demon.

Other Examples

    Anime and Manga 

  • This is done in Negima! Magister Negi Magi to bring forth the Sealed Evil in a Can using Konoka's power. Unlike most summoning rituals, which bring pain to the sacrifice/vessel, this ritual felt good, according to Konoka.
  • Not really summoning per se, but Third Impact in End of Evangelion might count. If one can watch it without immediately being reduced into a whimpering wreck, that is (since it's the perfect Mind Screw in a few-minute package). First, the MP Evas fly up into orbit, align themselves into a Kabbalistic Tree of Life and use the resulting anti-AT field to lift the entire geofront into space. In the meantime, Gendo sticks his right hand-fused-with-Adam into Rei. Next, Rei absorbs the arm and flies up to Lilith who absorbs her into its chest. Finally, Lilith falls down from its cross, morphs into Rei and starts growing. The MP Evas change formation to resonate their AT-fields with that of Lilith. The result is REALLY FUCKING HUGE. If that's not a big enough Mind Screw yet, the ugly bastards stab Unit 01's S2 organ with the Lance of Longinus, transforming it into the real Tree of Life then orgasmically stab themselves one-by-one, unleashing Lilith's power and reducing humanity into a Hive Mind before the Tree and Lilith merge.
  • Black Butler subverts this, which is pretty unusual since a Faustian Bargin is the focus of the show. while the exact circumstances of Ciel summoning the demon he names Sebastian aren't really revealed, he obviously did not perform a ritual. The most likely explanation seems that the cult who kidnapper Ciel summoned Sebastian using him as a sacrifice, but Sebastian found Ciel a more attractive prospect and made a deal with him, not them.
  • In Baccano!, a group of alchemists, having been unsuccessful with the more accepted methods of seeking Immortality, perform an elaborate incantation (with magic circle) to summon a demon and ask it to grant them eternal life. The demon answers, and promptly chides them for wasting its time with such bibble-babble when it can read all their minds and just willing it to appear would have been sufficient.

    Demon: The words you use to summon me are mere trinkets... The very thought of my being brings me instantly to your midst.

  • Rituals and sacrifices are part of the Duel Monsters card game in Yu-Gi-Oh!; stronger monsters can be summoned only by sacrificing weaker ones.
  • In Naruto, some shinobi make contracts in blood with animal spirits, which require a small blood and chakra sacrifice to summon. Special mention goes to:
    • Naruto himself, following his mentor Jiraiya's footsteps, makes a deal with the Toads, but to win the Boss Toad's respect, has to stay on his head while the giant Boss Toad tries to throw him off. But the Toads turn out to be a good, loyal bunch, once you win their respect. They're basically a benevolent version of yakuza.
    • Tsunade can summon slugs, useless as it may seem. But it is useful when your slug companions can distribute your chakra easily to everyone else in the village and heal them quickly, especially in the middle of a tremendous attack.
    • Orochimaru and Sasuke's partners, however, the Snake family, do not seem so friendly. When Orochimaru calls the giant snake, the reptile says he'll have to serve up a hundred humans to pay for this summoning. Not that Orochimaru minds those terms.
  • The Summoning Ritual in Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero. It requires a magic circle made of blood, a long incantation, and ideally a catalyst for the Servant that they want to summon — something closely connected that Servant. Even if everything goes right, though, there is a reason it is also in the 'Screwing Up Summoning' above.
    • One does not absolutely ''need' something connected to the Servant. That's useful if you want to summon a specific Heroic Spirit but technically the summoner can use themselves as a catalyst. This has the advantage that you will get a Servant with a compatible personality at the cost of not being certain to get a powerful servant.
    • Special mention must also go to the Fate/Zero version of Caster who's special ability is summoning Eldritch Abominations. Smaller ones can be summoned with a few words but larger ones take full rituals comparable to summoning a Servant.
  • The Familiar of Zero: The Tristain Academy of Magic has their their second-year students summon familiars with familiar-summoning rituals.
  • In One Piece, during the Straw Hats' separation episodes, the villagers of Harahettania (Hungeria, in the English dub) attempt to summon Satan through a ritual to get revenge on the Longarm tribe. While the devil doesn't show up, Brook coincidentally falls exactly into the circle. Of course, they mistake him for the devil, and Brook (or "Satan-sama") helps them instead.

    Comic Books 

  • Robin Series: Some men in Dhabar summon the demon Arrakhat to assassinate their country's leader. While the summon itself goes right it eventually backfires on them when the young leader realizes the protective charm his father left him can control the demon.

    Fan Works 

  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Harry has a friend use a fake one to "summon" him to further take advantage of his Memetic Badass status. However, he forgot to check how real summonings work, leading to some... implications.

    Harry: I... see. So my chant, the way I wrote it, implies that the Outer God, Yog-Sothoth—
    Quirrell: Was permanently sacrificed to fuel a ritual which but briefly manifested your presence. I suppose we will discover tomorrow whether anyone took that seriously, when we read the newspapers and see whether all the magical nations of the world are banding together in a desperate effort to seal off your incursion into our reality.


  • The silent movie classic The Golem has the Rabbi successfully summon the demon Astaroth.
  • Faust: Love of the Damned: A rather grandiose one is performed near the end by the satanists to summon an apocalyptic demon serpent, involving human sacrifice, an orgy, and shoving a snake down someone's throat.
  • The entirety of the movie A Dark Song revolves around a grueling, dangerous, months-long ritual to summon a woman's guardian angel. She succeeds, but the ocultist assisting her dies in the process.


  • In the first novel of The Bartimaeus Trilogy, the apprentice summons the title djinn correctly but makes the serious mistake of letting him find out his name. Luckily for him, like Aahz, Bartimaeus' bark is worse than his bite.
  • Larry Niven's short story "Convergent Series" is based on the idea that people have forgotten how to properly summon demons over the years. Then a college student rediscovers how almost by accident, and scrambles to find a way to not be damned.
  • In Thomas Gray's The Descent of Odin (imitated from the Völuspa, the "Song of the Wise-woman" in the Poetic Edda), the eponymous god summons up the spirit of a giant-prophetess for information on the coming Ragnarök.
  • Discworld:
    • In Making Money The necromancer Professor of Post-Mortem Communications performs rites with all the dribbly candles, pentagrams and such partly because of tradition and partly because people called from beyond the grave expect ceremony and want to see that you've put the effort in.
    • Another "Discworld" parody of the Summoning Ritual is the Rite of AshkEnte, used to summon Death. Much is made about how the more traditional wizards want pentagrams and dribbly candles and mystical mumblings, when it could actually be done with three bits of wood and four cc. of mouse blood, or two bits of wood and a fresh egg. This is definitely done for the summoner's benefit, as Death is really quite a practical person and wouldn't be bothered by a lack of ceremony. What bothers him is that they're always summoning him when he's right in the middle of something.
      • Also inverted with the character of Albert, who performed the Rite of AshkEnte in reverse hoping it would keep Death away from him. It didn't work; as might reasonably be expected, it sent him to Death.
    • In the Adventure Game Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?, the Death summoning ritual requires three small sticks (of equal length), 4 cc of mouse blood, dribbly candles, a vile stench, glitter, and a performance of Day-O (The Banana Boat Song). Death appears dressed in a cork hat, apparently having been on vacation.
    • A parody of this was the ritual that the witches used to summon that poor demon in Wyrd Sisters. No pentagrams or candles, to Magrat's dismay, but Granny and Nanny generally thumb their noses at that stuff. They just used the sharp and terrible copper stick, the rather old washing soda and some extremely hard soap flakes, the balding scrubbing brush of Art, and the washboard of Protection to summon a demon in a laundry boiler. Irked Granny a bit that they went through all that trouble instead of just flat out calling the demon since she felt they were pandering to it and making it feel important. And then the demon was disappointed when they didn't bother to properly banish it once they were done asking their questions, instead merely telling it to go away. Magrat was glad to oblige with the proper sequence of dramatic phrases. Note that the witches threatened said demon with being boiled when it refused to answer in a simple manner.
  • Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files should really know better than to do this; he rather lucked out in his second book, Fool Moon, when the demon he summoned got a bit overeager about Harry's eternal damnation.
  • The summoning up of the demon Mephistopheles is one of the traditional features of the Faust legend, in all its various literary and dramatic treatments.
  • In "The Tale of Sir Lancelot" in Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur a hermit conjures up a fiend to tell him if a certain knight has been saved or damned.
  • A subversion: Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures series begins with the mentor wizard of the protagonist being killed in the middle of the standard demon-summoning ritual. His death messes up the diagram just as the demon arrives, meaning the demon is free. Fortunately for the protagonist (Skeeve), the demon (Aahz) is actually quite a decent fellow. His species just has a very bad rep, deliberately cultivated for the most part. They form an alliance to get back at the guy who killed Skeeve's mentor — and Aahz's friend. The whole ritual was completely unnecessary to bring Aahz from his home dimension, and had been set up just to impress the mentor's gullible new apprentice.
  • In The Odyssey this is combined with a descent into the Underworld, as the eponymous hero must go to its entrance to summon up the spirit of the prophet Teiresias and learn from him how he can return home.
  • Subverted in Day Watch. A series of sinister events lead most of the characters to believe that Zavulon, the head of the Moscow Day Watch is willing to resurrect a powerful deceased dark mage/dragon Fafnir. It turns out, however, that he had a different plan and simply masked its stages as preaprations for the summoning ritual.
  • In Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian story "The Phoenix on the Sword", Thoth-amon's Ring of Power can do this, with blood and incantations.
  • Aya Nishitani's Digital Devil Story, the origin of the famous Shin Megami Tensei franchise, came to be when the protagonist and genius programmer Akemi Nakajima realized that a summoning ritual —with all its standardized rules, incantations, and rigid procedures— could be automated and written as executable code on a computer. He then proceeds to do exactly that, creating the very first Demon Summoning Program. After successfully summoning the demon Cerberus as a guardian beast, he tries to go for broke and summon a Demon King, Loki himself, who only plays by Nakajima's rules for as long as it's convenient to him.
  • The Mortal Instruments are required to summon the angel Raziel, a ritual that can only be done once every millennium. Once they have all three, Raziel will come to them and will grant any single wish the summoner wants. Or rather, he won't smite them the moment he appears and might consider granting that single wish. Well...
  • In the final Narnia book, The Last Battle, some Calormenes decide to "summon" their god Tash as part of a big religious sham they've got going on. Notably, none of the people doing the summoning even believe Tash exists. Tash shows up anyway, to everyone's horror, and turns out to be a demon. The narration notes: "People should not call for demons unless they truly mean what they say."
  • The Balanced Sword trilogy:
    • Poplock's debut adventure in the first book involves preventing a massive attempt to summon a powerful demon, featuring many cultists, ritual movement, chants, symbols carved into the floor, and human (technically, in this case, non-human sapient) sacrifices. He manages to create a huge explosion that disrupts the ritual and sends cultists fleeing in all directions. The demon, which has manifested insubstantially in the center of the ritual circle, orders the wizard who was leading the summoning to say the phrase that will allow it to enter the physical world; the wizard demurs, pointing out that with the ritual incomplete the demon will have no limits on its actions and might just eat him on the spot. The demon approves of his caution and they negotiate terms — which gives Poplock a chance to catch the wizard unawares and render him incapable of saying anything. The demon then tries to tempt Poplock to summon it on the same terms, even telling him the summoning phrase when he points out that he doesn't know it, but Poplock rejects the temptation and the demon is forced to depart.
    • During the climactic battle in the last book, the Big Bad summons the same demon to deal with Poplock. Only the end of the summoning is shown, but it's notable that the Big Bad apparently managed it single-handed, without even any human sacrifices, a sign of how much more powerful he is than the wizard leading the earlier ritual.
  • In the John Bellairs novel The Letter, The Witch and the Ring, the villain successfully masters the powers of the eponymous artifact and summons the demon Asmodai, but then (probably) falls victim to a Literal Genie- she wishes to be young and beautiful and live a thousand years, and later the heroes see a young willow tree growing in an atypical place...
  • In the Robert A. Heinlein novella "Magic, Inc." the witch named "Granny" Jennings summons up several Elemental Emobdiments, including a salamander, an undine (water elemental), and a gnome, a process that comes complete with candles, protective circles, cabalistic signs drawn in the dirt, and muttered incantations in unknown languages that the narrator can't quite hear. The salamander (a ball of flame, not anything like a newt) is quite friendly, albeit displaying a totally inhuman sense of morality, but Mrs. Jennings has to basically torture the sylph to get it to cooperate (burning it with the candle flame), and as for the gnome, she literally puts him across her knee and SPANKS him.
  • In the Warrior Cats book Darkness Within, the Sisters perform a ritual to summon the spirits of the Clans' recently-lost cats. The ritual itself works, but there's something else going on with the spirits: they look twisted and agonized and angry - and the terrified cats quickly banish them again.

    Live Action TV 

  • Summoning is a somewhat common occurrence on Supernatural, as it's an accepted magical way to find or get a hold of certain supernatural beings. While summoning rituals themselves are not botched by the characters, the act of summoning can still be extremely dangerous depending on just who or what is being summoned. Even extensive prep work may not make the summoning completely safe — angels and demons can be summoned into circles of holy oil or devil's traps respectively to limit their movements and abilities, but a sufficiently clever or powerful opponent can find a way to break free. A name is also required for the summoning to work. Probably the most notable summoning in the show is Castiel's first appearance and Establishing Character Moment, when Dean and Bobby, only having a name and not knowing what to expect, spend hours painting various wards and sigils on the walls of a barn and have multiple weapons available in preparation.
  • Special mention goes to Angel. A particularly unusual one would be the demon Sajhan using a ritual to release the completely human Holtz. And getting bored and looking at his watch because it wasn't happening fast enough.
  • Similarly to Buffy the Vampire Slayer which had so many summoning rituals through its run that it would be insane to list them all.
  • Subverted in Reaper: You can summon the Devil by calling him on his cell. (The area code is Phoenix.)
  • Used memorably in the episode "And The Children Shall lead" of Star Trek: The Original Series, in which the child survivors of a colony massacre pump their fists and chant to summon Melvin Belli, an evil entity which calls itself Gorgon the Friendly Angel in order to win the kids' help taking over the galaxy.

    Music Videos 

    Professional Wrestling 

  • Kevin Sullivan is famous for these, his most famous example being his ritual for summoning the Purple Haze.
  • The Disciples Of Synn, taking a cue from Kevin Sullivan, summoned a Leviathan in OVW.

    Tabletop Games 

  • In Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Divine spellcasters can cast the risk-free but expensive Planar Ally spells to summon a servant of their god or a philosophically aligned Outsider. Arcane spellcasters must resort to the more versatile but vastly more dangerous Planar Binding spells, which, among other things, involve bargaining with the summoned creature and require several other spells to stop it from escaping.
    • Downplayed by the "Summon Monster'' line of spells, which take all of six seconds (and no fancy components) to cast and produce an utterly obedient projection of the desired creature for a very limited time.
    • Fourth Edition took away general summoning spells for all caster classes, but has a few classes with the mojo, such as the invoker (a divine class that summons agents of their god), shaman (a spirit summoner), and a new build for the wizard that allows the summoning of animate spells.
    • There's also some non-core summoning rituals, such as Adjure, Summon Elemental, Summon Demon, etc, which can summon a powerful creature to fight for you. Adjure is particularly risky; if you fail the skill challenge, you have to serve the creature instead!
    • Fifth Edition has several spells where the summoned creature is either not under control at all or can break free of the summoner's control if certain conditions are met. Some of these spells have built-in properties to protect the summoner from a summoned creature gone rogue, but most do not, and none of them can re-establish control once it is lost.
  • GURPS, being a properly generic system, has more than one magic system that encompasses fancy ritualistic summonings.
  • Mage: The Awakening has several summoner builds, mainly involving an understanding of the Death (ghosts and zombies) and Spirit (elemental forces and primal concepts) Arcana. There's also a set of systems for summoning beings from the Supernal Realms; unlike standard summoning magic, however, this merely serves as the means for a pact that gives the summoner a number of slight benefits as long as it holds to the terms of a bargain.
    • Its predecessor Mage: The Ascension also had access to a number of summoning rituals, mostly revolving around some aspect of the Spirit Sphere (with occasional forages into the Correspondence Sphere). Furthermore, unawakened Sorcerous Paths provided access to slightly more specific examples, with rituals existing for the summoning of angels, demons, spirits and all manner of other beings.
  • Summoning monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! is usually done just by playing them or tributing other monsters for them. However, there are some monsters called Ritual monsters that have to go through a specific ritual (i.e. playing a particular spell card) in order to get them out.
    • There's also an entire Archetype based around Ritual Summoning, the Gishki/Ritua Tribe from the Duel Terminal series, to the point that in-story when they revive the first Big Bad when end up joining the Verz.
    • Another Archetype based around Ritual Summons is the Vendreads, who are otherwise a parody of Resident Evil. Unlike most Ritual Monsters, their Ritual Spells are one-size-fits-all, and their non-Ritual Monsters add special effects to any monsters they're used to summon.
  • Half of all Call of Cthulhu plots involve a cult conducting a horrible ritual to summon an Eldritch Abomination to Earth and the players have to stop them.
  • Exalted has a whole suite of summoning spells, for elementals, ghosts and demons of varying ranks, all of which require a ritual of some kind. Necromancers have an easier time summoning ghosts than sorcerers, who in turn are better with demons and elementals (in fact, Necromacy can't call elementals at all), and thaumaturges can summon a lot of different spirits, but can't control them. Oh, and Summon Elemental takes the form of a letter to the elemental in question, who can send a subordinate in their stead if said underling is up to the task. And then there's Pattern Weaving, whose spells are tailored to the spirits of Autochthonia, and is the only branch that can reliably summon minor gods.
  • In Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon expansion the Eldrazi Titan Emrakul is summoned to Innistrad, with a fairly impressive summoning circle. Controlling a titan isn't possible but there was no need to do so. Emrakul's mere presence will hideously corrupt and consume the entire world, which was the point. On the other hand Emrakul turns out to be less than happy about being tricked and provides the heroes with a method for banishing her presence.
  • In Warhammer 40,000, Kheradruakh the Decapitator spent the past eight thousand years collecting skulls to perform a ritual to summon a section of the shadow-realm of Aelindrach into the Dark Eldar city of Commorragh. He finally succeeded in the dying daus of the 41st Millennium and now rules a realm of living shadow within the Dark City.

    Video Games 

  • In GrimGrimoire, demon summoning is just a class taught to students in the Wizarding School. You basically call low-level demons up with a rune inscribed with a pentagram.
    • Special mention goes to Lilet's final plan, which is Summoning the Big Bad Demon Lord before he escapes his prison, letting him kill the other villain trying to summon him, and then tricking him into a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Shin Megami Tensei is a long-running series - which has guested a huge variety of consoles, and also includes the Persona sub-series - is based entirely around summoning demons —or, rather daemon, entities that can be good, evil, or completely beyond human morality. A demon summoner can thus call upon Goetian demons alongside holy angels and even legendary heroes whose fame (or infamy) has given them a cult and a following. And like in its Digital Devil Story origins, most of the summoning is done by combining it with the latest technology and Demon Summoning Programs. In fact, the ceremony of summoning is so central to the games, the franchise has consistently used Seals of Solomon and pentagrams as brand logos.
  • Warlocks in World of Warcraft can summon a variety of demons to do their bidding, and can even use a summoning ritual to summon other players to their location (with help).
  • In Dishonored, Sokolov tries a lot of bizarre and disgusting rituals in the hopes of summoning The Outsider to him. The Outsider is not impressed by these efforts and finds them vaguely insulting.
  • Dawn of War: In the Dark Crusade Eldar stronghold, Gameplay and Story Segregation sets in to allow the Eldar to summon the Avatar of Khaine by sacrificing an Exarch. Not that while this is how it happens in the fluff, in-game he's built like any other unit.
    • From that expansion onwards, Chaos Lords can be turned into Daemon Princes and Bloodthirsters summoned from an Aspiring Champion or Sorcerer after the appropriate (and expensive) research. If they die, they need to be researched again.
    • The Dark Apostle Eliphas is brought to the planet via one of these.
    • In Winter Assault, one of the Chaos Levels has you mind control enough Guardsmen as sacrifices to summon a Bloodthirster to take out the Avatar of Khaine summoned by the Eldar.
  • In Bloodborne, The One Reborn is summoned by a group of Chime Maiden, ancient Pthumerians employed by the School of Mensis via airdrop from the Paleblood Moon.
  • In Gems of War, the thing which Ferit vaguely knows must be stopped turns out to be an attempt to raise Abhorath, an evil god-like thing. More generally, the warlocks of the region seem to have a thing for summoning ancient horrors; finding ruins where this can be done is apparently their main reason for being there.
  • In Cultist Simulator summoning rituals are the most commonly-used rituals. All summonings require some amount of Knock, the occult power of space and opening. Summonings can go wrong if the spirit resists, and there is a choice to either dismiss the spirit (which always works but means you still lose any resources consumed by the ritual) or attempt to regain control (which is not guaranteed, and can sometimes lead to bad consequences if the spirit doesn't submit).

    Visual Novels 

  • In Contract Demon, the Visual Novel starts with Eleni doing one to summon Kamilla.
  • In Spirit Hunter: NG, a ritual is required to summon the Demon Tsukuyomi, in a way that's compared to an Ouija Board or Kokuri-san. Tsukuyomi is rumoured to grant wishes, and requires the summoner to burn an object of equal value to the wish in order to see it come true.


  • 8-Bit Theater has a different take on the summoning ritual:

    Garland: I should be upset, but I can't help taking this as a huge compliment. You can't summon something as powerful as hell lords without sacrificing what's most important to you in the world! This is probably the nicest thing Drizz'l has ever done for us.

    Drizz'l's note: 1. Lead morons into basement. / 2. Kill them. / 3. Summon nothing because it was a lie.

  • In Sinfest, Lil' E aims for a hellhound.
  • In the Sluggy Freelance story "Demon Summoning Week" Torg and Riff do one of these on a lark.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: A lot of Finnish magic requires reciting a spell, but the powerful summon that Onni sends the crew long-distance in Chapter 13 involves playing some Magic Music before reciting the spell.

    Web Original 

  • In The Gamer's Alliance, the Clergy of Artemicia summons a magic crystal from the earth during the Day of the Damned festival in the city of Reign and release the being inside it which they hope to enslave and use in the war against the Grand Alliance. The plan doesn't exactly worked out as intended because instead of releasing the Destroyer as the clergy had hoped, an amnesiac Yamatian girl appears instead although it quickly becomes apparent that the girl in fact has Laverna, the Goddess of Thieves, trapped within her body. The clergy then decides to go for Plan B and just take the girl by force and sway the goddess to side with them, but the sudden arrival of several thieves guilds and Shakkan, the God of Beasts, ends up complicating matters as they all have different plans in mind for Laverna. Ironically the Destroyer does end up being summoned after all but in a different city. It turns out that the Dwarven Triad, one of the thieves guilds, deliberately manipulated events with their moles to make the clergy believe that they were summoning the Destroyer instead of the goddess, the Triad's objective, who they ended up with.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device:
    • When faced with a berserk daemonic Magnus, Kitten, as a last resort, swipes Magnus' book and flips through it. Then upon finding something that seems reasonable he grabs a Dreadknight and a cauldron of Sororitas blood, then chants praises to the Grey Knights backwards in order to summon KaldorDraigo. Who defeats Magnus in about a millisecond before drifting off back to the Warp.
    • In the fourth Podcast, Magnus accidentally (maybe) summons a minor daemon when discussing the "true name clause". Everyone briefly freaks out before the Emperor casually obliterates the daemon.

      Emperor: No daemons in the throne room, Magnus.
      Magnus: No promises are made.

    Western Animation 

  • In the Gravity Falls episode "Dreamscaperers", Li'l Gideon finds a ritual to summon a "dream demon" named Bill Cipher to journey into Grunkle Stan's mind and steal the combination to the safe where Stan keeps the deed to the Mystery Shack.
  • The Lion Guard, of all shows, has a television special wherein Janja (the series regular hyena villain) and Ushari (snake villain) summon Scar from Hell, who has become a fiery demon with the Voice of the Legion. This is in a show meant for 5 and under.See it here.

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