HILL's fort displays



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drawing  footings  cabin

  fort   fort  chinking

fort   fort   Hill's Fort

Beginning Work on Cabin Fireplace  Building Fireplace in Cabin  Progress on Fireplace  fireplace

Some of Our Volunteers  Fireplace from inside

Man door and start of palisade  Blockhouse man door wagon door

Christmas Table in cabin  Christmas fireplace  May 25 2012

Flag  June 20 2012June 25 2012  July 10 2012  July 24 2012  August 1 2012  August 3 2012 Aug 6 2012

New Cabin New cabin construction - June 2014

Stockade  New Roof on Cabin

Gate  July 2014

Stockade Finished  Door - Sept 18 2014

New Cabin  Sept 2014 Small Cabin Construction

Small Cabin Oct 2014  November 2014

New Cabin July 2015  New Cabin July 2015