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"Forts and Blockhouses of Early Illinois" Book II

Book 2*Contains updated and new information not available when the original book was published.  
*Includes GPS coordinates and driving directions.
*Includes archaeological surveys

"Hill's Fort, the Tales Continue"

Hill's Fort, The Tales Continue*Biography info on William Pruitt & Robert Linn
*More information on William Grotts
*Listing of War of 1812 soldiers buried in Bond Co.
*More Native American stories
*Tidbits about men who were at Hill's Fort during the Battle
 *Hill's Fort baby who turned out to be National hero
 *Pictures & maps

*112 pages double-spaced.
*Order now from Hill's Fort Society

book cover"The Tales of Hill's Fort"

*Hill's Fort, The Beginning
*The Battle Story Revisited, 
    Sept. 9, 1814
*Participant Identification                 Questions
*Military Service Enlistments
*Muster Rolls

Biographies for the following:John Boucher, William Burgess,  William Grotts, Benjamin Henson, Thomas Higgins, John Journey, Jr.,        Robert Lynn, William Prewitt,Lydia Little Pursley,   William Pursley, Isham Reavis, and David White

*Disparities, Ramblings and Musings
*Bond County Records, 1817-1823
*Hill's Fort 2000+
*Other Bond County Related Stories   
* $17.00     

"Forts and Blockhouses of Early Illinois"

book cover*Descriptions of: Log Cabins, Blockhouses, and Forts
*Prehistoric Forts of Southern Illinois
*French Era Forts

*American Settlement Area Forts
*War of 1812 Era Forts
*Black Hawk War Era
*Eversgerd's Stone Fort - Unique Creation

●  $27.00
● This edition includes 265 pages of content from over 90 sources.
●  Maps are provided to further describe the forts and blockhouses discussed within the book.

Grave marking book"Veterans of the Forty Years' War Honored by Illinois Lineage Societies, Volume I"
  • ●  $25.00
    ● This edition includes 100 color pages of grave markings around the dtate of Illinois honoring veterans who served between 1775 and 1815. GPS locations are provided.

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The Hill's Fort Society is looking for reenactors, vendors, and living history exhibitors to participate in the 200th anniversary of the attack on Hill's Fort. It will be held September 15-17, 2017 at the reconstructed fort site in Greenville, Illinois. For further information, contact Ken Gaffney at (217) 324-6720.