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The best Pokémon by type

Pokémon Sword and Shield is filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes from the various Eevee evolutions, sentient lamps, and giant fighting cakes. But which are the best and strongest Pokémon?

We looked at all the creatures in the Pokédex and compiled a list of the top five per type that will help you land the most devastating, super effective attacks. When used in tandem with our Pokémon Sword and Shield strength and weakness chart, you’ll be able to use our guide below to quickly pick Pokémon that have several reliable and strong moves based on their type.

The following lists will display five Pokémon per type with high attack stats and more than one strong and useful move per type. Not only that, these Pokémon will have complimentary abilities that will make them useful in Pokémon battles.

We’ve also left off legendaries or any other Pokémon that would be difficult to catch or evolve. Each of these Pokémon will have a good array of moves in their type before level 50, making them all good candidates to bring you into the end game and beyond.

The locations of each are listed. In circumstances where the final evolution doesn’t spawn in the wild, an earlier evolution’s location is listed.

Best Bug-type Pokémon

  • Vikavolt (evolves from Charjabug found in East Lake Axewell)
  • Crustle (evolves from Dwebble found in West Lake Axewell)
  • Vespiquen (evolves from Combee found in the Rolling Fields)
  • Durant (found at the Giant’s Mirror)
  • Butterfree (evolves from Caterpie found in the Rolling Fields)

Best Dark-type Pokémon

  • Hydreigon (evolves from Deino found in the grass of the Lake of Outrage)
  • Tyranitar (evolves from Larvitar found in the grass of the Lake of Outrage)
  • Grimmsnarl (evolves from Impidimp found in Glimwood Tangle)
  • Crawdaunt (evolves from Corphish found in South Lake Miloch)
  • Pangoro (evolves from Pancham found in East Lake Axewell)

Best Dragon-type Pokémon

  • Hydreigon (evolves from Deino found in the grass of the Lake of Outrage)
  • Goodra (evolves from Goomy found in the grass of the Lake of Outrage)
  • Kommo-o (evolves from Jangmo-o found in the grass of the Lake of Outrage)
  • Haxorus (evolves from Axew found in Axew’s Eye)
  • Flapple (evolves from Applin found in the grass on Route 5)

Best Electric-type Pokémon

Best Fairy-type Pokémon

Best Fighting-type Pokémon

Best Fire-type Pokémon

Best Flying-type Pokémon

  • Unfezant (evolves from Pidove found in the Rolling Fields)
  • Braviary (evolves from Rufflet found on Route 8)
  • Cramorant (found in the grass on Route 9)
  • Noivern (evolves from Noibat found in the Galar Mine No. 2)
  • Hawlucha (found in the grass on Route 6)

Best Ghost-type Pokémon

Best Grass-type Pokémon

Best Ground-type Pokémon

  • Rhyperior (evolves from Rhydon found in Motostoke Riverbank)
  • Excadrill (evolves from Drilbur found in the Galar Mine)
  • Mudsdale (evolves from Mudbray found in East Lake Axewell)
  • Hippowdon (evolves from Hippopotas found in the Dusty Bowl)
  • Flygon (evolves from Trapinch found on Route 6)

Best Ice-type Pokémon

Best Normal-type Pokémon

  • Bewear (evolves from Stufful found on East Lake Axewell)
  • Braviary (evolves from Rufflet found on Route 8)
  • Cinccino (evolves from Minccino found on Route 5)
  • Greedent (evolves from Skwovet found on Route 2)
  • Obstagoon (evolves from Galarian Linoone found at the Giant’s Cap)

Best Poison-type Pokémon

  • Toxtricity (evolves from Toxel found in Motostoke Riverbank)
  • Toxicroak (evolves from Croagunk found in the Galar Mine No. 2)
  • Galarian Weezing (evolves from Koffing found in the Motostoke Outskirts)
  • Garbodor (evolves from Trubbish found on Route 3)
  • Drapion (evolves from Skorupi found on the Motostoke Riverbank)

Best Psychic-type Pokémon

  • Hatterene (evolves from Hatenna found in the Motostoke Outskirts)
  • Beheeyem (evolves from Elgyem found at the Bridge Field)
  • Espeon (evolves from Eevee found on Route 4)
  • Mr. Rime (evolves from Galarian Mr. Mime found on Route 10)
  • Gardevoir (evolves from Ralts found on the Rolling Fields)

Best Rock-type Pokémon

  • Tyranitar (evolves from Larvitar found in the grass of the Lake of Outrage)
  • Gigalith (evolves from Boldore found on Route 8)
  • Lunatone (found on Route 8)
  • Solrock (found on Route 8)
  • Crustle (evolves from Dwebble found on West Lake Axewell)

Best Steel-type Pokémon

Best Water-type Pokémon

  • Inteleon (evolves from Sobble, one of the three starters)
  • Crawdaunt (evolves from Corphish found on South Lake Miloch)
  • Octillery (evolves from Remoraid found on West Lake Axewell while surfing)
  • Gyarados (evolves from Magikarp found on South Lake Miloch)
  • Barraskewda (evolves from Arrokuda found on Motostoke Riverbank while surfing)

What is the strongest water type in Pokemon sword?

What is the strongest water type in Pokemon sword?

Pokemon Sword & Shield: 15 Best Water-Type Pokemon For Online Ranked Battles

  1. 1 Inteleon. If you truly want the most powerful Water-type in Galar, you don’t need to look any further than your Starter Pokemon.
  2. 2 Starmie.
  3. 3 Tapu-Fini.
  4. 4 Milotic.
  5. 5 Azumarill.
  6. 6 Seismitoad.
  7. 7 Politoed.
  8. 8 Suicune.

Who is Ash’s strongest water type Pokemon?

Water: Oshawott Greninja. Especially after the Ash-Greninja thing.

What is the weakest Water Pokemon?

Here are the weakest water-types of each generation, ranked.

  1. 1 Magikarp (Kanto)
  2. 2 Wooper (Johto)
  3. 3 Feebas (Hoenn)
  4. 4 Finneon (Sinnoh)
  5. 5 Tympole (Unova)
  6. 6 Binacle (Kalos)
  7. 7 Wimpod (Alola)
  8. 8 Chewtle (Galar)

Which is the strongest type of Pokemon in the world?

One of the strongest types of Pokémon in the game is Dragon-type. So much so that they had to create Fairy-types to counter their onslaught! It’s no surprise, then, that a Water/Dragon creature like Kingdra would be a powerful asset in most teams.

Which is the most beautiful water type in Pokemon?

Milotic is one of the most elegantly designed Pokémon, considered one of the most beautiful in canon. It’s an incredible defensive Pokémon as well. This sea serpent is more than just looks though, it’s also one of the bulkiest Water-types in the game.

Which is the most powerful water move in Pokemon platinum?

The move is capable of leaving an opponent with paralysis, and it is learned by visiting the Move Tutor in Fuchsia City’s Pokémon Center. Introduced in Generation IV, the generation containing Pokémon Platinum, Aqua Tail is one of the most powerful water moves.

What are the weaknesses of water type Pokemon?

Water Type Weakness 1 Water type pokemon attacks are not effective against the Water, Grass, Dragon type pokemon. 2 Water type pokemon attack are weak against Grass, Electric type pokemon. 3 Water type pokemon are not immune to any type pokemon. More …

Which water Pokemons are considered the strongest?

The Most Powerful Water Type Pokemon From Gen 1, Officially Ranked Slowbro – Total Power: 390. via Poké Slowbro is a dual-type Pokémon that just barely makes the cut here. Seadra – Total Power: 395. via Poké Clocking in at 395, Seadra is a formidable Pokémon that will require some patience to obtain. Dewgong – Total Power: 405. Golduck – Total Power: 405. Poliwrath – Total Power: 410.

Who is the best water type Pokemon?

Kyogre has really high base stats and is definitely one of the best water type Pokemon on the list. It has pretty high special attack and special defense stats. When it turns into Primal Kyogre, it gets even stronger with an extremely high special attack attribute.

What Pokemon types are strong against water?

Lightning-type Pokémon in the TCG are generally weak to Fighting and Lightning with resistances to Metal and Fighting. Lightning-type Pokémon are strong against Water and any Pokémon that is a Flying-type in the games, whilst some Fighting Pokémon can resist this type.

What is weak against water Pokemon?

As stated in the introduction, water-type Pokemon are strong against fire-type Pokemon, but there are two other types that are particularly weak against water-type Pokemon: rock-type Pokemon and ground-type Pokemon.

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Sword & Shield: The Best Pokemon For Water-Type Runs

With the release of Sword & Shield’s first expansion, the Isle of Armor DLC, many players may be thinking “what else is there for me to do?” For these bored trainers, starting a new file with a mono-type team will add the spice they are so desperately craving.

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Mono-type runs have always been appealing to fans of the series, as solo-typing adds a new layer of difficulty. Add that to the optional rulesets of no switching out after defeating a Pokemon and the relative ease of Sword & Shield can pose quite the challenge. For any player considering an all-water-type run, it is crucial to know the Pokemon they should have going into the game so that they don’t waste spots on their limited 6 Pokemon team.

Updated on September 5, 2021 by Adriano Valente:Sword & Shield offers players a bevy of Pokemon to collect and train throughout their Galarian adventures. Part of the fun in any Pokemon game is taking the time to catch and train different types of Pokemon, working out which combination best suits your playstyle along your journey. While most trainers tend to favor a diverse party, sticking to one type makes things more challenging than they otherwise would be. Water-types are some of the most common Pokemon in any region, giving players tons of different options to choose from. For trainers looking to explore the Galar region with an aquatic party, this group of Pokemon represents the best possible choices for doing so.

10 Golisopod

  • Ability: Emergency Exit
  • Weaknesses: Flying (2×), Rock (2×), Electric (2×)

Golisopod was Pokemon: Sun and Moon’s new and improved Gyrados. Starting out as Wimpod, a frail little bug with a tendency to flee from danger, it evolves into the goliath damage dealer Golisopod.

With access to powerful improved bug-type attacks in Leech Life and First Impression, and the powerful physical water-type attack, Liquidation, Golisopod is a physical staple for any water team. Boasting solid stats with a 125 attack and a whopping 140 defense, this bug brings a much-needed physical presence for any trainer building a team full of water-type Pokemon.

9 Kingdra

  • Ability: Swift Swim / Sniper
  • Weaknesses: Dragon (2×), Fairy (2×)

With all the different Water-types introduced over the years, it's easy to overlook some of the older members of the roster. Kingdra is a solid Water/Dragon-type that can be an asset to any party. Aside from mediocre base HP, Kingdra sports some impressive base stats across the board.

Its Attack, Defense, and Specials all come in at 95, with its Speed stat being a little slower than you'd like it to be. Kingdra's learnset leans heavily towards Special moves, though players can make up for the lack of diversity by tracking down the ideal TRs for it. Kingdra can learn some incredibly powerful Ice, Water, Dragon and Normal-type moves by TR. So any trainer wanting to add Kingdra to their party should be sure of just how they want to utilize it.

8 Gyarados

  • Ability: Intimidate
  • Weaknesses: Rock (2×), Electric (4×)

Any trainer attempting a Water-type exclusive run should at least consider getting themselves a Gyarados. Training and evolving Magikarp can be a tedious task, but is a relatively quick process that pays off almost immediately once they do.

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Sadly, Mega Gyarados isn't a factor in Gen VIII. Even so, Gyarados is too good of a Water-type to ignore. Special Attack is its lone weak point, with the rest of Gyarados' stats holding up well. A diverse learnset gives players tons of different ways to build up their ideal Gyarados, and its various resistances will put trainers at ease with most matchups.

7 Milotic

  • Ability: Marvel Scale / Competitive
  • Weaknesses: Grass (2×), Electric (2×)

Seen as one of the best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield, players can find Milotic roaming around quite a few areas within the Galar region, which is great for those looking to add powerful Water-types to their party. If Milotic proves to be too hard to find, trainers can rest assured that Feebas is even more common and not all that hard to evolve, either.

Trainers would do well to take advantage of Milotic's high Special Attack stat. Any physical move in its movepool is wasted with its low base Attack. Finding a Milotic with the Competitive ability and teaching it a couple of choice special moves can take some of the pressure off of any Water-type exclusive run.

6 Lapras

  • Ability: Water Absorb / Shell Armor
  • Weaknesses: Fighting (2×), Rock (2×), Grass (2×), Electric (2×)

When looking for the best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield, trainers can't overlook this Gen I standout. Lapras has been a longtime series favorite, and its popularity isn't solely credited to its design or its role in the anime.

As far as Water-type Pokemon go, Lapras is an underrated option that players can find roaming all around the Galar region. Its four type weaknesses do raise a few red flags, but Lapras would still serve most trainers well in any Water-type exclusive party. The fact that it has a Gigantamax form makes it an especially savvy choice for trainers traversing through the Galar region.

5 Toxapex

  • Ability: Merciless / Limber
  • Weaknesses: Ground (2×), Electric (2×), Psychic (2×)

The poison-type pincushion Toxapex is one of the best walls in Pokemon: Sword and Shield. Toxapex is so effective because of the way it utilizes the game's core mechanics to its advantage. With great defensive typing in water and poison and an incredible hidden ability in Regenerator, Toxapex becomes almost unbeatable.

This sea critter's defensive stats are unmatched at 152 defense and 142 special defense. On top of that, with moves like Recover, an unfailing Toxic, and Haze, Toxapex becomes a mainstay for any water-type team. As far as stalls go, Toxapex just can’t be beaten.

4 Seismitoad

  • Ability: Swift Swim / Poison Touch
  • Weaknesses: Grass (4×)

Now here’s a water/ground-type trainers should use. With overall decent stats, Seismitoad outclasses other water/ ground-types in nearly every way. With Stealth Rock, access to both physical and special attack options, and solid abilities in Swift Swim, Poison Touch, and Water Absorb, trainers will be singing the praises of their powerful new Siesmitoad.

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What sets this frog apart from other Water/Ground-types is its decent speed stat. Most Pokemon with the same typing simply lack the speed to remain a viable option throughout the game. While Siesmitoad is no speed demon, it certainly will get the job done.

3 Sharpedo

  • Ability: Rough Skin
  • Weaknesses: Fighting (2×), Bug (2×), Grass (2×), Electric (2×), Fairy (2×)

Here is the speed demon that every trainer’s water-type team has been waiting for. Recently added into the game through the Isle of Armor DLC, Sharpedo reclaims its old title of “papa shark.” With 120 base attack, Sharpedo is another physical force that every water-type team desperately needs. Its high attack stat makes Aqua Jet an incredibly powerful attack with speed priority to boot.

Furthermore, its Speed Boost ability means that for every turn Sharpedo can stay alive out on the field, its speed will increase by 1 tier. It’s everything a trainer could want from a shark that acts like a torpedo!

2 Ludicolo

  • Ability: Swift Swim / Rain Dish
  • Weaknesses: Flying (2×), Poison (2×), Bug (2×)

With decent all-around stats and a smile to dazzle a thousand cameras, Ludicolo is the lovable lunatic every water-type trainer hates to love. An all-water-type team can certainly use some rain on the battlefield, and Ludicolo is happy to provide. With rain dance, Swift Swim, and a plethora of powerful attacks in Hydro Pump and Giga Drain, Ludicolo is ready to drag its enemies through the mud.

All the while dancing across the battlefield, Ludicolo warrants a position on any trainer’s team based on its animations alone. The joy Ludicolo brings to any team is unparalleled.

1 Slowking

  • Ability: Curious Medicine / Own Tempo
  • Weaknesses: Ground (2×), Ghost (2×), Dark (2×)

The very difficult to obtain classic Pokemon remains relevant in Sword & Shield. With Kantonian Slowpoke only obtainable from the missing Diglett side-quest, getting a Slowking might prove difficult for inexperienced trainers, but it is well worth the effort. With access to Regenerator, solid defensive stats, and a great supportive movepool, Slowking will be a royal pain for all of its opponents.

A Slack-Off, Toxic, Scald, and teleport will leave all the other trainers weeping as Slowking slides into battle, sponges a big hit, sets up for its teammates, and teleports away, recovering 1/3rd of its max health back. Slowking is a must-have for any water-type trainer.

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The BEST Water Type Pokemon in Pokemon Sword \u0026 Shield - Pokésports

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Best Water Pokemon

Water Pokemon are among the most ubiquitous types in all of Pokemon. Mostly because every region has some kind of body of water and Game Freak needs to keep putting new Pokemon in them. In this guide we’re going to go over our picks for the best Water Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

8: Cloyster – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, pokemon sword shield

Cloyster is kind of a one-trick pony, but it’s a pretty good trick to be fair.

Find one with the ability Skill Link (which ensures that all attack chaining moves always hit the maximum amount), use Focus Slash to make sure you definitely don’t die after the first attack from your opponent, set up Shell Smash (an extremely powerful stat boosting move that Cloyster can use) and then go to town with extremely powerful and hard-hitting Icicle Smash attacks

While Ice is one of the worst types defensively, it’s one of the strongest ones offensively, and not many Pokemon want to be smacked in the face with icicles over and over again from Cloyster.

7: Pelipper – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, pokemon sword shield

Listen, we’re going to keep this one real simple. Pelipper is the definition of an average, forgettable Pokemon. However, it brings one really useful thing to the table: its hidden ability Drizzle which allows it to bring rain in whenever it switches in.

That’s the main reason to use Pelipper. Have it around to help out another teammate, like Barraskewda for example, to wreck havoc on the opposing team.

6: Drednaw – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, pokemon sword shield

Drednaw has powerful Attack and only so-so Speed, but under the effect of rain and with the ability Swift Swim, its Speed is far more respectable and it can then abuse some really powerful moves.

A STAB boosted 150 STAB base power Head Smash coming from Drednaw is nothing to sneeze at and it will hurt anything that doesn’t outright resist it, real bad.

Drednaw also has access to Jaw Lock and you can either try to lock non-threatening Pokemon in with Drednaw, or scare anyone away that thinks a Jaw Lock could be coming and possibly even set up some Sword Dances. Just be careful not to lock yourself into something that can knock you out as Drednaw can’t escape either.

5: Quagsire – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, pokemon sword shield

Quagsire is effectively the same as its always been and retains all the things that have made it useful over the years.

Despite its modest move pool, it has a very strong typing in Water/Ground which is useful both from an offensive and defensive point.

It also has access to one of the best abilities in the game, Unaware, which allows it to ignore all current stat boosts.

It can learn Recover, Scald, and Earthquake and that right there is a solid moveset that can handle a whole lot.

Find one with a hidden ability, get those three moves, fill out the fourth with whatever you want and you have a very easy to obtain and use Water Pokemon.

4: Seismitoad – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, sword, shield

Seismitoad is a more offensive-minded version of Quagsire. Both are helpful with their excellent Water/Ground typing, but while Quagsire has more defensive tools to be a pain in the butt, Seismitoad is more about ripping off powerful Water and Ground attacks under the effect of Rain.

Seismitoad has access to Swift Swim which gives it an opportunity to sweep under rainy conditions as it boosts its very mediocre speed to more respectable levels and powers up its water attacks.

It has access to Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Earth Power, Stealth Rocks, Scald and other helpful moves. Take your pick and if you’re running a rain team, consider throwing this big frog on your squad.

3: Toxapex – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, pokemon sword shield

Introduced in Sun and Moon, Toxapex is back in Gen 8 and remains one of the most annoying and powerful defensive Pokemon in the game.

It has its signature move, Baneful Bunker, which protects it from attacks while also poisoning those that make contact with it. You could exploit that with the ability Merciless if you wanted to and turn all your attacks into critical hits. But lots of people tend to prefer Regenerator which restores 1/3 of Toxapex’s health on a switch out.

It also has access to the incredibly helpful Toxic Spikes which will poison anyone switches in.

On top of this, it has excellent defensive stats across the board, learns recovery on level-up, Rest/Sleep Talk via TM, and so many other just annoying moves.

If you’re looking for a defensive anchor to your team and or just want to make everyone rage when they play you, get a Toxapex.

2: Barraskewda – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, pokemon sword shield

Barraskewda is not only one of the best Water Pokemon added in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it’s arguably one of the best new Pokemon added period.

Its base speed is just obscene, at 136, and that is complemented by a monstrous 126 attack stat. I mean I could just stop right there, that’s enough to make Barraskewda relevant, but it gets better.

Barraskewda comes built in with Swift Swim, which DOUBLES the already gross 136 speed to comical levels that will out speed anything while under the effect of rain.

Considering how easy it is with Dynamax to set up rain now (and you still have ol’ reliable Pelipper if you want), it’s not hard to get Barraskewda rolling.

To make matters even better, Barraskewda’s move pool isn’t half bad for a mono-Water type. It can gain access to Night Slash, Psychic Fangs, Throat Chop, Drill Run etc. While they aren’t powerhouse moves, it does balance out its move set a little bit at least.

1: Gyarados – Best Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

best water pokemon, pokemon sword shield

Some things never change, and Gyarados being relevant is about as sure a thing as you can get in a Pokemon game.

It’s just as mean as always with its 125 Attack, and decently balanced stats across the board. It has a fantastic move pool which includes hard hitting attacks like: Earthquake, Power Whip, Stone Edge, Thrash, Waterfall etc.

When it goes Dynamax, it can use transform those attacks into a beastly diverse set of moves that can handle just about any Pokemon that tries to bring it down.

A fast and hard hitting Electric Pokemon to exploit its 4x weakness is one of the few ways to reliable bring Gyarados down.

That does it for our choices of the best Water Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield wiki guide.


Sword type strongest water pokemon

Pokemon Sword & Shield: 15 Best Water-Type Pokemon For Online Ranked Battles

Water-types are by far the most numerous and varied species in the entire Pokemon series. The sprawling oceans of Kanto and Hoenn are full of them, but even in Pokemon Sword & Shield, there’s a massive diversity of aquatic creatures to choose from, each with different secondary types and styles.

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When going into online ranked battles through the Battle Stadium, it can be hard to know just which ones are competitively viable. Many of these Pokemon have poor stats and weaknesses that keep them from fighting against the top Pokemon in the game, while others have some nearly unbeatable strategies to help them dominate your opponents.

Updated April 22nd, 2021 by Gene Cole: Water-types continue to have an incredibly wide range of Pokemon Sword & Shield, and it's important to know just how many options you have with your Water-type partners in the region of Galar. There are even more options out there for you to consider for your Water-type partners, and as members for general Rain Dance teams, so we thought this list could use a few additions of the game's most overpowered Water-types for online play.

15 Lapras

Lapras has been a somewhat underrated member of the competitive world of Pokemon. It's certainly glamorous and beloved for its design, but it's hardly had the fame or power of other Water and Ice-types in the series. Thankfully, its Gigantamax Form has changed all that and made Lapras one of the most ideal Water-type choices for any team.

Not only does it hold items like the Weakness Policy great as its health is doubled by Dynamax, but its G-Max move will also create a reflective wall that halves all damage dealt by your opponent's moves for several turns. This is a rare effect to be attached to such high damage, meaning you can have an immense advantage on your opponent if you get it out early.

14 Golisopod

Golisopod is an absolute beast in terms of both Water and Bug-type Pokemon. It might seem fragile or nerve-wracking with its Emergency Exit ability, which causes it to retreat when it loses half health, but this more often just means you can get a single attack in before it faints and have another shot at a priority move later in the battle.

These moves would primarily be Aqua Jet for foes weak to Water-type moves, but also the powerful Bug-type move First Impression which only works on Golisopod's first turn in battle anyway. It's a spectacular list of tools that fit onto a surprisingly bulky Pokemon with fewer weaknesses than you'd expect from its unusual type combination.

13 Rotom-W

It's hard to escape Rotom in its many appliance forms, particularly the Fire-type Rotom-H. These Electric-types swap their Ghost-type form for a new one based on the haunted machine they choose to become, and the Water-type Rotom-W is absolutely one of the strongest choices you can make.

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This washing machine cleans up the battlefield with no problem, learning Hydro Pump as its only Water-type move to make room for other Electric and Ghost-type moves. Even better is its range of status moves like Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave, which can make your Rotom-W into a tanky support as well as an aggressive special attacker.

12 Kingdra

Not only was Kingdra a menace in the early days of Pokemon as one of the first new Dragon-types of the series, but it's also just as powerful today as it was before. The combination of Dragon and Water-type traits makes it only weak to Fairy and Dragon-type moves, but when under Dynamax it'll rarely even feel the impact of those attacks in most cases.

Kindra has a surprisingly wide set of offensive strategies, whether you like something steadier or something to go all-in with. A great strategy is to teach it high-risk moves like Hydro Pump and Draco Meteor to use it as a last resort, or to deny the negative risks by immediately using Dynamax to give it some exceptionally powerful Max Moves instead.

11 Barraskewda

As ugly and unappealing as this piranha might seem, Barraskewda might have one of the most pushed sets of stats of any common Water-type of the entire series. It has some ludicrous Speed and Attack stats with a surprisingly wide range of move types, and it only gets faster in the rain with the Swift Swim ability to boost it further.

That said, it's even better if you can get its unique Hidden Ability, Propeller Tail, which negates any abilities and moves that redirect its attacks. This means it can work as a great speedy shot in Double Battles against opponents using moves like Follow Me and can also let Barraskewda freely hit foes when there's an opponent with the ability Storm Drain in play.

10 Dracovish

Of all Galar’s Fossil Pokemon, few have proven themselves as powerful as Dracovish. This Water and Dragon-type is utterly unique among non-legendary Pokemon, and its secondary typing helps it survive hits from common Water-type weaknesses like Grass and Electric-type moves.

Its primary weakness is its Speed stat, which is disappointingly average compared to its massive Attack stat and pleasantly wide movepool. The best way to deal with this is a Choice Scarf, which restricts its attacks to grant a huge speed boost, but other tools like a partner using Tailwind can help it easily run over most foes.

9 Sharpedo

For something more naturally speedy, Sharpedo is as powerful as it is easy-to-find. Sharpedos follow you all across the Isle of Armor’s oceans, and a standard one will have spectacular speed and physical attack. Its Water and Dark-type combination does make it vulnerable, but this is hardly a problem if it reliably hits your opponent first.

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It only gets stronger with the addition of its Hidden Ability, which you can get from rare and high-star Max Raid Battles. This would be Speed Boost, which raises its Speed stat by fifty percent at the end of each turn, and only one turn’s worth is usually enough to outrun nearly any other Pokemon in the game.

8 Suicune

The Crown Tundra brought tons of new Legendary Pokemon back to the series, and one of the first you’ll receive is right in your first Dynamax Adventure. This would be Suicune, one of Johto’s Legendary Beasts and one of the most defensive Water-types for Pokemon of such high Speed.

Suicune works great as a support player, using moves like Tailwind to boost your team or Snarl to decrease Special Attack. However, its ability to sustain damage and still outrun other slow foes means it can function just as well as a tanky fighter when given damage-boosting items like the Weakness Policy or Life Orb.

7 Politoed

Speaking of supportive Pokemon, Politoed is another addition from the Isle of Armor expansion that’s known among competitive Pokemon circles for its remarkable efficiency. This Pokemon’s Hidden Ability is Drizzle, originally exclusive to the legendary Kyogre for its ability to create an instant rainstorm.

This not only boosts its own Water-type attacks, but it can potentially support your entire team when given items like a Damp Rock to increase the length of the weather. Pairing it with a Steel-type means the rain will prevent Fire-type attacks from immediately annihilating you, and other Water-types with abilities like Swift Swim will quickly become unstoppable.

6 Seismitoad

If you happen to have a rainstorm going, Seismitoad is one of the best Pokemon you can have by your side. This combination of Water and Ground-type is only vulnerable to Grass-type moves, and while foes with priority moves like Grassy Glide are a threat, Seismitoad can usually kill most foes in one hit when it has a speed boost from its Swift Swim ability.

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If you don’t have any way to create rain among the rest of your team, Seismitoad can still be quite effective. Simply use a Water-type move during Dynamax to hit with Max Geyser, and you’ll have rain for the next few turns so long as an opponent doesn’t change the weather before your next attack.

5 Azumarill

There are exceptionally few physical attackers who can use Fairy-type moves well, but Azumarill fills an exceptionally small niche that can be a boon to any Water-type team. This bulky blue orb is fortunate enough to have the ability Huge Power, which doubles its Attack stat to give it an artificially-boosted stat.

Using its strength can be hard, but maximizing its Attack further through moves like Belly Drum can help it reach one of the highest damage stats in the entire game. Alternately, priority moves like Aqua Jet can help it hit hard and abnormally fast without taking a turn-off to boost its great stats further.

4 Milotic

Many Water-type Pokemon can deal lots of damage, but even more impressive is how sturdy they can typically be. Since the days of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, one of the best examples of this is Milotic, a pure Water-type with an incredible combination of speed and defense, as well as several moves like Recover to keep its health as high as possible.

The key is to make sure you deal more damage than them, which you can usually do through Milotic's efficient stat-changing moves. Skitter Smack and Breaking Swipe can lower offensive stats until their damage fully fades away, while egg moves like Hypnosis can combo with the rare Coil to raise its defense and put foes to sleep with perfect accuracy.

3 Tapu-Fini

Another Pokemon that’s nearly impossible to take down is Tapu-Fini, one of Alola’s Guardian Deities and a powerful addition from the Crown Tundra. Much of its bulkiness comes from a massive Special Defense, which helps it counter Super Effective moves from Electric and Grass-type opponents.

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Perhaps more powerful, though, is its ability Misty Surge. This creates Misty Terrain when in play, which prevents status ailments from affecting any Pokemon on the ground, meaning your risks of falling asleep or becoming paralyzed are uniquely neutralized while Tapu-Fini is in play.

2 Starmie

While Galar has an especially high density of defensive tanks and physical attackers, Water-type Pokemon will always dominate as special attackers with powerful ranged attacks. This couldn’t be more true of Starmie, a classically overpowered starfish from Pokemon Red & Blue that came in the Isle of Armor update.

This Pokemon’s stats are impressive, but even more unusual is its ability to learn unusually-typed moves for Water-types. This includes Electric-type moves like Thunderbolt, but getting Meteor Beam from the Isle of Armor move tutor can give it an extra boost to its impressive Special Attack stat while easily dealing with Flying-types.

1 Inteleon

If you truly want the most powerful Water-type in Galar, you don’t need to look any further than your Starter Pokemon. On its surface, Sobble’s evolution Inteleon might seem like a typical Special Attacker, but its key powers come with its Hidden Ability, Sniper, which boosts the power of Critical Hits.

Critical Hits are incredibly rare in Pokemon, but Inteleon’s signature move has secretly higher odds of it occurring more often than usual. This can be combined with a Scope Lens item or one use of Focus Energy to reliably get one with each hit, meaning it’ll deal ludicrous amounts of damage while ignoring any of the target’s defensive stat boosts.

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Can I Beat A Pokemon Sword Hardcore Nuzlocke With Only Water Types?? (No items, No overleveling)

Top 5 Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Water type Pokemon are the most common and some of the most powerful in Sword and Shield.

Water is nearly everywhere. From the main story areas to the Wild Area, there is plenty of water to catch water type Pokemon. Sword and Shield allows players to fish or run into certain creatures above the water.

A strong water type Pokemon can truly round out a team. They can learn a variety of moves from different types in order to increase their coverage. There is no shortage of powerful water types in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Top 5 Water Pokemon in Sword and Shield

#5 - Drednaw

Image via Game Freak

Drednaw is the perfect water type Pokemon for those who chose a different type for their starter. It has a dual typing of water and rock. When Sword and Shield first arrived, it was the only water type allowed to Gigantamax. It can be used similarly to a Blastoise with incredible defense, but also strong hitting attacks.

#4 - Milotic

Image via Game Freak

Milotic evolves from Feebas (caught with a fishing rod) or can be found itself swimming in the various bodies of water in the Wild Area. Milotic has always been a powerhouse water type Pokemon and has not been downgraded whatsoever in Sword and Shield. It's stalling defensive tactics are wonderful in competitive and for those needing a moment to heal their team in the main story.

#3 - Gyarados

Image via Game Freak Image via Game Freak

Much like Milotic, Gyarados can be evolved from lowly Magikarp or be found within the Wild Area. It is one of the most powerful and most popular water type Pokemon of all time. For those looking to dominate the main story, Gyarados is perfect choice for the team. It never hurts to have this intimidating creature start off a battle.

#2 - Dracovish

Image via Game Freak

Dracovish is just plain brutal. It is ugly, weird, and deadly. This is one of Sword and Shield's fossil Pokemon, holding a water and dragon typing. Dracovish learns one of the most powerful attacks in the game, known as Fishious Rend. It can be a one hit KO in a variety of battle situations. When it comes to new Pokemon in Sword and Shield, Dracovish needs to be given a try.

#1 - Inteleon

Image via Game Freak

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Inteleon is the final evolution of Pokemon Sword and Shield's water type starter, Sobble. Now, it can Gigantamax, but when the game first arrived, it truly didn't need it. A Dynamax version was enough.

The thing about Inteleon is that it's ability, Sniper, coupled with its signature move, and maybe a Scope Lens, means that critical hits are very common. It is one of the best water starters seen in some time and has made quite the name for itself in the competitive battling landscape.


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10 Strongest Water-Type Pokémon, Ranked

Water is one of the most common types in Pokémon. Some Water-type Pocket Monsters have only this typing and can be very strong in battle.

Water is bountiful in the Pokémon world, and many Water-type creatures exist within it. Much of this population also has a second typing, but certain Pocket Monsters have only one type, making these pure Water-types. These range from unimpressive to powerful. One way to measure a Pokémon's viability is through how it performs in the main series games. contains these Pokémons' stats, abilities, available moves, etc., which help when evaluating their strength.

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While certain Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversions count as pure Water-types, creatures that can acquire any typing based on an item or move do not qualify. Some pure Water-types can make a significant impact on a playthrough, and trainers should consider using them if possible.

10 Vaporeon

Vaporeon, one of the original Eeveelutions, often gets swept to the side in favor of stronger Water-types, many of which have a dual-typing. While it is certainly not the most powerful in its category, it has some stats that allow it to be capable in battle. Its highest stat is its HP, which gives it the bulk to deal with a variety of attacks. It does not have great Defense, but its Special Defense is relatively high. As a result, it does well against Special attackers but not as well against Physical ones. Given the opportunity, though, it can be fairly strong with its high Special Attack stat.

9 Feraligatr

Feraligatr is in a complicated position. Its Speed is unimpressive, which keeps it from moving before many opponents. Its defensive stats, however, are decent and let it withstand a solid amount of damage. Its Attack is good, but it does not learn any Physical Water moves until a high level, limiting its Water potential to Special moves that use its less impressive Special Attack stat. It learns Physical moves from several other types, though, which make use of its sizable Attack. Feraligatr is a Pokémon that deserves to have a Mega Evolution along with its fellow Johto starters. If it were to receive one, it would be much more powerful.

8 Samurott

Samurott is in a similar position to Feraligatr with its Speed and defensive stats. However, both are lower than those of Feraligatr. There are certain reasons, though, why Samurott is stronger. Its Attack and Special Attack have similar values, which give it access to both categories with consistent levels of strength. It also learns Physical Water moves at a lower level than Feraligatr. Because of this, Samurott is much more capable in a playthrough. On the other hand, it does suffer from its lack of excellence in any one area.

7 Inteleon

Out of the three Generation VIII starters, Inteleon is perhaps the most divisive. Many players do not like its human-like design or the concept behind it. Regardless of this, Inteleon can be powerful. Its Defense and Special Defense are sub-par, so Inteleon relies on striking before its opponents can. It has a very high Speed stat and a great Special Attack stat.

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Upon evolving, Inteleon can learn its signature move, Snipe Shot, which is fairly strong and uses its Special Attack stat. It runs into issues if it does not knock opponents out in one hit, though, which can be a liability against bulky foes.

6 Politoed

Although its base stat total is a fair amount lower than other Water starters, Politoed can be stronger. It must have the Hidden Ability Drizzle, though. This causes rain to fall on the battlefield, boosting the power of Water moves significantly. In its base form, Politoed's offensive stats are good but not great. With rain, however, it is incredible. Its Speed is not amazing, but its Defense, Special Defense, and HP let it take a good amount of damage. Many of its powerful moves are available only through Technical Machines (TM) and Technical Records (TR), which can be limiting. If trainers find these items, though, Politoed can be very capable.

5 Milotic

With a high base stat total and access to some great moves, Milotic is one of the strongest Pokémon from the Hoenn region. While its Attack stat is disappointing, it throws its offensive strength into its Special Attack. While this stat is not groundbreaking, it can be devastating when combined with the Pokémon's bulk and defensive stats. Opponents often need several turns to defeat Milotic, and it can strike many times before it faints. As the evolution of the terribly weak Feebas, Milotic shows that not everything is as it immediately appears.

4 Manaphy

As far as Mythical Pokémon go, Manaphy is not great. Its stats are all fairly high, but they are exactly the same. This keeps it from excelling in any one department. With a limited number of powerful moves, Manaphy falls behind many other members of its classification. As a Mythical, though, it is stronger than most other pure Water-types.

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It also has a Status move that can help it significantly: Tail Glow. This move raises its Special Attack dramatically. Its accessible moves are still limited, and many of its more powerful moves are available only through TM and TR, but Tail Glow makes Manaphy much more capable.

3 Suicune

With an interesting stat spread, Suicune can face some difficulties. Its stats are structured to make it more of a tank, with more emphasis placed on its defensive and HP stats. While these stats are certainly higher, they are not high enough to deal with excessive damage in the way other tanks can. By Legendary standards, they are not incredibly impressive. It also does not have easy access to many Special Water moves, which are its specialty. Despite this, Suicune is still a Legendary, so it can wear down many non-Legendary enemies without extensive trouble.

2 Mega Blastoise

On its own, Blastoise is one of the better final evolutions of a Water starter Pokémon. As such, it would rank as one of the strongest pure Water-types in the franchise. With a Mega Evolution, though, this Pokémon surpasses the vast majority of Water-types. Mega Blastoise keeps its high defensive stats and even boosts them slightly, although its HP and Speed stay the same. It truly shines with its drastically increased Special Attack stat. Its Mega Launcher ability increases the power of Aura and Pulse moves, making Water Pulse not only more viable but deadly.

1 Primal Kyogre

As with Blastoise, Kyogre was very strong before acquiring a new form, being the box art Legendary for Pokémon Sapphire. With the introduction of its Primal Reversion, though, it became almost unstoppable. The only real drawback is its Defense, which is still not bad. Primal Kyogre's offensive stats are absurdly strong, and with its Primordial Sea ability, heavy rain falls on the battlefield, boosting its Water moves even more. No enemy should want to find itself in Primal Kyogre's path, because this Legendary can destroy teams with ease.

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