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June is pride month and Roman Jewelers is celebrating, because we love...LOVEheart. All kinds of Love. When it comes to ring proposals we’ve seen some couples throw “traditions” out the window, and others that hold on to traditions and have always had the ring of their dreams in their minds. The good news is Roman Jewelers’ BOGO wedding ring Event is designed to work for everyone.


Yes, the saying is always relevant. Many same-sex ladies want the ring of their dreams..a diamond engagement ring and/or a diamond wedding band. Brides are choosing engagement rings in fancy shapes more frequently, as it seems to be a growing trend, but round diamonds are still the most popular. We’ve had couples add colored stones to the setting, as well. Bridal Diamond bands range from modest and modern to bold and luxurious and can accompany a band or be worn alone. Matching diamond bands can be a romantic touch, but again, every couple is different and they should choose what they will enjoy. When a couple purchases a ring during our BOGO event for $1,000, the second one is free up to $500, or that amount can be applied to the second ring. 

Diamond Wedding Band

Diamonds are not just for the ladies, many men choose to have diamonds on their bands, too. It’s all personal preference. There are so many choices in alternate gemstones and alternate metals including sapphires in any and all colors and metal options like Platinum, Platinum 600 (which adds an alloy), Mixed colored Gold, Titanium and more. A trend lately has been the “edgier” look of a black wedding ring. Black wedding rings can be made of titanium, black rhodium, as well as cobalt and more. For some, a black wedding ring can symbolize courage and strength. It's not just representative of physical strength, but strength of conviction, too. Therefore, it “says” something about the person wearing it. If you are not sure which wedding ring material or gemstones is right for you, speak to your sales representative, who will be more than happy to advise you on the type of wedding band that will suit your budget, your taste, and your lifestyle.


black wedding rings

Pride, for some can be about recognizing the social significance and diversity of LGBTQIA+ marriages and relationships, so colored rainbow gemstones are always in style—and they are fun. Many do not know that sapphires come in all colors from pink and blue to purple and red and a favorite is to use them all in bridal jewelry bands or to choose a ring stack. Designers like Tacori, have handcrafted beautiful and bright sculpted crescent rings to fall in love with.

Rainbow Rings

Roman Jewelers has been custom designing wedding rings for four generations, because for some couples it is more meaningful, or perhaps they are looking to incorporate elements from family jewelry or design something that speaks to their unique-love. Our custom designers can sit down with you and design a wedding ring as unique as your love and pretty much anything you could dream of. Note: Custom Design is excluded from the current BOGO Ring Promotion.

All couples put care and meaning into their ring proposals. Roman Jewelers is here to help with interest free financing, free engraving during the BOGO ring promotion and dedicated, open-minded sales consultants that care about you and your rings :). We invite you to learn more about our June BOGO Ring Event and make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you. 


Honoring June Pride Month: Three Heartwarming Engagement and Wedding Ring Stories

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Honoring June Pride Month: Three Heartwarming Engagement and Wedding Ring Stories
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It’s no secret: At Krikawa, we believe in LOVE for everyone! This bedrock principle is at the heart of who we are as individuals and how we continually strive to serve our patrons within our company.  In honor of Pride Month, we’d like to share a few of our favorite client stories (and rings!) as well as offer an extended thank you to After Ellen for featuring us as one of its “Ten Lesbian-Friendly Jewelry Stores for Engagement Rings!”

Janie and Meg: Stumbling into perfection

Janie and Meg met while living in Louisiana and Alabama respectively, but long-distance dating proved no obstacle to commitment. They quickly realized  they had a future together, discovering a shared adventurous spirit and love of travel, as well as a common calling to help others—Janie is an occupational therapist, while Meg is a teacher.
Janie and Meg Sunset

As their discussions turned to marriage, Janie and Meg began looking at rings online; Meg found a design that she knew was close to perfect—a scaffolding engagement ring, which cradles the wedding band. “After some serious internet searching, I came across Krikawa and saw that they had some similar features in their rings,” said Janie. Hoping to make a piece inspired by Meg’s favored design, she reached out to us, and we discovered with some amusement that Janie’s ring inspiration was in fact an original Krikawa design!

Working with a design consultant to make the perfect bridal set, Janie was excited to be in the driver’s seat throughout the design process. “The ring that I wanted to have made was very customizable and I was able to make it uniquely ours,” she said, “I couldn’t have wished for a more seamless process.”

At Krikawa, our clients benefit from unlimited possibilities combined with years of experience. When Janie hesitated in selecting a center stone, she said, “My design consultant helped me choose the right diamond and I relied heavily on her expertise to help me make my decision. I was thrilled with the final outcome!”

Ring in hand, Janie took Meg on a trip to experience the natural beauty of western North Carolina, a region that Janie had fallen in love with as a child. On Craggy Pinnacle, after racing the slowly setting sun to the pinnacle’s summit, Janie shared her feelings with Meg and popped the question. Unbeknownst to the couple, nearby hikers witnessed the proposal and erupted into cheers when Meg said yes. Luckily for them—and for us—their fellow hikers were skilled amateur photographers and captured Janie’s proposal for posterity.
Janie and Meg sunset

Amanda and Kate: A love-match down under

When Amanda met Kate the connection was instant. A year later, Amanda was ready to propose and planned the perfect vacation for the occasion: a trip to Japan during cherry blossom season with Kate and Kate’s three year-old son. The trio had already become a family, so Amanda was ready to make it official. Unfortunately, Amanda wasn’t able to find the perfect ring for Kate with any of her local jewelers in Queensland, Australia.
When Amanda discovered Krikawa online, she fell in love with the flowing organic lines of our Tree of Life with Roots engagement ring.

“The design really just spoke to me,” she said. “It had that ‘Wow!’ factor.”

While browsing other rings in our portfolio, she was drawn to black diamonds but couldn’t envision how it would look in the ring. Amanda’s design consultant provided a photo mockup, and the answer was clear: “I wanted Kate’s ring to have that stand-out feature, and black is a color that both of us are drawn to. It was stunning!”

Amanda didn’t have any experience with importing jewelry, but we have tons of it—or tonnes, as the case may be. “I was worried at first, but it ended up being super easy,” she said. The ring arrived to Amanda in Australia in plenty of time for their trip to Japan. “When I opened the box, I must have looked at the ring for ten minutes. And then I took photos of it, so I could keep looking at it.” Still, Amanda waited to find just the right moment to present the ring to Kate.

After playing it cool through Japanese customs with a diamond ring burning a hole in her pocket and profound love in her heart, Amanda took Kate and her son to Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Among the cherry blossoms in the early spring, Amanda dropped to one knee to ask for Kate’s hand. The answer was yes—to both the proposal and the ring: “I thought it was absolutely amazing, I loved the black diamond,” Kate said.
At Krikawa, we heard the good news a few months later - when Amanda and Kate were in peak wedding planning mode - and in need of the perfect wedding bands.

Eric and Richard: And finally, a wedding close to home

One of our favorite stories is from Eric and Richard, who came to Krikawa for rings even before same sex marriage was made legal in Arizona. As long-standing Tucson residents and members of the local art scene, Eric and Richard were aware of Krikawa’s work long before they came to the studio to have their wedding rings designed.
Eric and Richard

As for their own rings, “I thought I knew what to expect, but I couldn’t believe how good it looked,” Eric said. Richard agreed; “It was very edgy for me,” he laughed. “I love this ring so much though, everyone comments on it!”

For this couple, their wedding rings were symbols of their commitment to each other and also needed to showcase  plenty of symbolism, as Eric explained: “On the Chinese zodiac, Richard is a metal pig and I’m a wood tiger.” Their design consultant recommended rings with mokume gane and this was a perfect match for this couple.
They also wanted both of their rings to heavily feature the number three, which had layers of significance for both men. Eric’s ring was designed with three stones  to symbolize “in our relationship, there’s me, and there’s him, and then there’s the ‘couple-ship’ as a whole.”

Richard’s ring was designed with a single center stone--a raw triangular macle diamond--that took its shape naturally over the millennia of its formation. “The triangle is a symbol of gay rights and history,” said Richard, “And I liked the fact that this triangular stone was naturally made. It’s natural, and it’s beautiful, and it’s unique. It was a way for me to symbolize that being gay is also natural.”

According to Eric, the couple’s relationship had “an undercurrent of commitment from the beginning that was kind of like a marriage; the pieces settled into place over time.” The final keystone would be laid in two successive ceremonies. As Arizona had not recognized same sex marriage, Eric and Richard first travelled to California to be legally married and exchange rings in front of their closest friends and family. Afterward, they returned to Arizona where the couple had planned a grand celebration in the Tucson community that had brought them together. As with their rings, Eric said, “We were so thoughtful with every part of it. We didn’t want to just go get a piece of paper somewhere; we wanted it to mean something.”
Eric and Richard

We love a happy ending to every story. Two weeks after Eric and Richard’s celebration in Tucson, the Arizona state attorney general (then Tom Horne) refused to file additional court appeals over the legality of same-sex marriage, thus ending a decades-long struggle for the Arizona LGBTQ+ community. In October 2014, clerks across the state began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, making Arizona the 31st state to recognize marriage equality for all!

At Krikawa, we support all couples in love, and it is an honor to be a part of every love story.  Congratulations and heartfelt blessings to the three couples whose love stories we featured here.  You can see more wedding and engagement ring sets we've created for same sex couples here. 

May love radiate out to all the unique and diverse love birds around the world!
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While we specialize in gay & lesbian wedding and engagement rings, our collections embody so much more. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering rings, earring, pendant, cufflinks and other pieces that fit in with every milestone of your life.

We use rainbow sapphire and gemstones to create everything from lesbian wedding rings and LGBT pride jewelry to stackable fashion rings and pieces that can be given to commemorate graduations, promotions, retirements and any other significant moment.

In addition to our rainbow jewelry, we also offer pieces with a more subdued look. With darker and single colored gemstones we create pendants, rings and pieces that compliment any look. These collections are a stunning addition to our more colorful options and can be worn individually or paired with one of our brighter pieces since our entire collection is designed to complement every piece we offer.

When Trent Andersen chose to create a company that embraces quality, sustainability and beauty he had no idea how relevant those principles would become. It's been over a decade since he took that leap and today Equalli's commitment to those principles have made us a leader in gay wedding rings, LGBT pride jewelry and sustainability for our mines and workers. That commitment and dedication shines through in every piece of jewelry we offer, making each one as bright and beautiful as your love. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of the love story for so many couples and to become the jeweler of choice for those who have that same dedication and passion.

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